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Enough with the Sansa vs Jon thingy

(really long post, bear with me)

That’s right.  Because it’s not gonna happen.  Inevitably, those who are on the “Anti-Sansa” side are saying that she betrays him.  I don’t see that happening. If we have watched closely this Season 6, there were no signs at all from Sansa that she wants to rule Winterfell, from Jon and Sansa’s reunion on the 4th episode she only wanted back HER HOME,Winterfell.

Cut to the scene where Ramsey sends a missive that they all read, she tells Jon that he is the ONLY son of the last true warden of North.  Having said that, the next episode has her telling again Sir Davos that Jon is Ned Stark’s son even if he is a bastard.  Why is this so important? Here she declares her loyalty and recognition that Jon is the one who will head Winterfell. 

The next scene we see her gift Jon with a cloak, similar to what Ned used to wear, that was significant because then, she made it official, she handed him the job of running/taking/heading Winterfell.  In the coming episodes, she only wanted to win, she couldn’t bear to see another failure if ever as evidenced when she tells Jon that no one could protect her.

We now go to her not telling of her missive to Littlefinger.  I honestly believe that even she didn’t know if they would come to their aid, or if they could come on time.  Hence, when Jon asked her what to do, she couldn’t answer.  I guess, she didn’t want to get Jon’s hope up that they were having the Vale knights come to their rescue, and sparing him the burden of having a debt of gratitude to Littlefinger if they happened to come.

Again, this last episode, we see her defer her right again, by declining the Lord’s chambers and having Jon have it instead while declaring yet again that Jon is a Stark to her.  Her face when she says she’s sorry says it all too, we see her feel really bad. (not to mention those crazy vibes we get from Kit and Sophie when they’re together onscreen, more of that later.)

We go now to her scene with Littlefinger where she tells him that she only prayed for the things she wanted and never for the things she had,  That line totally struck a cord in me, here she’s definitely trying to hold dear to her heart her home, and yes, her family, even if it is at the moment, only Jon. A far cry from her dreams of having babies with Joffrey and being a queen.  While she rebuffed Littlefinger, you see her worried, not confused, though I know Littlefinger will definitely try to manipulate her.  When Lady Mormont makes her rousing speech (hear, hear for Lady Lyanna!), and where she declares that she does not care if he’s a bastard, we see a loving smile off Sansa’s lips, a confirmation of her declaring that she doesn’t care whether Jon is a bastard son.  The look she sees on Littlefinger only has her worried.  Let us remember that she doesn’t trust LF anymore too, she told him that straight to his face, and again when she was asked by Jon if she trusted him.

Hence, a big showdown between LF and Sansa will be going down this Season 7.  Let’s remember that Sansa has a prophecy too, not said in the series but in the books (remember Cersei’s? and we got confirmation of that this Finale) here is what it said:

“I dreamt of a maid at a feast with purple serpents in her hair, venom dripping from their fangs.  And later I dreamt that same maid again, slaying a savage giant in a castle built of snow.  “

Clearly, the first is about Joffrey, (it was a hairnet in the books, in the series they changed it to her necklace) The second one I am inclined to believe that it is LF.  There’s an article that deals with this which was informative and had me believing that it might be Littlefinger.  LIttlefinger’s roots are from Braavos, his grandfather when becoming a member of the Westerosi nobility took the Titan of Braavos as his sigil. LF has dropped that in favor of a mockingbird, but that fact still makes people speculate LF is the “giant” Sansa will slay.  But who knows, GRRM might make a turnaround and screw with our heads again.  But in the show right now, where LF is at Winterfell, it might really boil down to a LF/Sansa showdown the next season. (I hope so, I’m liking the idea that Ghost rips him apart, OR have her marry Jon.bahahaha)

We now go to the Jon/Sansa part.  I am more convinced now that a union of this 2 will likely happen.  I was so down with the Jon/Daeny union (hello, they are Targs), but this Season 6 got me thinking, it isn’t so farfetched.  With Daeny, yes they could conquer the 7 kingdoms together, but they would be lacking a part: AN HEIR.  They have established Daeny to be barren, hence, making no one to inherit, Jon is the only one now left to sire heirs for both the Targs AND Starks.  I don’t see Bran marrying, Arya might not be too, that only leaves Sansa now to be free to sire an heir.  Politically, their union would be the BOMB!  Especially now that yes, R+L=J.  I also think he is not a bastard, on the Targ side too, since R definitely loved Lyanna.(or so they tell in the books) Hopefully in the new books and in the coming season we get to establish that.  It definitely won’t start with a romance, this is Westeros after all, but eventually, when we follow GRRM’s original manuscript he has Jon fall in love with one of his “sisters,” but when his true lineage comes to light, their relationship will work out for most.  This was a triangle between Jon/Arya/Tyrion in the manuscript but some were changed, it might be Sansa now who takes Arya’s place and LF for Tyrion. 

This season 6 has us also seeing the dynamic with Jon and Sansa given that they absolutely had no scenes together since Season 1, and what we get are a lot of parallels of them being Ned/Cat 2.0. (kudos to Kit & Sophie, alot of chemistry between those 2)  They laugh, they cry, they argue, which was basically Ned and Catelyn.  They value loyalty, duty, and family even while Sansa is in the south, and Jon at the Wall they had that in common.  They are more alike than they are different.  Which has me thinking also on how Jon practically stares at her (and gives her forehead kisses mind) when she tells that he IS a stark, given that they NEVER were close.  Wonderment is probably the correct term for Jon’s significant looks to Sansa and thereby when the time comes for these lovely couple to marry, (even if not for love at first, they will soon learn that they do love each other without a doubt.) Plus it reminds me too of what Ned told Sansa back in Season 1, episode 6:

When you’re old enough, I’ll make you a match with someone who is worthy of you. Someone who is brave and gentle and strong. “ 

Isn’t not that foreshadowing an engagement between the 2?  Ned was opposed to both Sansa’s engagement to Joffrey, and to Jon taking the black, he might have wanted one of his daughters to wed Jon then, when the time comes and Jon is revealed to be a Targaryen.

Going back to the books, and re-reading the few lines about their POVs of one another, which are hardly any at all, the most significant one was when Jon was stabbed and his last thoughts were of Sansa, brushing Lady’s coat.  I guess, in the 6th book too, GRRM wanted this 2 among the Starks to first reunite, to give credence to this R+L=J thingy, and I’m not complaining.  Among the remaining 4 Stark siblings/cousins, if any one should have a happy ending, it should be Jon and Sansa.

And so, I rest my Sansa vs Jon thingy on Season 7.  Hello, it’s gonna be Sansa vs. LF (especially when she learns of his hand in Ned’s death) and I’m gonna absolutely look forward to that.