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Science VS. Reality (Part 2)

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Pairing: Mad Sweeney X Reader

Word Count: 1800

Warnings: I totally forgot on the first chapter that people don’t like profanity (which probably says a lot about me) but it’s Sweeney ya know, I feel like that warning’s a given 

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You spent all of one night trying to ignore what happened at the cabin before waking up the next morning buzzed with ways of trying to figure it all out. The carriage ride home was annoyingly bumpy to write in your journal but you didn’t want a single thought to fade. Even the girls chattering to themselves, not having realized how wealthy their host had been, was only back ground noise compared to the onslaught of questions and hypothesis in your mind. The first thing to do of course would be to test if the coins you gathered were really pure gold, if you could find a means to discover the source on his uniform, where he was hiding the horde of it. But no matter how hard you tried to explain everything else about him, the offerings, the belief, the good days and bad days so off the spectrum of grey. What experiments could you conduct with any of that?

Magic was just science not explained yet. So if what you were seeing was beyond your comprehension, you’d have to simply start throwing things at the wall and see what sticks. Electricity and magnets were always fun to start with.

Returning to your family’s mansion you immediately locked yourself in your room to work. After a few days you deduced the gold to be just gold. That no light, no current, no solution said the coins were different from any other gold coin in the world. And it was frustrating. Mostly because it forced you to admit maybe the magic was entirely him.

And worse yet, you had to speak with him again.

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Original Fic: In Between Part 1

The Story

Kara Lee, a girl in her late 20s moving into a share house with her two girl friends to find a mysterious landlord and 3 men from her past-

Her old teacher from high school, her ex and a former colleague plus a total stranger but what do they all have in common? HOT, they are all smocking hot and bizarrely cheesy like one of those plot from the Otome games she plays.

She’s single but are they all ready to mingle? Is her money well spent on all those 2D men and has she learnt a thing or two from them? We shall see….

Prologue /

Writer’s notes: No one will probably read this but meh, I feel like writing and the passage below is literally part of the 3rd series (the one after Lose To Win)

111archravenue & minorimaeda & ashcordova

{  ……… She married him for several reasons, wealth was one of them, good looking too and he adored her or so it seemed for a short while anyway.

She lost count of how many times she thought about running away from him; How many times she almost managed to stay out of his reach; How many bruises she had and how many days it took for them to fade.

Tears began to roll down her now healed cheeks but the flashback continued- he pinned her against the mattress of his queen sized bed with her hands above her head, squeezing her delicate and defeated face. “Say it! You fucking bitch! I know you love it, you love it when I pound you like this, don’t you huh? You fucking whore!” He thrust in forcefully, she screamed and woke from her own cry. Wiping the sweat from her forehead, she hid under the blanket and sobbed, praying to escape this living hell………….}

A sharp knock at the door startle me from my thoughts and I sigh as Dani comes in, “Sorry, am I interrupting huh?”“Uh uh, don’t worry.”

Letting out another sigh I turn around to see my best friend and flat mate in a sexy open back red dress, “Clubbing again?”

“Yup, you know me.” She winks, “Can I borrow your leather blazer?”

“Sure, knock yourself out.” She wears it much better than I do anyway.

“You writing fanfic?”

“Yup.” I reply, eyes already back on the screen, fingers ghosting the keyboards without any actual words being typed and sigh for the third time.

“Stuck?” Checking out herself in the mirror, Dani offers me to join.

“Meh…. I guess I could use some fun since .. no one reads original fics.” I soon feel her arms wrap around my neck, “But I can’t be bothered putting my make up on.”

“Oh please, like you need any plus it’s too dark to tell.” She sticks her tongue out and begins to search for a dress. “Hey this is cute!”

It is cute! I never like the tight short dress that makes it impossible to move, let alone dance. I don’t know how much people actually go there to get lucky or to kill time; Dani and I definitely go clubbing to dance though she would never turn down a good lad for one night stand. Eyeing the white, v cut and shoulder cut dress in Dani’s hand, I close my laptop and decide to relax a little.

“Hey, can I read your fic when you do your make up?”

“Of course!” I raise my voice from the bathroom, quick foundation, concealer, rosy eye shadow and mascara, voila- done!

“Oh god, what is the story about?” Dani never likes horror movie and any kind of abuse only discomfort her more. Oh wait, lip-gloss!

“Something dark!” Leaving my hair down from the messy bun and brushing them to one side, satisfy with the look. “Murder, it’s a cross fic, continuing from my second series which is silly, I haven’t even finished it yet but I see the connection and I just can’t resist. Having one of the readers character to find the game canon to find her missing friend who turns out to be dead. Not necessary to read the previous two series, can start the third one as new.” Dani mouths a wow, “You’ve no idea what I’m talking about, do you?”

