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Mariya Martell, the Princess of Dorne, was an old woman during the War of Conquest–called "The Yellow Toad of Dorne" by Argilac Durrendon, the Storm King. When Aegon Targaryen came with his dragons, Mariya promised the might of Dorne if she would be delivered the fall of the House of Durrendon–sword and steed, bearing the sun and spear of her house–yet she refused to bend the knee. She offered only her allegiance, and no more. The Targaryens wanted absolute surrender. Rhaenys, Aegon’s sister-queen, led the invasion of Dorne. Masters of their land, the Dornishmen retaliated with petty skirmishes that plagued the Targaryen army, only to retreat, hide, and attack anew when they found the opportunity. Their enemies elusive, Rhaenys finally flew to Sunspear on her dragon Meraxes, and there demanded the princess’ surrender. She refused. Rhaenys promised to return, to destroy them with fire and blood. Unbowed, unbent, unbroken, said the princess, and since then Dorne had remained free and independent of the Iron Throne.

(with Lea Seydoux as Rhaenys Targaryen)

Team Sansa Deserves Better 2k17

One of the reasons, I’m very much invested in the Jonsa ship is probably due to the sense of familiarity I get from Sansa’s character. Sansa was naive, she always believe in fairytales stories, knights in shining armor, golden haired prince and all the good things in life. She didn’t sign up for any of this. Never was interested in other people’s problem but her own. Call her selfish and ignorant, but I was also the same.

 Along the way the universe proves her the opposite, it shows her all the hardships in life in every way possible. Not only her view’s in life changes, but also her perspective in relationship changes. She made stupid mistakes, she got regrets; decisions that she can’t undo. Sansa was no longer a naive little girl, she was molded and shaped into another version of herself, she never thought she would be in a million years. 

The outcome of all the torment and agony of every past experiences she’s gone through has resulted in a form (one of them) of trust issues. She’s been on her own for a long time, trying to be brave even though it was the hardest thing to do on the list. Then comes Jon. He took care of her, defend her honor, fight for her and will protect her with every single bone in his body, without wanting anything in return. 

Just the idea of someone proving you wrong, in this case is such a beautiful thing. When you believe in an idea for a long time, where you thought the world is a cruel place where no goodness left. Then suddenly someone comes into your life, proving you wrong and becomes your ray of sunlight and brings you hope. I fall in love with this idea. I wish i could experience having someone just like that. 

Bottomline I’m rooting for Jon and Sansa, because i think he is one of the major contributor of her happiness haha. Sansa Stark deserves a good ending, she deserves to be happy. (and fuck the cousin incest thingy, this is game of thrones alright. We all know one way or another this kind of thing will happen). Peace out.


Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 5

I don’t want to say Riverdale would be much better without its main character, but I would much rather have the clumsy Archie from the comics than this uncapable of critical thinking and quite cruel guy.

I mean, my blonde best friend has been getting calls from a potential serial killer and now, out of nowhere, is pushing people away so hard even her ponytail is down. Better help the process by punching the life of my other best friend whose been homeless, had to move to completely hostile place and buddy up with a gang for LITERAL survival.

Because poor Archie Andrews can’t spare 5 seconds to explain the situation clearly. All he had to do was say:

 hey man, those guys are bad news but either way, you do you, betty is having some issues with the black hood now, I’ll explain after you do your game of thrones thingie. I’ll be by the trailer if you need anything. ily bb



The Wall, blazing blue and crystalline in the sunlight. Centuries of windblown dirt had pocked and scoured it, covering it like a film, and it often seemed a palegrey, the color of an overcast sky… but when the sun caught it fair on a bright day, it shone, alive with light, a colossal blue-white cliff that filled up half the sky.