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The Ward....

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Request - Reader is one of Ned’s ward’s is secretly in love with Jon but doesn’t know that Robb, Jon and Theon are all fawning over her. 

Pairing - Jon Snow X Female Reader

Wordcount - 5.431

Warnings - Normal Game of Thrones type scenarios. 

A/N - I could do a part two to this

Ned Stark had always been a very kind and gentle man. On a particularly rough stormy night where the wind was so powerful and people struggled to walk through it, Ned was just returning home from a particularly long travel to a place where the disputes had turned from aggressive confrontation to bloody and gruesome battles, Ned had been instructed by King Robert to dissolve the quarrel and quickly, when he had heard the wails of a baby. Ned suddenly became more alert to his surroundings.  As he dismounted his horse, he began to search for the cause for the sound. Ned soon located the sound to find the small baby wrapped very scarcely in a couple of woven blankets. How could anyone leave a baby like this? Ned thought as he scooped the baby into his arms, holding it close to himself in an attempt, to share his warmth. Ned mounted his horse and continued the rest of his short journey home, praying to the old God’s that the baby would survive the cold until he could reach the warmth of the castle.
The God’s have blessed this child, Ned thought as he entered his chambers where his wife laid waiting for him, wrapped in warm furs.

“Ned is that another one of your bastard children that you insist on tormenting me with.” Catelyn snapped at her husband as she pushed the furs away from her body, whether it was to inspect the child further or to injure Ned, he couldn’t be quite sure.  

“Relax my love, this baby is not mine, I found the baby nearby abandoned in the snow. I couldn’t leave it there to suffer and die. The baby is strong, near death and still made it all the way here.” Ned laid the baby down on the furs, it’s skin with a blue tint. Yet as cold as the baby was, it was still curious looking around the room at the strange people. Catelyn, got out of bed, walking over to the baby, the baby turned out to be a little girl, with bright Y/C/E, Catelyn’s gaze melted at the sight. She had always wanted a girl, there was no doubt that Ned and herself would have more children, yet Catelyn was not going to give up the opportunity to have a little girl sooner.

“She certainly is strong, why don’t we take her in as a ward? Let’s call her Y/N, I’ve always thought it was a beautiful name.” Catelyn, picked up the newly named little girl, holding her tightly to her chest.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, my love. Y/N it is”

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jon snow: hands

anon requested: hit me with that against-the-wall, i-almost-lost-you jon snow smut?

notes: smut, smutty, s m u t. i tried to, so enjoy like 1,400 words of smut not counting the cut above. enjoy!!! bc i really did omg

Jon lifted you up off you feet as you appeared before him. His arms wrapped around your shoulders, as he gasped.

You were here, he thought, she’s here.

You laughed as he kissed your cheeks, “I thought you were gone,”

You raise your brow at him, patting his stubbly cheeks. “Jon, I told you I was going home for awhile.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Yes, I did,” you said as you tiptoed to kiss him passionately on the lips.

“I thought I almost lost you,” he continued as he broke away. He placed your hand on his chest, kissing your inner wrist.

“You overreact sometimes, wolf,” you giggled as you placed you down. You reached up to kiss his jaw, and he kissed your forehead.

He reached down to nibble down at your ear as he whispered, “Let me show you how much I’ve missed you.” He cocked his head to the side with a subtle wink and you tighten your hand around his own as he walked up the stairs with you to his room.

When he closed the door, you leaned knowingly against the wall, feeling his eyes move to your hands as you untied your coat at the tips. He took in a breathe as the coat was disregarded at the bottom, and walked over to you, his hands on both sides of your neck, “Dirty,” he whispered as you stood before him in a low cut top, showing him generously your chest.

And he began. And you did, too.

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The Stag and The Bastard

IMAGINE: Being the younger sister of Robert, Stannis and Renly and meeting Jon Snow in the kitchens during the feast. 

[gif is not mine. creds to the owner. part of the poetry series, this time it’s based off lang leav’s ‘someone like you’.] 

warnings: none

words: 2.0k +

‘Do you think there is the possibility of you and I? In this lifetime, is that too much to hope for?…’

She could feel the stares of the people as she walked into the hall, nevertheless she kept walking her chin held up high. (Y/N) knew why they were staring. Of course it was very uncommon for such a highborn lady to not wear dresses, but it was so trivial. She could hear Robert’s voice from the end of the hall, she could practically see Cersei rolling her eyes at her husband’s behaviour.  

“Sister!” She looked at her brother at the centre of the table, gesturing for her to hurry along and break her fast with them.

“Brother,” she greeted him when she was close enough. She walked past the Stark and the Baratheon children. She wasn’t older than them by any means, basically the same age as Robb but nonetheless she was royalty.

“Why are you dressed like a man?” Renly spoke, smirking when he saw his sister’s reaction.

“I’m going around Winterfell today to see what there is,” she looked around at the faces. Robert looked on with interest as well as Cersei, Stannis looked indifferent and Renly just looked amused. “As well as around the North.”

“Do you have an escort my lady?” Catelyn spoke from her far left. “We have plenty of escorts to show you around.”

(Y/N)’s gaze turned to Cat, she smiled softly and shook her head. “Thank you, but I already have an escort. A suitable one, one that I chose myself.”

“Who is it?”

“Jon Snow,” she could practically feel the anger radiate from Cat as soon as she said that name. (Y/N) smiled at her, this time with an all knowing smile, without another word she took her seat and sat beside Renly.

“You’re stirring things up sister,” Renly whispered softly.

“I’m not,” she responded. Renly gave her a knowing look. “Okay, maybe I am but I’m not intentionally doing it.”

“How did you even get to meet Jon Snow? How did you get him as the escort?”

“So many questions brother,” (Y/N) twirled her fork and looked at the table below them. She looked for the familiar black hair but knowing better. Of course he wasn’t at the table with them. He was probably alone outside, or maybe he was inside a barn? Or in the kitchens, much like he was last night.

The clanging sounds of pots and pans echoed across the narrow hall where (Y/N) walked, she could see the faint light of the kitchens. A booming laugh echoed across the hall, knowing that it came from her over joyous brother from the feast behind her.

“Your Highness?” A servant stood before, curtsying. “Is something the matter?”

(Y/N) softly smiled, “No.” She pointed to the room where the light was coming from, “Is this the kitchens?”

“Yes my lady,” (Y/N) nodded ending the conversation. The servant curtsied again and hurried off.

(Y/N) walked towards the kitchen, she could hear the conversations that were being held. She heard her name being mentioned, with quiet movements she moved to the alcove just before it.

“I’m telling you Myl, that girl is no Highborn woman, nor a Princess,” a woman with a gruff voice sounded. “The way that she holds herself, she’s more interested in cajoling with the men and knights than being properly trained as a royal. I hear that she’s the black sheep in that family.” (Y/N) could imagine the tittering imbeciles edging in closer trying to catch up on the latest gossip while they make the food. 

(Y/N) clenched her fist together, she’s heard this over the years of course. She preferred to be in the company of men as she wanted to fight, not what everyone else seem to think so. She’s heard the whispers, the rumours from servants to noble people alike. But she was never the black sheep of the family. When she said that she would rather fight and train with the soldiers, her brothers had reservations it wasn’t until Jaime Lannister came to her aid and supported her. From then on she’s become one of the fiercest and merciless fighters of Westeros.

“That’s why she’s called the Iron Princess,” another voice joined in. “She has no mercy. No sympathy, she’s more like a Lannister than a Baratheon. She’s a whore too I hear.” There was more that the woman was going to say but she was interrupted when a voice yelled out ‘enough’.

“You mustn’t say things like that,” she’s heard that voice before. Earlier in the day. “She’s different aye, but that does not matter. If she hears you saying things like this then we’ll see if she has mercy or not.” She could hear the sounds of his shoes as he walked around the room. “Even then if rumours are circulated around it won’t be just her who would be spiteful, it will be her brothers and the Lannisters, even my father.”

It was true of course, what he just said. She was loved by her brothers, and she was loved by the Lannisters. Tywin practically raised her when her father died.

“Be careful what you say around here. Now go on, I think it’s the next course you wouldn’t want them to be waiting now do you?” She could hear all of their feet move across the floor, she burrowed herself to the wall when they passed, strangely enough they were all quiet.

“Thank you for that,” (Y/N) said softly as she walked into the kitchens. She saw Jon jump a little bit and held in her laugh. She watched as he turned around almost tripping over his own feet.

“Your Highness,” he bowed.


“I beg your pardon?”

She walked towards him, “I don’t like titles. We’re all the same when we’re buried in the ground,” she shrugged. “Although dead kings garner more respect and admiration than actual living people.”

“I’m sorry for what they said. They hear rumours and they speculate.”

She shrugged, “I’ve heard far worse from far worse people Jon Snow, no worries.” (Y/N) walked along the bench, scrunching her nose up at the various smells and dirtiness of the kitchen. “Some rumours do tend to stem from the truth,” he looked at her, his dark eyes following her every move. She looked at him and smirked, “Some rumours. Not all though.”

Jon cleared his throat, not believing that (Y/N) Baratheon the most sought out person in all of the Seven Kingdoms was here with him, the bastard of Winterfell. “How does one weave out the lies and find the truth?”

She tapped her lip with her finger and thought for a moment. “If they know you well enough, love you or care for you, they know.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you here with me?”

(Y/N) stared at him, “I didn’t want to be here with you.”

Jon looked down, she sighed, “I meant that I come to the kitchens sometimes so I can be alone and eat,” she grinned at him. “The company that I have right now is an added bonus. The good kind.”

“But I’m a bastard, the bastard,” Jon emphasized. He knew that he was treated far worse than the usual bastards because he was Ned Stark’s.

“And?” She sat down at one of the stools and gestured for him to do the same. “I don’t care if you’re a bastard, Ned Stark’s or not. I told you, I hate figurative titles.” (Y/N) looked at the plate of pies, took it and passed one to Jon. “Now to lighter topics, what is there to see about the dreary and grey North?”

“I could show you tomorrow, if you’d like.” Jon offered as gratefully took the pie from her.

