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D.Va Afternoon

If you didn’t know, I get *a little salty* about the way people treat D.Va like an infantile snack child even though she’s canonically the best StarCraft player in the world and she fought in the Omnic Wars so here’s some ANTI-DORITO-GREMLIN fan art with DETAIL :D

Godddd I love Pachimari <3333 I figured D.Va would be a boss at all games, so she would have a stockpile of our favorite onion octopus prizes.

I like to think Hana is a big fan of Reinhardt, since she’s young enough that she could have grown up idolizing him. In-game, he asks her for her autograph, lol.

References: Overwatch (duh), Hanamura Map, Nanocola, Invader Zim/GameSlave2, DoTA2, FLCL, Destiny, Gundam, Taekwon, Rilakkuma, Pokemon, StarCraft, and Tank Girl, and probably some others I forgot.

Fun Fact: I made that Reinhardt poster myself. <3


Why, hello there, my name is Andrew Ryan. I built the city of Rapture for children just like you, because the world above had become unfit for us. But here, beneath the ocean, it is natural to wonder if the danger has passed, if those we left behind will ever come to their senses. So, let us imagine, you and I, what might befall us… on the surface.


Another blogger reminded me last night I had these waiting in my drafts to post. I made a few myself (Picture 1, 6 & 10). Adjustments will need to be made to fit your lockscreen for some. I don’t usually have any issues. Check out @bathyspheric for their posts on some more great lockscreens!

If you want to see more just go to this link:


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