game round


I can’t tell you how touched I am by your concern for my welfare.

St Valentine’s Day round: round up!


(Kandriel) cuddle pile by @ambiguous-eyepatch for @andrewjsten
(Andreil) sleepy domesticity by @coldcigarettes for @imaginedmelody
(Andreil) grocery shopping by @requiemofkings for @doctorkot
(Andreil) Bank robber AU by @jojen-hewitt for @ambiguous-eyepatch
(Andreil) it’s always yes with you by @key-called-home for @badacts
(Andreil) dozing on the bus by @palmettc for @thepalmtoptiger
(Andreil) under the stars by @made-of-coffee for @palmettc
(Andreil) a day in the life of by @peanut-milk for @corbae
(Andreil) holding hands by @elswicked for @c-e-d-dreamer
(Andrew, Neil, Kevin) Saturday morning walk by @scepterofstardust for @sheerpoetry7
(Aaron/Katelyn) being cute by @still-waiting-for-godot for @srslyarts
(Matt/Dan) Teacher AU by @srslyarts for @reneewvlkers
(Neil, Nathaniel) time travel au by @doctorkot for @dancyon
(Riko, Kevin, Neil, Jean, Andrew) Perfect Court AU by @kitshunette for @rlkomorlyama
(Renison) missing scenes by @elswicked for @made-of-coffee
(Renison) winning a game by @butterflieswith-pencturedwings for @alvalez

(Andreil) Come back home by @inkalchemist for @scepterofstardust
(Andreil) Contingency Plans by @defractum for @inkalchemist
(Andreil) every road leads here by @reneewvlkers for @elswicked
(Andreil) House of Truths by @dancyon for @jirouchan
(Andreil) i’ve met my match by @alvalez for @ilovetextingandscones
(Andreil) Ich lass für dir das Licht an by @ilovetextingandscones for @key-called-home
(Andreil) The Consequences of Falling by @imaginedmelody for @theordinaryvegan
(Andreil) three thousand and eighty-seven by @wilsherejack for @requiemofkings
(Andreil) first date fic by @whimsyalice for @peanut-milk
(Andreil) urban fantasy au by @badacts for @defractum
(Andrew, Neil, Renee) Boyfriend of the Year by @jirouchan for @butterflieswith-puncturedwings
(JereJean) post-game ficlet by @ravenqueenblu for @groundopenwide
(JereJean) injury fluff by @crazy-like-a-f0x for @find-yourself-in-passion
(Kandreil) that early morning light by @rlkomorlyama for @coldcigarettes
(Kevin/Aaron) I Wanna Make You Move by @sheerpoetry7 for @easemymxnd
(The Foxes) Murder season by @c-e-d-dreamer for @whimsyalice
(Robin, Neil) All We Ever Knew by @theordinaryvegan for @rideaminuteinmystirrups

Andreil and the cats by @easemymxnd for @still-waiting-for-godot
JereJean polaroids by @ravenqueenblu for @groundopenwide
Perfect Court AU by @rideaminuteinmystirrups for @kitshunette
Renison snapchat by @andrewjsten for @wilsherejack

Band AU by @sheerpoetry7 for @crazy-like-a-f0x
a mix about pipe dreams by @corbae for @jojen-hewitt
JereJean playlist by @find-yourself-in-passion for @andrewjminyrds
JereJean playlist by @andrewjminyrds for @ravenqueenblu

Thank you everyone for participating! We had such a great turnout, and special thanks to my two pinch-hitters! If you haven’t already, please do go and leave a comment on your gift to show your appreciation. That’s it until next time!

  • Blood sweat & Tear expectations Vs Reality version (Jin trying to kiss Suga).
  • The stage was well decorated with BTS photos of the last 4 years. 
  • They sang every live to perfection. No No No! let’s be clear: TO PERFECTION!  
  • Each roommates made a team and played games 
  • Rapmon and V ship’s name is R&V (cool), JM, JK and JH is 3Js (Smart) Suga and jin ship’s name is Sin (WHAT?),  
  • First round of games was: What am i to you? each roommates trying to to give the same answer to a question (The best was: What is the longest discussion u have with each other: Suga: 3 min. Jin (a savage): 3s
  • Second round: eyes nose lips: Each team pick a model and everyone draws him. The model later needs to guess which one is his roommate’s drawing and give it 1st place (Suga just wrote a V when asked to draw V -genius-, Jk  was able to guess Chimchim’s drawing -jikooooook-, Jin had a heart in his pocket -ofc- ), 
  • Rapmon and V sang 4 o’clock live and it was so emotional and superb
  • 3Js: The best 3 dancers of BTS collabed and killed it. The songs lyrics tho: Jk’s part “motherfuck********r” JM:“girl i wanna take you down” JH “ “do me good” Well let’s say it expressed well ARMYs inner feelings.
  • When we thought it can’t get any better. JIN showed to the world not only his forhead but also his RAPPING while Suga danced. Wait wait there is more. Suga will sing awake while Jin plays the piano *heart blown, mindblown, blown*.
  • Sin will win the best performance out of the three and thank ARMYs and Bang Pd while being extra crying fake tears.
  • Spine Breaker had a live performance and Jin’s choregraphy made it even better. 
  • Sin complimenting each other is goals: suga giving jin’s rap 3000 points.
  • Jikook making hearts and giving each other those usual looks they do
  • Jhope dying after suga tried to act cute “worldwide aegyo
  • Bts revealed their baby photos: They didn’t change, the boys still look the SAME
  • BTS singing their hit songs like babies, no literally: they acted and sang like babies.
  • BTS thanked ARMYs for these last 4 years and hoped to stay together for as long as possible, each member showed his appreciation and love (Also they had those cute red cheeks, it was cu-te)