game of thrones: season three

Imagine Jaime opening up to you as you take care of him after he lost his hand

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“Aah! Seven Hells that hurts!” the man said, gritting his teeth as you dabbed the clear liquid onto his wound. You pursed your lips, “Seems to be a clean cut. Exposed for quite a while.” You looked up at the man, “You’re lucky to be alive.”

The man chuckled darkly, “Yes, so very lucky to have lost my hand in the best way possible.” You turned to your small bag of medical supplies, “I don’t have quite what I need here in Harrenhal, but I may be able to improvise.”

The man nodded. After a pause he spoke, “I thank you for tending to my–” he gestured vaguely to his stump, “I know it’s not easy to save a man’s life.”

You shrugged and gave a small smile, “It would make it easier if I knew who’s life I was saving. You refuse to tell me your name.” You said as you rummaged through your bag. The man narrowed his eyes, “Let’s just say you would certainly know my name if I told you that it was.”

You found the bandages you were looking for and turned to wrap his wound as you spoke, “Would I know it for the good deeds you have done? Or the bad?”

He shrugged, “Depends on who you’ve talked to. I suppose I’m known as a very good fighter. But I suppose that isn’t so much the case now.” He laughed, but you could tell it was forced. “All this… losing my hand, being separated from… certain people..’ he sighed, “It takes a toll on a man.”

You cut the last of the bandages and nodded, “I can only imagine.” The man looked from you, to his hand, to you again, before finally saying with the ghost of a smirk, “Well, it certainly does help to talk to you about it.”


THREE NEW STILLS OF GAME OF THRONES SEASON 7 RELEASED BY LOS ANGELES TIMES Dany looks absolutely amazing, when I first saw Emilia filming in this dress I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of it but seeing it upclose with the V-Neck she seems to be wearing a lot this season, the scales in the shoulders, the red threaded through the dress. It’s absolutely stunning and I want her now to wear this dress for much more than one scene. I’ve also always preferred her hair down but her hair looks gorgeous here more like it did in S1 Dothraki yet feminine and finally the proper colour she’s meant to have. I’m a big fan of Sansa’s dress here, it looks very elegant and regal like she combined the northern and southern style together. Adore the twin Direwolves that all the Stark’s seem to wearing when they reach Winterfell that she probably makes for them all. She’s also has a similar ring and chain that she had in The Vale aka Dark Sansa. The only thing is I wish they had done something more intricate with her hair, as she’s is a leadership role now I think her hair should be matching that. I think it would make the whole look feel more complete and take attention away from the wig. Arya I’m guessing at the Inn she sees Hot Pie and perhaps Ed Sheeran. This one isn’t as good as quality of a pic but it’s good to see Arya from another angle with her Ned Stark hair.


IMAGINE…being set up on a New Year’s Blind Date with Richard Madden

New Years One Shot #1 !!!

Word Count: 2,554

Warning: None….OH it ends on a cliffhanger!

((I TRIED SO HARRRDDDD….I’m not very good with writing about real people! I’m sorry! This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now though so…here it is. Perhaps next time, if there’s a next time, I’ll try it with Richard and Reader in a more private, relaxed environment.))

Y/B/F – your best friend

Y/E/C – your eye color

Y/n – your name

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“Game of thrones and Walking Dead are two shows where. It can be a main character, and they’re in the middle of something important. And all of a sudden. They’re dead! All bets are off. That’s part of those shows, that I really like.” Burnie Burns, RT podcast #399


I love the pictures, my three favourite of course are Dany/Drogon, Arya and Jon.

I love the Dany and Drogon picture, they look so awesome together in their own kind of field of fire though personally I don’t know why Drogon would be on the ground, dragons are much more effective in the air. we can’t see much of Dany though it looks like she’s wearing the same outfit from the Long Walk but not too sure if she’s wearing the cape and her hair kind looks like a low ponytail of some sort. I love my baby Targaryen embracing her dragon side and getting so involved in battles, Dany has always been much happier being a doer instead of  a sitter.

Jon Snow riding from Winterfell on his way to Dany to romance her with his talk of Ice Zombies, the perfect start of a love story. Can’t wait for Jonerys😍😍😍

I adore the parallel between Jon and Arya both riding their horses on the way to somewhere, they both look incredible. Jon leaving Winterfell and Arya on the road, she’s not at Winterfell though i’m guessing yet as I don’t see any snow and I imagine as Winter is here now it’s pretty much gonna be snowing constantly in the North but also her clothes while warmer than Essos aren’t quite warm enough for Northern weather.

Loved the set photo’s, in the Brienne one behind her is Sansa and Littlefinger so i’m guessing she is part of that scene perhaps just watching them closely. 

