game set...muuurder


Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

Game Set Match


When Dena got home from the magazine, Sheena was sitting on the sofa, either reading or napping. Dena wasn’t sure, as Sheena’s back was to her. It didn’t much matter, really. 

She crept up behind the sofa, buried one hand in the hair at the nape of Sheena’s neck and planted a kiss on her temple. 

“Hey, love,” she said softly. “What would I have to do to convince you to come with me to a football match next week?”

quick! before the official avengers academy look of frank and matt comes out!
my own setting for the avengers academy au XD

matt: smart-ass who has fingers sensitive enough to read printed books but would read braille in public

frank: would read poetry and write diary war journal