game really bad whatever

…Also yeah, I’m sticking to my word: I’m not going to wait for the epilogue to judge Homstuck’s ending anymore.

It’s been a year with no info. Far as we should be concerned it’s a complete package and any additions are the equivalent of an OVA.

one of my favorite things about the aa series is the sheer amount of character growth miles edgeworth experiences

one of my least favorite things is that most of that development happens off camera

I actually feel really bad for aspiring writers and artists who are now afraid to pitch their ideas to a TV network or game studio or whatever, for fear of attracting a toxic and entitled fandom that thinks it’s okay to harass content creators over social media about things like ships, headcanons, and perceived problems with the show/game/whatever. This kind of fan entitlement has gotten REALLY bad over the past few years, and while I’m mostly talking about Steven Universe, the Crewniverse aren’t the only people getting this treatment from people who call themselves fans. It’s awful and it needs to stop.

ULiL is one year old omg!! Happy one year anniversary to one of my favorite games that I’ve ever played….