I still am not a fan of Sansa’s wig, I know it’s never gonna look good because all the other seasons she had natural hair and now it’s fake but it looks too straight and thin so I think they should of given her either a wavy wig like Dany had in S1 and S2 or braided it like it was in BOTB, still love Sansa though girl is just gonna have a few bad hair days.

In the Tormund picture I can see Brienne and a young girl with brunette hair on the side i’m guessing Lyanna or perhaps even fingers crossed Arya but then again it could be just a young background Northern girl.

Pizza Delivery

Summary: When Sam, Steve, and Bucky order pizza, Sam requests for the cutest delivery person to take the order to the Tower. You show up. 

Word Count: 2,394

Warnings: Light blood/bleeding.

A/N: Omg, I love this fic. Please let me know what you think!

The common living room of the Tower was filled with booming sound effects, Steve, Bucky, and Sam all enraptured in the scenes unfolding before them on the giant T.V. screen Tony had recently installed just last week. Bucky had apparently found an addictive show and it was an extraordinary feat in itself trying to get the three men away from the screen for even a second.

They all pulled back when something dramatic happened, screaming when a character made a wrong decision, and awkwardly coughed as a sex scene was displayed. But they bore through it all and within a week, they had flown through almost three seasons of Game of Thrones.

“I’m telling you,” Bucky said, pausing the show. “That little shithead is going to meet his end soon.”

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“I remember the first time I saw you in the throne room. I’ve never seen anyone look so unhappy. I want very much of you to be happy, Sansa.” —Margaery Tyrell to Sansa Stark

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I can't see dany and jon together either, but because of all the foreshadowing and how they are somehow "in the same boat" i can see they becoming friends and allies, maybe some mutual respect, i would really like targaryen and stark working together, all the shit people talk about how "they wouldn't be on the same side" or "they would be enemies" i don't think it will be like this at all, not at this point of the history.

YEEEEEEEEEEEES! That’s something I can see very clearly as well. I mean, they’ll be allies one way or another, that’s for sure. There’s no way in hell Jon will win the battle against the Night King without Dany. It’s just lost without her dragons and everybody will be dead. So, they’re definitely in the same boat! Oh-oh, see the anology? Just kidding. But yeah, I totally agree with you!

They need each other’s support. Dany needs all the allies she can get if she truly wants to rule the Seven Kingdoms and the North is the biggest part of it, so she pretty much needs his support just as he’ll need her help in the battle that is to come. I completely see both of them making a pact promising aid to one another. Actually, I have in mind that they’ll team up against Cersei and then turn their weapons to the North by the end of the season.

I think all this “enemies” thing is just the people who like the “they don’t like each other, but there’s a sexual tension going on” idea. I don’t see this happening as well. Jon doesn’t give a shit about the Iron Throne, he didn’t even want to be King. Last season we saw his reluctance to fight against the Boltons and save his home, all he wanted was to get warm and now all he cares about is to keep his family and friends safe. They’re no treat to each other, even with Jon being a Targaryen, because he wouldn’t want that unconfortable chair anyway and with this Dany wouldn’t have reason to harm him. What’s to be enemies about then?

It’s not like they’ll be trusting and start bounding since the first moment, they know better than this. But, really, why does people think that? I don’t see the reason. Both of them have been through so much, so there’s mutual respect there. Also, Tyrion and Melisandre are both in Dragonstone with Daenerys and they both know Jon and have nice things to say about him, I think they’ll advise her in his favour. And can I make a confession? I want so much Dany, Jon and Tyrion riding the dragons and burning all that shit. IT’D BE AMAZING! 

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Ava DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey “Proud” of ‘Queen Sugar’s’ Female Director Legacy

“I always say if 'Game of Thrones’ can have three seasons of all male directors, why can’t we have three seasons of all women directors?” said DuVernay.
“We’re in our second season, another season of all women directors and proud that other shows have followed suit,” Queen Sugar creator and executive producer Ava DuVernay said Tuesday night at the show’s press event held at the Four Seasons Los Angeles.

DuVernay, alongside stars Dawn-Lyen Gardner and Kofi Siriboe and executive producer Oprah Winfrey, discussed the upcoming second season and how they have worked to not only create a series that explores contemporary and cultural contexts, but finds a new path for female directors in Hollywood.

As with their first season, the second season of Queen Sugar will have an all-female directorial team, paving the way for helmers new to television.

“I always say if Game of Thrones can have three seasons of all male directors, why can’t we have three seasons of all women directors?” said DuVernay. “If they can do it, why can’t we do it? We’re going to center women, because we can and we want to and we’re at a network owned by a woman, so it makes it easier.”

Study: Female Filmmakers Lost Ground in 2016
This season, Katt Candler, DeMane Davis, Cheryl Dunye, Aurora Guerrero and Amanda Marsalis will join the list of female directors on Queen Sugar.