(Y/N) chewed her pie slowly and stared at Jon, enjoying making him squirm as he waits for her answer. Finally she swallowed the piece and poured herself some wine. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer Jon Snow,” she said before she sipped the wine.

There is something so delicate about this time, so fragile. And if nothing ever comes of it, at least I have known this feeling, this wonderful sense of optimism…’ 

“Sister?” Renly gently nudged her with his elbow. She shook herself out of her thoughts and looked at her brother. “You were far away all of a sudden.”

She smiled cordially at him, “Just remembering dear brother, no need to worry.”

Renly huffed, “I wasn’t worried. I just thought you were going insane.”

(Y/N) took another forkful of sausage in her mouth, took her napkin and gently dabbed away the grease. She looked towards the entrance of the hall and saw that Jon appeared. He seemed hesitant to walk towards her but she nodded at him and started walking. (Y/N) stood up, her chair scraping across the floors as she walked down the steps to greet Jon.

“What are you doing here?” Cat looked at Jon, disdain still in her eyes and her voice.

Jon looked at (Y/N) then at Cately, then at the rest of the table. Each pair of eyes now directed at him. “I invited him.” He heard (Y/N)’s voice coming from his right and he smiled at her. “He’s my guest.”

(Y/N) stood next to Jon, linking her arms with him. She looked at his face and smiled, then turned to the table and arched a brow, silently asking if they had any objections.

“A bastar-,” Cately’s words were taken from her mouth as Robert laughed.

“The more the merrier!” He knew that if Catelyn finished her words, his sister’s temper would flare up and as amusing it would be he still liked Catelyn, and it would cause some tension if his sister accidentally hurt her.

“Come Jon,” she led him to sit next to her. “Break your fast then you show me what the North has to offer.” Jon could feel the stares of everyone as he sat down. He smiled meekly at Robb and Arya who were staring at him unflinchingly.

…It is something I can always keep close to me -to draw from in my darkest hour like a ray of unspent sunshine…’ 

As he prepared the saddles for the horses, Jon felt a presence behind him, he turned around and saw that it was Jaime Lannister, in his golden glory. “I don’t know what you’re doing with (Y/N), but if you harm her in anyway I’ll be forced to kill you in her honour.” Jaime passed the bag that Jon needed. “And it won’t just be my wrath that you have to watch out for.” He nodded towards Tywin who was conversing with Littlefinger and Ned on the other side of the courtyard.

Jon nodded and swallowed the nervousness that he was feeling. He knew that (Y/N) was one of the most beloved people in Westeros and if he certainly did hurt her then nothing could ever save him, not even all of the Gods.

He watched as (Y/N) came out of the castle, still in her outfit from the morning, her dark hair flowing behind her. He spotted the Queen walking beside her and watched as they conversed quietly. 

“Be careful (Y/N), the North is harsh and unforgiving.”

“Much like the Lannisters, Cersei, I will be fine.” She hugged her goodsister and bid her farewell. (Y/N) walked towards Jon as he held the two reins, passing one to her. “Are you ready Jon?”

He nodded and waited for her to saddle up, then joined her. Jon looked back at the courtyard, he could feel their stares, waiting for him to mess up but alas he did not. He looked at Cersei, her eyes never leaving his, he nodded at her hoping that he received the message that he will not hurt her and no harm will come to her. She nodded and walked towards her father.

Jon looked at (Y/N) who was now staring at him with curious eyes, “Don’t worry Jon, I’ll make sure I won’t fall off my horse so they won’t kill you.” She gave a hearty laugh one that usually comes from Robert. He gave her a small smile. Sensing the hesitancy and nervousness, she trotted her horse towards him. “I’m too interested in you Jon Snow, to ever let any harm come to you.”

This time he smiled at her genuinely. “Now let’s go, I can’t wait to see the different shades of grey I can find in the North!” He watched as she trotted her horse to the gates. Jon looked back at everyone, this time their stares more warm than before but still cautious.

 As he rode alongside (Y/N), her words filling the cold air, he couldn’t help but feel right and complete. Even if he was a bastard, he can damn well show her how much of a man he could be. 

‘…No matter what happens next, I will always be glad to know there is someone like you in the world.’ 


AU: You and Jason are in a relationship and your age gap catches the media’s attention.

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Imagine Sandor realizing that Tormund has a crush on you

(So just got too inspired by the recent GOT episode XD and had to get to this request!! Hope it is as requested and you all like it!! Yay for Tormund being cute and Sandor being jealous xD Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

As he walked the countless miles of snow that separated him from The Wall and what lies beyond, Tormund Giantsbane couldn’t stop smiling to himself.

The cold wind and exhausting workout wasn’t enough to bring his morale down, especially when he had you on his mind the whole time. He was trying his best to forget about how suicidal the mission ahead was going to be and decided to focus his thoughts on being with you.


Since he’s met you at the Wall, there was no doubt he was smitten to you. At first, he was certain you were the prettiest boy in the Night’s Watch he’s ever seen, prettier than Jon Snow he thought and said to you one day.

You weren’t too small nor too short, just lean and firm enough to knock him down off his feet the few times you sparred together. He just loved inspecting your face and truly was in disbelief by how a boy could look so beautiful. Not to mention your strength, gave him all sorts of idea. It wasn’t until he felt something missing, that he realized you were actually of the opposite gender.

When he found out, you practically had to shut his mouth to keep him from screaming and freaking out. Nonetheless, since, he had even less shame to openly flirt with you and would have the habit of making everyone else around uncomfortable, especially your friends that knew about you as well.

Although, it weirded you out to have a Wildling practically stalking you, you never really stopped him from doing so. You admitted it was nice to finally relax a little after everything you went through for a little while and have a good laugh from all his odd gestures.

After so many months of escaping King’s Landing along with the Hound and Arya Stark, the three of you ended up parting ways, sadly.

Back in court, you and Sandor had just started your rather intimate relationship. You had liked him for some time and so did he apparently, as he nervously and carefully accepted to become yours just as you promised to be his.

However, with the Battle of the Blackwater, your plans all went to shit and quickly you had to escape the Capital with him, only to be taken by the Brotherhood without Banners.

Luckily, they let you both go and you ended up crossing paths with the younger of the Stark girls, saving her from Lannister men. From there, you all traveled, trying to get her to her brother, the King of the North.

It ended up in vain but you were strong at the idea that you and Sandor could be together forever. However, the Light of the Seven didn’t seem to agree as after you and him had decided to make way for the Wall after the news of Lysa Tully’s death, Brienne of Tarth cross paths with you.

As she tried to bring Arya back with her, Sandor decided to defend you both, starting a long fight. He told you to quickly run away with the girl but instead you had to deal with her squire.

In the end, you were certain he would’ve been alright, but you then found his injured self and couldn’t give him more help than he needed. With a broken heart, you promised him to bring Arya back to her home.

As the days passed, the young girl left your side one night, leaving you alone. With nowhere to go, you decided the Wall was still a viable option.

As you finally arrived at the Wall, you simply joined the Night’s Watch acting like a boy for the meanwhile, all while the lord commander instantly recognized you from your first visit to Winterfell.

He helped you after you admitted to him what happened along the way, making him have a slight hope at the idea of his dear little sister actually still being alive. He was a man of his words and held no grudges against you, understanding that she must’ve truly escape your side at night.

To thank him, you helped him as much as he could and ended up yourself participating in patrol north of the Wall and such. Now, here you were riding to Eastwatch after receiving a letter from Tormund that read that he and Jon would be riding North of the wall to retrieve a wight to bring back to court.

However, what motivated you to go join them by the castle, was the news that he had in his cells a tall and rather big man, with a burnt scar along with two other men that sounded familiar.

Your heart had skipped a beat, thinking of who exactly it might be and just had to go see for yourself if you were right.

As you rode, Jon and the others were still marching along the cold icy roads, straying further from the Wall.

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Promise (Robb Stark x !Female Reader)

Prompt: Hi, can i request a Robb x reader where Y/N is a true born Baratheon and has gone to join Robb, but she thinks he hates her? X Love you’re writing

Note: Requests are open for any game of thrones character, so please please please send me requests! X

(Gifs not mine)



At first you came to the Young Wolf because you knew it was the best thing you could do to infuriate your mother, but you had quickly come to respect the oldest Stark son. It had been hard work trying to convince him that you had no ill intention, but as the daughter of Cersei Lannister, you had anticipated his reluctance.

You had turned up, in a torn and muddied dress, on a half-starved horse - and you weren’t in a much better sate yourself, you had begged for him to let you stay, and he had begrudgingly acquiesced

You did everything you could to prove to him that you would be a loyal friend to Robb, as his father had been to yours. You cleaned up after his men after their victory celebrations, and treated their wounds as they lay in fields, broken by Lannister blades. You had even cooked for him when the kitchen boy was injured in battle.

Sometimes Robb would stand and watch, as you furiously scrubbed at the pots and pans left over from last night’s meal. His cool blue Tully eyes sweeping over you couldn’t deny his gaze made you feel things, but instead of taking part in his Game you would turn away.

You wanted him to trust you, and if he happened to want to fuck you on top of that, then it would be an added bonus. Gaining his trust was your priority.  

You had always been a skilled seamstress, and your Septa had constantly doted over you needle work when you were younger. On the battle field, you were grateful for her tutelage. It seemed that stitching dresses and quilt work was an easily transferable skill, so you a lot of time stitching up wounded soldiers.

During your time spent amongst Robb’s army, you had formed an unlikely ally in the form of Catelyn Tully. You had expected her to hate you, as her son seemed to, but instead she had gladly welcomed you into the camp.

You supposed it was due to Catelyn’s fondness of you, and your skill with a needle, that it was you Robb was sent to when he was injured during battle.

When you first found out that your king had been injured, your heart had almost stopped in its chest, but when you saw him walking over to you, your heart rate slowed. It was his arm, he would live.

Catelyn had been fusing over him at first, batting away the other nurses, however once her son had been delivered into your capable hands, the other woman suddenly announced that she had to retire to bed. You wandered what she was up to, as you sat alone with Robb in his tent.

