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WEDGIE???? IN THE TEAM??? Is this a game they play or just demo? If it was a team thing I wouldn't be so surprised hahaha! Maybe medic scout sniper demo and soldier play that thing tho (heavy would be a danger to team booty) anyway ur art is A+++ love it!

Honestly, I think it’s a game Demo made up 5 minutes previously in a terrible attempt to get Medic’s attention. He’s useless at flirting with men, so he turns into an overgrown version of that kid in class who’d yank the ponytail of the girl sitting in front of him he had a crush on.

Demo’s pretty smooth at flirting with the ladies, but the power dynamic with a guy is so different! It’s not something he’s used to.

A cool post about fangames (but mostly about CONTINUE/STOP/RISE's sequels).

So basically Continue Stop Rise is a pretty popular game in the OFF fanbase but the sequels aren’t getting the love they deserve.

If y'all ever wanna see an official sequel to Continue Stop Rise it’d be great of you guys to give some support to M-256 while she works on the present game in the story.

The current game is called UNLOAD and you can help in the development of said game by playing the demo and spreading the word about it.

That’d be cool so: The post for the game is HERE so please reblog it because likes don’t spread the word much. Same goes for other fangame content! Like Claude announced Unknown 2 so you should look at that or something.

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Some grew up with Legend of Zelda and Sonic, mine was Spyro. I didn’t really get to play video games until I was ten and was so excited to have the full game after playing a demo version on repeat.

I brought my PS1 and a box full of games, but just a month or so before, my aunt tossed out the ol’ tube TV…


MASS EFFECT Andromeda | Combat | Official Gameplay Series - Part 1

I finally got my hands on Alien Isolation, so im going to be streaming that later so you all can laugh at my fear

You won’t see HMs in ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’

Sun and Moon could be getting rid of one of Pokémon’s most annoying traditions: hidden machines. While the demo doesn’t say it explicitly, data mined from the software by YouTuber Kaphotics reveals that HMs are gone. The demo game play does possibly reveal the incredible feature replacing HMs.

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Guys…Send Help. I’ve only played the demo and I’ve already fallen in love with the game! I’m definitely buying this game when I get the chance though… so… have some Pen/Pencil sketches of Toriel, Flowey and your player character from my sketchbook.