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Game of Thrones Season 6: A Short Plot Summary.
convincing [oberyn martell]**

summary: imagine being Sansa’s handmaiden but Oberyn Martell being in love with you and the two of you sneak around trying to see each other

requested by no one, just an idea i had, based off of ‘war of hearts’ by ruelle (loosely)


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The light swept over you in Sansa’s room while you waited for her to call you into her bathing room. Sansa had insisted on bathing herself, assured you that she would call you when she needed her dressing gowns, and so you waited patiently for her to finish. You sighed lightly, your fingers tracing over your arms where Oberyn had held you this morning. The two of you had been sneaking around the castle to see each other, for your fear that someone would find out that you were no longer pure. 

There was a light knock on Sansa’s door, and then a familiar voice rang through. “Lady Sansa?” In the other room, the water swirled. “May I borrow your handmaiden for a moment.” You rushed to the door and opened it, Oberyn’s sly smile greeting you while he stepped into the room. 

“Sansa is washing, it’s just me.” Oberyn’s hands immediately found your waist and he walked the two of you back until your back hit the bedpost. “Oberyn, not here.” You whispered, but his lips attached to yours, silencing your protest to his presence. A small moan was held back when he bit down on your lower lip, a single hand traveling to your bare back. His hands were rough, calloused, and they felt amazing against your supple skin. 

His lips moved over and he kissed the corner of your mouth and across your face to your jaw and then to your ear, down to your collarbone, a hand reaching up to cup your breast while he pressed his lower half into you, grinding against you harshly. Just as you were about to moan, the hand that was on your back clamped over your mouth, his lips moving up to your ear. “Now we can’t have her hearing us, little dove.” His teeth nibbled on your earlobe and then he trailed his lips down to the valley between your breasts, his hands following his suspected trail to your ankles so he could pull up your dress. 

Oberyn pulled the dress up over his head so he was right near your clit, his hands traveling up your thighs to the top of your folds before he massaged his fingers between your lips. Just to hold in a moan, you bit your lip, but couldn’t hold back the gasp when he entered two digits inside of you, pumping in and out slowly. Your eyes snapped open and you turned to the bathing room, making sure that the door was still closed. If Sansa caught you doing this with Oberyn, you would be done for in King’s Landing. Abruptly, you felt Oberyn’s tongue lapping at your folds, and you clamped your hand over your mouth to hold in the moan, his fingers moving faster and faster inside of you all the while.

His other hand went to work along with his tongue, rubbing you while he licked up all the juices from you, and then the knot in your stomach formed, traveling down quickly until it exploded at your clit onto Oberyn’s hand. He licked your thighs to clean up the excess and then removed himself from beneath the dress. You watched him lick his fingers and then he kissed you passionately, his hands back on your waist. “Y/N?” 

Oberyn looked to the bathing room where Sansa was calling you, and he pressed his lips to yours one more time before he walked back to the door. “You had better attend to your Lady, so I will bid you goodbye. King Joffrey requests Sansa’s presence in the Throne Room.” You smiled and walked to the bathing room. 

“I’m coming, Lady Sansa.” You opened the door and took hold of her dressing gowns, Sansa stepping out of the tub. 

“What did Oberyn Martell want?”

You swallowed thickly. “He um, he just wanted to tell me that King Joffrey has asked you to Throne Room.” 

Oberyn’s fingers trailed lightly up and down your arm, your head on his chest. The two of you lay naked tangled up in sheets, legs interlocked, your fingers tracing shapes on his broad chest. “Why did you choose me?” The words suddenly came out of your mouth, and you tilted your head up to look at Oberyn, who was utterly confused on why you would ask that. “You could have almost any lady in Westeros and yet you choose a handmaiden.”

