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My day at Comic Con.

On Saturday, September 24th 2016 I, Allyna Vaughn, went to Wizard World Comic Con in Austin Texas for the very first time. And let me tell you.. IT WAS AMAZING. 

Before I get into anymore details, let me share a little back story. 

The day I found out from my father that me and my family would be going to Comic Con was two weeks prior to the fun filled event. That meant we only had two weeks to think, design and create cosplay costumes. (Because who goes to Comic Con and doesn’t partake in the world of Cosplaying… *cough*) Alright.. I for one did’t cosplay, and neither did my mother. But I had an excuse; my father decided to cosplay as some Cacodaemon from the video game Doom. I will insert pictures below and he will be the one that looks like a piece of Captain Crunch cereal. If for some odd reason you can’t see the pictures, to put it shortly, his costume was huge. It was big and round and his visibility was a 1.5 out of 10. So he decided to make me his eyes and ears for the time he would be wearing the costume. I also didn’t cosplay because I already knew that I wouldn’t enter into the big end-of-the-day Cosplay Contest, but that my sisters would. Again, we only had two weeks to make costumes so I wanted to be the good big sister that I am and focus on my little sisters costumes. My sister Alex went as one of my favorite fictional characters EVER, (and because I made her.) Princess Star Butterfly from the Disney XD tv show, Star VS. the forces of Evil. As my other little sister went as Young Maleficent from the live action Disney movie… well, Maleficent. 

Now the day I heard the news that I was going to go to Comic Con for the very first time, I right away went online and looked up what celebrities would be there and what panels I would get to fan girl over. And there, on the very first page of the website was his name. The man I’ve been “in love with” for years, the man who played the Mad Hatter in Once Upon A Time, the Romanian God who play’s Buckey Barnes in the Captain America and Avenger movies, the one and only Sebastian Stan. I cried and screamed internally, I knew that I would have to get either an autograph pass or better yet a photo pass, but alas I forgot that I am not the only major stalker fan of his and found that all of the passes were sold out. I again cried and screamed internally because my “soulmate” and I would never get to meet.

Now, onto the actual day of Comic Con!! 

We thankfully finished and completed all of the costumes (from staying up till 3:00am.) and headed to Downtown Austin. The first thing we did was enter into the actual Con. After waiting in line for about 15 minutes, we go through security, grab our wrist bands and run to the main area. It. Was. Beautiful. Merch after merch. Cosplay after Cosplay. Nerd upon Nerd. Lets just say I wanted to buy everything. Which is funny because I ended up buying ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That is a whole other story… 

But back to what I was saying, it was awesome. There were VR games, a real life R2D2, an area where you could play Dark Souls and a bunch of other games, the food court that carried $20 single slices of pizza -_-, and then in the back were the celebrity signings and photographs. We found Sebastian’s area and obviously I planted myself in the loser area (a gated off area that was 10 feet away from him and where you couldn’t take photos.). I had to at least see him, even if it meant a glimpse, I had to see his beautiful face.

After waiting for 10 minutes, I saw him walk through the black curtains and my heart stopped. I may be over exaggerating, but Sebastian Stan though. I mean have you seen what this man looks like?! He stood there greeting everyone in the line, smiling and talking and brushing his fingers through his brown tousled hairohmygodIneedtostop. 

I watched him like any normal psychotic stalker would. I turned around and saw that my family was already tired of watching me gawk over a man that doesn’t know I exist. I knew that it was time to enjoy the other things that Comic Con had to offer.

The rest of the day consisted of helping my dad maneuver through people, yelling to him “LEFT. RIGHT. STOP. TURN.” (because he was practically blind in the costume), stopping every 5 minutes for people to take pictures with him, watching Sebastian Stan more, going to the Matt Smith panel, helping my sister become a Jedi, walking around the Con, stopping by Sebastian’s booth again, eating a $20 piece of pizza, going with my mom so she could stare at William Shatner, and staring at Mr. Stan even more. Over all, it was a lot of fun.

Now it was the end of the day and it was time for Cosplayers to get ready for the contest. My dad and sister were one of the last ones so we had to wait and watch the other amazing cosplay. At the end, they announced the winners and my dad won Best Male Villain. 

By that time we were all WORN OUT. I could barley keep my eyes open, we stopped to have dinner, and then went home to crash. The next day came around and I already had PCD (Post Con Depression), and I knew my family did too because we started planning what we’re going to cosplay as next year.

As for anyone trying to decide on whether they should spend the money and go to Comic Con, I say to you HELL YES YOU SHOULD GO. I only have some advice for you:

1) Wear comfortable shoes (You’ll be standing for long periods of time.)

2) If you’re cosplaying, pack some normal clothes.

3)COSPLAY! Go as the fictional character you always loved, I regret not doing so :(

4)Be prepared for overpriced food and merch!

5)Make storage room in your phone/camera. (You’re going to take LOTS of pictures and video’s)

6)Plan an Itinerary! There will be lots of cool panels and events that you should plan for!


  • me when brad scored the game winner:im a bit disappointed but im happy for canada :)
  • me when they gave crosby mvp:i cant believe team canada burned my crops and ruined my life

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