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Game of Thrones Season 6: A Short Plot Summary.
"Stop stepping on my feet!"-Robb Stark x Reader One Shot

(A/N: Who would have thought that I was a huge need for Game of Thrones too?)

Summary: The Starks have to travel to attend a ball hosted by their close friends. Robb has been set up in an arranged marriage with a childhood friend (the reader) who he will be seeing but does not know how to dance and knows that this will be expected of him when he arrives. Hours before the gathering, (Y/N) decides to help, bringing them closer together.

Characters: Robb Stark x Reader, mentions of the Starks

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Warnings: Nothing but fluff (everyone is alive in this Game Of Thrones imagine. I wish that was true.)

“Lady (Y/L/N), the guests have arrived. Your parents have requested that you greet them in the yard.” one of my ladies in ladies informed me.

I thanked her as she curtsied. Quickly looking into the mirror, I made sure that I looked presentable before squealing. The Starks were here to attend our annual ball, they were close friends of ours. Their eldest child Robb was my fiance and I couldn’t be happier. When I was first told that my arranged marriage had been sorted, I prayed that they would be at least kind to me. Many girls had stories of marrying men much older and were very cruel. The Gods must have been graciously looking down on me to pair me with such a handsome, lovely, brave man such as Robb Stark.

I stood with my parents in the yard in front of our castle. The staff were also stood behind us, ready to greet our guests. As they arrived in their carriages and on their horses I spotted my mother looking down at me through my peripheral vision. Glancing up, she smiled down at me, seeing how excited I was to see my fiance again. There he was, right behind his father. Our eyes locked onto each other, sharing a small smile. We had definitely missed each other.

After greeting each other we left the Starks to get settled into their rooms. My parents were checking up on the final preparations for the ball, they wanted everything to be perfect. They held this ball every year as a way to bring close friends and families together, to celebrate the good times for once; it was also a great way for matches to be made. Whilst they were busyl, I wandered towards the guest rooms, knowing that Robb would be in the one he always was in. I knocked on the door before his voice called out.

He turned to face me, a huge smile evident.“(Y/N)!”

I giggled as he ran forward and embraced me, lifting me off of the ground as he spun us around. He quickly and unexpectedly kissed me as soon as my feet touched the floor. I never thought that I could feel like this, it was such a lovely feeling. As we pulled away, it took us a few moments to catch our breath.

A quiet bark brought me back to the real world. Looking down, I saw Greywind at my feet, staring up at me with a grin and tongue poking out. Leaning down to his height I made a fuss of him. He rested his head on my knees before Robb drew the attention back on himself. I stood back up, Robb immediately taking me back into his embrace.

“I can’t believe you’re here. I’ve spent too many months without you.” my hands absentmindedly played with his curly hair as I looked into his blue eyes.

“It does seem a little strange. We shall soon be together though. Just think, we’ll be married soon.”

I let out a breathy laugh.“It’s too exciting. We will hold a ball such as this, invite all of our friends and dance all night together.”

“There is one small problem.” he wouldn’t look at me.

I started to panic. What on earth could he be on about? He wasn’t having second thoughts was he?

“W-what’s that?”

“I cannot dance.”

I let out a sigh of relief before laughing.

He scolded.“It is not funny. I did not pay attention to my mother or Septa during those lessons. I was far too busy learning how to weild a sword.”

“I’m sorry my love, I am not laughing at you. I’m just relieved that it was not something bad. But we have a ball tonight and we must change the fact that you cannot dance.”

“I was so nervous coming here. I’ve been to balls before but I somehow always got out of the dancing part.”

“Well we still have a few hours before it starts.” I held out my hand.

“You are going to teach me?” he hesitantly took it.

“Of course. I can’t have my future husband step all over my toes on our first dance at our wedding.”

We stayed in his room for the whole afternoon. I was determined to teach him some steps in order for at least one flawless dance tonight. He listened intently, trying to remember the moves I showed him, he started to get frustrated at one point; even giving up. But I too was stubborn, there was no way he was going to just stop because he couldn’t do it. Greywind was laying on the bed, watching as these humans moved around the room in a silly fashion.

He was starting to get the hang of it after two hours of non stop dancing. However Robb got over confident, hurting me in the process.

