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You don’t kiss me like you used to. You don’t hold my face in the cup of your palms like you used to. You don’t brush back my hair and press your lips to my cheek. You don’t throw your arms around my neck and let me bear the weight of your burdens anymore. You don’t mockingly punch me in the arm and you don’t throw your head back and gurgle laughter like a bubbling stream. You don’t finger-walk your attention along my thigh and you don’t tell me I have a beautiful mind.

I don’t reach for your hand anymore. I don’t lean in and nudge your shoulder when silence falls between us like billowing sheers courting the wind. I don’t tuck the wisp of your tresses behind your ear and I don’t whisper in your ear how beautiful I find you. I don’t tug your ear and I don’t playfully turn food items into affectionate nicknames for you. I don’t imprison you with my piercing gaze. I don’t suss out the things that make you tick and I don’t paint your skin with the thick coat of my attention.

You tell me to drop my guards, that the armour I wear only I can figure out how to remove. I tell you to let me vent without analysis, that you need to turn around because I can’t disrobe in the full glare of your attention.

I’ll keeping dropping my subtle hints. You’ll keep taking subtle offense. And we will keep ring-a-ring-a-roses-pocket-full-of-poses; a dance the children in us find familiar and comfortable.

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Jikook + Title: When Breath Becomes Air

dystopian!au, also: very mildly M.

It was unthinkable.


Completely out of reason.

Yet, it felt really, really good.

The thrill of hiding from cameras and sensors amplified the tingles that were brought on by every movement of Jungkook’s large hands, as they travelled across Jimin’s taut skin.

Jimin gasped as soon as he felt Jungkook’s breath on the crook of his neck, as the younger peppered his shoulders with fluttering kisses. Jungkook shifted slightly and began moving downwards, letting one of his hands dive into Jimin’s sweatpants.

Blood rushed to Jimin’s groin as Jungkook massaged him slowly in a manner that was teasing but promising. The way his hand moved reminded him of Jungkook’s habit of planting kisses along his spine. He missed it so, but he would never tell him that.

Jimin’s mind continued wandering away from the present, remembering the other times they had sneaked around like this and it only served to heighten his needs. By experience, he knew that Jungkook could be quite a pain in the ass (no pun intended) when he knew he was doing things right.

And, as it turned out, Jungkook was also quite a pain in the ass whenever he knew the older wasn’t paying full attention. Alternating between slow and quick strokes, Jungkook tightened his hold around Jimin’s member and it caused a whirlwind to stir within Jimin’s belly.

The kisses the younger planted on Jimin’s belly button had him writhing against the wall Jungkook had pushed him against earlier. Without fail, Jungkook mouthed at the older’s waist and Jimin struggled to keep his reactions silent.

It went accordingly, until Jungkook pulled Jimin’s pants out of the way.

The groan that escaped Jimin’s mouth was not loud, but it had enough volume to make Jungkook stop his ministrations. Carefully, they withdrew from each other, but not before Jungkook gave the length in his hand a quick, tight stroke.

That was exactly when the alarms broke.

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whenimaunicorn  asked:

Choose one to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle: Ragnar, Rollo, Floki

The air of the camp are full with anticipation for the big raid, so everybody are making the most of the time they have before it happens. Tonight a feast is being held, everybody is drinking mead, dancing, and playing games around the fire. A new game are about to start and you are the first to play. You have to choose between Ragnar, Rollo and Floki, one to lick, one to fondle and one to slap. You got a little nervous since you are the first to play, not knowing what the reactions will going to be.

They all close their eyes, and you start to think your options. First, you decide to do the slap, but who you will choose? You think for a while and go to Ragnar direction, you will never have the opportunity to slap the king again, so you going to take this chance to do it. The anticipation are making him a little unsettle and he do not stop moving in his seat. You do not have the courage to slap his face, after all Ragnar was always kind to you, so you turn behind him facing his back and give a slap behind his head, like you do with a disobedient kid. You became afraid for a brief second of what the king could do to such an act of insolence, and the rest of the crowd around the fire hold their breaths after the act, but Ragnar look at you making one of those weird face expressions that he always does, this time a mix of astonishment and delight. “You wicked little cat!” You smile lightly and with the worst case out of the picture, you choose your next target.

