game of thrones season 7

When your dad is really your uncle, and your mum’s actually the person you though was your aunt, but you just banged your real aunt, and you have the same name as the half brother you never knew you had, but the people you thought were your half siblings are actually your cousins, and the night king is south of the wall during the biggest identity crisis Westeros has ever seen

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im so proud of the stark children; bran, sansa, arya, theon, and *looks at smudged writing on hand* jan brady
*squints* no wait, egg omelette tangerine


Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Moodboard 

Arya: takes revenge on the Freys, mentions everyone but Robb

Dany: calls Torrhen Stark the last KINT and doesn’t mention Robb

Jon: tells Theon he betrayed his father’s memory but doesn’t mention Robb

Also Jon: gives away the north on a platter even though Robb died for it

The Winterfell crypt: doesn’t have a Robb stark statue

My husband Robb Stark, the rightful King in the North has been disrespected and neglected on this show as of late and I for one will not stand for it.

Sansa: We need to secure alliances through marriages. Arya you should marry…

Arya: No

Sansa: Securing an alliance with Robert Baratheon’s bastard will help Jon a lot…

Arya: No

Jon: I will never force my baby sister into marriage!

Sansa: His name is Gendry.

Arya: I will do it.


Sansa: ???

Gendry: :)


The eyes of many beasts - Viserion the Undead Dragon - Blue the Velociraptor - Rexy the Tyrannosaurus Rex - The Indominus Rex - Drogon the Dragon - The Indoraptor ——- Jurassic World and Game of Thrones

I actually think Rhaegar ‘looking’ like Viserys adds another layer to Viserys character. He would’ve remembered what Rhaegar looked like; how handsome and Royal he looked. Viserys would’ve looked up to Rhaegar, so it makes sense to me that he copied him, tried to emulate him.


Dany: I’m  the Dragon Queen and I ride dragons

Jon: *tries his best dragon impression*

Jon, trust me, you don’t need to fake to get Dany’s attention