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‘Atari - ‘Piracy: This Game Is Over’’

[MISC] [USA] [MAGAZINE] [1981]

  • Compute!, October 1981 (#17)
  • Uploaded by Jason Scott, via The Internet Archive
  • So while scouring these back issues of Compute! I found a lot of knock-off games that used ‘Asteroids’ in the title. Mildly amusing to see some would-bes try and cash-in on popular titles of the day with little change to it all, outside of a few extra words or punctuation.

    Turns out, Atari wasn’t amused, and released this message to any would-be programmers and pirates: that their titles are copyrighted, but they will gladly discuss licensing the names to any copycat to protect their brands. 

Far Cry 4, the latest entry in Ubisoft’s “setting things on fire in exotic places” series, has an option called Field of View Scaling that is more essential than it sounds – if the FOV level isn’t configured properly, something as simple as taking a ride on a scooter can turn into a drug-fueled nightmare. However, when the game was released on PC, some players noticed that this feature was mysteriously absent from their copy: If they went into the settings menu, an empty space would mock them from the spot where the FOV option should be.

Naturally, outraged players took to places like Reddit to lambast Ubisoft for this irresponsible oversight … just as the company planned it (this one time, anyway). Turns out the developers intentionally left out this option from the game, adding it on release day through an update patch only lawful players could get. The result? Pirates accidentally outing themselves and getting publicly shamed by Far Cry 4’s director on Twitter.

6 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Are Screwing Over Pirates

Last night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ was illegally downloaded 2.2 million times in 12 hours.

Congratulations, HBO. Game of Thrones is now the most-pirated TV show on the planet. This week’s episode beat the previous one-day record set by the series’ season four premiere, which registered 1.86 million separate illegal downloads within a 24-hour period following its air date. Not that HBO should be worried.

In 1998, Hugo Chavez won the Venezuelan presidential elections, and our interviewee Juan Lopez got to learn what 14 years under a veritable dictatorship does to the gaming scene.

3 Shocking Things You Realize as a Gamer in a Dictatorship

#3. Most Games Are Straight-Up Illegal, So Piracy Is Rampant
In 2009, Wilmer Iglesias, a deputy for the National Assembly, supported a law prohibiting the development, circulation, and sale of toys and video games with violent content. Do you know how many games have some form of the seriously ambiguously worded “violent content”? … Shooters, fighting games, RPGs – all illegal. A retailer faces fines of up to 260,000 bolivares ($20,000 U.S.) and 5 years in prison if the authorities catch them selling banned games.

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South Korean officials raid company suspected of Nintendo piracy
  • 25 suspects arrested for allegedly selling pirated software for the portable Nintendo DS
  • 90,000 pirated games and flash cart piracy devices were sold by the company since opening in April
  • $87M  worth of merchandise was sold before South Korean officials raided the company source

New episodes

I have plans for many new episodes coming days and weeks.
The following games is expected to be shown


Age of Conan


Pixel Piracy

Timber and Stone

I recently had a big focus on Indie Games because i think they can be really great and creative games made by a small crew of people taking the risk to get the reward.


I’m now on an active subscription of Age of Conan and i intend to make new Dungeon Walkthroughs soon.
There will also be new Adventure episodes aswell which is the ones i do all kinds of randoms things you can do ingame.

New How To Videos

I also plan to do more of the How To videos like the one i did recently showing where you can find the New NPC Chronicler of Deeds.

New Custom UI Tutorial

I will remake the Custom UI Tutorial to feature the new ikos ui instead of the old fds.
I might also cover some of the other UI’s over time.

That’s the plans for the moment.
As always tho by request i might add more games to the active series but i want to make sure i can get up episodes with few games more frequent.

Thanks for reading and have Great day now!