You turn and walk towards Floki, he is sitting with an amused expression on his face. As you get there, you turn your head to see Helga that is watching with the same amused expression that he has. She is your best friend and you know that she will not be upset with whatever option you choose. You get on your knees, grab Floki’s right hand making the palm face up. He frown his brows in confusion and then you lick it, just as you do after receiving the Seer’s prediction. He open his eyes with surprise. “I think you mistaken me with someone else, dear (Y/N)” he says starting to giggle, that strange contagious laugh of his, and you can’t help yourself of laughing too.

You are already a little bit tipsy but before you go to your last choice, you decide to drink another cup of mead in order to gain more courage and to loosen up a bit more. Rollo is sitting with a horn of mead in his hand, and a large goofy smile on his face. You are glad that he is back to his old self after Siggy’s death. He was your first crush, and that beast of a man still make your legs weak. You walk towards him, grab the horn of his hand and drink the last gulp of mead. You put the horn on the floor and sit on his lap, straddling him. His smile grow wider as you pull the base of his shirt and slide your hands under it. You start to caress his broad chest going down to his abdomen and at that time, he open his eyes startling you. With the surprise, you lose balance starting to fall. Rollo puts his arm on your back and pulls you closer, at the same time that you hold onto his pants’ waistband. Your noses are almost touching, his warm breath hitting your face. You take a deep breath feeling a little inebriated by his scent, heart pounding faster and faster and a heat spreading through your cheeks. “You should be careful (Y/N) these games can be dangerous”, he says while his fingers caress your side “I don’t think this is dangerous, but if you want we can play one later”, you reply with eyes full of lust. He nod with a wide grin on his face, making your chest burn with desire. You walk back to your place beside Helga, waiting for the other rounds of the game with anticipation.


Ok guys, this is the first time I try to write something, it’s probably pretty bad, I know. I’m not a creative person at all as you can see it, but I had fun doing it. It was good to get out of my comfort zone and try to do something new ^^

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You said we could send things in other languages too, BIG MISTAKE, here I go: Hobi + Quizá en otra vida (maybe in another life) love you! <3

“Your Holiness.”

The girl curtsies as soon as she enters your chambers. Her lavender dress tells you that she is one of the lower ranking priestesses. Waving your hand with learned grace, she speaks up but never looks straight into your eyes.

“A visitor from the village of the Water Maiden has come for advice.”

One of your manicured brows lifts at the pronouncement.

“The Water Maiden? Has it not been them that denounced our abilities? Had these people not called our tradition child’s play because it is not in line with what they learn with their books? With their sciences? And yet, they dare approach us in their time of need?”

“That is exactly them, Your Holiness. Should I turn the messenger away?”

With a sigh, you shake your head. The power granted to you is not meant to make you unbending and angry. No person should be refused if they ask the assistance of the power of the Virgin Goddess.

“Let our guest enter,” you command as you sit up straighter. Folding your hands on your lap, your chamber maids closes the lace curtains to hide you from view.

A man then enters. He is heavily cloaked and for a moment, you worry that he is here to declare war, but he immediately opens his cloak to reveal a lack of warring gear. Kneeling in front of you, he awaits your permission to speak.

“Speak, messenger. What is your name?”

“I am Hoseok, one of the higher ranking officials of the Council. They sent me here to seek your wisdom, Your Holiness. The Village of the Water Maiden has come to acknowledge that not all is learnt through books and experiments.”

“You need not flatter us, messenger. I will help you despite your disbelief as it is the right thing to do.”

The messenger then lifts his head and looks you in the eyes; you nod in acknowledgment—not many people dare to meet your gaze, but he does it with a sincerity you do not see often from his people.

Then he does something that further surprises you.

The man smiles and you come to realize that it is not often that you see your people smile. Has it been that long since you ascended into this tower of holiness and loneliness?

