Photo set of my Cia cosplay from Hyrule Warriors

Cia was one of my most challenging costumes up to date and because of that, obviously my favorite. Then again, due to not being able to sit, it’s also a costume I despise as well. Mixed feelings much? Yep.
I’m just very proud of myself to achieve this results and that it looks exactly like I wanted. I’m not really a sewing type of person (I don’t really like it xD) so that was the most challenging part of the whole costume. I’m more fond of just crafting stuff and building props :P

Other pictures of my Cia cosplay on my Facebook Page.

Enjoy this photo set~!


I came back here, on tumblr, with hopeful updates! 

Just like Azusa, probably even more, Komaeda is most beloved character of mine. He making me melt, when he smiling, makes me mad, then doing weird things again, gives me hope and brings me to despair, he stirred up all my feelings, he is my breath and sun. He is everything I need to be alive.
So I gave whole myself to this photoshoot and looking at result, I can be proud of myself.
Hope you like it the same as I do.Also, all photos were done at the same day Zetsubou-hen arc in anime started. Such a lucky coincidence, isn`t it?

Did I told you guys I would do a photoshoot of Cia? No? Surprise! :D
Really happy about the results of this photoshoot. Even if it was small, there were quite some pictures that really stood out!

Fun thing: People really thought at first I was a figurine or a statue of Cia instead of a cosplayer in the photo of me first wearing it all, but I never really saw it that way until I saw this picture (I really don’t see myself in it, haha xD)

More to come soon~

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