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Y’all like TAZ? What about drums? What about covers? Music in general?

Well if you like any of those, you might like this! A 30 min collection of drum covers for The Adventure Zone’s soundtrack, including hits like Legion (Or: A Pile of Ghosts) and Wonderland - Round Three, as well as the three songs picked out by the McElroy family to be their favorites in the second TTAZZ.



while taking a break from my essay i decided to draw my apprentice! sal’aam!

her real name is Lelah but she goes by ‘salam’ bc she thinks its cute

fav food: cow tongue and cheese+bread.

fav drink: dark tea and maryam flower tea

fav flower: hyacinth and roses

uhh she keeps her tarot cards and money in her hijab because its a Safe place

Edward: Now hold on just a second, what do you think you’re doing?

Lydia: That’s cheating! You know the rules: once you sacrifice something here, you don’t get it back!

Griffin: And the three of you are each hit for 11 points of necrotic damage, and the wounds that you had just stitched up, they open back up and you are just as bad off as you were before…

Because in Wonderland, there is no healing.


he would spend his last few months as neil josten, starting striker for the palmetto state foxes. he’d be kevin’s protégé, a teenager with a bright future, and his death would be a tragedy. it sounded a lot better than dying scared and alone halfway around the world.

Summer edition: round up!

Thank you so so much to everyone who participated. It’s taken almost all of August, but we finally have everything in! An extra thanks to all the pinch-hitters who were amazing, and apologies to those of you who had to wait a while to get your gift. If you haven’t already, please do let your person know you’ve received their gift.

Also a general hurrah! for the fandom and how awesome and active it is – we had over double the number of sign-ups as the last round!

If I have missed anyone or you haven’t had a gift and I didn’t notice, please please let me know.

(Andreil) being sick by @foxxhole
(Andreil) domestic with cats by @broship-addict
(Andreil) Harry Potter AU by @bluetheking
(Andreil) Harry Potter theme park by @captain-ferid
(Andreil) road trip by @erica-doodles
(Andreil) sleepy by @josten10neil
(Andreil) sleepy summer cuddling by @still-waiting-for-godot
(Andreil) smut/fluff by @foxesrefuge
(Andreil) Soulmate AU by @crazy-like-a-f0x
(Andreil) under the stars by @uzea-ke
(Andreil) Urban Magic AU by @broship-addict
(Andreil) with kids by @jojen-hewitt (also with headcanons)
(Gen) The Foxes on a road trip by @lorcadraws
(Gen) Neil & Allison by @peanut-milk
(Gen) Neil as Hermes by @nxil-jostxn
(Ichineil) being domestic by @queen-of-perplexity
(Ichirou, Riko) for the family by @cielleinthazure
(JereJean) being soft by @merrkkat
(JereJean) summer ice-cream by @startingstriker-psu
(Renison) cheerleaders by @captain-ferid
(Renison) hugging by @requiemofkings
(Renison) on the red carpet by @exyfordays
(Renison) Titanic AU by @kitshunette (also with headcanons)


(Aaron) The other A. Minyard by @defractum
(Andreil) all that joy could bring by @lscar123
(Andreil) At A Whisker’s Distance by @annawrites
(Andreil) biting down by @fcxholes
(Andreil) clickbait by @frostandcoal
(Andreil) Cool Under Heat by @nekojitachan
(Andreil) December by @ilgaksu
(Andreil) Fourth of July by @drspncreids 
(Andreil) going around in circles by @defractum
(Andreil) i can’t let you go (don’t wanna let you know) by @stantaire
(Andreil) It’s Always You by @dkafterdark
(Andreil) just like that day by @nakasomethingkun
(Andreil) Not Quite Fireworks by @dysfunctional-college-roommates
(Andreil) purple violets, scarlet sage by @nwesninski
(Andreil) restless by @nwesninski (also with graphics)
(Andreil) road trip fic by @sirandking
(Andreil) Soulmate AU by @elfiethewicked
(Andreil) the color of a sunburn by @quensty
(Andreil) Under Clean Waters by @queerastronauts
(Andreil) using social media by @one-eyed-kaneki-kun
(Andreil, the Foxes) Waterpark fic by @atomicjuniper
(Andreil) Where Do I Begin by @autisticminyard
(Andreil) Writer AU by @k0ushis
(Andreil) you want me do to what now? by @bramgreenfclds
(JereJean) Fond by @guessblockmomster
(JereJean) Mermaid AU by @wesawbears
(JereJean) Paint Splatter Freckles and Godly Go Fish by @glendowen
(JereJean) post-canon by @midoriyaboi
(JereJean) post-canon therapy by @vvorkangelica
(JereJean) what light tastes like by @knoxxed
(Kevaaron) Cheering For You by @some-sort-of-firefly
(Kevaaron) Coffeeshop AU by @boydsten
(Kevin/Allison) Mr. KnowItAll by @sinbinwithfoxesin
(Neil, the Foxes) A Place to Belong by @leahlisabeth
(Neil, the Foxes) versus a new team by @spacejedi
(Neil, Jean, Kevin, Andrew) the queen’s jester by @thepalmtoptiger
(Renison) Conventional Weapons by @just-another-shipper
(Renison) Love You a Latte by @ceilingfan5