Refocusing at the task at hand as being distracted is unbecoming of a High Priestess, you demand from him—in a voice that is less intimidating than it should be—his queries.

“The Council has come to ask if it will be wise to intermarry with other villages. The books speak of its benefits, but the Village does not believe that the world is ready.”

“Is that all?”

Hoseok then lowers his gaze in a manner you would think embarrassed. Clearing his throat more than once, he seems to have gathered himself as he utters the next query.

“We also dare ask, should you agree with our theory–”

A deep breath is taken before the next words are spoken.

“The Village also dares to ask if they may acquire your hand in marriage.”

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whenimaunicorn  asked:

Choose one to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle: Ragnar, Rollo, Lagertha

Round 2!

“Do we have to play this game?” You whine, sloshing your ale around in your cup. “It’s so childish.”

“Come on, don’t be like that,” Rollo booms, waving his own cup around and grinning at you. “You have to play. Come, I will be one of your choices.” He flops down into one of the chairs. “There. Who else will be a choice?”

“We will!” Ragnar laughs, holding up a giggling Lagertha’s hand. He pulls her towards Rollo.

You sigh. Great. The Jarl, his wife, and his brother. Three of the most powerful and influential people in Kattegat. Not to mention you may or may not have a slight crush on the huge bear of a man that suggested this game.

“The gods are laughing at me,” you mutter, standing up and taking your place in front of the three of them. You know you will have no peace until you participate.

You choose the Jarl first. Best to get that one out of the way. You step in front of him, trying to decide what to do. He is drunk enough you can pretty much do anything and get away with it. You decide now is the time to indulge yourself a little curiosity. You take your hands and run them over Ragnar’s shoulders, sighing at the hard muscle you find there. You have always loved strong shoulders, and the Jarl has a very lovely set. You knead the muscles, suddenly wishing you had had the mind to put your hands underneath his shirt.

Ragnar laughs at your touch, flexing his muscles and making you laugh despite yourself. “I did not know you admired that about me, YN,” he says with a grin. “Lagertha likes to touch them too, grip them actually.” He winks.

That makes you blush. You quickly move on to the lady mentioned. Lagertha sways in her chair, giggling. You frown. Should you lick her or slap her? You suddenly remember a joke she had once made about making Ragnar lick her feet when she wins an argument. Not particularly wanting to slap the Jarl’s wife, you quickly get down on the floor and lick a swift swipe across the tops of her feet.

Lagertha shrieks with laughter and pulls her feet away. “That tickles!” She then turns to Ragnar. “She does it better than you. You slobber like a dog!”

You move on to your last target. His face is twisted as if he is bracing for impact. He must have heard your exchanges with the other two, he knows he’s in for the slap.

Maybe it’s the ale, or maybe it’s the attraction you have towards the rugged beserker, but you know you aren’t going to slap his face. You grin, reaching down and hauling the huge man to his feet.

Rollo stumbles, making a noise of surprise but before anything else can happen you take your hand and slap him across the rear. Hard.

“Odin’s name!” He curses, turning around to look at you. “Am I a naughty child needing a scolding? What was that, YN?”

You flush, but hold his gaze. “Your face is too pretty to slap,” you shrug. “Besides, maybe you do need a little scolding. You made me play this game, after all.”

His eyes bore into yours as he takes a step towards you. “If it is punishment you want to give, perhaps we should go somewhere more private.”

Your eyes widen in surprise, but the look on his face and the ale inside you have you relaxing and giving him a saucy grin.

“Perhaps we should,” you purr, anticipation curling in your belly. Perhaps playing this silly game was not so bad after all, you think to yourself.

Rollo grins, ignoring the laughter and shouts around you two, and leans in so his mouth just brushes your ear. You shiver as his hot breath washes over your sensitive skin.

“Very well, YN. But this time, I will be the one giving out the ‘scoldings’.”

You exhale shakily. You are in for it now…

Rollo was my first vikings love. Before a certain danish demi god swept in and stole my heart..



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