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The dragon and the wolf. A summary:

Kill the bastard who wants to be call king:

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Tyrion, bronn and pod reunited:

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The hound and Brienne about Arya:

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Dany arriving late:

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Jon saying Dany is his only queen:

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jon fucking the plan:

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The wight:

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Euron: but can they swim?

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Brienne and Jaime:

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Tyrion: I don’t want to destroy my family 

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Dany: I cannot have children

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Cersei’s plan

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Cersei trying to kill Jaime:

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Dany going with Jon intead of following Jorah’s advice:

theon not dying because he doesn’t have a dick:

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Sansa:  How do you answer these charges…. Lord Baelish?

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Stark siblings:

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Littlefinger’s death:

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Bran: I am the three-eyed raven


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Bran traveling to rhaegar and lyanna’s wedding:

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Meanwhile Tyrion:

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Berric and Tormund in the wall:

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The Night King:

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A brief summary of my fav books

Red Queen - sassy super human who wants to change the world but her crazy EX is being a dick again

The Outsiders - Gay teens being rebellious

Harry Potter - magic and sadness

Percy Jackson - Zeus really needs to keep it in his pants and the rest of the gods need to chill

The Book Thief - a history lesson in the most emotionally damaging kind of way

The Hunger Games - death and birds

Game of thrones - survival series 40x

Starfighter (this is actually a webcomics but close enough) - Gay space and lots of pettiness

Something which constantly baffles me is why so many people sort Sansa into Ravenclaw and Arya into Slytherin - because canonically, personality wise, this should be the complete other way round. 

Sansa is cunning, ambitious, resourceful, determined

She survives King’s Landing by being completely out in the open, and therefore nobody suspects her of ever trying to do anything questionable - because she always has eyes on her (or so it is believed), and she so frequently states her love for Joffrey, everybody believes she is who she presents herself to be. That is cunning

She held the aspiration of wanting to be Queen, alongside Joffrey, thinking how this means she could finally put Arya in her place - and now is aspiring towards being Lady of the Vale, and it is implied, through Littlefinger, the end goal is to have her crowned as Queen in the North. That is ambitious

She knows the society that she is in, and knows the rules and regulations, and uses this to her advantage. She gets people on her side by being the epitome of a well behaved lady, and knows the value of her beauty and her behaviour. She then turns this on its head to make her the one in power, her the one in control, and it elevates her out of the diabolical situations she is forced into. She uses the system she has available, and she plays it. That is resourceful

She is constantly wanting to get home to Winterfell, and everything she does is to aid that in the long run. The Vale is a safe place for her, but she has not forgotten what she is there for. She is there to eventually get home to Winterfell. All of the previous actions stated, actions which are cunning, ambitious, and resourceful, are underpinned by unwavering determination to get home. 

Arya, on the other hand, is intelligent, witty, creative, accepting

She speaks several languages by the time we reach ADWD, is good at mathematics, has a vast knowledge of Westeros’ history and constantly wants to know more, not only understands the societal system she is in but also questions it, knows how to lie and manipulate situations to her advantage, has knowledge of plants and can tell direction from them, and is very intuitive, sensing that they should go far before Yoren sounds the alarm in ACOK. This shows deep intelligence

She gives as good as she gets, regardless of class - jibing with Jon right from the off, hitting Gendry and arguing with him (with no small dash of intellect), when Lommy is going on and on about yielding and they leave him to check the path ahead and he asks “What if the wolves come?” she wittily, to mock him, responds, “Yield.”, gets hit by a range of people for her inability to hold her tongue, because if Arya sees a situation she can be witty and sharp in, she generally always is. This shows she is witty

Arya is confronted with a huge range of situations to struggle through in the books - and she deals with them in a number of different ways. From talking her way out of a situation, to using Jaqen H’gar, to straight up killing people herself, to learning how to play the game of Faces, to gaining comfort through warging as Nymeria; Arya shows she has a huge breadth of creativity with facing these problems. 

She also speaks with everyone, and gets on with and makes friends with everyone, regardless of their class. In fact, class is rather irrelevant to Arya. She never refers to Jon as anything less than her brother; he is a bastard, and she knows this is a big deal in society, but to her it is not, because she is simply her brother, whom she loves. This shows she is accepting

Of course, there is overlap between the two (they are, after all, sisters) - Sansa is most certainly intelligent and at times creative in the way she survives King’s Landing and onwards. Arya is most certainly resourceful and determined on her path. Sansa however, is not particularly witty, and certainly doesn’t accept everyone in the same way Arya does; and Arya meanwhile is not ambitious, and is not particularly cunning either. She has the ability to be, but does not enjoy the game in the same way Sansa does, therefore I don’t feel it counts. 

TL;DR Arya is a Ravenclaw, and Sansa is a Slytherin, and there is more than enough evidence to confirm this.

Pre-Finale Summary of the GoT characters this season, part 1 (Mild Spoilers)
  • Dany: "BEND THE KNEE!"
  • Tyrion: (continous heavy sighs with bits of internal screaming in between)
  • Sansa: "Man, Christmas suckssss this year-"
  • Tormund: "Did I mention how much I love Brienne of Tarth who is 100% my wife and mother of our multiple children-"
  • Cersei: ("Be Prepared" from Lion King plays)
  • Euron: "DAMN I LOVE MY JOB!"
  • Davos: (concerned parent)
  • Jaime: "wut..."
  • Littlefinger: (that "maniacal laugh" scene from "The Muppets")
a song of ice and fire [1]

summary: Winter is nearly here. ||  game of thrones au || bucky x reader

warnings: none, unless you count the use of the word whore and bastard offensive, james is very sarcastic and i love it

note:Yes, I know I’m starting ANOTHER series. Sue me. I was excited to write this. Just a little set up for the series, I guess. This is not going to be exactly like Game of Thrones, mind you. This is going to be inspired by it, with my own twist to the story. I hope you all enjoy it! Feedback is always appreciated!

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Game of Thrones Season 6: A Short Plot Summary.