“All of the women from our season one, every single woman has gone on to be heavily booked. I got a call from a really well-known television show just last week, asking, 'We had someone drop out as a director — can you refer us to one of your season one directors?’ I got on the phone and tried — none of the season one directors are available,” explained DuVernay.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Jessica Chastain publicly expressed her disappointment in the representation of female characters onscreen. DuVernay praised the actress’ defense and expressed hope that something like Queen Sugar is the representation Chastain was urging to see.

“I was proud of her for speaking out at an international space, where it was obviously an intimidating environment,” said DuVernay. “I was even proud of the fact that we stand as one of the very rare examples of the exact opposite of what she’s talking about.”

DuVernay referred to the Bechdel Test, adding that the show’s team likes to make sure two women have a conversation that is not about a man (one of the parameters of the test).

“Over 93 percent of movies and television shows in this country, up through the beginning of 2017, did not pass the test and had one scene where two women have a conversation about themselves or about anything that they have in their mind that does not include interaction with a man,” explained DuVernay. “That’s something that we try to change. Every episode of Queen Sugar has a scene that passes Bechdel, and every film I’ve done so far has had a scene that passed Bechdel, including Selma, which was about a man.”

'Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Not Signed for Sequel
Speaking of female directors, DuVernay said she got emotional seeing Patty Jenkins’ name listed onscreen as the helmer of the recent blockbuster film Wonder Woman. She further added that the various scenes throughout the film portraying equality and minority representation were a landmark to see for those truly looking.

“Some of these, where you unpack issues of sexuality and gender politics, it was a way to do that with a real intention. It was like, 'I’m coming from a place of equity, that colored the whole thing,” said DuVernay. “It didn’t feel wrong and if you weren’t looking for it you wouldn’t have even felt it, but if you were looking for it, you saw something and you saw yourself, and that was a beautiful example of what Hollywood can be, and that’s what happens when you let women behind a camera.”

Winfrey said she is proud of Queen Sugar’s ability to finesse representation and equality that is needed onscreen, and that she relies on her trust in DuVernay’s decisions and visions for the critically acclaimed show.

“One of my great gifts is that I am smart enough to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am. So I trust her, I believe in her. I believe in her vision,” said Winfrey of DuVernay.

For the show’s second season, Monica Macer, a former co-executive producer on Nashville, will take over as executive producer and showrunner for the contemporary drama. “I believe in the vision we originally set for the series, so when she [DuVernay] calls me up … I just go, 'OK!’ I usually don’t have a lot of questions,” said Winfrey.

On Macer’s new role, DuVernay said, “It’s hard to hand your baby off, but it’s easier when it’s family. Sometimes you gotta hand the baby off to family and say 'take care of it,’ so that’s what we’ve done.”

DuVernay is next slated to direct the film adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, once again teaming with Winfrey, who will star in the film. Although Queen Sugar’s reins are being passed to Macer, DuVernay will continue to stay heavily involved in the show.

“I’m approving the scripts and approving all the casting, but I really get my hands into the edit, so Oprah allows me to have the final cut on the episodes. So, the final thing that you see on the air is a collaboration of our vision for it,” said DuVernay.

Queen Sugar returns to OWN with a two-part premiere on Tuesday, June 20, and Wednesday, June 21, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Shout out to the TV Line reporter who spent three questions trying to convince Rob Thomas to give Blaine a redemption arc and make him Liv's Love interest...
  • Q: There are some fans who want to see Liv and Blaine together romantically. Is that out of the question?
  • A: I can say that I have a tough time imagining this murderer of teenagers and Liv getting together. Although you watch Jamie Lannister [on Game of Thrones] and then three seasons later, you find yourself rooting for him. So it has been done. People have been redeemed, effectively, on television. But at this point, I sure have a tough time getting my head around that. We love, love scenes with Blaine and Liv in them, and a lot of Season 2 is about finding reasons for them to be in the same scene together. They will share an enemy in Season 2. Season 1 was largely about zombies going after humans. Season 2 will have a lot of humans going after zombies, and that will make very strange bedfellows of Liv and Blaine – though not literally.
  • Q: I would have said the same about Spike and Buffy and then that happened.
  • A: That’s right. [Laughs]
  • Q: Or even Veronica and Logan [from Veronica Mars].
  • A: Yeah, that’s true. Though I would say if Blaine had only done bum fights, we could put them together. It’s the murdering of people that makes it a bit trickier.

I’m rewatching Game Of Thrones and I’m on season three, episode eight and Tyrion just told Sansa,

“I promise you one thing my lady, I will never hurt You.”
And I freaked out and screamed,
“I ship them so fucking much!”
And then my mom came running into my room, holding a can of mace because she heard me fangirling at 2:03 in the morning. Its times like these I realise that I need help.