Once Catelyn had been gone for several seconds, Robb quickly stood up “It’s just a bloody scratch Y/N, I have important matters to attend to… if you don’t mind- “

You cut off the Stark, pushing him back down onto a chair, and he winced at the pain in his arm.

You rolled your eyes “Well if it’s just a scratch then you ought to show me, so I can dress it and be out of your way.”

You took a step back from Robb and expectantly waited for him to take off his armour. He raised his arm to begin undressing himself, then let out a frustrated groan. Just a scratch my arse you thought to yourself.

“Do you need assistance my King?” You said, in an attempt at a soft tone, though Robb would always remember it as sultry.

He let out a disgruntled sigh “It’s just a flesh wound. My men need your talents more than I.”

You blushed slightly at the complement, and began removing your king’s armour. Your nimble fingers worked fast, slipping off his breastplate and the layers of chainmail. Once he was stripped down to just a shirt and breeches you saw the magnitude of his injury.

You quickly unbuttoned his shirt, to revealing a chiselled torso. You were careful to avoid any awkward eye contact. The left sleeve of his shirt was soaked through with, and there was deep gash, going down the length of his bicep.

“Robb, you idiot what were you thinking!?” You cried “Do you know how easily wounds like this get infected?” Robb had gone a dark shade of Red, to match his hair. You quickly joined him in embarrassment as you realised you had forgotten to call him by his title.

You let out a shaky sigh “I-I’m sorry your majesty. It’s just I care a lot for you, you’re the kingdoms last hope.”

You looked down at your feet, shame faced. What if all you work had been for nought? You expected to be reprimanded, but instead you felt a calloused hand on your skin. Robb tilted your chin so that your gaze met his, and you felt a flutter in your chest.

“Lady Y/N, by birth you are Princess, you shouldn’t have to call anyone King.” Robbs voice was deep and velvety “I’ve seen how hard you work for my men, for me. Why? What does a Princess have to gain?”

Your answer was immediate. “Your trust…” You hesitated for a moment before adding “Robb.” The Northern king smirked at your informality.

You knelt beside your king, and began to clean out Robb’s wound. He grimaced as you rubbed the salt solution across his arm. He grimaced but continued to probe.

“But you had everything you could have wanted in Kings landing, why leave?”

You were threading the needle as he asked the question, and froze. These Starks could learn a thing or two about subtlety, you thought to yourself, as you tried to continue with what you were doing.

“Cersei was never fond of me growing up, and when Father died things got a lot worse, she made Joffrey look like a kitten…” you shrugged “It’s in the past now. Here is where I belong.”

You worked in silence as you continued to Suture Robbs wounds. he would wince, and mutter the occasional curse word under his breathe, but aside from that he remained stoic.

“You work fast Baratheon” The king said, looking down at his freshly sewn up skin. You smiled at the use of your surname. It felt good not to be associated with the Lannister’s.

Robbs next request surprised you “You ought to stay Y/N, I have some Wine, and you’ve earnt it after everything.”  He flashed you a slight grin, and you knew you had no chance of leaving.

You sat in one of the arm chairs in Robbs quarters, and watched as he poured two glasses of red wine. He pulled his chair closer to yours when he sat down.

You had always been a very self-assured person, if you wanted to do something, you did it, like the time you stole your fathers bow, or when you had run away from your life as Princess to join the Starks; but as Robb smiled at you for the third time that night, you felt a wave of uncertainty wash over you.

How was it that he could go from total mistrust, to indifferent to… whatever this was?

“The thing is Y/N,” His cheeks were red and he was looking down at his feet. “I haven’t treated you as I ought to treat a high-born lady-”

You cut him off “Don’t be stupid Stark, everything I’ve done a base born girl would be expected to do. Birth shouldn’t come into it.”

Robb chuckled “I see why mother is so fond of you Y/N. You truly are something special.”

You arched an eyebrow “I thought you despised me? One of Cersei’s hell spawn, remember?” you said playfully.

Robb shook his head “You intrigue me Y/N, your nothing like your parents. You’re… Good, to everyone. To me.”

You shrugged, and opened your mouth to reply, but before you got a chance to speak you had been cut off.

“Y/N, when we were children you visited Winterfell, you were five and I was six. You may not remember.” You did remember, it had been the first time you had seen snow. He had taught you how to make a snowball. You smiled at the memory, and waited for him to continue.

“Well Mother reminded me when you first arrived, that when we were children, I promised I would make you my wife, and I doubt I would forgive myself if I broke that promise.”

A month later you were married, and Robb Stark had fulfilled his promise. The wedding had been small, your dress had been simple, and instead of an elaborate veil you had let the local peasant children weave flowers in your hair. It was perfect.

You had been married on camp, struggling to find a chance for a traditional wedding as Robb fought for his kingdom. With no father to give you away, you decided that the next best thing would be Catelyn Stark.

You had never seen Robb look so good, the joy radiating off him; though he insisted that all of the eyes had been on you.

You lay curled in bed with your new husband that night, you back pressed close to his chest as he cocooned around you. There was no safer place to be than in his arms.

Robb squeezed you tight, kissing your forehead “You, Y/N Stark, are beyond perfection. You were made for me to hold you.” You let out a contented sigh, pulling you furs closer around your body “And you were made to hold me.”

jon snow; little one

request: Can you do a Jon Snow imagine where you and him keep trying and trying for a child till one day it happens and you find out you’re expecting and the fluffiness that ensues after the birth 

notes: I really like this!!! basically bc I love jon and everything about him ^^ hope you enjoy it!!!

Tears kept streaming down your face while you kept trying to hold them. You got underwater, the warm water around you giving you certain peace of mind over the turmoil going on inside you. Suddenly, two hands grabbed from your armpits and pulled you out of the tub.

Gasping for air, you heard a high pitched voice behind you. “Your grace! Are you trying to kill yourself?!” You shook your head at your handmaiden, who kept babbling around you. She grabbed both your cheeks and looked at you in the eye. Whatever she was planning on saying stopped before it could be voiced when she saw your puffy red eyes.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’re crying for that reason again. You have to relax!”

“I’m okay, Oria.” You shook your head at your friend. She had been your handmaiden for a long time now, and she was the only person to who you told everything.

“You don’t seem okay to me, your grace.”

You took a deep breath trying to calm yourself. Since you got married, Jon and you had been trying to have a child, although he was reluctant at first. You stopped drinking moon tea, but it seemed to be harder than that to get pregnant.

“I got my moonblood this month too.”

She nodded her head. “Well, you just keep trying. With your permission, your grace, it’s not like our King in the North is unpleasant to look at. Trying for that baby is probably the best part of the process.”

You huffed at your handmaiden’s words. She was always quite straightforward with what she told you when you two were alone. You had asked her to, fearing people would start lying to you because of your brand new title of queen.

“I think… I just believed it’d be easier. I’ve met a lot of women who get pregnant on their wedding night. Why is it taking us so long?”

“Some women take longer to get pregnant. Others give birth to child after child. Both are normal, do not worry, your grace.”

“And what if there is a reason to worry, what if there is something wr-”

“I’m sure nothing is wrong, your grace.” She cut you off. “You did go to the Maester, right?” You nodded assertively. “And he did say everything was right.” You nodded again. “Well, then there is no reason to worry, Y/N.”

You heard her, but you couldn’t shake the worry from you. “I want a child. He wants a child, but I keep giving him blood.”

She tsked when she heard your words. She dried your body and helped put your nightdress on. You sat on your bed, while Oria brushed your hair. Knocking brought your attention towards the door, where Jon was standing. You looked down, your hands resting on your lap. How much had he heard? You didn’t want to see his face, whether it showed disappointment at the lack of a child, anger or pity. You didn’t want him to know your suffering. It seemed terribly mild compared to what was happening on the continent.

“This is my cue. Your grace.” She curtsied to both you and Jon, looking apologetically at you. She put the brush on the nightstand and you heard the door close. You crouched on your sit, waiting for him to speak first.

“So you’re not pregnant.”

You nodded your head, although it wasn’t a question. He went to his side of the bed and started to undress. Your eyes followed him around, but his expression didn’t change. He just seemed as tired as he usually did. When he finished putting his nightclothes on, he got himself under the blankets. You looked at him questioningly. Wasn’t he going to speak? Noticing your gaze, he patted the space next to him and you scurried to your side of the bed, your shoulders touching. He didn’t say anything at first, but just grabbed your hand under the layers. Your eyes watered immediately.

“It’s fine, Y/N. It is not your fault. It could never be.”

“But what if it is?!”

“Listen to me.” He turned to you and looked at you straight in the eye, his grey ones boring into yours. “I’m not going to love you any less if you don’t give me any children. If I love you, it is because of who you are, not because of what you could give me. Do you understand?” You nodded your head, but your insecurity was still bugging you at the back of your head.

“What would happen… if we never have a child?”

His face showed pain, the same that yours probably showed, but his words were strong and honest when he voiced them. “We’ll keep living our lives as we’ve done. Will the love you feel diminish if we never have a child?” You shook your head. “Nor will mine for you. We’ll be as happy as ever.”

You nodded your head, feeling better in his presence, always making you calmer. You closed your eyes and laid on his chest, his warmth embracing you, his arms holding you close and his chin resting atop of your head. When he hugged you, hidden behind the blankets and your chamber’s walls, you could feel human again, like it was just Jon and you, and there was no war or no worrisome thoughts clouding your head.

“You know—you said—Ghost can always have little wolves, and we help him raise them.” He laughed, his chest rumbling with laughter behind your back.

“Yes, he could. But meanwhile we just have to keep trying.” You laughed and kissed him, feeling the weight on your shoulders.


“Are you sure, Maester?”

“I’ve tended pregnant women before, your grace. I do not wish to sound too arrogant, but I think I’m right.”

You tried to control your shaking breath while you walked back to your chambers, your drumming heartbeat deafening you. You were with child. Finally. Everyone was right. There seemed to be nothing wrong with, but maybe certain amounts of anxiety. You were looking for Jon now. You just roamed the castle until you found Ghost jumping in the snow, playing around. It still surprised you how he could go from a wild beast to an adorable and docile animal.

