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Young Love

Jon x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut

“(Y/N)!” Jon called out, grinning as you hurried through the trees.


“You will never catch me Snow.” You called back and you could hear the younger Stark children running through the woods near you. You laughed, trying to look for Jon as he crept up on you, laughing when you turned and ran into him.


“Forgive me Milady it was not my intent to startle you.” He teased and held out a hand to help you up.


“Well my good Sir I am most afraid that I must tell you I am so startled I may never find my way from these woods.” You giggled when he grinned at you and nodded.

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Sorry for my bad english but I had to say it. Why are you hating on people who want Jieun to die because they don’t like her and saying the KS fandom is toxic ? I don’t want her to die because I think she don’t deserve it even tought she’s was not really kind with my baby bum (so sangwoo) but calm down that’s a fucking fiction she’s not real if y’all can’t tell the difference between wanting REAL people to die and wanting fictional characters to die I can’t help y’all. By exemple I’m watching Game Of Throne and I want Margaery (THE CHARACTER) to die because I don’t like her and the circumstances of the story allow it, I would like to see how the other character would react to this and how it could be interesting for the plot of the story  does that mean I’m disgusting ???? Or when I watch an horror movie and shout  “RUN BITCH RUN OH OOPS YOU’RE DEAD AHAH SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU SHOULD RUN FASTER” it doesn’t mean that I’m ok with the killer or anything…Like it’s not that deep….I feel like you try to find everything to discredit the KS fanbase by putting them down because they don’t think like you and that’s not really cool of you…Please stop acting like you’re better than everyone just because you think you have the right “beilef” so everyone should….I know you want Sangwoo to stop killing people, go to jail and Yoonbum to be free, I wish the same but the truth is…I don’t want it right now, like the story is so gooood as a writer I love how the characters and the story are complex ! THAT’S A THRILLER  NOT SOME MELODRAMATIC ROMANCE I WANT TO BE SUPRISED I WANT MORE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND YES I WANT BLOOD AND TEARS BECAUSE THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THE STORY !!! So if you don’t want it, I think you should stop reading the story and stop insulting people…


Imagine being sad and your Uncles, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister, try to cheeer you up.

You didn’t know whether to be horrified or to laugh at your Uncles antics. For the most part you were pretty much used to your mother’s twin and dwarf brother acting this way when you were upset. But sometimes they took it just a little too far. Tonight, was one of those times. Not only were you in the company of your Mother and Father, the King of and Queen, but there were many Lords and their Ladies, Knights, and Entertainer there as well witnessing the act of your uncles trying to cheer you up.

“Dear Old and New Gods, make them stop.” you groan dropping your head into your hands, but deep down you were smiling from ear to ear that at least someone cared enough to try and make you happy.

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DONE! The She wolf, mother of the prince that was promised and the Knight of the laughing tree. I would sell my face to watch a GOT spin off featuring The  Tourney at Harrenhal and Robert’s Rebellion. More awesome ladies to come ;)


“It’s all right, (y/n). You’re safe now. Nothing can hurt you; I’ve got you.”

Daena Targaryen, The Defiant. 

Mother of the Blackfyre bastards, sister to Baelor the Blessed and Daeron, The Young Dragon. She was wild, strong and beautiful; a marvelous horsewoman, hunter and archer. 


“news from Y/N?” Robb asked when he saw the letter.

Theon handed it to Robb, “you’re not going to like it.”

Robb skimmed over it then looked at Theon in shock, “betrothed? she’s going to be married?!”

“i hear her betrothed is quite the looker.” Theon grinned.

Robb clenched his jaw, “we’ll see about that.”