Royal Guards are kids too, y'know! -

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When you’re mad at video games but controllers are expensive as hell

a singer was murdered at her own concert. over fifty people in a gay club have been hospitalised and/or killed in a violent hate crime. children are being shot. parents are being shot by their kids. a black man can’t reach into his pockets without police assuming that it’s anything but a gun. 2015 was the highest year for people killed by police. at this rate, how much could possibly be too much before somebody decides to take action and start controlling gun laws? how could things possibly get worse?

Game Controller Silicone Mold

Celebrate the devices used to make all your favorite characters move with some mouthwatering goodies. Create chocolates, ice, candy or cakes that look like classic video game controllers, and you’ll have the best game release party ever!

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When you’re holding a gun, you see other guns - even if they aren’t there, and especially if you’re a gun owner. A study showed video gamers and gun owners were more likely to perceive shoes and other objects as guns while holding a real gun themselves. Gun owners however, saw more imaginary guns whether the gun they were holding was real or not. Source  Source 2