He flipped you over so he was hovering above you, and he leaned down, pressing a long and passionate kiss to your lips. “Because you are enchanting.” He kissed one side of your neck, “Because you are sexy.” His mouth moved to kiss the bare spot between your breasts, “Because you are alluring.” His mouth molded over the nipple of your left breast and he ran his tongue over the hard nub and then pulled away, “Because you are bewtiching.” Oberyn bit down on your other nipple and dragged it through his teeth, a yelp eliciting from you, your hands immediately finding his hair, and then you felt the tip of him at your entrance, and he pushed in, his lips darting up to your ear while he pushed in again and again, “Because you are intoxicating.”

Only two hours later and Oberyn climbed out of bed, pulling his clothes on with him. You groaned and reached out, taking his hand. Oberyn glanced back down at you while you knealt on the bed and shuffled closer to him, your hands on his shoulders, your breasts pressing against his bare chest. “Please don’t leave yet.” He planted his hands on your waist and then moved them to your back, moving them down, down, until they rested on your ass, squeezing lightly and pulling you closer to him.

“I have to go, little dove. As much as I don’t want to leave you, I have to.” He kissed you again, and stepped away, walking to his door and leaving you alone. A small sigh escaped you and you climbed off of the bed, walking to the trunk at the end of his bed and pulling out a large white shirt. It fit perfectly, cutting off mid thigh just below your butt. You giggled a little and glanced in his mirror; if he saw you like this he wouldn’t be able to control himself. 

You grinned whole- heartedly and grabbed a book off the shelf, taking a seat on the patio and beginning to flip through the book. The pages blew in the wind, and soon you were enveloped in the pages, so much so that you didn’t hear the door open. The only indication you got was when you saw a flowing dress standing to the side of you. “What are you doing here?” You glanced up at the woman, Ellaria Sand.

Suddenly you felt out of place, like you didn’t belong there even though you knew very well that Oberyn wanted you to be there. You cleared your throat and closed the book, setting it down on the bench next to you, standing up. “I was under the impression that Oberyn wasn’t with you anymore.”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes. “He can’t get rid of me that easily. I came to see him, so do you know where he is?” You shook your head, your arms folding around yourself. She watched you for a moment, sizing you up almost, and you shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, pulling down on the shirt that felt so scandalous now. “He’ll leave you soon enough, don’t count on him to stay.” You were stunned, so much so that you didn’t know how to respond, and all you could do was watch her leave.

It took you a minute until you snapped out of it, and then you looked out over the patio, out over the seas, until the ocean met the sky, and you wished Oberyn was here. he would reassure you that Ellaria wasn’t in the picture anymore, that his promise to you was not broken, and he would tell you to stop doubting him, and even though you knew these things, you still felt hopeless.

You placed the third book you’d read back on the shelf when Oberyn walked in, a large grin on his face upon seeing you in his shirt. “Well you are a wonderful thing to come back to.” Oberyn wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you into him, your hands finding his shoulders while he kissed your lips tenderly. He could immediately sense something was wrong, and he pulled away from you almost immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“Ellaria was here looking for you.” You pushed away from him and crossed your arms over your chest. Oberyn was stunned, and for a moment he remained still. 

“She came here first?” You scoffed and moved away from him, to your dress that was draped over a chair in front of his mirror. “Where are you going?” You slid out of his shirt and pulled your dress over yourself.

“I am still a handmaiden, Oberyn, Shae is attending to Lady Sansa until noon, and it is eleven thirty.” He slid across the room to you, not touching you this time. He knew that you were too hurt for his affections right now. 

“I didn’t mean it that way-”

“And how did you mean it, Oberyn?” 

This time he reached out and grabbed hold of your shoulders. “I told her not to come to my room any more because I didn’t want to be with her.” He stepped closer until the two of you were pressed together again. “Because I’m in love with you.” His fingers curled under your chin and lifted your head up, his lips molding over your own. “And I’ll shout it from the rooftops if that’s what it takes to convince you.” 

You shook your head, pecking his lips once more. “That’s too public, people will find out about us. Besides, I have to convince you that I believe you.” You pushed him to the bed, climbing over top of you, beginning to grind against him. 

Oberyn put his hands on your hips, his fingers digging into your hips. “I thought you had to be with Lady Sansa at noon.” You pulled up your dress and leaned down again, your lips on his neck, sucking softly. 