Her eyes widen and shakes her head, “You can explain it to me on a weeknight though.”We giggle and put on our heels, “Oh will you be okay if ….”

“If you get laid and I may need to take a cab home? Yeah, I’m good.”


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toco toco ep.47, Katsura Hashino, Game Creator

(english sub is available)

this video shows a lot of persona 5′s “in game vs. reality”  locations in tokyo, really interesting!

a montage of every one of dipper’s “seriously” moments, as requested here by anonymous

Original Fic: In Between (drabble?)

The Story

Kara Lee, a girl in her late 20s moving into a share house with her two girl friends to find a mysterious landlord and 3 men from her past-

Her old teacher from high school, her ex and a former colleague plus a total stranger but what do they all have in common? HOT, they are all smocking hot and bizarrely cheesy like one of those plot from the Otome games she plays.

She’s single but are they all ready to mingle? Is her money well spent on all those 2D men and has she learnt a thing or two from them? We shall see…..

(Photo credit Yui Aragaki)


He kisses her, clutching her butt. And in joy, she blurts the forbidden words: “I love you.”

He continues kissing her, covering her mouth to prevent her from uttering anything more along those lines. He has been expecting her to say it, afraid she would.

He likes her a lot. She’s fun most of the time, except when she overanalyzes everything he says or does with those beautiful but searching eyes of hers.
He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, also there are three more days on their business trip. He’ll find a gentle way to break things off with her but for the time being, keep it steady, keep it fun.

It couldn’t be that bad, right?

(Photo Credit: Ryan Kwanten)


Standing by the kitchen counter blankly as the door slams behind him, he looks down at the set of keys and gulps drown his first shot of Vodka.

Another woman has left him because he couldn’t give her an exact time to marry her, seriously! How would he know?! He doesn’t even know when his game will finally be finished and ready to be put on market! How on earth would he know when he’d marry her!

What’s with the rush anyway! Dan never quite understands it, he has dated younger and older women, yet they have all left him due to the same reason- they fail to see a future with him. Really? He has been in the same company, living in the same suburb for decade, loyalty is in his blood. He doesn’t smoke, drink, gamble and cheat, all the things women would concern about men doing. He touches none of them and still they leave him, maybe he should give up.

Just say it up front with the next girl he dates, “I have no idea when I am getting married, if you want a date and time, walk away now.”

(Photo Credit: Kanwar Dhillon)


He stares at the signatures on the thick stake of paper, nodding in agreement with whatever the lawyer in front is mumbling.

“Shared custody.” That’s the only term he cares, two weeks with her and two weeks with him, he’d handle that.

They share the elevator on the way down, “I’ll gather the rest of my stuff later this week, would Friday work?” She nods, suggesting Karina to stay at her place so he could sort things out. Yeah he does need to sort things out, doesn’t he? Find a place, change his correspondence address, hmm anything else? He won’t be needing a huge place, probably a share house would do too since they’ve both agreed that Karina would only stay the night at his on weekends.

They say their goodbyes and he exhales a long sigh in relief before gazing up the blue sky. divorced life is kind of like single life, right?

(Photo Credit: Simon Baker)


He smiles at her, feeling her warm hand brushing against his. Returning a joyful smile, she asks him again, "Would you be my boyfriend?”


“Take your time, I’ll wait.” She soon changes the subject, smiling a little too hard.

This is the third time she asks him this question, not that she’s annoying or anything but he’s simply not interested. Not interested in dating, not interested in her. But he couldn’t tell her that, not when he works at her father’s hotel and certainly not when his promotion is round the corner.

Just don’t cross her, he thinks to himself as they walk together to the train station, at least they’re going into different directions! She surprises him by a kiss on his cheek before she waves goodbye and returns home happily.

Just wait till he gets the promotion plus another year THEN he can start looking for a new job, he’ll be just fine.

(Photo Credit: Michael Rady)

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Here’s my new original new fic, prologue with a glimpse of the guys’ lives and looks, tagging 111archravenue & minorimaeda who encourage me to always write for myself. Feedback much appreciated everyone :)

This fic "In Between”- in between reality & fantasy; 3D & 2D men. I am not bringing Voltage men into reality but they sure occupy our time as much as my OC (Kara). How does playing otome games help her and if there’s anything she could learn from it.

I don’t plan to do a profile photo of my OC like the guys but I will write in her POV and see how far this story could take me.


X’s theme is Central Highway from X1

Also love how Strider Hiryu says, “This is not the day for kindness” when being paired with X

What people thought “Hit the Diamond” would be about: angst angst Yellow Diamond gets to Earth everything goes down there’s an impelling war
What “Hit the Diamond” turned out to be really: madly gay baseball game