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megadethzenbu: Are you sure she isn’t just chugging Code Red Mountain Dew ™ every day?

I turbo can’t see her doing gremlin stuff. Tomoe strikes me more as the enthusiastic, newcomer gamer that isn’t adept at games but tries her best anyways. She pauses the game to drink tea, and doesn’t snack while gaming because it could get the controller/keyboard dirty. Tomoe picks Mario in Mario Kart. Tomoe uses Elixirs in Final Fantasy X. She’s eager, ready to learn, but not quite there yet. She loves that Newgrounds game she played the other day and can’t wait for part 2!

So, I decided to reply to @wingedstudies‘s questions.


-Always repost the rules

-Answer the 11 questions asked of you

-Create 11 new questions

-Tag 11 people

  1. Coffee or tea? (or neither)
  2. Are you more logical or creative?
    Idk, logical maybe
  3. Do you play any sports?
    used to play volleyball.
  4. If you could meet one person in all of history, who would it be?
    Nikola Tesla
  5. Would you rather travel to the future or the past?
  6. What is a peculiar interest that you have?
    Sadly I am rather boring, but I like board games, books and tea.
  7. TV shows or movies?
    Why is this such a hard question? TV shows, I guess
  8. What’s an interesting talent that you have?
    I can make an amazing tiramisu
  9. How do you feel about rain?
    I love it! I love thunder storms even more!
  10. Do you like having house plants?
    I like the idea of them, I am currently trying to take care of one. Hopefully my mint doesn’t die.
  11. Is it scone (rhymes with gone) or scone (rhymes with tone)?
    The second one

And so my questions are:

  1. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  2. Marvel or DC?
  3. What kind of handwriting do you have (messy, neat…)?
  4. If you could change one thing in the past what would it be?
  5. Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?
  6. Do you like traveling?
  7. Best book you have read in the last few weeks?
  8. What’s your favourite movie/TV show?
  9. Dogs or cats?
  10. Favourite game (any game, be it video game or a board game)?
  11. How would you describe yourself in one word?

I tag:
@lipwigvonmoist, @rosyrevision, @captainsupertrash, @tzuyunstudies, @study-engineer, @studying-and-superheroes, @alethea-studies, @designyoself, @des-study, @thepainofbecomingalawyer, @realstudie

Cafe Asks ☕️

Vanilla Chai Latte : Are you in love?
Flat White : Coffee or Tea?
Cappuccino : What’s your middle name?
Mocha : Dream Job?
Pumpkin Spice : Dream car?
Jasmine Tea : If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Old English : You’re stranded on an island, who do you bring with you?
Iced Chocolate : Do you have a crush on someone?
Caramel Frappe : Favorite video game?
Iced Lemon Tea : Favorite song/band?
Iced Cafe Mocha : Favorite thing to do on rainy days?
Hot Chocolate : Are you an affectionate person?
Caramel Macchiato : You’re travelling the entire world but you can only take one person with you. Who do you take?
Green Tea : How tall are you?
Early Grey Tea : The inevitable Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! What’s your plan of action?
Mint Tea : How do you relax?
Vanilla Latte : Board games or drinking games?
Iced Coffee : Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite book?
Italian Soda : Describe your dream date
Sparkling Water : Describe what qualities you look for in a person
Orange Juice : Have you ever had a valentine?
Rose Hip Tea : Describe your first kiss
Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy?


press one button, see something wild happen—like a hoverboard and other things “that should never have noodle versions of them” falling from the sky into a meat grinder, where they’re squished into noodles” - STLMag 

jungkook: rollercoasters, cherry cola, adrenaline, rock concerts, hickies, all-nighters, sky-diving, summer nights, cold pizza, comic books, ghost-hunting

tae: art galleries, paris, runway shows, friends-to-lovers, puppies, midnight drive-ins, giggling, piggy-back rides, honey-scented, gucci, royalty, teddy bears

jimin: airy laughs, cotton candy, hand-holding, spring warmth, blushing, i-love-yous, chaste kisses, pillow talk, plushies, cherry blossoms, pouty lips

namjoon: novels, travelling, vinyls, overthinking, the ocean, romantic nights in, museums, evening rain, road trips, 3am conversations, new years eve

hobi: sunflowers, shooting stars, sugar-sprinkled donuts, campfires, succulents, spooning, coming home after a long day, disney movies, sun-kissed skin

yoongi: neon lights, chokers, new york, hangovers, sour candy, kittens, eyeliner, leather jackets, poison, lo-fi beats, slow kissing, gummy bears, sarcasm

jin: retro-gaming, polaroids, bubble tea, surprise hugs, inside jokes, birthday cakes, pastels, pillow fights, hot air balloon rides, red lips, ice cream dates

Made this half way through until I realized that Chai’s name was… well, “Chai”… (and not Fika (syllables for Coffee, backwards) like in the Japanese version.)

At least Tia’s name is consistent (In Japanese it’s Tina). Yay.

Either way, lol, coffee or tea?