“Hello, Ghost. Can you take me to Jon? I’ve got something to tell him.”

His ears perked at the noise, and your breath got stuck in your throat when the white wolf approached you and brushed your belly with his snout. You had a hard time holding your tears while you nodded your head. You grinned wide when Ghost started jumping around, happy apparently, and trotted towards where Jon was.

You found him in a secluded spot of the castle, sharpening his sword, while a bunch of others laid next to him.

“Isn’t that the blacksmith’s job?”

He looked up startled, but his hands were still firm holding Longclaw. “I’d rather do it myself, really. It clears my mind.”

You nodded and sat next to him, while he kept working on Longclaw. You guessed that the best way to tell him was being straightforward about it.

“I need to tell you something.” His attention was on you. He looked at your fidgeting hands to Ghost’s excited demeanour, whose tail was moving happily from left to right. What a smart animal. It wasn’t hard for Jon to figure out what was going on, for he knew what kind of news could have made you as happy as you were.

“Really? Are you…?” You nodded, biting your lip nervously. He quickly stood up and took you in his arms, carefully not to harm you. He buried his head on your shoulder, and whether he was crying or not, he managed to hide it from you. You would have cried too, but the happiness surrounding you wouldn’t simply let them fall. Only nine moons until you could meet your child.


“It’s huge.”

“There is a human inside there, Jon. It needs space.”

“It’s going to be a big baby.”

You rolled your eyes. “Had you never seen a pregnant belly before, Jon?”

He grimaced. “Lady Stark wouldn’t let me approach her at all on a daily basis, even less when she was with child, even if they were my siblings.”

You crouched in shame, regretting bringing up the topic of his childhood, knowing how much his estranged relationship with Lady Catelyn had hurt him.

“Well, don’t worry, you’ll be around this child for a long time.” A smile appeared on his face, as it always did when someone would bring up the topic of his fatherhood. He only leaned towards you and placed a kiss to your belly, laying carefully next to it.


Jon paced back and forth outside his chambers, waiting for the doors to open. He had heard his baby cry a couple minutes before, and he didn’t understand why wouldn’t anybody open the door and tell him what was going on. The maester said it was the normal procedure, but that still didn’t put Jon at ease.

The door opened, and one of the maids got out carrying a bowl of water. Jon got in, almost knocking the maid off and quickly spotted his wife sitting on the bed, back against the headboard and holding a little someone wrapped in many furs. When you heard him come in, you beamed at him. Your messy hair was sticking to your sweaty forehead, your lips where bloody from biting them, and your breathing was still irregular, but you had never felt better, and Jon had never seen you looking so content. Maybe only on your wedding day. You patted the spot next to you, signalling Jon, who was stuck on the place, eyes fixing on you too, to get closer. He went to approach you, but Ghost, who had been waiting outside with Jon, was faster and swiftly jumped into the spot next to you.

“Ghost!” Jon scolded the wolf. He knew, deep down, that the wolf wouldn’t hurt the baby, but Ghost still didn’t know that the baby was a member of their family. However, Y/N was sure that the wolf was smarter than they thought, and it was confirmed when the animal softly licked the baby’s forehead and moved aside, his head resting at your feet.

Jon didn’t lose any time and took the spot Ghost had left. He sat next to you, eyes wide open looking quite bewildered. There seemed to be thousands of questions going through his mind, so you decided to answer a few before he could ask them.

“It’s a boy. The maester says he’s very healthy, and that the birth went on with no complications.”

He nodded his head. His eyes wouldn’t leave his son, who seemed to be sleeping on his mother’s arms. He had thought he was going to be bigger, but he was surprisingly small. Jon’s eyes widened when you raised your son towards him.

“I’m not sure—”

“You’re his father. You’re going to have to hold him at some point.”

He extended his arms, and you helped him place the baby correctly on his arms. Once he knew how to do it, it seemed fairly easy for him. Without raising his eyes from his son, he asked: “How are you doing? Did it hurt a lot? Are you okay now?”

You smiled sweetly at his words. Even when he was obviously starstruck at the baby in his arms, part of his mind was still with you.

“I’m fine. A little bit sore and quite tired, but overall fine.”

He nodded, and whether it was because of being passed from a pair of arms to another, or because of the noise, your son opened his eyes to stare at the new person holding him. He eyed his father curiously with his big grey eyes. Jon swallowed the lump on his throat and his eyes watered. The baby yawned and closed his eyes again.

“Have you chosen a name?” He asked. You shook your head.

“I thought you might want to name him after your father.”

He stayed silent for a few seconds, stroking his son’s cheek, but finally shook his head from left to right. “Maybe… the next one.” He smirked and you could only roll your eyes.

“The next one? We’ll talk about that.”

He laughed and continued talking. “I’d actually like to name him Robb, if that’s okay with you.”

You smiled sweetly at him, kissing his cheek. “Of course it’s fine, love. I like the name.”

“Then it’s settled.” And the day and night went by with you both staring at little Robb, the new love of your life.

yours (robb stark au)

Plot: AU where Reader and Robb are betrothed to one another. Reader is soon to be Queen of France and Robb is next in line to be King of Scotland. They’ve known each other since they were young and have been preparing for this day all their life. Unfortunately, Jaime Lannister, Lord and soon to be King of Wales, also had his eye on you. (Basically, this is a Reign!AU)

Pairing: Robb Stark x Reader

Warnings: making out, Jaime being a dick, language maybe? vulnerable!robb

A/N: hello hi sorry for being MIA! this is my first GoT fic and I really hope you like it! I love Robbie sm and I love Richard Madden even more. (!!!!GIFS AREN’T MINE!!!!)

It’s been a cold and brutal winter this time around, but you’ve always dreamed of getting married in the snow. A smile makes its way onto your face as you look out the window and watch the pretty little snowflakes make their way to the ground, a sense of serenity taking over you as you think of your future with Prince Stark. The Starks should be on their way over to your castle by now, they should–

“Y/N!” Sansa sings and makes her way over to you.

“Sansa!” The smile on your face widens as you see your betrothed’s younger sister. She wraps her arms around you in a comforting hug which you so gladly return.

“I’ve missed you so much!” She pulls away and you kiss her cheek, happily leading her to you  set of chairs by the larger window.

“I’m so glad you guys are here! I’ve missed you all, too! How is my precious little Arya?” You lean back, still holding on to your dear friend’s hand as the smirk on her face grows.

“Arya is good, she’s excited because now we’ll be seeing more of you! Bran is also very excited. He wants you and Robb to make little Stark babies,” Sansa laughs and you grow red at the mere thought of being so intimate with Robb. “Oh come on, Y/N it’s bound to happen!”

“Well, sure, but I’m still scared!” You huff and lay your head back, looking up at the ceiling. “Besides, you’re too young for me to talk about this stuff with.”

“Oh, please!” Sansa scoffs and playfully slaps your wrist. “I’m nearly 18!”

“Nearly 18 means you’re still not there yet,” you chuckle as she makes a face at you, further proving her adorable childishness.

You hear a knock on your door and before you’re able to look up, you hear his velvet-like voice.

“May I come in, my lady?” His blue eyes pierce your brown ones as you stand quickly, curtsying.

“Of course, my prince. Please,” you blush deeply as Sansa nudges you before slowly making her way out.

“Don’t go around making babies just yet! You won’t be married for another three days,” she laughs and runs out, before either you or Robb could scold her.

“I-erm-sorry about her,” Robb blushes as well as he lets his eyes study you. “Is-is everything alright, my lady?”

“Y-yes, my prince. Everything is alright,” you clear your throat and Robb closes the door before making his way over to you, a soft smile on his face.

“How many times have I told you to call me Robb?” He lifts your chin up to look at him, a concerned look on his face as you sigh and bite your lip. “And are you really going to lie to your future husband, hm?”

“It’s just–I’ve been thinking about our future, especially with the constant mention of our future children and I’m just scared,” you shrug and look up at your beautiful husband-to-be. “What if I do something wrong? What if you don’t like me? What if–?”

“Princess, princess, listen to me,” he whispers and a shiver runs down your back as he calls you by your title. “You won’t do anything wrong, I will always be there to guide you. You’ll raise our kids wonderfully, I can’t think of anyone else I’d want as the mother of my children. I can’t think of–”

“Robb, I meant,” your cheeks turn darker than before as your gaze travels back to the floor. “I meant what if I do something wrong when we’re, when we’re intimate?” The last part comes out in a small squeak and Robb’s eyes soften further, his hands rubbing your back endearingly.

“I will be right there to guide you in every step of the way, my princess. I promise. Every question or concern you have, I will be right there to help you. If I don’t know the answer, and I’m sure I don’t, we’ll ask some hand-maidens, some women who might know more. I will do everything in my power to ensure your comfort and your safety, never worry about doing something wrong,” he smiles and brings his hands up to cup your face, his thumb brushing against your cheek as you feel your breathing shallow.

You both lean forward and your nerves skyrocket, both in fear and in excitement, in wonder. Your nose brushes against his and you can feel his breath against your lips as his thumbs now gently flick your earlobes. Before you can move closer and finally feel his lips against yours, you hear a knock. You both pull away from each other, but Robb’s hand moves to your waist protectively as he lays eyes on the man.

“Your grace,” you look over to none other than Jaime Lannister, the troublemaker Lord of Wales.

“No, no, please call me Jaime,” he smirks and Robb’s grip on you tightens, pulling you closer to him.

“How can we help you, Jaime?” Robb all but growls out as the smirk widens on Jaime’s face.

“It’s still Lord to you, boy,” he walks over, completely ignoring Robb’s glare. “I just came to see the princess, I was wondering if I could have a word with you my lady?”

“I’ll be right down, my lord. We can talk then,” you nod as he takes your hand and lays a kiss on it.

“I can hardly wait,” he smirks at Robb and walks out the room, barely closing the door as he leaves.

You turn back to look at Robb and you notice his hardened features, his hands that are now fists at his sides as he struggles to reign in his anger. He breathes heavily until you gently place your hands against his face.

