game show hosts


The fourth and final episode of Hellevator’s second season airs this Friday, October 28, at 9/8c. Watch as a team of cheerleaders get in the Halloween spirit in the preview above.

The horror game show is hosted by filmmaking sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary, See No Evil 2). Let’s hope GSN continues to bring Hellevator back every October.


“I’ve got a new business…”

David Tennant and Catherine Tate playing the “I’ve got a new business…” game on the set of Nan’s Christmas Carol.


‘Heathers’, Michael Lehmann (1988)

If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn’t be a human being. You’d be a game-show host.

Team Leaders at a Game Show
  • Game show Host:Please look at the silhouette of the Pokemon and Identify *shows picture of black circle*
  • Blanche:Judgng from the circle silhouette it must be an an Electrob or a Voltorb, I will go with Electrob.
  • Candela:pppsh,that's a Voltorb, to easy. Next question.
  • Spark:Hmm, looks like an ariel view of a jiggle puff.
  • Game show Host:And the correct answer if a jiggle puff seen from above. Looks like team instinct is the only one to answer correctly.
  • Blanche:.....
  • Candela:.....
  • Spark:*dabs*

When I was a little girl, me, mum and dad would watch a game show hosted by Bruce Forsyth called The Generation Game. We’d order pizza and every Saturday would sit down to watch and say outloud Bruce’s catchphrase (‘nice to see you, to see you nice!’). When my mum died we stopped doing our Saturday night tradition and I was always sad about that. I visited the bbc this week and saw this on the wall and remembered all those special childhood moments and sent a picture to my Dad. Whilst this was being taken I was thinking, 'haven’t forgotten you Mum’ and hoping that wherever she was, she could hear me. 💗