game poster meme

steve will apparently fight nazis & 117 countries on my behalf but when he saw a group of screaming fangirls coming at us this morning he yelled ‘every man for himself!!!’ and started running
FAKE MOVIE MEME: Requested by: anonymous

In 16th century London, a young couple’s quiet farm life is interrupted, when the man, Aidan (Hiddleston), who happens to be the youngest son of the king, suddenly becomes the only living heir to the monarchy. He is asked by his mother to rule in his father’s place, which he agrees to, if only to please her. Aidan is forced to move back home and abandon his life with his fiancée, Rebecca (Dormer) - because for a king, marrying someone from a lower class is frowned upon. Soon, Aidan begins adjusting to his new role as king - but eventually he realizes, he is missing something no king should ever be without.

i saw this thing on my dash and it was all like ‘in space no one can hear you meme’ and of course the first thing that came into my head was dan so i made this