game pick ups

Jack:  *gives insightful commentary on the way people think and act*

Jack:  *deconstructs the themes and mechanics of video games*

Jack:  *picks up on subtext and foreshadowing*

Jack:  *solves puzzles while actively making witty remarks*

Jack:  *overlooks an item*

YouTube Comments:  “wow jack is really stupid”


I picked up Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ for the Switch today! this is my first time trying this title (despite it coming out on every other platform to date)! And to my surprise - this one is packed with a manual and stickers! The manual is full color and sports some beautiful pieces of art. The whole thing is very reminiscent of the old SNES manuals, which is great!


Part 1 of the “Shitty Pick-Up Line” comic series that no one asked for

like he’s literally holding a phone

I’ll be making several of these and they’ll tell a lil tale of McCree trying to court Hanzo with bad jokes and witty puns

| Part 1 | Part 2 |


I’m posting a bunch of stuff I ordered or was gifted for my birthday (December 7th)! I’ve been a few days late posting about all this stuff because…well I got so much q.q…This is part 4 of..I have no idea x.x

I also got The Last Guardian! I’ve actually been really enjoying it. For myself it has been an emotional roller coaster q.q. I can see why this game is so divisive though