No More Loincloths

We were playing an online campaign, and at this point, we were bartering with a powerful NPC about the location of a safe house. However, the NPC had a rule that, in order to answer an important question, we would have to fight a creature–in this case, a cave ogre.

The fight began, and our bard got the brilliant idea to cast Shamefully Overdressed on him. It would help, because it would make him take off one article of clothing per round, including his armor and his magic armbands that absorb fire damage.

The only drawback? He would also take off everything else.

We managed to get two rounds in–at which point, the ogre had taken off his armor and the tiny hat he wore–and my character (a Half-Orc monk) wanted to end it before it escalated any further and proceeded to kill him with his full round attack flurry.

With the ogre’s dying breath, however, he reached down and ripped his loincloth off, exposing his “third leg”, before falling to the ground with a heavy thud.

It was at this point where everyone rolled Will saves to not get scarred horribly, and lo and behold, my monk rolled a natural 1 on the die

This could’ve meant that he was just scarred for life and will never look at ogres the same way again, but the GM took it one step further and had the loincloth that was still flying overhead land on his face.

And from that point on, no amount of alcohol, meditation, or oversealous scrubbing would make him forget the smell