“Ow!” I cried out as he stepped into my foot.

“I am so sorry! I did not mean that.” he jumped away from me.

I softly smiled, ignoring the pain.“Stop stepping on my feet!”

Unfortunately the lesson had to stop. We were to get ready for the ball as it was not far away now. My mother was constantly asking me questions about where I was the whole time. When I told her the truth she only giggled, happy that I was spending time with my fiance. After an hour of my handmaidens preparing me for the ball I was finally set to go. We were to walk in with the Starks, announcing our arrival to everyone. As we made our way down the ballroom, I started to feel nervous. This was mine and Robb’s first time appearing together and for some reason it was making butterflies appear in my stomach. As soon as I saw him though, I knew I would be safe with him.

The night was filled with laughter and chatter, food and wine hogged the table space. Decorations decked the walls to add a splash of colour, brightening the room alongside the beautifully lit chandeliers. There were so many people here, no one ever missed this event; houses sometimes even begged to be invited. It was difficult to move in some places as the crowds were so big. Robb and I had somehow been operated after the meal was over, I desperately wanted to spend time with him. All that I heard were ‘congratulations’ and how excited everyone was for my wedding. At any other time I would have happily talked about it but my actual fiance was no where to be seen.

“Looking for me?” a hushed voice spoke into my ear, making me jump.

Spinning around in shock, I playfully hit Robb on the arm.“You startled me! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“And I, you.” he linked our hands together.

After a few seconds of silence, I raised an eyebrow at him.“So?”

“So what?”

“Aren’t you going to ask me to dance?”

He let out a nervous laugh.

“I didn’t spend all afternoon teaching my fiance to dance for nothing. Please, we’ve never danced together before.”

He looked away for a moment but smiled at me. Tugging me along, we made our way to the centre of the room where the dancing was being held. Robb didn’t look too comfortable. Instead of letting him chicken out at the last second, I placed one if his hands I’m my waist and the other in my hand. Craving my neck up at his tall figure, I tried to send a reasurring smile his way before the music started up again.

“Everyone is watching.” Robb whispered.

“They’re watching everyone dancing, not just us. Smile, look at me and please don’t step on my feet.”

How could Robb go head on into battle without even blinking but the thought of dancing scared him? He had worried himself too much because it turned out that he was an excellent dancer (all thanks to his great teacher), actually swooning me quite a bit. We laughed together as he dipped me, or spun me and even when he lifted me into the air unexpectedly. Once the song was over, I expected him to walk away from the dance floor but that was not the case. We ended up dancing for a majority of the night, both breathless. One thing was certain, our first dance at our wedding was going to be amazing.
Beet Juice - olivia_beige - A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Beet Juice

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones

Relationship: Tommen Baratheon & Rhaenys Targaryen

Summary: When Tommen was very little, he used to love beets. Then he met a black cat and the girl under the bed.

Wordcount:  1,909

SanSan Fic: This Thing Called Love

Summary: Sansa’s never met a man like Sandor before. He effortlessly demolishes all the walls around her inhibitions, heart, and sanity, making her behave in ways she never would have dreamed. If they can manage to smuggle her out of King’s Landing, and away from her fiancé Joffrey, they might actually have a fighting change at a relationship.

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Summary: As annoyed as Arya Stark was thanks to her brothers after finishing her fencing lessons she still had to return home so she did the smartest option ad took a taxi. She should have listened to the legend that was going around about a cab tha didn’t take people to where they wanted to be but where they needed to be. Arya was too old to believe in that nonsense

Arya looked at the passing cars in front of her waiting for the taxi that was supposed to pass soon; she played with the phone between her hands cursing her brothers for being unable to pick her up from her fencing lessons.

-Idiots- she muttered pushing herself against the light post not wanting to stay standing like that any longer. The city lights shined above her making clear that it was already past seven and reminding her that if she arrived home a minute after eight she would have to hear her mother nagging about the danger of a fifteen years old being alone outside at such hours. It wasn’t the latest she had been outside but her mother tended to worry about the most ridiculous of things.
Finally, after waiting for another fifteen minutes and shouting out to three different taxis that completely ignored her like if she wasn’t there a cab stopped in front of her answering her prayers. Quickly she accommodated her bag over her shoulder and ran at the vehicle before the driver changed his mind and left her alone to wait for another cab.
-Good night miss- the man inside greeted with a soft smile, he was bald and for some reason Arya didn’t comprehend entirely he was wearing a cap inside the Taxi. The fact that he identified her as a lady so quickly amazed her, because with her short hair (courtesy of a boy with the mentality of a five year old who stitched gum to her hair) and her slightly boyish attitude and even thought she didn’t mind the confusion (or perhaps she was to used to it to care about it anymore) but it was nice to be identified for who she was.