“Look at me, my prince,” you whisper and Robb’s eyes immediately find yours, softening at the sight of you. “I am betrothed to you. I want to be married to you. Nothing Jaime does or says will ever make me see him as anything other than the bratty, troublemaking Lord of Wales. I promise.”

“I know, my princess. I apologize for reacting the way I did. The Lannisters have just always given us trouble, Jaime especially. I don’t want him to ever even think of taking the single most important person from me,” he whispers and leans down to press his forehead against yours, eyes closing in the process. “I don’t want him to take you away from me.”

“No one will ever be able to take me away from you, Robb. I swear it on my soul,” you whisper and brush your nose against his as you continue to speak. “I am yours, I will always be yours. I will love you to the very end, I will bear our children with a smile on my face, and I will be yours in every sense of the word for as long as you’ll have me. I’ll-”

Robb cuts you off with a desperate, passionate, tender kiss. His hands wrap around your waist as his lips capture yours and your hands move to the back of his neck. Your lips move in sync, his tongue slowly making its way into your mouth as you gasp. He growls against your lips before forcefully moving himself back, panting heavily and resting his forehead against yours.

“If we don’t stop now, love, we might have to push our wedding to right now,” Robb whispers and you chuckle breathlessly, still reeling from the kiss.

“Can’t say I’d complain,” you wrapped your arms around his back as his rested on your waist, his chin atop your head.

“Neither would I, but I think it’s best we stop you two right here,” you turn around to the voice of Catelyn Stark, a blush rising in both your cheeks as she chuckles at the two of you.

“My Queen,” you curtsy and look up at her, slightly embarrassed and slightly shy in front of your future mother-in-law.

“Oh, no need for the formalities. Mother will be just fine,” she smiles and walks over to you, slipping her arm through yours as you smile back. “I’m going to have to separate you two now. You, Y/N need to try on your dress. And you, Robb, need to meet with your father for some arrangements.”

“Yes, Mother,” he kisses her cheek and then moves to lay a gentle kiss on your forehead. “I can’t wait to marry you, my queen.”

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“And I, you,” you whisper as he smiles and walks out your door. The next time you’d see him, you two would be getting married. You couldn’t wait.

Queen of the Wild (1/5)

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Requested by anonymous:

Summary: *yn* Blackburn is the fierce Queen beyond the Wall, ruling over the kingdom of Vesiros that she helped build from the ground up. With winter approaching, how could the queen refuse an alluring offer from an even more enticing wolf, the King in the North?

Warnings: Some language, sassy!reader (but what’s new)

Notes: I decided to do this one with Robb but if people want, I could write a similar one with Jon too :) 

[Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

“Your Grace I truly think you should reconsider releasing the prisoners, the-”

“What are you suggesting we do with them Ser Wick?” 

“Executing them would be much more effective Your Grace, they trespassed onto your land Your Grace, if you do not punish them, it gives others the incentive to follow suit.” 

“They’re children, Ser Wick.” *yn* snapped back. “They’re the offspring of savages, they were simply looking for food to feed their families. I will not execute innocent children.” She continued, giving him a stern look before turning to one of her guards.

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Imagine losing your virginity to Sandor on your own wedding night (smut)

(Woooo first full smut for Sandor! Hope it’s ok :D and requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Looking over at your now husband, you sighed in exasperation, disappointed in the choice your father and family gave you. The lord you were to be sent off to was young and most certainly a handsome one to everyone’s eye but sadly was an utterly cocky and proud man.

Each of his words were nothing but boasts about his feats and how much he loved hunting and drinking. During you’re courting never once had he ever had the thought of asking you your own interests and even less your own feelings towards it, simply putting words into your mouth to assure your family that you were both satisfied with one another.

You knew such a relationship wasn’t going to last nor leave you happy any time soon but with how eager everyone around you were you found yourself accepting a proposal you had no input to and were now trying to celebrate after the ceremony.

Luckily, looking to your side you finally smiled slightly. Your guardian, The Hound as many loved to call him, Sandor, stood by, inspecting the whole room for anything suspicious. Had it not been for him losing his position in King’s Landing you wouldn’t be able to have him so close to you and at your service.

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Being betrothed to Viserys would include

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✦ him being incredibly charming to get your affection 

✧ you trying to hold your feelings back

✦ because you’ve heard enough to know he’s a monster

✧ although he doesn’t act that way when it comes to you

✦ ,,Dollface.“ 

✧ him caring if you have everything needed

✦ Viserys telling you stories about his father - Mad King

✧ you genuinely listening to him, excited with bated breath

✦  you changing opinion on him

✧ ,,I couldn’t have more loyal wife.”

✦ him liking to flaunt that you belong to him, enjoying people’s envious stares

✧ having passionate and rough sex

✦ him putting your needs before his

✧ you being jealous whenever some girl surrounds your future husband

✦ which is something you’d never admit

✧ Viserys catching himself staring at you all the time, admiring your beauty 

I just want to be yours (Jon Snow x reader)

Prompt: Jon snow x reader fics pls i need this + Hi!! could you maybe do a jon snow x reader fic that’s all fluffy? like maybe they were best friends their whole life and robb or sansa finally gets jon to admit his feelings? sorry if this didn’t make sense    

Note: Title shamelessly taken from an Arctic monkeys song. Hope you enjoy! (Gif not mine) 

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  Jon x reader                                           

You were on your way to your guest room when the snowball hit you square in the face. Despite the sting of the cold, a grin spread across your face.

“Oh, Snow you are so on” You said, quickly gathering some of the snow that lay thick on the ground under foot, shaping it in your ungloved hands.

Your eyes darted across the court yard, but found nothing. Your best friend Jon Snow was nowhere to been seen.

“Jon, you craven! At least come and face me!” You turned, searching in vain.

As soon as the words escaped your lips a second snowball hit you, coming from the same direction. This time it hit you in the back.

“Snow?” You called out, apprehension beginning to pool in the pit of your stomach. “Jon?” Your voice faltered slightly. By now Jon would have revealed himself.

The onset of panic was quickly halted when you one of the snow coated bushes rustle ever so slightly from the corner of your eye. You knew you had found Jon. You smirked to yourself ‘two can play at this game’ you thought, making your way to leave the courtyard, hoping Jon would believe you had actually left.

You approached Jon’s hideout quietly, barely making a noise – that was until you stepped on a twig. Jon sharply turned at snapping sound, but it was too late for him. He had been spotted. The bewildered look on his face before you dumped the huge pile of snow on his head would keep you laughing for weeks later.

“I think that’s one to me, don’t you think?” you said, taking Jon’s hand pulling him up from the ground.  

Jon smirked as you pulled him up “For now lady y/n.”

You spent the rest of that afternoon you spent with Jon, in a vicious snowball fight, the snow chilled you to the bone, but Jon’s laughter helped keep you warm.

You weren’t really sure when it was that you fell in love with Jon, perhaps like your friendship it had just been a constant throughout your entire life.

It was bittersweet moments like this where you found your heart aching. The way your hands would brush, or how he would throw his arm around your shoulder, or when his face was just inches with yours, and you could easily close the distance with a kiss.

You sighed and tried hard to shake away the thoughts. Even if he did ever return your feelings you had doubted you would ever be able to marry for love. As a highborn lady, any future match was bound to be purely political. That didn’t stop you from loving him.

The sun had begun to sink beneath the skyline the pair of you decided to make your way back into the castle. You walked along side each other – shoulders touching, totally engrossed with what Jon was saying.

You were so caught up with whatever it was that Jon was saying as you walked into the castle, that you didn’t notice the knowing look Robb sent towards Jon, but you did notice the blush that spread across the dark-haired boy’s cheeks.

It was a few weeks after your Snowball fight that the Starks held a banquet in the great hall. The room was filled with members of all of the great Northern houses. With house Y/L/N being one of Winterfell’s closest allies, it was only natural that you were there.

As soon as you walked into the room, everyone’s eyes were on you, including Jon’s. The dress was in your house colours, and fitted you in such a way that Jon couldn’t help but drop his jaw. If he had thought you beautiful before, then in that dress he was sure you were an angel.

It was Robb Starks elbow that snapped him out of his trance.

“God’s Snow close your mouth, you’ll put her of her food, and then she’ll never marry you.” The red head teased.

Jon quickly snapped his mouth shut, a blush beginning to spread. “Piss of Stark, I don’t know what you’re on about.”

Robb smirked “So you mean to tell me you just naturally look that disgustingly in love?” The Stark lent back in his chair, satisfied that he was successfully winding up his half-brother.

“Just leave it Robb.” Jon snapped, his gaze still on you. “She’s a highborn Lady, and I’m just a bastard.”

Robb’s tone betrayed a hint of amusement when he spoke “That may be the case Snow, but every second you’ve spent not staring at her, she’s spent looking straight at you.”

Robb paused for a moment, and Jon fixed his concentration back on to you. For a moment you caught eyes, but you quickly turned away. Jon could have sworn that your cheeks were red.

“She looks just as embarrassingly besotted as you do Jon” Robb teased

“You know what Snow” Theon pipped in from besides Robb “If you don’t tell her you love her, I think I might make a pass.”

Jon gritted his teeth. He would have to tell you that night.

You were sat sandwiched in between Arya and Sansa, who were bickering over something or other. You didn’t particularly care about whatever it, instead you were focused on Jon.

You weren’t really sure when the argument had stopped, but when you looked between Sansa and Arya, they both had knowing smirks of their faces.

You gave Sansa a questioning look “What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Sansa gave a nonchalant shrug “I just find it funny that every time Jon looks away from you, you start staring at him.”

You bit you lip “Don’t be ridiculous… he was probably admiring on of the maids.”

Arya rolled her eyes “Y/n of course he’s been staring at you, he’s been in love with you since he could walk.”

You turned your head to look at Jon, a blush beginning to spread, but you quickly looked away when your eyes met. So, he had been looking at you, and Arya never did tend to be wrong when it came to anything to do with Jon

“Gods Arya why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you exclaimed, causing a few people to turn their heads in your direction.

