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I’ve got a 101.5 degree fever and I keep on thinking like,,, what if Matt and Neil get on the same pro team. (I say, needing to finish up the ghost au and fill @mac-noa‘s prompt. i’ll get on that when I’m feeling better this is just entirely self-indulgent)

  •  Matt hears Neil is transferring to his team and does a happy dance bc that’s his bro son
  •  He offers to share his flat w/ Neil bc Dan is coaching another team farther away and so he lives alone in a place that two people could share
  •  And Neil is like “Sure!” bc that’s his bro dad 
  •  And suddenly 90% of all of Matt’s social media is pictures of Neil Josten 
  •  And just general Neil Josten Appreciation Posts bc he loves his auburn-haired child
  • the other 10% is selfies and pictures of Dan
  • bc in this fandom we’ve always got to include the other 10%
  •  Bc of this, the Brosten tag is trending and tons of fans ship it 
  •  They’re so pure they don’t realize they sound like they’re in a relationship
  •  Neil’s Instagram features a video of a drunk Matt pouring orange soda into cereal and they take that as a confirmation bc the rest of his ig is just exy gear and cats 
    •  "I fear Matt may leave me for Neil”-Dan
  •  Then the minyard-josten rivalry starts and Matt starts the #teamJosten tag 
  •  He gets t-shirts and those foam-hand things
  •  He’s so into this 
  •  The foxes are laughing their asses off and Neil and Andrew are having the time of their lives messing with the press 
  •  In an interview with Matt, he’s asked about the rivalry between his roommate and the goalie 
    •  “Oh yeah they h8 each other, they were always going at it in college." 
    • "Oh rlly?" 
    • "Mmhmm, you could hear Neil’s yelling from the next room." 
    •  (Neil turns the color of his hair when he watches this interview)
    •  (No one lets him live it down) 
  •  When Neil finally transfers to Andrew’s team, there’s quite a few tearful goodbyes 
  •  To both Neil and his cats 
  •  There’s pictures/videos on his ig that’s Matt on his knees reaching out to Neil at the airport while he walks away 
  •  #heartbroken 
  •  When Andreil finally comes out and ends the rivalry Matt’s the first one to support them
  • he goes on twitter and tells the haters to fuck off bc and Andrew didn’t ask for your opinion pls and thank you
  • Neil is kinda disappointed for not being able to tell them off himself but now that Matt’s done his duty Neil has more time to cuddle w/ Andrew so it’s still a win

 It’s just v happy and I’m v high (101.5 so maybe not too high) and I need the Boston Brotp someone talk to me about this

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us anything about your kylux hunger games fic your planning to write?

Yes, thank you for asking! It’s about Hux being raised by a very distant Brendol (my coldest asshole Brendol so far, I think) who was a Victor for District 2 in his youth. Hux’s older brother was also raised as a Career, and Brendol had more hope for him (Brendol Jr. was kinda lovable in this verse, Hux looked up to him ;_;), but he died in his Games and now Hux is about to compete at age eighteen.

Meanwhile, bloodthirsty lunatic Ben Solo volunteers to compete for District 12. Hux notices Ben’s almost supernatural fighting abilities and eerie calm in combat situations during the training period and decides to secretly align with him, though his fellow Careers think he’ll be working with them. Ben finds this amusing and agrees; Hux doesn’t trust him but is ~drawn to him, of course. 

I have the whole thing plotted out and a really good title (not a song title even, though I did steal it from another sort of media…) and I’m looking forward to finally writing/posting—the only thing I’m waffling on are the canon-equivalent identities of the other competitors in terms of how dark I want to make this. In the draft I have started, Phasma is Hux’s fellow District 2 Career competitor and Hux has no problems with the thought of murdering her (or so he tells himself) asoidfjdo everyone is pretty terrible in this. But I should try something different/darker anyway, I feel, and it has some pretty great twists that I’m excited about… thank you for asking! Hoping to start posting this one after I finish two other projects that are ahead of it in ~the queue.


One of the major considerations given to the design of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was making sure that every object in the world could be interacted with in some capacity. From pots to the gossip stones to the seed patches, the world is made to feel full- but the best consideration given here is that some objects can only be interacted with in very specific ways. The world feels full, and alive, but not just a plaything for the player. Everything has a purpose.