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What is this i heard about a bill dating sim your making ?


So i haven’t really told about this much to anyone, but I’ve been working on a Dating sim for awhile now 6v6; it’s still kinda early in development, but I’ve finally made enough of it to share with you all!

So basically the plot of the game is that you broke bill free by shaking his statue’s hand, but there’s a catch- Now that you’ve freed him from his stone self, he’s now soulbonded with you. (i.e, he’s stuck with you to the hip. whether he likes it or not.) This game is those adventures of you two together.

Note, since this is a dating sim, it’s gonna be heavily based on choice. I already have a taste of that in the beta demo I’ve made below.

here’s some screenshots of the gameplay so far:

(i didn’t name the game itself yet cause it’s still in early development, but the name of it is gonna be called “love triangle”)

(i also added a laughing sound effect but im probably taking that out)

(aaaannnnd bill’s his usual smartass in this. I might add more expressions cause sometimes he’s not as expressive as i wanna be, but i’ve already made like over 150 expression bills so it wont be alot more added)

if ya wanna try it it’s at this link! just open the .exe file or whatever and play the .exe in the folder that opens! Enjoy!

also, if any of you wanna help in making this game, don’t be shy to ask! I’m literally working on my own with this so any free helping hand would be awesome!


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You're working on a bill dating sim?????? :)))))

haah yeah •ω•  it’s one of the many things i have in the works atm but i actually do have a small demo for it!! warning though it is VERY rough and there’s gonna be MAJOR changes to it, but this basically gives you the solid idea of what’s gonna happen in the story  (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Here’s the link to the description of the demo and the demo itself!

Faceless (RPG Maker Horror) - Demo | Flare Let’s Play:

Welcome to the demo of Faceless, an rpg maker horror game made by @kc-aurigrids @thefox-under-therain. Following the adventures of an unnamed protagonist, we avoid hungry grandmas along with shadows that wants to eat us.

“A story in demo start with a little girl, waking up late in a toy-filled daycare, the little girl hurriedly heads back her home as soon as she can. Throughout her way, however, a series of unfortunate events occur…‘A smiling face always makes things easier. Regardless it’s true or fake.’ She gave him a ribbon and said: ‘Please accept it like a gift! With this, I will never forget you.’ But, when she was not herself anymore, will she remember? What if… their meeting was just an illusion of the lost soul?”

There are two endings to this game, along with the choice at the start of taking a smile coin (bottle) or a sad coin (candy), one of these will allow you to proceed through the story, while the other keeps you in an infinite loop of failures. Some areas still need to be translated from its original language, and a proof reader that understands English well would be recommended to have. Good demo!

Faceless Page/Download:


I had so much fun making this video! Thanks @aroundthecreek for allowing me to make a let’s play of your newly released demo for Around the Creek! This was such a fun story based adventure! The atmosphere is fantastic and the characters are very fun! Please show the dev some love and follow their blog for updates!


Some grew up with Legend of Zelda and Sonic, mine was Spyro. I didn’t really get to play video games until I was ten and was so excited to have the full game after playing a demo version on repeat.

I brought my PS1 and a box full of games, but just a month or so before, my aunt tossed out the ol’ tube TV…

Snipperclips - Jamilton

(I have no fucking idea what I’m doing with my life, @jamiltonhivemind here you go)
(Also don’t read this if 1- you are not familiar with the game and it’s concept 2- you are not comfortable with suggestive language, a lot of suggestive language)


“Hey! Hey Thomas!” Alex exclaimed, jumping on top of his boyfriend who was still in bed.
“Hm, Alex? What is it?” Thomas asked still half asleep.
“I found this new Switch game! Snipperclips! I played the Demo at the game store with John, I ended up buying it so we could play it as well!” He shoved the game in Thomas’ face, Thomas groaned.
“Ok, ok let’s play it, just let me wake up first hun” Thomas yawned and stretched, kissing his boyfriend on the forehead before going to the bathroom to wash his face.


As the game starts up Alex cuddles up against Thomas on the couch, as they soon play through the first “area” of the game pretty quickly.
They start up one of the slime levels as Thomas has the brilliant idea to fake moan out loud in the middle of the level “Ahhh~ Fill me up daddy~”
Alex’s face flushes as he stutters “T-Thomas come on–”
Thomas wiggles his eyebrows at Alex “You like it don’t you~ Cut me up into small pieces love~”
Alex hid his face in his sweater trying to recompose himself “Thomass-” he whined.
Thomas smirked and placed his hands on Alex’s hips “Come on baby~ Fill me up good~” He got on top of Alex, faking more moans, he loved it when Alex got flustered.
Alex just wanted to curl up into a little ball until he could stop blushing, how Thomas could still make him flustered with his stupid jokes after all these years amazed him.
“C'mon love~ Put it inside me~” Thomas grabbed Alex’s thighs pushing them apart.
“I just w-want to play the g-game Thomas!” Alex stuttered as he tried to loosen the bigger mans grip on him.
“And I want to play you love~” Thomas lifted Alex’s chin and pressed a loving kiss on his lips “Besides, the game is getting a tad tedious, wouldn’t you say?”
Alex nodded, the last levels were pretty frustrating to coordinate with Thomas, they could always play later…
“Good, now let’s have some real fun~” Thomas lifted up the smaller man and swiftly took him to the bedroom as Alex let out a chuckle, the real fun had began.