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G-Dragon + Love Never Felt So Good

G-Dragon + Love Never Felt So Good (by Michael Jackson -I hope you meant the song and not like a quote or something… sorry!)
♫ Tell me, if you really love me ♫

The words “I love you” has never fallen from your lips since the time you’ve been with Jiyong. It was a very precious thing to you and it wasn’t like Jiyong wasn’t or that you didn’t. It’s a little more complicated than that.

But Jiyong didn’t mind. He knew you loved him even if you’ve never actually said it. You showed him plenty and he loved you just as much.

Being in love isn’t just saying the words and throwing it out there every now and then.

Love is holding hands while you drove to the market.
Love is taking off your heels for you and giving you a foot rub after a long day at work.
Love is massaging his shoulders after sitting at his computer all night composing new music.
Love is waking up early to make the other breakfast in bed.
Love is holding you tight and letting you cry when you had a fight with your mom.
Love is letting you hit him on the chest and pushing him away for lying to you about staying out all night with the boys instead of working.
Love is the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

That is love and it doesn’t have to be said.

And love it walking hand in hand in the middle of the night to the convenient store because you were craving spicy ramyun and green tea ice cream.

Jiyong would peer down at you every now and then while licking his ice cream and smile at how cutely you would lick your own ice cream. He’d squeeze your hand every so often and you would bump his side with your hip if he squeeze a little too tight.

“You know,” he started. “We’re gonna gain weight if we keep doing these midnight snack runs.”

“Then we can just roll our way home.”

Jiyong let out a laugh, imagining you as plump marshmallow, rolling down the street towards your apartment. “I should stop buying you sweets and snacks before you turn into a marshmallow.” You let out a whine in protest and tugged his arm to stop him. Jiyong turned towards you, seeing your glare and pout at the same time. He let go of his hand to caress your cheek and gave you a warm smile. “But you’re too cute to say no to. You know I’ll always buy you ice cream~” You grinned happily at him and licked your ice cream. “I’d still love you if you turn into a marshmallow.”

“Really?” you asked softly.

“Of course. C'mon.” Jiyong turned around and began to make his way towards the apartment again while you stood there, staring at his back.

“I would still love you too if you turn into a marshmallow.”

Jiyong stopped in his tracks and glanced over his shoulder at you. Your cheeks were bright pink, but you kept your eye contact with him. Jiyong turned around fully and asked, “What did you say?”

“I… love you too.”

“Say it again.”

“I love you too.”

Jiyong dropped his ice cream and ran back towards you, capturing your face into his hands, making you drop your ice cream too. Your heart was pounding as his warm breath tickled your skin and his lips were so close to yours, you just wanted to leap up and kiss him.

“Say it again,” he whispered.

“I love you, Jiyong.”

“God, I love you.”

Jiyong pressed his lips against yours and you wrapped your arms around his middle, pulling him closer to you.

Love is this.

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Seungri + 'We Found Us' by Tokio Hotel

Seungri + We Found Us (by Tokio Hotel)
♫ We found love in this club tonight ♫

The club scene wasn’t really your place. You wanted to get a drink with your friend after a long week of work and she dragged you out after she made you into her personal dress up doll. You had to admit, the dress you borrowed from her looked amazing on you and you’ve never had your hair and makeup done this nice since your prom. But the moment you got to the club, she asked you to get the drinks and meet at the bar as she went to greet a guy she knew. That was an hour and three cocktails ago.

The drinks did help you. You just wished your friend would have stayed with you so you could talk and vent about the week you were having.

The music was too loud and the lights kept flickering in different directions, it was hard to see most of the time. After you fifth drink, you weren’t feeling it anymore and just wanted to leave.

You paid the bartender and slipped off your bar stool before attempting to make your way through the crowd towards the exit.

You did your best not to shove anymore, but it was difficult to maneuver through the club on your own with a giant sea of people trying to keep you inside.

Before you could reach the steps that lead to the exit, you somehow heard your name being called over the loud, booming music. You assumed it was your friend. But when you turned around, you gasped when you spotted Seunghyun standing not too far away from you with a smile on his face and his hands shoved in his pants pocket.

Lee Seunghyun. Your high school best friend and prom date. You hadn’t seen him since then and it was a surprise to see him now after all these years.

He didn’t seem to want to make a move to get closer to you know, scared that you might want to leave when he wanted to stay and ask you for a dance. You were curious yourself and made your way towards him, back to the middle of the dance floor.

“Long time no see, huh?” he asked, circling his arms around you, moving you along with the music.

“Long time no see.”

“Can I ask for a dance? Like old times?”

Your heart skip a beat and all you could do was nod.