I love how you can tell what a fantasy book grew out of.

Middle-Earth is built on words. It’s built on grammar and linguistics and poems.

The Song of Ice and Fire is built on history books and politics.

Discworld is built on stories and on tropes turned inside out and a whole lot of righteous fury.


asoiaf meme: [3/5] minor characters
» Oberyn Martell 

He had traveled in the Free Cities, learning the poisoner’s trade and perhaps arts darker still, if rumours could be believed. He had studied at the Citadel, going so far as to forge six links of a maester’s chain before he grew bored. He had soldiered in the Disputed Lands across the narrow sea, riding with the Second Sons for a long time before forming his own company. His tourneys, his battles, his duels, his horses, his carnality… it was said he had bedded men and women both, and had begotten bastard girls all over Dorne. The sand snakes, men called his daughters.