“We have time for a quickie.”

Game of Thrones poems

Roses are red,
Their leaves are green,
This is the most satisfying
Episode I’ve seen.

Violets are blue,
Roses are red,
How is Ramsey Bolton
Still not dead?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Ramsay killed his father,
Why couldn’t he die too?

Violets are blue,
Dandellions are yellow,
One brother pushed another
Into the sea below.

Roses are red,
Amaranthi are brown,
Did the seasoned sailor
Balon Greyjoy just drown?

Roses are red,
Thorns are prickly,
A summary of Game of Thrones:
Well, that escalated quickly.

Roses are red,
Night Tulips are black,
Basically everyone dies,
But at least Jon’s back.

Roses are red,
Orchids are white,
Methinks Ser Davos
Won’t let Jon out of his sight.

Violets are blue,
I’m running out of rhyme,
For all that is holy,
Jon, just don’t die.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Summer is almost over,
Winter is coming soon.

The Wall is crumbling,
The Others are here,
So run for your life,
With what you hold dear.

Game of Thrones Season 5
  • Episode 1 : IT’S BACK AND I’M SOO EXCITED!!!
  • Episode 2 : OMG DORNE FINALLY and the faceless men!!! DROGON!!!
  • Episode 3 : DARK!SANSA !! Stannis the one true king !!  
  • Episode 4 : The sand snakes I guess ??   Sansa will be strong without Petyr !! STANNIS IS THE BEST DAD EVER!  NOO SER BARRISTAN
  • Episode 5 : Fucking Ramsay Sansa is going to kill you !! Jon are you sure that that’s a good idea ??? JORAH NOOOO 
  • Episode 6 : God the Sand Snakes suck …. Petyr you did not just ???? SANSA WHYYY YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE STRONG ??? 
  • Episode 7 : I’m really worried about Sam … JUST HELP HER THEON !!  STANNIS WOULD NEVER !!!! FUCK OFF MELISANDRE ! 
  • Episode 8 : No don’t send him away again Dany…. CONFESS!!!              WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ???? DEATH , WHITE WALKERS, VALYRIAN STEEL???

Completely Accurate Movie TV Summaries: Game of Thrones (#1)

Stannis Baratheon, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, and Master of Outward Emotions

Oh Stan, you silly billy.

Game of Thrones 5.07 A Gift: Summary
  • People of Winterfell: FUCKING HELP US
  • Tommen: Where is bae?! I need bae!
  • Jorah: Senpai pls notice me
  • Tyrion: Hey...?
  • Dany: Oh shit
  • Maegery: Bitch
  • High Sparrow: Bitch
  • Cercei: Fuck
Fic: Freaks and Geeks

Summary: Jon invited her to the bleachers after school and there’s only one reason couples come to hang out here.

Ship: Jon x Sansa


Note: Written for the Countdown to Wintertown @gameofshipschallenges event. Inspired by the show of the same name.

The pack of boys sitting on the bleachers facing the brown football field turns to watch Sansa’s approach. It makes her internally squirm to have all their eyes on her and she’s aware of each footfall of her moccasins. There’s not a girl among them, their lone female friend, Val, having ditched school earlier in the day. They’re all gangly, pimply faced boys, wearing dirty jean jackets and band t-shirts they probably pulled off their bedroom floors this morning. Except for Jon. He’s pretty much the most perfect thing in her messed up universe and there’s nothing she likes better than looking at him and having him look at her. Except maybe touching.

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Summary: Take some birthday fluff/pre-smut (can’t bring myself to write the actual do quite yet (also I’m terrible at writing smut so trust me I have spared you all).

Words: 770

Warnings: None, except of course bad writing

A/N: Something I literally wrote in twenty minutes when lying in bed with a fever and a migraine. T’was probably a bad idea to type this all up in front of a glaringly bright computer screen. Also if you watch Game of Thrones DON’T google the phrase “For the Watch” a. you will cry and b. SPOILERS.


“What are you thinking?”

