I don’t know much about cricket. Pretty much everything I know about cricket, I learned from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Book 3 had some stuff about cricket in it.

There was also an episode of Game Grumps where they played a cricket game. But they didn’t explain the rules very well, or even undersand how to play the game.


Game Grumps Portal 2 Playthrough

Is the most infuriating lets play of their’s I have ever watched.

Of course it’s a puzzle game, and as soon as you work out the puzzle before them, you end up screaming at your screen at every thing wrong they do, mainly because they take ages to do something you’ve deemed simple. I understand I have to respect it’s a puzzle game and everyone is different, and maybe I’ll also take way too long on some stages, like I did on at least 2 I remember from when I played it years ago. Because it’s easy to over complicate things in this game, especially if you’ve been playing for a while.

However, what I’ve worked out about the Game Grumps, isn’t that Arin keeps over complicating nearly everything, or that Danny still struggles slightly with First Person aspect, but that they start a new puzzle and straight away start to work it out, before they fully understand what they are trying to work out. They work it out in stages instead of looking at it as one big puzzle. 

They see a ball, instantly think ‘let’s get that ball!’ instead of ‘there’s a ball, now what do we need to do with it?’ They then proceed to take ages to get a ball from A to B, when it was never intended to get to B. Then they manage that and when working out how to get it to C, they get confused and have no idea how it is possible until they finally realise they have to start again to get the ball from A to C.

I’m obviously going to carry on watching it, they are still funny and we watch Game Grumps for them more than the game, but I just wanted to rant a bit.

Arghhhh I’m gonna be brave and post a WIP thingy from this week…
I wanted to do some stuff with markers because I’m way out of practise! Sorry for the bad phone camera quality, I’m gonna finish and scan it and stuff soon, and do some touch ups (messy marker colouring…nooo!) It’s also like..crazy stiff, so I may redo it with a looser pose.
It’s the lovely Suzy from Game Grumps, cause she’s a super sweet gal :) I wish I could pull off some of her cool outfits!


have u seen this yet