game over iv


Mystic messenger’s MC’s are so awesome!!!

although i played using Mc 4 the whole way, i still really like all the others!! (forgive me for not drawing you unicorn mc T^T)


don’t forget about me,don’t forget about me

even when i doubt you–

im no good without you

reset theory got me like…..

also this has been sitting in my WIP pile for a month and i just got around to finishing it lmao this game stole my soul



this may not seem like a big deal, but my fps skills have gotten worse over time. i become very easily disoriented, confused and turned around. my mind has been losing track of things very quickly and it doesn’t take much to overwhelm me. combined with shaky hands, this is something i have no control over, no matter how much i practice.

i havent won a free-for-all deathmatch in ANY game EVER. so to me, given my hand-eye coordination challenges, this is a big fucking deal.. i feel accomplished, just this one little victory makes me feel proud ;u;

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I've got a question... What are your predictions on Kaoru's 4*? When do you think it will be released? I'm stuck between saving for it and scouting.

adfkja;d same

She does have an upcoming (?) card according to this post that talks about event leaks, but it’s impossible for me to know if she’ll be a 4* or not,. My guess is that she won’t be a 3* because she already had one in the Phantom Thief event, but who knows  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ All I know is that I’m going to hoard star gems until she gets another gacha card and my teams will continue to be mediocre until that day

I’m sorry i couldn't be of more help; best of luck with saving for her!

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Name: Emili 

Nickname(s): Only my parents give me nicknames: Chaka and Emi-chan

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 4′ 9″ [im not an elementary school student i swear]

Sexual Orientation: i have no idea lol

Race/Ethnicity: Japanese <3

Favorite Fruit: the first to come to my head are strawberries. But it’s so hard finding strawberries that arent like perfect basically so its just come to a hard life 

Favorite Season: Fall. I like the colorful leaves :)

Favorite Book: I’m a fool who doesn’t read. Exile me idk

Favorite Flower: Sakura? Is that cliche? idk it just ties in with Japan and it reminds me of japan and how much i miss it so

Favorite Scent: burnt stuff or rainy days

Favorite Color(s): white, light blue, matcha green, 

Favorite Animal(s): cats and dogs. I would think of something more creative but dogs and cats are just so easy to come by and you can pet them without being scared and theyre just so precious i might cry

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: i dont like coffee [i swear im not in elementary] and hot choco is alright but i have to be in just the right mood for it ya know. So i guess Tea :)

Cat or Dog person: omg this is difficult (refer to the question before the last one). But i’ll answer it like this. I like dogs better, BUT I’d rather own a cat. 

Favorite Fictional Character(s): Im gonna go back to who my all time fav was like yearrrsss ago which was Shikamaru from Naruto. You know the shadow guy. He can like control peoples bodies with his shadow. He was so badass.

Number of Blankets you sleep with: 2! One under me and one over me. I usually sleep on the floor (even tho i have a perfectly good bed idk whats wrong with me), but i dont like the feeling of rough carpet so i put the blanket under me and another one to cover me 

Ideal Trip: across Asia, where the final destination is Japan which is where i would stay with my family <3

Blog created: Almost 4 months ago! On January 21st (had to do a little research and go to my archives lol). 

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Like, I kinda get where people who defend fallout 4 come from, from a community standpoint, cause im the same way with mass effect andromeda, like guys I get it, I GET IT ITS A SHITTY GAME, like ive logged over 200 hours into both games so I know better than anyone how shitty they are but I still LIKE them and I just want to go through the tumblr tags and talk about my shitty gay soon to be dads and their terrible straight best friends without being told A LOT what a shitty game it is

i cant really tell you anything about the issue about spamming the tag, thats more a tumblr problem. i remember back in the good ole days when only tagged posts showed up in the tag! n//ow yo/u hav/e to do th/is shi///t j/ust so yo/u c///an tal/k abou/t wh//ateve///r wit/hou///t it sh/ow//ing up.

and i think people are just, not a mindless consuming fandom that theyre perceived to be! these companies make millions of dollars, they have every capability of making a really strong , diverse, and interesting game. but they dont really care if anyone likes or dislikes their games, they just want people to buy them. these games are also expensive, so fans just want what they paid for. if people are criticizing the game itself for actual game mechanics, or racism/homophobia/sexism, you gotta get that you shouldnt take it personally. the issue isnt someone enjoying the game, its that companies are making profit. and the way companies make maximum profit are by mindless uncritical consumerism!

so idk, people are going to complain A LOT but its better then no one complaining at all. id much rather have someone complain and write a 3 page essay post about, say, playersexual companions and how thats an issue with erasing possible gay/lesbian companions… and someone who maaaybe thinking of working in the videogame industry reading that and realizing why its a problem, and just maybe stopping other games from doing it in the future, versus say, everyone living in blissful ignorance and it getting normalized. thats all there is to it for me anyway!

and of course there are going to be some people out there that just complain to complain and say “its bad and you should feel bad” but those arent! constructive! criticisms! so who cares.