You know, if you give me an RPG with townsfolk that can be killed by the player, I WILL wipe at least one town off the map just for shits and giggles.

If the leveling system allows me to eventually outpace the in game law enforcement to an absurd degree, I WILL depopulate the entire country at the end of my playthrough.

Fallout: If you thought the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland was barren before you’ll be surprised what further damage I can do to it.

Fable: I’m pretty certain I single-handedly crashed Fantasy-Britain’s economy by slaughtering all those responsible for agriculture and trade, then I overthrew the government.

Deus Ex: Well, Detroit doesn’t have traffic problems anymore.

Skyrim: You really thought Dragons were the threat to the world?


When you’re mad at video games but controllers are expensive as hell




Because my photo setup is dead and Prisma has nifty filters. Behold my Umaru-chan masterpiece. I call it “exactly how Wren looks every time she attempts to play Dragon Age: Inquisition only with more swearing and tears”. It’s a long title, but I feel it truly encapsulates how very much I suck at video games.