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“I don’t want to be alone” - Alan Turing - The Imitation game

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H

           Nominated Best actor in a leading role - Oscars 2015

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do people even do these anymore ????? lol well i am going to so lets get right into it my feed has been a lil bit dry and slow going after i unfollowed a load of people so i would like more people to follow to make up for that i am willing to follow anyone but i might be picky if there is a lot

just like/reblog this if you post any of these (you don’t have to be completely dedicated) and i will check your blog out

  • kpop
    • any and all groups i love em all ;)
  • video games
    • overwatch
    • fallout
    • far cry 
    • borderlands
    • watch_dogs
    • dragon age 
    • final fantasy 
    • assassins creed 
    • skyrim,
    • any honestly lmao
  • movies
    • marvel
    • dc
    • les mis
    • lgbt+ movies
    • star wars
    • star trek
    • anything on netflix lol
    • the hobbit/lotr
    • the man from uncle
    • kdramas
    • probs some more but i cant remember…smh
  • tv shows
    • black sails
    • riverdale
    • anything on netflix
    • kdramas
    • turn
    • voltron
    • anime
  • other
    • art/fanart
    • photography
    • fansites for kpop or certain celebs (basically any from the movies/tv section)
    • memes (yessssssss)
    • music blogs (yall r a godsend during testing weeks bless yall)

|| the girls of young adult fiction ||


Game Winners by legends.


Kobe Bryant - 30 Game Winners (Above)

Michael Jordan - 23 Game Winners (Below)

Dirk Nowitzki - 20 Game Winners

Kevin Durant - 18 Game Winners

LeBron James - 16 Game Winners

Dwyane Wade - 15 Game Winners

Looking for new music to listen to?

Then let’s play a game.

Okay, so the rules are very simple. Choose a word which is specific to you. Whether that be your name (nickname), favourite colour, favourite actor/singer, favourite country, a food you like, the season of the year you enjoy most (autumn for me), whatever. Choose whatever is dear to you.

Once you’ve chosen, choose a song starting with each letter of the word (and link them [to Youtube, if you can] for convenience) then tag a friend to do the same. (If you can’t find a song to go with a letter, skip it, or just choose a song by an artist you like who’s name begins with that letter instead.)

The hope is that this will help to introduce people to new music they wouldn’t have found on their own. I’m a huge fan of KPop, and lately that’s all I’ve been listening to, and I sit there watching the MVs sometimes wondering “How the hell is this not more popular here? Who cares that it’s not in English, the beat/sound is incredible!“

So don’t be discouraged at recommending a song just because it isn’t in English (or whatever your first-language is). If it’s a song you like, then go ahead and list it. (I’ve listened to such a wide variety of songs in multiple languages. I only fluently speak English —thought I have basic knowledge of German and I’m presently learning Korean— but I have songs in: German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Chinese on my iPod right now that I regularly jam to.)

Okay, I’m rambling, but here’s my go at this. I hope someone who listens to these comes across at least one they like that they have never heard before. (If that happens and from then on you start obsessing over a particular group/artist because of it (happened to me with 비Rain, feel free to message me to spazz a bit. I would be honoured to partake in some fangirling with new people. :)

My word is: Orlando (Bloom — aka my first love. xD)

O — “Oh Nana” by K.A.R.D

R — “Really, Really” by Winner

L — “La Song” by Rain

A — “Aquaman” by Jay Park.

N — “Not Today” by BTS

D — "Dear Mama Don’t Cry” by Rain

O — “One of a Kind” G-Dragon

Also, feel free to do this multiple times if you want (with different words) just try and choose songs you haven’t chosen before. :D (I don’t have friends on here that I talk to a lot but I suppose I shall tag the last people I messaged: @kpopfan-antics @ilovezankie2040)

GUYS, WE HIT 1K???????????

i love all you cuties so so much and your unwavering support never fails to amaze me. as a thank you, i’m going to be doing another giveaway! 

the winner will receive $40 of sims games! 

the winner is free to customize their prize. either one expansion pack, two game packs, four stuff packs, or a game pack and two stuff packs. 

must be following me. 1 reblog = 1 entry. spam it all you want ( but don’t yell at me if you get hate for it okay ).

the giveaway is going to end on my birthday, march 24th!