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I have a quick question if the admin, if you don't mind: Why do you draw Kaito, Meiko, and Luka as their V3/V4 designs (respectively), but draw Miku, Rin, and Len as their original release designs? Thank you in advance for answering! I love your blog! <3

((Aesthetic.  Nahhh I’m kidding haha well partially. The reason Kai and Mei are their V3′s is because when you meet them in Project Diva X they’re in their V3s! That’s really the only reason…I like their V3s though! The rest are in their original release designs because their models are in them for concerts and such. Except Luka…confession: I’m not a big fan of drawing Luka’s OG outfit and since she has a V4X module I figured I’d put her in that. I put a lot of thought into everything so I’m sorry there’s not more to why I chose the ones I did but yeah. I’m sure I’ll mix ‘em up from time to time. Put Miku in her V3, put Kagas in their V4Xs etc. c: those are just the ones I will consider their absolute defaults c: Glad you’re loving the blog! I’m doin my best~))

Why Sansa is going to betray Jon (and why we should have known since Season 1)

Okay guys, the new trailer is out and the thing that shook me most (apart from Beric Dondarrion’s flaming sword) were the final words by Sansa:

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” 

Now, there’s some discussion on the net about what Sansa is going to do. Is she going to be loyal to Jon, or will she betray him? I think the latter is going to be the case. But why?

The quote did it for me. “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” You might think - well sure, she’s part of the pack, Jon’s part of the pack, she’s going to be loyal. But is she really part of the pack?

We all know (and book readers even more so) how important the direwolves are to the Stark children. Just think of Arya and Robb. Arya sends Nymeria away and what happens to her is mirrored in her wolf. In the book we learn about a she-wolf of monstrous size that is killing people in Westeros, while Arya is also a she-wolf (maybe not of monstous size) that becomes a killer. Nymeria (alleged) story mirrors what Arya is going through. And remember Robb? His storyline is a bit different from the storyline in the series, and I think the show runners missed the most important part: Robb is distancing himself from Grey Wind (even though Catelyn warns him not to), his wolf warns him before the Red Wedding and Robb ignores it. His last line in the book is “Grey Wind”, and I think this shows us that Robb realized his mistake.

But what has all this got to do with Sansa and Jon and the upcoming season? Remember season 1, when Ned had to kill Lady? By killing Lady he killed an essential part of Sansa’s identity. It’s like she’s no longer connected to the direwolf-network. I’ve thought about that before and I knew that it would eventually play a role in the story. The quote from the trailer makes me pretty certain about my assumption: When Lady died, that part of Sansa died that made her a wolf, leaving her lost and as someone different than before.

“The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” True, but I’m afraid Sansa is no longer a part of the pack, but rather “a little bird”.

Jack Sparrow is our inner bookworm

Exhibit A:
When you finish a book and don’t know whether to hug it or throw it across the room. 

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Exhibit B:
When you spend the whole night reading a book

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Exhibit C:
When people ask if you can do anything other than fangirl and you say you can do this:

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Exhibit D:
When writers keep separating your OTP

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Exhibit E:
When the author is writing the next book in the series

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Exhibit F:
When you open the first page of the book you’ve been waiting for and you know it’s gonna kill you in the most pleasurable ways:

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Exhibit G:
When you see a bookstore and start “walking” toward it with your friends, family, etc running after you trying to catch you before yet again you’re lost to the land of fiction:

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Exhibit H:
When your favorite character dies:

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And so on and on…

don’t touch cyberpunk if you don’t get it.

don’t act like you’re on some holy crusade when you make a video game with neon and rain and the look of cyberpunk but then throw in stuff like how women’s rights and basic income are the backbone of a dystopia

don’t make a movie with scarlett johansson playing a poor send-up to motoko kusanagi and then lack the spine to even mention the socio-political points of why the character prefers a caucasian chassis in the first place (spoiler alert: it makes incredibly unkind point about western women). especially don’t call it feminist when the themes and narrative are stripped away in favor of a generic revenge tale. don’t retell akira and put it within and about the culture that dropped those nukes in the first place. the teenage edgelord connoisseurs can just go watch these anime and film in the first place

don’t copyright the word ‘cyberpunk’ no matter how noble your intentions are. you have no real way of guaranteeing that your successors at your place of work will share your sentiments.

don’t tell another faux-deep story that cosplays badly as Blade Runner about a hacker or a detective or an android and his manpain 

don’t give me more cool-looking stuff that either lacks the teeth to get political or has the fundamental politics of the genre contorted and perverted so that spoiled Gen X dudes never have to challenge themselves or their way of life. 

just…don’t, okay?