“To be fair Y/n it has always been pretty obvious.” Sansa chimed in. Arya nodded in agreement. At least they were agreeing about something.

You let out a groan as you thought about all of the wasted time.

After finding out that Jon returned your feelings, you quickly excused yourself from the meal, saying that you needed some fresh air.

The summer snow was coming down fast, and was thicker on the ground than you had ever seen it before. You shuddered at the thought that Neds words might finally be appropriate. You took in a deep breath.

“Y/n?” The voice was familiar. Jon.

You could feel your heart fluttering in your chest as he neared. “What are you doing out here? You’ll catch your death in that dress.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his concern “Gods Jon your starting to sound like Old Nan.”

Usually Jon would have laughed at your teasing, he was so nervous that all he could manage was a small exhale of breath.

“Look Y/n, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now.” He paused, biting his lip.

You nodded for him to continue, and he took a deep breath.

“There’s not really an easy way to say this so I’m just going to come out with. I’m absolutely in love with you Y/n”

You couldn’t help but grin “You don’t know how bloody long I’ve waited for you to say that Snow.” You said, pulling him into a tight hug. His arms wrapped around your body perfectly.

“I don’t know what will happen Y/n… your father will want you to marry some lord.” Jon said, pulling away, studying your face.

You stood up onto your tip toes and kissed him lightly on the mouth. “Damn what he thinks Jon. I just want to be yours.”

Hide ‘n’ seek

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A Robb Stark drabble.

A/N - Could people please send me more drabbles. I need to get myself out of this funk.

You giggled to yourself as you hid in the stables. When Robb suggested you do this originally you thought you he had finally lost it. Yet as the game continued you thought it was the most wonderful idea to ever to exist. Robb would never think to look for you here of all places. You would be the one to win this game because Robb would soon get bored and give up.

You would be the one who’s victorious! You were the greatest hider throughout Winterfell. Unbeknownst to you Robb had been sneaking around the stables trying to find you. (He might have cheated a little bit and sneaked a peak at the direction that you went in) While Robb had originally suggested to play this game. In reality he had made the proposal so he could sneak off with you. Robb noticed you, your back completely turned. Slowly he snuck up behind you before surprising you as he wrapped his arms around you. You were stunned as you squealed in surprise. Robb turned you around keeping you secure in his arms.

“Caught you.” Robb mumbled as you looked up into those beautiful blue that had you lost in them. If Robb’s beauty and charismatic personality hadn’t charmed you then his eyes and the emotion that he always appeared to carry with them definitely would.

“I was convinced I was going to win our little game.” You spoke gently, Robb shook his head, pulling you flush against his chest.

“Sorry Love, it looks like I’m better than you when it comes to hide and seek but I’ve won in more ways than one.” Robb leant down and kissed you passionately before pushing you against one of the wooden walls of the stable. It was time for Robb to claim his reward….

Having a good morning with the hound

gif not mine

Warning: smut, one-shot

Anon gave me the idea for this short story! Thank you very much and I hope you all like it!

It was early in the morning, when one of the handmaids woke you up.

“(Y/N)”, she said. “Go to the Hound and tell him, Joffrey needs him.” You blinked in confusion.

“Me? Why? Just do it yourself”, you answered irritated. She looked at you and shook her head. 

“No way! Nobody of the girls wants to talk to the Hound! You are the only one who isn’t afraid of him.” You sighed.

“He is just a normal man!” A large man, full of scars, you added in your head. Nevertheless, there was nothing really scary about him, at least not in your opinion. A lot of men had scars and the most of them were way bigger of you, Sandor was no exception.

“Do it, (Y/N)! Now!” You rolled your eyes, stood up and got dressed. Being a servant for the Lannister family sometimes was annoying, but it definitely wasn’t the worst job in King’s Landing. At least you thought so. 

You walked upstairs, directly to the Hounds chamber. You knocked, and as nobody answered, you just tried to open the door, which wasn’t even locked.

The hound was still lying in his bed, his lower body was covered by a thin blanket, but his chest and arms were naked. You realized that he still was sleeping, he didn’t even noticed you. He looked so peacefully, you didn’t wanted to wake him up.

You got closer to him, watching him for a moment. His muscular chest was covered with a little amount of black-brownish hair and some scars. His body hypnotized you in a strange way. Your eyes wandered a little bit lower, to his abdomen. You could see a large and thick bulk between his legs and something between your own legs started to itch. Just do your work, you thought. Do your work, stupid girl! But it was impossible for you. You just stand there, watching Sandor sleep and imaged things that probably would never happen.

But finally, you managed it to walk again and crawled on Sandors bed, directly on top of him. Your fingers found the lacing of your dress and you undid it yourself, slowly and as silent as possible and threw it to the floor. Sandor mumbled something you couldn’t understand, than he opened his eyes and stared at you in disbelief.

“What the fuck”, he said in surprise. “What the seven hells is going on?”

“I-I am so sorry!”, you said and blushed. “I… I just wanted to wake you up.”

“Well, you did, girl.” Sandor sighed. “Why are you sitting on top of me? Naked. Is this how you wake people up?” You started to move your hips, until Sandors dick was between your legs. There was still the blanket between you, but you could feel his hardness completely. You moaned and rubbed your pussy on his dick through the thin fabric. Sandor grunted and pulled the blanket away. You grabbed his manhood and placed it at your entrance, letting it slowly sliding inside of you. It almost ripped you apart. As his cock was completely hidden in your womanhood, you felt it pushing against your womb, a sweet and sharp pain.

“Fuck”, Sandor cursed. His hands wandered to your breasts, pressing them together, pinching your nipples until you started panting. You leaned down to kiss him on the mouth and started moving, back and forth, up and down. Sandor placed his thumb on the small bud between your wet labia and rubbed it with strong strokes. You rode him passionately until you could feel his dick pulsating inside of you and his hot semen filling you up. Sandor still was rubbing you, now harder and faster, and you could feel your own orgasm coming. It was intensive and very long. You placed your hands on his naked chest, stroking it softly, until your orgasm faded away. Then you climbed down and started to dress yourself again.

“I want to be waking up like this every day”, Sandor told you. He still sounded tired and exhausted, but his voice was soft and tender.

“I will try”, you answered with a smile. “By the way, Joffrey wants to see you!” You could hear Sandor sighing while you left his room, smiling and satisfied.

A Pirate’s Life

IMAGINE: In which Lady (Y/N) Baratheon encounters Captain Jon Snow. through an unconventional way. 

[gif is not mine. based on jack sparrow and elizabeth swan’s first meeting from potc. hope you like it.]

warnings: none

word count: 2.6 k+

The handmaiden tightened the straps of the corset, not minding (Y/N)’s gasps of pain and surprise. She could slowly feel her organs moving around inside of her body with each pull. “My gods,” she breathed out. “How long until you are finished?” She snapped at the woman behind her. 

“Just a couple more, Your Highness.” One tug, another tug and a ribbon to finish it off. (Y/N) turned around to glare at her, the handmaiden bowed and left the room.

(Y/N) walked up to the mirror to admire herself. She ran her hands down the hard corset, scowling disdainfully at the frills that encompassed the waist area, she looked at her reflection frowned and scoffed. While the black and gold dress was beautiful, it was hell wearing it. Accompanying it was the heat. A Lady should not wear a dress that would put her health in danger, but of course everyone would complain if she wasn’t wearing the most beautiful thing. They could not expect anything less from a Princess.

 A knock at her bedroom door was heard, (Y/N) turned, “Come in.”

 Renly walked in, a small smirk on his face, “My, my, dear sister, don’t you look lovely.”

 “I look like one of those cakes that Joffrey’s so fond off.” She gestured to the abnormal flare on her dress.

“Brother says that it’s the latest fashion.”

 “Robert should stay in the vicinity of whores and wine,” (Y/N) spat. “Why do I even have to go to this?”

 Really walked up to his sister, placed his hands on her shoulders and gave her a pitying smile, “Because your betrothed is…well, I actually don’t know what he’s getting.” Renly frowned, trying to remember.

 “A medal?” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “He’s a coward and a fool, Lancel should not receive any sort of medal.”

 Her brother laughed and linked his arms to hers, “You really should watch your tongue sister, sometimes people might think the worse of you.”

 (Y/N) rolled her eyes. She knew what was said about her, she heard the whispers. “They already do.”

 Renly looked at his sister, he knew that she was often the subject of frivolous gossip. Frowning, he decided to change the topic. “Did you hear? Stannis caught a pirate.”

 She laughed, “Pirates are a legend. They died long ago.”

 “No,” Renly shook his head. “A breathing, living one. Saw it myself. Stannis caught his own crew. Pirates said they knew the Starks.”

Jon looked around at the various ships that were docked on the harbour of King’s Landing. He knew that this was dangerous, but what can he do? His ship was towed, his crew was probably dead, he needed to find a way out and fast. He looked down at his clothes and frowned. It was going to be hard to be discreet in King’s Landing when wearing dark colours and obviously wearing pirate’s gear.

Jon looked at the stairs, there were no people, deciding that it was luck he quickly ran up the stairs. Maybe he could bribe, or kill someone for their clothes. As he ran, he made sure that no one was near him, if they were he decided to take a different route. He was too focused on not being noticed that he did not see (Y/N) and Renly in front of him.

“Watch where you’re going!” A woman’s voice yelled at him. Jon looked up and saw a small brunette glaring down at him. “You could have killed me.”

The man with the black hair beside her sighed, “(Y/N), stop being over dramatic. Sorry.” He held out his hand and Jon gracefully took it.

“Honestly,” the woman huffed. The woman -(Y/N) looked up and down at Jon. “Interesting choice in clothing. Are you with the circus?” 

“(Y/N),” Renly warned.

“Renly,” she mocked as she looked at her brother.

“I do apologise for her,” Renly spoke. A chime was heard in the distance and he craned his head towards the east, “We must be going.” He spoke to his sister, then turned back to Jon. “Sorry to bump into you Ser…”

“Jon,” Jon replied not taking his eyes off (Y/N) who was still staring at him intently. 

