I totally forgot to post about the xbox controller phone charm I got from BityKity some time ago! I wanted to do a full out review but I got busy with moving places and I didn’t have time. However, I still want to talk about my feelings on the charm and my experience so here’s a mini review!

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“gamzee wasn’t being controlled during game over! lil cal wasn’t with him anymore!”

*gamzees eyes are literally flashing subtly almost the entire time*

one of the main reasons why people don’t like rats is because they prevent power shifts. the biggest and most recent example would be andy from bb15. the biggest reason amanda lasted so long to terrorize and bully others was because anytime a shift was going to happen, andy would rat them out and ruin it. good for him, but not the kind of thing i want to watch. it’s the same when we complain about huge alliances controlling the game. it’s valid and good game play for that group, but it’s not what a lot of people want to see

Wii U getting a Gamecube Controller

No doubt for the upcoming Smash Bros. titles.

PDP will release a Gamecube styled controller called “Fight Pad.” It will plug into Wii Remotes.

This is odd, considering the Wii U Pro Controller exists. And while I don’t agree, the Gamecube Controller is generally unpopular. Will you guys be picking up a Fight Pad when it’s released? I think I’ll stick to the Pro. [❤]

Wii U Pro Controllers: White, Black, 3rd Party