Anime’s in my blood because I automatically thought, “FREIZA!” when I saw this LOL

Modded PS4 controller (via Imgur)



Imagine challenging the Avengers at Mortal Combat X.

“This game, I like it… ANOTHER!”


rihmember when Daniele Donato was the best player on bb8, secured herself in every situation, dragged along a deadweight houseguest, protected herself, made decisions for herself and her father in the game, controlled their alliance, pinpointed their targets and which houseguests were the biggest threats, figured out house mysteries before anyone, was #woke, covered her ends in the chances of every worst case scenario (setting up alliances with Jen in case her father went home, repairing relationships with the house in case her father went, did everything everyday specifically for strategy, etc.), won the most comps while being on slop the most and also being the youngest houseguest in history at the time while also dealing with the most emotional and unfair disadvantage any houseguest had ever been put into along with being slut shammed and blamed for actions she had no control over and alienated against the house for petty reasons everyday yet STILL managed to make final 2 against all of those odds and a twist that worked in her fathers favor and tried to even get her evicted during the game………….



Okay okay, first thing’s first: This part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure takes place in 1987. Video games did not work they way they are being shown in this episode back then!!! You couldn’t get a display of three-dimensional models interacting with each other without it looking like shit! If that was even possible back then! I don’t know, that was three years before I was born! And hell, the nature of the fucking console they’re using! if it wasn’t a PC game, the controller you were using plugged into the console you shoved the game into, not the TV! And hell, even with that plug-and-play fad that was going on for a while, if you had cartridges that had games on them, they’d go into the controller, not the little hub device thingy D’Arby had here!
Secondly, my goodness, the sexual tension all up in that flashback of Kakyoin’s~! Dio just oozes sex all over everything, doesn’t he? Can’t wait to hear Patrick Seitz having fun with this part~! Also, IT’S ABOUT DAMNED TIME WE SAW ONE OF DIO’S EYES!!! There is just absolutely no good reason for the show to be hiding his face so much from a continuity standpoint. Wanna know why? BECAUSE HIS FACE WAS ALL OVER THE FIRST THREE EPISODES OF PHANTOM BLOOD!!! Literally the only reason to hide his face is if they were pretending this were a continuity reboot, which they can’t fucking do because JOSEPH JOESTAR!!! And Jonathan’s body being the one Dio’s using!!!

All fan raging aside, I am excited for a certain scene in the next episode. Can’t wait for it!

One time I was at a friends house and we were playing video games but whenever the controller got passed to me I would have to change the controls back to inverted and everyone would give me a hard time until another guy was there who also had to play inverted and I told him that I played a lot of starfox as a kid and now I always have to play inverted and he said no way I have to play inverted because of starfox and so now I’m wondering if there’s a secret group of people out there that solely play games inverted because of starfox and this is me reaching out

Wii U getting a Gamecube Controller

No doubt for the upcoming Smash Bros. titles.

PDP will release a Gamecube styled controller called “Fight Pad.” It will plug into Wii Remotes.

This is odd, considering the Wii U Pro Controller exists. And while I don’t agree, the Gamecube Controller is generally unpopular. Will you guys be picking up a Fight Pad when it’s released? I think I’ll stick to the Pro. [❤]

Wii U Pro Controllers: White, Black, 3rd Party