She knew that he was from out of town. The way he carried himself, the way he talked…the way he dressed. She smiled at him knowingly. He was a pirate.

“Sorry Ser Jon, we must be going but if we do see you at the Feast we owe you a favour.” Renly turned to (Y/N), “Let’s go.”

“Aye, aye,” she spoke those words knowing exactly that Jon would get them. (Y/N) winked at Jon as she passed him.

Jon looked on as the siblings walked past him. There was something extraordinary about that woman. He would have usually stopped and thought about it but he knew that time was the enemy here. He needed to get out of this place and fast.

(Y/N) struggled to breath, and to pay attention at the ceremony. These things were usually a bore, but with the combination of the dress from hell, the weather from hell and the person she abhorred was getting honoured was a nightmare.

 “Are you okay?” Cersei whispered as she saw (Y/N) continuously fan herself.

 She nodded meekly and began fanning herself again. She sighed in happiness when she saw the event ending. (Y/N) quickly got up and started walking towards the large archway that overlooked the ocean. She welcomed the breeze that came off the sea.

 She watched as the waves crashed against the rock, the beauty and chaos that the sea brought. (Y/N) found peace and serenity as she watched the waves dance, she could see small ocean life if she looked hard enough. Her peace, however was broken when Lancel tapped on the shoulder.

 “Lady Baratheon, if I may have a moment of your time?”

 (Y/N) closed her eyes and hesitated in turning around, knowing if she did she would have to be forced in a mundane conversation which would either have her being bored to death, or wanting to slap him. Forcing a small smile on her face, she turned around and prepared herself for utter dullness.

“And where are you off to?” A man in armour spoke as he held the handle of his sword.

 Jon looked at the man, he was younger than the lot that he passed. “Just having a lovely stroll.”

 The guard narrowed his eyes, “Have a lovely stroll somewhere else.”

 Jon pouted and looked around, “But it’s lovely here. Why can’t I?”

 “You’re welcome too. I just don’t want you here.”

 “Now, that isn’t very nice, is it?” Jon stepped around the man, focusing mainly on the man’s hand. One slip and that was all Jon needed. “I mean, if I’m allowed here why can’t I stroll here? I’m not doing any harm am I? I just want to take the beauty that is King’s Landing.” He knew what he was doing. Talking while walking towards the ship that he needed. “And I saw a lovely spectacle up there, loads of guards, so why aren’t you there?”

 The man shifted, “They needed people to guard the ships.”

 “Aye, they did,” Jon nodded. “Brave men, just like you. Did you volunteer because they really like that. Shows initiative.” Jon briefly looked behind him, one more step.

 “I did,” the man spoke. “Father says that I should take whatever the King’s Guard gives me.”

 Jon nodded pretending to care. “Your father is a wise man.” He quickly walked towards the wheel.

“I can’t let you do that! Stop that!” The man took his sword out of the hilt and began to prepare to strike.

“Just admiring the wheel,” Jon caressed it all the while giving a small smile.

“I don’t want to seem forward, but with everything that’s happening now. Getting the recognition I rightfully deserve,” at this (Y/N) tried to roll her eyes. “I’m only missing one thing.”


Lancel turned to (Y/N), “A marriage to the right woman.”

(Y/N)’s eyes widened and fought the urge to vomit, “I’m sure you’ll find her.”

 Lancel gave her a dry laugh, “It’s you.” He turned back around so he wasn’t facing her anymore. “Your brother and I have had talks, the same with my father. They all I agree that it would be great if our Houses tied once again.” He took a piece of fruit from the passing servant. “I do hope I’m not being forward.”

 “I can’t breathe,” (Y/N) muttered to herself, fingering the corset. “I can’t breathe,” she spoke louder.

 Lancel chuckled, “Well.”

 The next thing (Y/N) knew she was falling down and suddenly being drenched in cold water.

Lancel turned around after hearing a splash. “Lady (Y/N)? Lady (Y/N)!” He rushed towards where he last saw her and looked down. All he could see were the remnants of something dropping.

 He started removing his jacket, “Ser, no! The rocks!” Lancel stepped backwards in defeat.

“Is anybody going to help her?” Jon pointed to the woman who was now slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean floor. He turned to the man who was standstill. “Here, hold this,” passing his sword and removing his jacket he dived down and began swimming towards her.

 As he got closer to the fallen woman, he could see the black and golden dress that he ran into before. It was (Y/N). He swam faster, as he reached her, Jon guided her into his arms. Once securely in his arms, he began swimming up. Finding it difficult he looked at the garment that she was wearing. Sighing -as best as he could while holding his breath-, he took his knife and cut through the middle. She was lighter now, thank the gods, and he began swimming upwards. 

 As Jon reached the shore, he was surrounded by men in noble clothes and guard uniforms, unsurprisingly enough they weren’t there for him.

 “(Y/N)?” He recognised the man as Renly. “Jon?” Renly looked at his sister, “Why isn’t she moving?”

 Jon leant down to (Y/N) and cut down her bodice once again. She began spluttering out the water that she inhaled and slowly opened her eyes. “Jon?” Before he knew it she was being yanked from his grasp by a blonde man. “Ouch, Lancel, I’m perfectly fine getting up by myself.”

 “Get off her boy, before you harm her more,” an old blonde man who seemed to dominate the space spoke. “Are you okay?” He asked (Y/N) more gently. She nodded as he wrapped a garment around her.

 “Who are you?” The young blonde man asked.


 He looked at Jon’s clothes, “You’re no ordinary man. You’re a pirate.”

 (Y/N) looked at Lancel then back to Jon. “Don’t be silly Lancel. He’s simply dressed for entertainment later on.”  

 “I’ve seen those clothes, those are the garb those pirates that were taken by your brother wore!” Lancel pointed at Jon’s clothes, and soon enough people started scrutinising him. Lancel drew his sword and pointed it at Jon.

 (Y/N) stepped forward, placing herself between Jon and Lancel. “Surely you’re not going to kill the person who saved my life.” (Y/N) looked earnestly at Lancel, “Please. Spare him.”

 Lancel narrowed his eyes, he held his stance for quite some time. “Alright. Lock him up.”


 “Your Highness, with all respect, I’m doing the best of my abilities. He will be thrown in jail with his other cronies, he will be happy.”

Three men circled Jon, he knew when he was done for. He could easily take three men, but taking more than that? Even he had his limits. Jon heard the lock of the handcuffs and looked down despondently at his wrist. Looking at the scene in front of him, (Y/N) was just a few steps ahead, and he knew that the people right here deeply cared for her. Taking his chances, he stepped forward and circled (Y/N)’s neck with his handcuffs.

 Gasps were heard around, the sound of swords being drawn were heard.

 “Let her go!”

 Jon tilted his head, “No, let’s see here. I want to go free or I’ll pop this pretty lady’s head off.” (Y/N) thrashed around, trying to get away from his but all he could do was tighten his grip. Jon moved along, people making space for him. “I’m not going to hurt you, just play along.” He whispered in her ear. He felt her stop moving and then began moving again. Jon pulled her closer, the chains tightening around her throat.

 “If I stop fighting, then they’ll know something is amiss,” she whispered harshly. 

 “Oh.” Jon eased his grip on the chains. “Or maybe, I’ll take her with me. Take the great Lady Baratheon.” Jon moved backwards, careful of his stepping. Up the stairs he went, careful not to trip over, once he reached a cliff that overlooked the ocean he stopped moving. “Deal is, I let her go and you let me go.”

 A tall man with a round waist and a crown on his head grumbled, “Fine.

 “Pass her the keys,” Jon spoke.

 A guard passed the key to (Y/N). “If you could love.” Jon jingled the chains. (Y/N) narrowed her eyes. Jon lifted his arms, allowing (Y/N) to step away from him. Once free he rubbed his wrists. He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him. Jon touched his lips to hers, allowing the fantasy that he wanted since he saw her come alive. He tightened his grip on her waist, she moaned quietly into his mouth. Jon regrettably pulled away, “That was for you love.” He winked at her. “Be seeing you.”

 (Y/N) watched as Jon jumped off the cliff, as she heard the splash she touched the still tingling part of her lip.

 “(Y/N) are you okay?” She heard Lancel’s voice in her ear and all she could do was nod. 

“Quite an eventful day was it not Lady (Y/N)?” Sandor asked as he walked her to her chamber.

“Yes,” she nodded. “It certainly was.”

 “Are you truly okay?”

 (Y/N) smiled at her personal guard, “I truly am Sandor. Thank you.” Reaching up on her tip toes, she placed a small kiss on his cheek. “Good night.”

 “Good night, my lady.”

As soon as (Y/N) entered her room she knew something was amiss. She looked at her open balcony door, frowning she opened the drawer on the table that was near the door quietly. Grabbing the small dagger, she hesitantly made her way to the balcony. From what she could see there was nothing, or no one there. Still, she made her way cautiously. Once on the balcony, she looked at all the possibly hiding places and found there was no one. The balcony was empty, except for one thing on top of the railings.

 There was a small note flapping due to the wind and a small medallion. She picked up the letter and opened it. There were four words on the paper. Three words, the last three words he spoke to her and finally his name. She looked at the medallion in her hand. It was gold, a pirates skull etched on it. It was simple. 

 (Y/N) looked out to the harbor and smiled. She knew that she’ll see Jon again. Whether it be through good or bad circumstances, she couldn’t wait.

Cold Hearted-Jon Snow x Reader One Shot

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(GIF credit to owner)


Summary: Requested by annonymus: ‘hey could you write an imagine with Jon Snow where the reader gets like cold and badass after the death of Jon and when he comes back idk you decide. Btw loveeeee your blog ❤ keep up with the good work 💫

Characters: Jon Snow x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name


(A/N: Flashbacks will be within the apostrophes ’)


‘I scrunched up the parchment, my hands starting to shake. This couldn’t be happening, he couldn’t be dead. I thanked the man who brought me the message, who quickly scurried away. As soon as he was gone, I collapsed into my chair by the fireplace, bursting into tears. Looking at the message again, I read it out loud, still trying to process it all.

