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Floral recs for Fauna.
My little deer loves all the flowers!!

A special thanks to @honey-dream-girls for the top rec and @dreamy-girlfriend for the bottom rec. My squad always gives me the best outfits. 😍

Nick what is wrong nick no don’t be sad pls when you are sad it makes us all sad pLS LET US CUDDLE YOU NICK

Scruffy Li has returned. Somehow I don’t think shaving would be a priority on the island.



Entry 28

He had a fit yesterday. Another violent outburst followed by another bad seizure. He didn’t recognize me when I talked him down. His eyes were looking right through me.

I knew this was coming, but it still doesn’t stop it from hurting. He said it would get worse.

But what happened last night hurt even more.

I was tucking him in. Making sure he was comfortable and his bed was clean and the TV was flipped on the movie channel. He was watching me all the while. I tried to ignore it and finish quickly. But just as I’m turning to leave, he grabs my hand.

I swallow hard and force myself to look at him. He’s smiling at me with tired eyes. I can’t remember if I smiled back. He closes his eyes and brings my hand to his face and I can’t decide if I should pull away or not. I don’t.

He presses his lips to my palm and a knot forms in my throat while he whispers three words into my skin