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ok so let’s talk a bit about jobs vs passion. my last fulltime job was at a big game development studio; the kind of job you’re (supposedly) passionate about. most of my colleagues adored the games we made, and so they didn’t care that the company had a major diversity problem, that our salaries were below average, that we didn’t get overtime compensation yet stayed ‘til 11PM more often than what’s healthy, and that the company promoted an unhealthy alcohol culture. because we were passionate. this was the kind of job you grow up dreaming about; don’t go throwing it away because some colleagues are harrassing you or because you get no recognition for your efforts!

for more than a year I was tired. stressed. in constant pain. my anxiety was through the roof. I worked on these “dream projects” and I felt dead inside.

when I quit that job I started freelancing as a writer. I got some really good jobs. I also got a bunch of small-time, low-paid, “hey at least your name is on it so isn’t it enough to pay 10$ for this text?” kind of jobs.

with the typical millenial housing situation of an apartment that I could barely afford on a fulltime pay and a constant stream of job offers that were underpaid I spent four months doing what I love, while constantly overwhelmed by stress. my insomnia got really bad, and when I managed to fall asleep I would dream about my bank balance. I would dream of losing whatever stability I had left in my life, simply because I couldn’t afford a “normal adult life”.

and so, today I got a job. it’s a fairly standard QA job at a medium sized game development studio. unlike any other game companies I’ve been at they offer humane working conditions. they don’t expect me to show up too early and stay too late because I’m passionate. the hours are nine to five, and they disapprove of overtime. the pay is slightly above average, and I get health benefits. I’ve been through several interviews, and at no point has someone tried to belittle my career or tried to convince me to work for less than I’m worth.

for the first time in many years of my career, I’m happy. I’m at ease. I applied for this job because I wanted to get away from the passionate part of the industry. I wanted a job where I could go home at five and dedicate my freetime to my own writing projects. I wanted to work at a place that didn’t eat my heart and soul and energy as I contributed to projects that wouldn’t even bear my name in the end credits.

so what I’m trying to say is that there’s nothing wrong with having a “normal” job. you’re not giving up on your dreams if you take a job outside your main interests. if it offers stability in your life, it’s enough.


Hey everyone! The BOY/BYE project Kickstarter is now live today August 15th! 

The BOY/BYE series is a lighthearted and fun expression of solidarity with those who struggle to see themselves in the stories presented to them. We’re launching pins, prints, stickers, and patches all to showcase women of color and to support an incredible community of artists! Check out the full story behind our work on Kickstarter and all the rad stuff we’re doing. 

It’s been a wild ride these past two months working up to this, and now I’m so excited to share it with you all!! Let us know what you think, and pass it along!


It takes fifteen seconds for Dean to fall in love.

He walks into the kitchen with the intention of making himself a cup of coffee, only to find you there at the stove.

You have your back turned, making breakfast as you sway softly to the music from the radio.

He walks over to the counter where he notices a freshly brewed coffee pot with two mugs waiting beside it.

Without a word, you turn off the stove and plate everything up, making two portions rather than just your own.

Dean frowns at you, realising that you’d been preparing two meals the whole time.

You catch the look, smiling softly as you make your way to the table.

“I heard you get up for a shower,” you explain, placing one plate in front of him as you sit down opposite. “Figured you’d be looking for caffeine and fuel.”

You say it so casually, as if your intimate knowledge of his routine doesn’t make his heart flutter and stomach flip.

You’ve been friends for years, but this is the first time he’s understood what he has been feeling for you all this time.

Seeing you talk to other men has always irritated him, but he used to just put it down to protectiveness. Nobody was good enough for you.

But now - watching you smile confusedly across at him as he doesn’t touch his food, staring vacantly at you as he takes a moment to think - he realises it’s more.

It hits him like a freight train that maybe his initial reaction was off.

It takes fifteen years for Dean to fall in love, but fifteen seconds for him to realise it.


The signs as REP songs
  • aries: Look What You Made Me Do
  • taurus: Getaway Car
  • gemini: Gorgeous
  • cancer: Call It What You Want
  • leo: End Game
  • virgo: Delicate
  • libra: So It Goes...
  • scorpio: Dress
  • sagittarius: New Year's Day
  • capricorn: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
  • aquarius: Don't Blame Me
  • pisces: I Did Something Bad

Reputation track list and the corresponding Taylors from LWYMMD based on the left to right theory 

right to left theory gif set

Shirtless, Senior year, ok-about-his-scars, bandanna-wearing Captain Neil.
Here we see the results of Neil having possibly channeled all his nervous energy- re:Andrew being away- into gym time and runs.

Idk I drew this at work. Stealthily. So my coworkers can’t guess how gay I am.

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So a 3-4 months ago, this bakery (Regent Bakery) opened next to the tofu place where I go on the weekends sometimes. It seemed really familiar to me but I wasn’t sure why, but I thought they had nice cakes and the boba was good and the breads were tasty.

Today I was getting fantuan at the tofu place and I noticed the black forest cake when I walked by. I had my camera with me so I figured I’d stop in to take a picture of the cake and get a latte or whatever. And then I noticed the back of their shirts omg

This bakery is familiar because it’s the same chain that inspired the Portal cake, and is the one that @guavi and @yunyin and I went to years ago when we were waist deep into the Portal fandom. We got a whole cake because PORTAL CAKE. We ate some of it and it was delicious and then took the rest to @dragongraphics​. :D This one is the Factoria/Bellevue location but if you happen to be in Redmond or Seattle there are bakeries there too.

Anyways, it’s hilarious that they have embraced the cake I love it so much.


Aries: “And here you are, living despite it all.”

Taurus: “The world gives you so much pain, and here you are; making gold out of it. There is nothing purer than that.”

Gemini: “If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise.”

Cancer: “I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you, I left ‘cause the longer I stayed the less I loved myself.”

Leo: “Love is not cruel, we are cruel. Love is not a game, we have made a game out of love.”

Virgo: “You are waiting for someone who is not coming back. Meaning, you are not living your life hoping someone will realize they can’t live theirs without you. But realizations don’t work like that.”

Libra: “I was music but you had your ears cut off.”

Scorpio: “You look at me and cry, “Everything hurts.” I hold you and whisper ‘But everything can heal.‘”

Capricorn: “The day you have everything I hope you remember when you had nothing.”

Aquarius: “Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.”

Pisces: “She is water. Soft enough to offer life, tough enough to wash it away.”

—  the signs as quotes from @rupikaurpoems
reputation summarized


End Game: Pick me, choose me, love me

I Did Something Bad: TAYLOR SAYS SHIT

Don’t Blame Me: Taylor talks about doing a hard drug called love

Delicate: Everything is delicate when you’re famous

LWYMMD: Fuck you, Kanye

So It Goes…: I’m not a bad girl, but I’d do bad things with you ;)

Gorgeous: Unless you want to come along ;)))



DWOHT: Fuck you, Media

Dress: Only bought this dress so you could take it off ;)))))))))))

TIWWCHNT: Fuck you, Kanye


New Year’s Day: TEARS FOR DAYS


The new 3D Kirby game coming out seems to be another retelling of Dream Land 1! All the bosses and locations seem to be based on that game, as well as a lot of the music remixed in this new trailer. It’s fitting since you don’t have abilities, too!