Butcher Neil by @exybooks
Raven Neil by @exybooks
Renison by @victorvalc
renison + instagram by @kayleighsday
soft JereJean summer by @ghrisas
Witch AU for the girls by @loraisnotamazing

(Andrew’s lot) Summer Camp AU by @leahlisabeth
(Andreil) Breaking News, the Josten-Boyd Affair by @dancyon
(Andreil) Midnight snacks by @howaremonstersborn
(Andreil) Puzzle Pieces (get under my skin and don’t let me go) by @dancyon
(Andreil) Soulmate AU by @defractum
(Andreil, the Foxes) Theme park headcanons by @defractum
(JereJean) domestic life by @wikifaedia
(Kandreil) Bodyswap AU by @andrewjsten
(Neil) Dying Is Easy, Young Man, Living Is Harder by @yellowgoingblue
(Nerik) Flowershop AU by @thiccboyd
(The Foxes) BROTPs by @redbookpanda

(Andreil) for troubled nights and sleepy mornings by @keysandhonesty
(Andreil) ONE HUNDRED by @deamus
(Andrew) MY URBAN NIGHTMARE by @exybooks
(Neil) BABY, YOU CUT ME TO THE CORE by @exybooks
(Renison) Coffeeshop AU by @theordinaryvegan


Guys I know the kiss is super exciting but also… they were in overtime. Jack’s goal not only put the Falcs in the lead, it ended the game. I am just so proud of Jack because the stress would have been so extreme. They were running out of time and he pulled through. Even as someone who doesn’t watch Hockey very often, overtime in the final game of the final round of the Stanley cup playoffs is huge.

