game shows blow

So I’m reading that Time After Time has been cancelled and like…I’m actually pretty pissed about it?

I mean, it’s a good show, and it’s one of the only time travel shows on right now that’s doing the science part fairly well. The characters are likeable and the plot is intriguing.

It seems like it’s coming down to ratings, and I think that’s not fair because, well, what the fuck did you expect to happen, ABC? You put it in the Sunday 9pm time slot against shows like Walking Dead (or Game of Thrones, upcoming) and you’re surprised that the audience didn’t immediately come rushing in? Give it a sec to gain some traction, geez.

Why can’t they just move it to a different day and let it finish the season? And they’re replacing it with a game show? This blows. I hope they at least plan to release all the episodes they pulled.

(@spn-idjits-guide-to-hunting​ did we jinx it by being excited about it?!)

Waiting for the Joker Game OVA like…


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