-Good night- answered as she made her way to the inside of the car pushing her bag to one side and pulling out her cell phone to send a message to her mother letting her know that she would arrive soon.

There was a rumor that was starting to run around the city that there was a taxi that did not take people were they wanted to be but rather were they were needed to be, It seemed to childish to Arya even believe in it, it was only recently that the words “That wasn’t very ladylike” were the words her soul mate was supposed to tell her and not some weird birthmark. She had different variants of that words like “You’re a tomboy” but never specifically those words and in a way, it would be weird to get to hear them.

-Where do you want to go miss?- the man asked as she took her phone between her hands and started to play Piano Tiles with her headphones,

-Winterfell street number 5- She spoke as she moved her hands to the music’s compass.

Arya continued the entire road without looking up from the screen of her phone; she was invested in passing the level and completing the songs that lacked crowns.  The driver spoke to her but she could barely hear him over her headphones

-Fuck I lost!- she yelled, it was then when she noticed that the driver has stopped and that he was turning his head to her, her cheeks covered in a soft pink from embarrassment

-Sorry- she said handing the man twenty dollars; it was what the drivers usually charged her in her way home anyway, Arya took her bag and headed out of the taxi without even looking to where she was, it wasn’t her house’s door it was a dark alley, it seemed like the kind of street her mother always warned her to stay away from.

-Excuse me…

When she turned her head to tell the man that he might have made a mistake the taxi and the man she initially thought was nice was gone and she was left alone in the dark alley. Arya cursed her luck, holding her bag tighter in case she needed to punch someone and run away. Even if she was still pissed it didn’t take her too long to realize that the place in front of her was still open and it looked like an innocent place even if it was in a street she was brought to without her knowledge.

Slowly she opened the place’s door founding herself in the middle of a lot of different decorations made of metal, it also had a few swords that Arya watched in shock, the sight of an actual sword was something rare, and watching one in front of her that wasn’t the family’s reliquary amazed her.

-May I help you?- a low voice sounded behind her and she had to turn her head to see the counter and the man behind it, he had black hair a small beard growing and it was attractive even if Arya wouldn’t admit it out loud, he was looking at her in slight surprise at the sudden entrance.

-Yes- Arya answered as she got closer to him noticing how green the man’s eyes were -I’m lost- she admitted as she leaned over the counter where he was still looking curious around her, behind the counter was a small fridge

-And what am I supposed to do about that? - he mocked a small smirk adorned his features making her growl in annoyance

-I need to call my cousin so he can pick me up, tell me the address of this place- Arya asked upset at the man and how he seemed to have fun with her problem.

-Sure it’s King’s street number 37- he told her as she dialed Jon’s number knowing he would be more understanding and wouldn’t run to tell her mother like Robb would do.

-Jon- she called him as soon as the ringing stopped making her let out a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t need to call her oldest brother or her sister and her annoying boyfriend

-Hello Arya- she could hear how confused he was by the sudden call when she was supposed to be arriving home

-I need you to pick me up- she bursted saying the sentence as if it was one word.

-What? Why? You know I can’t my car is broken- he explained as he tried to avoid his curious cousin that was prying over him trying to get him to say who was on the phone with him

-Well then take Robb’s! - She could feel her patience descending with every second that passed, the boy looked at her curious feeling a small ounce of pity for the girl

-Arya what’s wrong?- He sounded more alarmed than he intended and she knew that, he was usually a pretty calm man, instead now he was trying to figure out where his cousin was hoping she wasn’t in danger.

-I got into a cab but instead of taking me home she took me to this place in King’s street number 37 so I need someone to pick me up- she admitted, the line was silent for a few seconds and she could swear that she heard Robb and Jon arguing

-I’ll arrive in ten minutes, don’t move- he said firmly hanging the phone. At the silence she guarded her phone in her bag and sat in front of the counter where the man was.