Round up: Winter 2017

Aaaaand here is the round up for all the gifts in the Winter 2017 Exchange.
Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and special thanks for all my pinch hitters for being SUPER ON IT.
If you haven’t already, please go reblog/like/reply/comment on your gift and any other gifts you enjoy. We’ve had an amazing range of pairings, characters and content so there’s bound to be something for you.
Hope you’ve had a good holiday season so far, and that you enjoy what’s left of it!
(Aaron & Andrew) winter illness bonding by @communistfireworks
(Andreil) Pride & Prejudice AU by @broship-addict
(Andreil) Christmas domesticity with kids by @foxhole-court-girl
(Andreil) cuddles under the Christmas tree by @startingstriker-psu
(Andreil) hot cocoa by @chaotiicneutral
(Andreil) in a café being soft by @llheji
(Andreil) in winter by @still-waiting-for-godot
(Andreil) Princess Mononoke AU by @requiemofkings
(Andreil) steampunk AU by @viridianjane
(Andreil) winter cuddles by @jojen-hewitt
(Andreil) with a snow globe by @cielleinthazure
(Dan) folklore au by @bluetheking
(Foxes) sharing beds by @chitsuu
(JereJean) first time cuddling by @cats-are-assholes
(Kandreil) magic au by @exyfordays
(Kandreil) playing twister by @uzea-ke
(Kevin) goes skiing with the Foxes by @kitshunette
(Kevin, Andrew, Neil) Hogwarts AU by @katerandomletters
(Mary & Neil) on the run by @katerandomletters
(Matt & Neil) winter clothes sharing by @cats-are-assholes
(Neil) hurt!Neil by @captain-ferid
(Neil) wearing a winter sweater by @mixeurants
(Riko) Long Live The King by @moosefix
(Renison) gift shopping by @some-sort-of-firefly
Andreil/JereJean witch and mermaid au by @yeollie-bells
Andreil ‘Don’t look at me like that’ by @humongousvoidbear
Andreil werefox fantasy au by @yeollie-bells
Andrew by @andrewminyardownsmyass (+playlist)
Dan, Neil & Matt by @soft-ravenclaw-apollo
Foxes social media au by @annawrites
Kevin & Wymack by @holidaywilds (+ headcanons)
Renee & Neil; mirror, parallels and winter by @glkprminyard
Renison by @rrgunns (+ playlist)
Renison in the holidays by @philosophium (+ ficlet)
Renison mermaid au by @holidaywilds
(Aaron/Katelyn) Merry Christmas, Baby by @a-case-for-wonder
(Aaron/Matt) $3 prophecies are Fate’s mockeries by @elysabeth
(Aaron & Andrew) bones of our childhood by @jsteneil
(Aaron & Andrew) Identical by @annawrites
(Allison/Kevin) Closing Rank by @holidaywilds
(Andreil) 5 Things that Made Neil’s Christmas (More Than) Okay by @apprenticedmagician
(Andreil) ask me no questions (and i might not cuss you out) by @wingsofwaxx (+ playlist)
(Andreil) Bahumpug! by @ahhhnorealnamesallowed
(Andreil) Blossom Willow, Grow Your Leaves by @soft-ravenclaw-apollo
(Andreil) Christmas Tree Sprinkles by @dysfunctional-college-roommates
(Andreil) corresponding shapes by @wilsherejack
(Andreil) false alarm by @scepterofstardust
(Andreil) Foxes in the Woods by @dkafterdark
(Andreil) From the horse’s mouth by @maikoyo
(Andreil) Frostbite by @sunrise-and-death
(Andreil) Ghosts by @blueminyard
(Andreil) Home by @bluewire13
(Andreil) home (is whenever i’m with you) by @nightquills
(Andreil) I Can’t Describe the Joy They Bring (cuz joy is something they don’t bring me) by @s0ym1lk
(Andreil) i’m going to make this place your home by @niickyhemmick
(Andreil) it’s a wonderful life by @that-ship-has-sunk
(Andreil) Just the two of us by @neilminyards
(Andreil) Mind Your Own Business Cat by @blurredmxnds
(Andreil) Museums by @jeanmoreauz
(Andreil) Neil figuring out his sexuality by @nakasomethingkun
(Andreil) the night is cold (but my heart is warm) by @baerlii
(Andreil) not all that glitters is gold by @defractum
(Andreil) nothing but the truth by @defractum
(Andreil) one love, one house by @dexinasnapback
(Andreil) Peppermint Toads by @petalplate
(Andreil) Raven!Neil’s first Christmas by @followmedown-tohell
(Andreil) Some things you just can’t bury by @permanentchaos
(Andreil) Staying by @leahlisabeth
(Andreil) The Jumper by @dreams-of-andreil
(Andreil) Unlicensed Magic by @dysfunctional-college-roommates
(Andreil) Where the Lovelight Gleams by @eerielake
(Andreil) Why would I kiss you under some plant? by @kevaaronday
(Andreil) Wrap Me Up, Keep Me Warm by @c-dragon-pirates
(Andrew & Matt) post-canon becoming friends by @spanglebangle
(Dan & Neil) winter bonding feat. snowball fights, cuddles, hot chocolate by @spanglebangle
(Foxes Gen) the Foxes go skiing by @elyteracy
(Indreil) Christmas with the kitties by @followmedown-tohell
(JereJean) Home’s Where I’m Going by @find-yourself-in-passion
(JereJean) show me the sun (don’t let me hurt you) by @dancyon
(JereJean) soulmate au by @carolynthelibrarian
(JereJean) the sound of my love, in your hands by @dancyon
(JereJean) What Are Friends For? By @officialrichie
(Kandreil) Another lonely Christmas by @daddymemeyard
(Kandreil) Dirty Santa by @dkafterdark
(Kandreil) Home, For The Holidays by @onlycareaboutexy
(Kevin/Jeremy/Jean) soulmate AU by @wesawbears
(Kevin/Riko) Gold Dust by @softproko
(Laila/Alvarez) Mareel Mǫrueldr Merituli by @rrgunns
(Laila/Alvarez) Merry Christmas by @howaremonstersborn
(Monsters Gen) Dedicated to boa constrictors who’ve eaten an elephant by @elyteracy
(Monsters Gen) Keep In Touch by @yourfriendlyneighorhoodblog
(Nerik) Firsts by @agapantoblu
(Nerik) kidfic by @wesawbears
(Nerik) Take me somewhere nice by @poze-laceen
(Neil/Jean) Falls by @nekojitachan
(Riko) Canon divergent ending by @softproko
(Andreil) Christmas by @aftgandreil
(Andreil) Neil goes Christmas shopping & part two by @ten-paces-fire
(Andrew) The Broken ‘No’ by @anyberry
(Kandreil) greek mythology au by @monmouthco
(Kandreil) road trip by @kevindxy
(Renison) movie night with the Foxes by @palmettofoxden (+ gifset)
(The Foxes) post-canon secret gift exchange by @one-eyed-kaneki-kun
(The Foxes) Mistletoe by @spookyaisling
(The Monsters) Band AU by @boydsten
(Andreil) you told me to stay by @scattered-shadows
(Andreil) you’ll tell me truths, but promises, i’ll keep by @substantiating-shadows
(Jean/Neil) the snow is falling by @officialrichie (+ headcanons)
(Renison) by @soft-ravenclaw-apollo