the thing about books is that I don’t care how someone experiences them 

paperback, e-book, audiobook

if you have the attention-span for them they are one of the most private creative entertainment experiences

obviously everyone reads the same words but because you have to visualise every detail, setting, action, sound, character, creature, EVERYTHING

no two people experience the book the same way

yes if watching a film or a show people will still get something different out of it from each other, but they are seeing the same interpretations of character appearances and settings ect

video games give creative control over the story and characters but it is limited by the graphics to an extent in modern gameplay, funnily enough in older games with worse graphics the use of imagination to interpret visuals is more like what i’m talking about with books

my point being it’s so interesting to me the individual creative experience of consuming a written piece of fiction provides. 

Do you imagine places you’ve actually seen superimposed over locations in the story? Are characters realistic or cartoony in your mind? How often have you read something and seen a visual detail that made you completely re-imagine the image you had up till that point? How has films and video games effected the style of visualisation when reading? 

I’m not making any claims of medium superiority I’m just fascinated by how private an entertainment experience it is, it’s so individualised

i’m sure someone far more educated and informed than me has written essays on the neurological processes that occur when reading and the impact of mass media and visual entertainment upon the imagination (wasn’t there a study that said people used to dream in black and white in the early 20th century?)

I just find this stuff interesting, I get different things from different mediums of entertainment but if I had to point to why a text based medium is so immersive I’d say it’s because of it’s reliance on the reader as creative participant.

one thing i think is interesting, as someone who basically grew up playing video games non-stop, is how some types of video game just don’t gel with people 

like, it’s easy to forget that, even though i’m pretty bad at most games, that my skill at handling video games is definitely “above average.” as much as i hate to put it like this, i’d say my experience level is at “expert” solely because I can pick up any game controller and understand how to use it with no additional training. 

a friend of mine on twitter posted a video of him stuck on a part of samus returns. the tutorial area where it teaches you how to ledge-grab. the video is of him jumping against the wall, doing everything but grabbing the ledge, and him getting frustrated 

i’ve been playing games all my life, so i’d naturally intuit that i should jump towards the ledge to see what happens 

but he doesn’t do that.

it’s kinda making me realize that as games are becoming more complex and controllers are getting more buttons, games are being designed more and more for people who already know how to play them and not people with little to no base understanding of the types of games they’re playing 

so that’s got me thinking: should video games assume that you have zero base knowledge of video games and try to teach you from there? should Metroid: Samus Returns assume that you already know how to play a Metroid game and base its tutorial around that, or should it assume that you’ve never even played Mario before? 

it’s got me thinking about that Cuphead video again. you know the one. to anyone with a lot of experience with video games, especially 2D ones, we would naturally intuit that one part of the tutorial to require a jump and a dash at the same time.

but most people lack that experience and that learned intuition and might struggle with that, and that’s something a lot of people forget to consider. 

it reminds me a bit of the “land of Punt” that I read about in this Tumblr post. Egypt had this big trading partner back in the day called Punt and they wrote down everything about it except where it was, because who doesn’t know where Punt is? and now, we have no idea where it was, because everyone in Egypt assumed everyone else knew.

take that same line of thinking with games: “who doesn’t know how to play a 2D platform game?” nobody takes in to consideration the fact that somebody might not know how to play a 2D game on a base level, because that style of gameplay is thoroughly ingrained in to the minds of the majority of gamers. and then the Cuphead situation happens.

the point of this post isn’t to make fun of anybody, but to ask everyone to step back for a second and consider that things that they might not normally consider. as weird as it is to think about for people that grew up playing video games, anyone who can pick up a controller with thirty buttons on it and not get intimidated is actually operating at an expert level. if you pick up a playstation or an Xbox controller and your thumbs naturally land on the face buttons and the analog stick and your index fingers naturally land on the trigger buttons, that is because you are an expert at operating a complex piece of machinery. you have a lifetime of experience using this piece of equipment, and assuming that your skill level is the base line is a problem.

that assumption is rapidly becoming a problem as games become more complex. it’s something that should be considered when talking about games going forward. games should be accessible, but it’s reaching a point where even Nintendo games are assuming certain levels of skill without teaching the player the absolute basics. basics like “what is an analog stick” and “where should my fingers even be on this controller right now.” 

basically what i’m saying is that games are becoming too complex for new players to reasonably get in to and are starting to assume skill levels higher than what should be considered the base line. it’s becoming a legitimate problem that shouldn’t be laughed at and disregarded. it’s very easy to forget that thing things YOU know aren’t known by everyone and that idea should be taken in to consideration when talking about video games. 