-You know, a girl like you should be more careful- the man started with a slight smile. Arya stared at him in hate, she would be lucky if her mother didn’t scold her when she arrived home; the last thing she needed was a stranger scolding her as well.

-I’m not a girl! - She answered sounding more childish than she would have liked, he gulped Arya watched his reaction curious.

-Yes you are- he said defending himself, -do you think I’m stupid? - He laughed. 

She stood up from where she was taking the broom that was lying against the door and using it to hit him until he took it from her hands and pulled it away leaving it next to the fridge that was behind him

-Well, that wasn’t very ladylike- he mocked. Arya for the first time in what felt like forever was frozen in her place, there wasn’t even a violent or sarcastic response she could mutter, her brain was too busy processing the words that came out from his lips.

-You… - she started unable to finish the sentence she cursed her own brain for not giving her a reaction at all

-Me, what? - He asked leaning closer to her even if the counter was between them, he rested over his hands so he could be at the same height as her and he let his lips curve into a smirk.

-You’re my… - she muttered still in shock as she let the thoughts inside finally come to a logical conclusion

-Gendry Waters- he put his hand in front of him ready to greet her, she looked at his hand and then at the smile he was giving her, this smile was sweeter

-Arya Stark- she mumbled shaking his hand finally putting a soft but firm smile, to his eyes she suddenly seemed proud like if she was trying to imply that it was a blessing for him to get to know her

-A pleasure to meet you Arya- He said as she let go of his firm grasp

-Well of course it is, you just met your soul mate- Arya joked making him laugh, it sounded deep and Arya found herself enjoying the sound.

-Very funny Stark- he laughed opening a small fridge he had behind him. He turned himself to throw her a soda that she caught. –So, what do you like to do? Besides getting into cabs and getting lost at dark streets- He cleared, Arya sat over the counter using the chair to put her feet sitting over the glass counter.

-Very funny- she mocked taking a drink from the soda –I go to fencing lessons, I spend too much time in videogames to my mom’s liking and go to school for obligation even if I don’t do so bad at it- she narrated taking a drink from the can–How about you?-

-I go to college at night and work in here during the day- he said leaning to the wall,

-What do you study? - She asked in pure curiosity eyeing a sword

-Art- he said –Although I’m better at sculpting than drawing. I made the sword you’re staring at- he signaled, Arya jumped from the counter and walked to the metal sword that stood above her making it impossible for her to reach.

-Are you serious?- She said amazed –It’s an amazing sword- She didn’t realize when he got closer and reached for the sword from behind her to give the young girl a closer look at it

-Thank you- he said handing her the sword so she could look at it closer.

-Let’s fight! - She exclaimed and he could have sworn he saw her eyes shine in pure excitement

-What?- he asked genuinely confused

-Yes, we can have a swordfight, I can use that one and you can pick another one- she motioned to the sword he was holding between his hands –Or are you scared?- Arya teased, he handed her the sword as he reached for another

-Bring it Stark- he said, as he prepared himself to fight with her, this time she smirked,

-First mistake, being an easy target- she spoke as she got closer to him with her sword in her hand, he barely managed to cover the attack she threw him, they had be careful the last thing he wanted was to acquire a debt with the store’s owner to add to his own student loans.

They kept fighting for a while exchanging attacks with each other, Arya was making it easier for Gendry because she had practiced fencing since she was eight years old and she doubted he could even hold a sword correctly, still; she found it was funnier than a real competition like when she played football with her family, it wasn’t for an award it was for the simple delight of enjoying it and she loved that feeling. The sound of metal clashing against metal could be heard; both of them looked at the other in all seriousness as if it was a real fight, containing the laugh that they wanted to let out.

It was then when an attack Arya made pushed Gendry onto his back and in an attempt to stay standing he ended up with his back against the counter and sword still in hand, Arya looked at him from the height she had over him at the moment and held his sword against his throath

-Any last words Waters?- she joked with a serious face making him let out a small laugh that sounded like an exhalation, it had been years since he had that much fun

-Ehem- both of them turned to the voice finding Jon in the door staring at them in confusion and amusement at the sight of Gendry over the counter and his sister holding a sword near his neck, it surprised her how he could be so silent sometimes.