The simple question drops from Phil’s lips that evening, both of them curled up together on the sofa, watching some anime that neither could quite remember the name of. Just simply revelling in each other’s quiet, yet comfortable company.

“Why are you asking?” Dan’s usual mechanism of avoiding a question if possible automatically kicks in before he can stop it.

Dan looks up from his vantage point with Phil’s arm draped around him to see Phil shaking his head ever-so-slightly with a ghost of a smile playing across his lips. “Can you ever answer a question with a straight answer for once?”

“As straight as your mum.” Dan replies, still on autopilot.

“More like as straight as you are.” Phil teases, poking him in the side gently.

Dan pouts, before moving his head forward slightly so he and Phil are brushing noses, Phil leans forward a minuscule inch more so that their lips are softly gliding across each other’s lightly.

“No but seriously.” Phil says, when they both pull away from the kiss with a reluctant need for air. “I tried to make today as good as possible for you, at least tell me whether you enjoyed it or not.”

Dan can’t stop the infectious smile from spreading across his face. “Of course I enjoyed it you dork. Why else would I be sporting a huge smile? It sure as hell isn’t because I was thinking about what we both know is going to be the last scene in Game of Thrones on Monday.”

Phil groans, “Thanks for reminding me.”

Dan moves his head forward, their cheeks brushing past one another as he moves his lips to Phil’s ear, Phil had begun to shiver slightly so Dan moves his mouth to Phil’s lobe, biting ever so softly at it. Enjoying a moment to revel in the tiniest of groans that rumbles it’s way out of Phil’s throat.

“For the Watch.” Dan whispers.

Phil instantly pulls away, shaking his head and laughing “You evil, evil person.” he chokes out through his giggles.

Dan moves back, his laughter joining to Phil’s as he manages to gasp back “That’s not fair, you can’t say that to the birthday boy.”

Suddenly Phil’s harmless laughter is replaced with a not-so-harmless glint in his eyes. “Oh I think I can.” he sais, suddenly springing forward and knocking Dan to his back, taking advantage of Dan’s moment of confusion to pin both of his wrists above his head and to slowly, achingly, teasingly begin mouthing at his exposed neck. Dan, being the needy, oversensitive person that he is, tries and fails to hold in he throaty moan that tears its way out of his mouth.

“And so your joy has turned to ashes in your mouth.” Phil mumbles into the crook of Dan’s neck.

“Can we please not quote Game of Thrones during my amazingly, wonderfully planned birthday sex?” Dan groans, trying his best not to lean into Phil’s touch.

Phil pulls away from Dan’s neck, straddling him before looking down at him with large, cerulean eyes and an innocent grin. “Who says that we’re having any birthday sex?” he says, experimentally rolling his hips down at the same time.

Dan groans again, “If you’re going to tease me on my birthday then I swear that next time I top I’m going to fucking edge you until you’re fucking begging me to- fuck.” Dan curses as Phil rolls his hips downwards again.

“You only top one time out of ten, maybe even less.” Phil reminds him, now having returned to the tempting exposure of Dan’s neck.

Dan can feel himself slowly submitting to Phil’s soft kisses and touches “Yeah but when it come around you’ll be dreading it so much you’ll basically fling yourself at me.”

Phil doesn’t reply, merely humming as he kisses his way up Dan’s jaw to his ear. Upon reaching it, Dan hears two faint words being whispered into the fleshy shell of his ear.

“Bedroom. Now.”

Phil pulls off, clambering down from his position on top of Dan before offering him a hand to help pull him up.

Dan takes it, sighing dramatically, “The things I do for love.”

“Look who’s quoting Game of Thrones now.” Phil quipped.

“I’m the birthday boy, I have a right.”

“Hmmmm” Phil replies noncommittally, before unexpectedly wrapping both his arms around Dan’s waist from behind, causing Dan to yelp as Phil rested his head on Dan’s shoulder.

“Now what was that you said about edging?”

Dan lets out a shaky breath.

It doesn’t matter if it’s his birthday. He is so fucked.


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