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More commissions of @shenanimation‘s characters! The first one is Gina as commissioned by @zirocoh. The second is Sally as commissioned by anonymous. 

My grandfather died exactly two years ago and my voicemail is still full of his messages telling me ‘love you’ or the typical 'chess pun of the day’; some of the are just reminders to make me eat.

He was truly the most decent, intelligent, kind man I have ever known. He is sorely missed.

Ok, I know I’ve been gone for a billion years, but what have I walked into!? I just read the interview that has everyone straight going crazy and like…aren’t you guys being a TAD dramatic? He literally hasn’t really said anything offensive.

So he doesn’t want to be a franchise blockbuster actor, okay? Let him have his hipster indie “all about my art” moment. He’ll either find a really cool niche, or his career will crash and burn for not taking the fame while it was hot.

He wasn’t being a cry baby about fame, he simply said it can be hard and alienating. Do you remember jlaw through the ENTIRE thg franchise? She was saying the same things! She was afraid to take on Katniss because she felt like it was selling out of her Indie roots, and she WAS a person who loved her job but didn’t love fame. Josh said fame is a burden sometimes, but he loves and appreciates it.

He isn’t saying he hates his fans, or his work as Peeta (that he says over and over again how thankful/proud he has been to be a part of that series), he just is exploring new avenues. Does he seem a bit pretentious? Maybe, but if fast paced, artistic, low budget, but high brow film is what he’s into at the moment…let it be.

Sorry if it’s not for you. Just enjoy the work he has already given you and maybe you’ll see something you like of his in the future ✌🏼

I had planned to marry Chrom from the very start, but wanted to wait for his auto-proposal. So I got us up to A rank (actually S rank but did not activate the last conversation) and in the meantime had all Chrom’s other candidates present at that time marry other guys. However, my birthday (in both the game and real life) happened before I reached Chapter 11 and I thought there might be something special for being married in addition to usual birthday stuff. So I went ahead and activated the “normal” S rank conversation. Oh well. Maybe next playthrough.

oh.. my god. last night when my bf and i were at the mall in the retro game store, there was this little kid, like he couldn’t have been more than maybe 5 or 6, just sitting in front of one of the tv’s playing super smash bros. he was standing right in front of the glass case where all the sega genesis games were, and trying to be polite, we waited for literally 45 minutes for him to move and he just did not get it. finally my bf is like “hey buddy you mind if we look at these games real quick?” and that little shit looked him straight in the eye and said no!!!

i was like “where are this kids parents?!” 

“lots of Nintendo stuff ends up really overpriced and that sucks because video games should be a more accessible medium” yeah!

“uhhh Nintendo shouldn’t make their consoles cost so much because they’re not REAL SERIOUS games for REAL SERIOUS GAMERS” we get it toddrick you’re really excited for call of duty 69 or whatever go back to your gamer hole

More work on that model I started yesterday. I kinda cheated on the pants texture. It’s 128x64 pixels, but the N64′s max was 64x64. This guy’s never going to be in a real N64 game though, so it doesn’t matter much.

Over the past couple weeks the SSO tumblr community has gotten many new faces! Due to that I’m going to reintroduce myself.

Hello everyone! I’m Crystal Rainsmith, I inhabit the NA Frost Valley server. My real name is Katherine, but I tend to go by Crys or Rainy in game. I’m currently level 19 with 11(I think, gotta check again) horses in game. In real life I have four (soon to be five) loveable monsters named Larry, Dini, Lil’ Shit, and Essy while collecting model horses in my spare time. I also run @ssoevents. I’m so happy to have you all in the community! If you need any help or would like someone to talk to I’m always willing to listen :) have a good day!