Hi folks, here’s another update to make up for that sicky period of absence!

First of all, I hope you’re ears where pretty harmonised from Geoff’s lovely composed theme for our main city hub, “Horizon Bluff”!


It has much harmonisation, no?

Here’s some lovely arts for you of one of our characters, Jerine, he’s quite the prodigious intellect and the circuses very own masterful magician! Although rendered mute, he is actively one of the most well “spoken” members, but how so? Well a little birdy might tell you so!

Not to mention he has some nice class to him!

Along sides some lovely arts I have done, some of which I’ll show in due time, there has been a bunch of work on some sprites and lil animations, props, map works and so on!

Here’s some of that!

From adorable little rats and their….

…rattish things?

To small little character interactions, stances, poses to add more to scenes. No way would one stand so still in a time of need!

 (There’s certainly plenty more to come)

All of this is still plent’o WIP but woo, progress!

Untill next time, folks! 


Hand-drawn maps of the Known World.  Tom Moldvay and Lawrence Schick collaborated on this D&D campaign world at Kent State and shared it with other groups in the 1970s.  When they joined TSR a version of their Known World became the official setting for module X1 and both the 1981 and 1983 Expert D&D rules, then was expanded in the Gazetteers and as Mystara.  (From “The ‘Known World’ D&D Setting: A Secret History” by Lawrence Schick at Black Gate.)


Pokemon GO is such a genius idea though. just listen

  • The biggest flaw of the Pokemon saga is the fact that it’s mainly on handheld console, so we fans kept playing inside (what was even the purpose to go outside ?) and we all had once someone in our relatives to complain (because they love to) that we stayed too much time inside. To play Pokemon GO, you can stay inside, but then only use 1% of the game, truly. The goal is to go outside, but not only, to walk, even to jog ! 
  • Always lived in a city but you know nothing about its History, or the important monuments, or even wonder if the city has some ? In Pokemon GO, the gyms and arenas actually ARE historic buildings or important monuments. This is really clever ! It makes you wonder around and admire what your country built !
  • On the contrary, you live in the countryside and fear to see nothing on your game map and don’t experience the gameplay at its best ? Don’t worry, trainers pals ! In Pokemon GO, you’re actually very lucky if you live in the middle of nowhere (this being said, you still need good mobile data reception or wi-fi… erm) because that’s where the developers put the most of wild Pokemon !! yay !
  • It counts your steps and you will keep fit while playing a video game isn’t it the most awesome thing ever
  • The more you walk, the longer you jog, the most you’ll get medals and awards. The medals menu is super full, you can have a lot of different awards for different success (catching X poison type Pokemon, walking X steps between two Poké-stops… etc)
  • Oh, speaking of Poké-stops… d’you know what it is ? STREET ART. COOL SHOPS. STREET NAMES OR ADRESSES OF PEOPLE THAT DID AWESOME STUFF FOR YOUR COUNTRY. this is just re-discovering your environment and it’s very very well done
  • actually the cleverest thing about Pokemon GO is that all of this is free and i love it and i’m so excited can you tell

Not quite a fullsize (the fullsize is HUGE) but here’s a larger image of the new Delphi Carnival Map I worked on last month :) This was a tough one! I much prefer natural scenes, and I was working with 1-point perspective on this which isn’t really my favourite (but it’s nice not to get stuck on the same old same old) 

I’ve been advised to point out the rather fat wyllop by the lifelike dolls stand, who has very much enjoyed his day at the fair.