-Jon, you’re here! - smiled Arya as she got closer to him leaving Gendry to stand up and pick up the pieces of his broken pride he had to admit that he had enjoyed the fight even if he was unfamiliar with doing it professionally it still was fun to find someone willing to have a good time with it

-Yes, - he stated a small smile on his face –Do you mind telling me what is going on?- he probed as the teen blushed changing her sight between her brother and her soulmate

-Well Gendry showed me his sword so I challenged him to a duel- she explained as Gendry raised a hand in salutation.

-Alright- Jon sniggered as he patted Arya’s head to what he earned a slight punch –We should go home, you’re mother is worried and you have school tomorrow- she grunted in response, with her father’s journey she hoped that she could avoid going to school next day.

-Wait- Gendry said stopping both of them –Arya how old are you? - He probed

-Fifteen- she said shrugging her shoulders, he stood there dumbfounded

-You’re fifteen?- he asked amazed –But I’m twenty- he signaled himself in surprise as if he needed to give an explanation to her, he couldn’t believe how could fate give him a teenager as his soul mate, Arya was great of course, and slightly adorable but the age difference was larger than what he had expected, Arya seemed to notice this because she let out a small chuckle

-Haven’t I seen you before? - Gendry wondered as he turned to the pair of brothers until his eyes opened wide in realization –Wait aren’t you that model, the nephew of Eddard Stark?- he nagged, Jon furrowed his eyebrows in amusement at the new friend his cousin had made

-Well I think I am, why?-  Jon smiled

-Then you are Eddard Stark’s daughter- he pointed at Arya who couldn’t contain the laugh that emanated from her lips, he didn’t even process the sound

-Fuck- he whispered this time, not even Jon could stop the chuckle that emanated from his lips

-What? - cajoled Arya running to take the bag that she almost forgot taking a small notebook from it.

-So you’re telling me you’re not only rich as fuck but you’re also five years younger than me- he stuttered while she wrote something in the notebook and handed it over to him

-I don’t care if you don’t- she reassured as he took the paper noticing the teenager had written her number in it –But you should call me one of these days because I have to go- she concluded as she stood next to Jon while he opened the door so she could go through it with the bag between her hands

-So, who was that?-Jon nagged, a blush covered her features as he turned on the car and she stared at the window

-No one- she answered sinking in the seat behind him

-Alright- he mocked –Just so you know you’re mother will go crazy when you take no one home-

-Oh I know- she laughed as she sank in her seat as soon as the store was out of sight –And she won’t be able to do anything because “we are soulmates”-

-I thought you didn’t believe in that- Jon inquired without taking his eyes from the road

-I didn’t- she explained –But he seems like a cool guy- she mumbled with a blush giving herself a little to believe in the sudden burst of feelings that flooded in her chest. Even if she didn’t believe before she would definitely give a chance to the guy fate had out on the road for her.

-As you say- he shrugged eyeing her with a small proud smile, finding adorable the way his sister softened even if it was for a little while

“Hello milady”

Sounded a message from her phone and she couldn’t contain the smile that made her way to her lips and the blush that grew in her cheeks

“Hello blacksmith”

Game of Thrones Season 5
  • Episode 1 : IT’S BACK AND I’M SOO EXCITED!!!
  • Episode 2 : OMG DORNE FINALLY and the faceless men!!! DROGON!!!
  • Episode 3 : DARK!SANSA !! Stannis the one true king !!  
  • Episode 4 : The sand snakes I guess ??   Sansa will be strong without Petyr !! STANNIS IS THE BEST DAD EVER!  NOO SER BARRISTAN
  • Episode 5 : Fucking Ramsay Sansa is going to kill you !! Jon are you sure that that’s a good idea ??? JORAH NOOOO 
  • Episode 6 : God the Sand Snakes suck …. Petyr you did not just ???? SANSA WHYYY YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE STRONG ??? 
  • Episode 7 : I’m really worried about Sam … JUST HELP HER THEON !!  STANNIS WOULD NEVER !!!! FUCK OFF MELISANDRE ! 
  • Episode 8 : No don’t send him away again Dany…. CONFESS!!!              WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ???? DEATH , WHITE WALKERS, VALYRIAN STEEL???