“Lady (Y/N) (Y/L/N), my deepest apologies. I too am in deep sorrow, our Lord Commander Jon Snow has passed away. My deepest condolences. Ser Davos Seaworth.”

I angrily threw the parchment into the fire, crying out in anger. He had left me here all by myself, venturing off to the Wall and now he was dead. It didn’t matter how he died. For some reason, I was furious with him. Now he was really gone, I would never see him again. All of this time spent waiting and now what? What was I supposed to do with my life?’

I stood beside Lady Sansa, looking down into the courtyard. Sansa had never been the same since arriving here, even before she married Ramsay. Although Brienne used to Sansa’s main bodyguard, I too knew how to weild a weapon, now her new protector as well as a handmaid. After Jon had died out on the Wall, I too turned cold and bitter to those around me. The only way it seemed that anyone would leave me alone was if I learnt how to fight, become intimidating. As soon as everyone else heard word of my dead lover, all I received were sympathetic looks. It drove me mad but now they all left me alone, and that’s how I wanted it to be.

However, I tried to forget about Jon. He was dead, I couldn’t let that bring me down. It was making me soft. But there was a huge problem; wherever I went, I would always see him. I knew they were hallucinations, my mind going mad with grief. At first I thought it was sort of wonderful to see him, though it soon became a curse. No matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t disappear. There were many endless nights where I would drink myself to sleep to try and make him go away.

“(Y/N).” Sansa grabbed my attention.“I must tell you something of great importance.”

I said nothing, waiting for her to continue.

“I am to leave this place soon. However, I must go alone. I need you to stay here, ensure that no one else will be harmed by Ramsay.”

“M'lady, you cannot be serious. What if you can’t get away?”

“I will.” she sighed.“I know that it has been very hard for you recently, but I must do this to get my home back.”

“I do not want you getting hurt. Please, let me come with you, I can protect you!”

She grabbed my shoulders, looking at me head on.“ I need you here. Promise me you’ll look after our people.”

Hesitantly, I agreed.“I promise.”

“The North remembers.”


It had been so long since Sansa had left. Theon Greyjoy had helped her escape, causing Ramsay to go even more mad, if that was possible. As soon as he found out that she was gone, I had been brought in for questioning. Of course he had tortured me. He as a mad man, there was no limit to what he could do. Long cuts and bruises covered my body now, for some reason he had not killed me, not even close. It wouldn’t have mattered to me, but I made a promise to Sansa.

It was obvious that Ramsay was keeping a close eye on me. After getting nothing out of me, he needed to make sure I wasn’t sneaking behind his back. There wasn’t anything to hide, no one has contacted me in so long.

It had been quiet for quite some time in Winterfell. The people living there were scared for their lives. I acted upon my duty, looking after those who needed help. There were families who would go without money or food, I would try to help them without getting on the wrong side of the Boltons. I would go out hunting late at night or during dawn, providing for those in need. That soon had to stop when Ramsay was organising an army, for what I didn’t know. Who was attacking us?

That wasn’t important. The one thing I needed to do was make sure everyone within the walls was ok. Soldiers were everywhere, either trying to recruit more men or escape the battle themselves. Distant cried of the fighting could be heard within in the walls. Everyone was frightened.

“M'lady! M'lady!” I heard a woman scream.

With weapons in hand, I had been sneaking through the houses of the people living here, checking that no one was harmed.

I rushed to her. She was stood by her front door, frantically waving to grab my attention.“It’s ok, it’s ok. Try to calm down, what’s wrong?”

She took a deep breath.“My daughter is a scullery maid in the castle. She was supposed to be home this morning but has not yet returned. I am worried for her, I do not know what to do!” She was crying.

“I’ll go look for her. I am a handmaiden, they know I work there so they won’t question it. Just stay in your home and I’ll bring her back to you.”

I quickened my pace towards the entrance for all the servants, now hiding my weapons beneath my cloak. The servants had to be hiding, it was silent throughout the castle. Trying to remain as silent as possible, I looked in all rooms which servants had access to, seeing if any were hiding. As I went to open one, it was locked and I knew they were in there. Knocking quietly, I called out to them.

“It’s just me, it’s (Y/N)!”

They knew who I was, I could hear the locks being undone and the door opened. There were many people crammed in here, it was only a small room for some of the cleaning supplies. They dragged me in, bolting the door shut again.

“How long have you all been here?” I asked.

The girl who I was looking for stepped forward.“Ever since dawn broke, when they left for the battle.”

“Your mother is worried for you. I told her I would come looking for you.” she looked guilty though it was not her fault.“And what battle? Who are we fighting?”

A man spoke from the back.“The North.”

The North? The North was finally fighting back! Sansa…she must have had something to do with this. A small smile appeared on my face. What if we won? Would we finally be able to live in peace? Could we really defeat the Boltons?

We ended up staying there for hours. I was going to go out and see what was happening until we heard huge roars that didn’t seem human. Everyone crammed in there was either praying, crying, or holding onto one another. I stood in front of the door, ready for whatever was coming our way.

I groaned.“I’ve had enough of this. I’m going out there to see what is happening.”

The others retaliated, not wanting me to risk their hiding spot. I unsheathed my sword, making them stand back; it was an idle threat, I would never harm them. Walking out into the corridor, I checked my surroundings, everything was clear. Sneaking around the corner, I could hear yells of joy but didn’t know which side had won.

“(Y/N)?” I heard my name be said by a very familiar voice.

I sighed. Why was he here? Why were my hallucinations coming back now? I carried on walking, not wanting to be distracted by my mind tricks.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” His voice was so real.

Stopping in my tracks, I turned around to see him. There he was again, my Jon Snow. However, he didn’t look like he usually did in my dreams. Instead of the fresh faced boy who left Winterfell, he looked more like a man, covered in mud and blood from battle.

“Leave me alone. I am tired of you plaguing my mind. You died a long time ago. I can no longer live like this!” I yelled at him, hoping that would make him disappear.

Jon walked closer to me.“I don’t know what you’re talking about. (Y/N), I’m back. I’ve defeated the Boltons.”

Why did he look so different? How could I possibly imagine what he would look like? I stared at him for a little longer before it clicked.

“Jon? Is it actually you?” I whispered, reaching out to touch his face.

He grabbed my hand, smiling.“It is. I’ve come back for you.”

For the first time in a while I laughed, crying with happiness as I threw my arms around him. He spun us around, placing kisses on my neck before setting me down and kissing my lips.

As we pulled apart, I whispered out.“Don’t you ever leave me again.”

Queen of the Wild (2/5)

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Summary: *yn* Blackburn has gathered her army and is now closing in on the Northern armies. However, not everyone is eagerly anticipating her arrival, with Robb’s mother and other generals concerned about her heritage. Meanwhile, her closest friend, Cassius, lets his own personal feelings out.

Warnings: light swearing, slightish fluff

Notes: Face claim for Cassius is Ben Barnes, but you can picture someone else if you want :) 

[PART 1] [PART 3] [PART 4]

“Have you heard word from my son?” 

“No, my lady.” Catelyn Stark’s lips pressed together in a thin line, mother’s worry etched on her face at the uncertainty of her son’s safety.

“The ride to Vesiros is about a two week journey, my lady, I would not fret yet.” Roose Bolton spoke in an attempt to sooth her.

“If that… that wildling queen kill-” Catelyn began, spitting out the word queen in disgust. “The queen may be a savage, but I am sure she is not a compete fool, my lady. She already has to deal with invading wildlings, she would not want a Northern army marching on her too.” 

“Let us pray that you are right Lord Bolton, and also pray that the girls savage instincts do not get the better of her.”

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You don’t have to be jealous // Daenerys Targaryen

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For anon

Request: Can you do a daenerys x fem! Reader where daenerys gets super jealous and the reader finds it extremely adorable? Thank you in advance

Warnings: None just some cute shit 

A/N: I am in love with Daenerys like I would sell my life for her || As I am writing this, my heart goes with Barcelona, more especially the victims of the attacks and their family. I’ll never be used to see in the medias that terrorists attacked again, killing innocents people. I’m just heartbroken.

You met Daenerys when she released the slaves of Yunkai, you were one of them, you were stunned by her, and so thankful for what she did. When Daenerys laid her beautiful blue eyes on you, she instantly knew you were different and she wanted you to follow her. So she asked you to follow her, promising you that you would never miss anything. After what she did to release all of the slaves, you knew that you could trust her with your life, so you agreed to follow her even if you had no clue why she would want you with her.

And she didn’t lie, your life was so much better since you chose to follow Daenerys, you had a lot of clothes that you could wear, you could choose them, you could eat as much as you wanted, the people were treating you right and you had a bed to sleep on. It almost was like a dream to you, and for that, you never missed a chance to thanks Daenerys even if she always told you that you didn’t have to.

You were loyal to Daenerys, after all she was your savior. And Daenerys quickly started to trust you, you two became really close, you didn’t know why, but before doing anything, she asked you if you agreed with her decision, you were like her advisor. You loved your new life so much and wouldn’t change it for anything.

But Daenerys and you became more than friend as the days passed, you two had fallen for the other. And it didn’t take a lot of times before you started a relationship. Daenerys meant the world for you and you were her world. She would do anything if it means to make you happy. She was the perfect girlfriend for you and you needed nothing else than her. But the thing was that Daenerys could quickly become jealous, even for nothing.

Since Jon Snow came into your life, Daenerys was jealous because you got along well with him, she didn’t really show it at first but you knew her so well, how she was acting when she was jealous, she would be quiet, and would cross her arms, frowning a little bit. You always thought she was so cute when she would do that. 

And since you were friend with Jon, your amazing girlfriend was always like that, you couldn’t help but smile at how adorable she was. But you knew you had to reassure her so she wouldn’t be worried. You loved her more than anything else in the whole world. So you went to see her, she was petting Drogon outside when you walked to her.

“ Dany? “ you said softly

“ Yes love? “ she replied turning to you

“ I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and that you don’t have to be jealous “

“ I’m not jealous “ she replied 

“ Yes you are, and I find it so adorable “ you said smiling

“ You do? “ she asked surprised

“ Yes Dany, I do “