game of thrones jokes

How To Avoid Fandom Discourse On Tumblr (And the urge to throw your device out the window):

Step 1: Make an account

Step 2: Post nothing. At all.

Step 3: Never reblog anything. At all.

Step 4: You can like things. But never push the ‘like’ button.

Step 5: Screenshot things you like. But remember, no posting.

Final Step: Once you’ve inevitably lost your mind from either not remembering anything, or if you’ve just said ‘fuck it’ and are doing what you want, delete your tumblr and get everything from screenshots on pinterest.

follow spree!!

hello!! my dash is kinda boring atm so i decided to do a lil follow spree! like or reblog this post if your blog contains any of the following:

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thank you and have a nice day ♡

  • Two knights stand outside a cave; the light is sliced by the darkness. Both of them peer into the cave, their helmets masking their worried expressions.
  • KNIGHT ONE: Inside this cave is the most dangerous creature known to man. It appears as the most beautiful woman imaginable, and there is no way to escape her seduction...and once she seduces're everything except alive.
  • KNIGHT TWO: ...well...good thing I'm gay then.
  • The gay knight enters the cave, and almost like no time has passed, he returns from the cave with the head of the creature.
  • KNIGHT TWO: Didn't take me long to come out, did it.

              OFTARTH, 2017. 

                                                                      this is a super serious promo.