BTS REACTION : you are bending over to pick something up, in front of them

requestCould you do a bts teaction to you bending innocently over something or picking something up and they are thinking dirty and get horny ?

(guys, I’m trying out something new, let me know if you like fake subs ! I enjoyed making them, let me know if you want more !)


*you dropped your phone on the ground. It caused a loud noise that got Yoongi’s attention. As you bend over to pick it up, your skirt slightly goes up, showing a little bit of your panties*


*You bend over to tie your shoelaces. As you were going down, your lace panties made themselves slightly visible and your short skirt did not help to cover them. Taehyung noticed and got turned on*


*Jungkook was playing videogames in the living room. You bend down and look for another game controller. The high waisted shorts you were wearing made your butt look really good and Jungkook, for sure, enjoyed the view*


*You were in the practice room with the rest of BTS. All of you decided to dance to DNA, just for fun. You were wearing leggings and was bending over to put on your dance sneakers, right in front of Jimin. That caught his attention, but he was unable to do anything since the members were around*


*Hoseok and you were in the dorm’s living room, waiting for Bang PD to come over to talk to Hoseok about the upcoming comeback, he could enter into the dorm any minute now. You get up and bend down to pick something up from the floor that had fallen down from the shelf. You were wearing a short skirt that got Hoseok’s attention*

*gets really turned on*


*Seokjin entered the room were you and the 6 other members were just chilling. You were on the floor, looking for something you lost underneath the couch,  wearing pyjama shorts that happened to be very short*


*The two of you were heading towards the practice room. The leggings you were wearing were kind of see-through, which made your panties slightly visible when you bent down to tie your shoelaces*

gifs :

My favorite things that Arin Hanson does - 

- Laugh so hard that his voice raises two octaves and he squeaks. 

- Fake high pitched screaming when a video game gets out of control. 

- Pretending to be a Game Grumps or Polygrumps fan and making stupid commentary.

- Arin Hanson’s Advice Corner (OMG)

- Voices. ALL the voices. ALL THE VOICES. 

- That amazing freakin’ grin. 

Haikyuu!! boys as parents
Haikyuu!! boys as parents

Hinata: Tobio how do I stop the crying
Kageyama: Do you mean you or the baby?
Hinata: I don’t know anymore
Kageyama: Have you tried a pacifier?
Hinata: Oh, sure, let me try.
Kageyama: I meant the baby not you.

Yamaguchi: Hey, Kei, what am I supposed to do with this baby food? It’s just a tub of powder.
Tsukishima: *sigh* Did you read the label, Tadashi?
Yamaguchi: Did you read my ass, Tsukki?
Tsukishima: …
Yamaguchi: Would you like to?

Kuroo: Kenma stop running away from the baby when it’s crying
Kenma: You can’t make me have responsibilities
Kuroo: No. Get back here. Give me that controller. Gaming doesn’t solve all your problems
Kenma: Hey look she wants the controller
Kuroo: She stopped crying
Kenma: Gaming doesn’t solve all your problems now does it, bitch.

Oikawa: Aww, this baby looks just like me! Just like his old man!
Iwaizumi: Tooru he has literally none of your genetics you didn’t conceive him
Oikawa: Sorry, I just use ‘me’ as a blanket term for beauty
Iwaizumi: Oh I thought you were going down the 'cries when the wind changes’ route.
Oikawa: I don’t cry all the time Iwa-chan! *sniffle* That’s so mean!
Iwaizumi: No, of course you don’t honey.


Author: @bread-jinie as part of the Bound series with @knockknocksoosthere and @kpopfanfictrash
Creative Content Contributors: @baebae-goodnight (for this INSANELY GORGEOUS MOODBOARD WOW)
Rating: NC-17
Warning: explicit sex; explicit language
Summary: Jin thinks he’s loved you since the moment he saw you, back when you were teenagers; Jin knows he’s been in love with you, the soul burning kind of love, since he saw you on your wedding day. He doesn’t mind that you don’t reciprocate on his level, he’s just happy to show you he cares. Until one day, he simply can’t anymore. Until one day, you realize you need to show him you care, too. 
Word Count: 16,535

Two days after your fourteenth birthday, your parents agree it is time to tell you that you are engaged.

When they call you into the kitchen, you find they are sitting beside one another - closer than you have ever seen them - and a slow panic begins to course through your veins. In the past, death was the only thing that could bring them together, the fading of a life forcing them into closeness if only to seek comfort in another equally as empty.

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