• asoiaf: Sansa and Arya have parallel journeys were they both have to learn to "become" other people. Arya as a Faceless Man, who literally physically becomes someone else. Sansa who learns to act and be something she isn't "a little bird" (she's not a bird, she's a wolf) and culminating in her transformation into Alayne Stone. Yet they both have problems fully casting off "Arya Stark" and "Sansa Stark"; thoughts about their family, the wolves and (most importantly) each other continously intrude. The big question for them both is whether they will completely lose themselves in the roles they play, or reassert their identities "The wolves will come again"/"The North Remembers". Despite their differences, they mirror each other. Two sides of the same coin.
  • GOT: Well, we've gotten bored with the "Alayne Stone" plot and, uh...something something Faceless Men...blah blah. Okay guys, we've got it. What if we had the Stark sisters distrust each other? Starkbowl 2k17! WHAT IF ARYA THREATENED TO CUT OFF SANSA'S FACE???

to those of you saying daenerys didn’t act “properly” regarding the loss of viserion:

she is in shock, she is overwhelmed, and she does not have the time to mourn properly. she’s in an unfamiliar place, fighting against an army that until recently she didn’t really believe existed, and now in the span of half a minute she went from destroying the wights to having the ground yanked out from under her. it hurts her, you can see the way she freezes up and the way she can’t tear her eyes away from viserion’s dying body. but -  she still needs to get herself to safety as well as the others who are on the back of Dragon. she cannot cry, she needs to compose herself and keep everyone alive. do not confuse her overwhelmment with indifference. dany is shocked to her core; she knew her dragons weren’t invincible, but damn, they were close. she sure as hell didn’t fly into battle, honestly expecting there was even a slight chance she’d lose a dragon.

her eyes say it all. disbelief melts into shock and she kind of looks numb before an icy (no pun intended) rage seems to settle into her.

she can’t afford to mourn yet, and she can’t fight back, yet.

but she will. and when she confronts the night king, that is when you will see the rage, the anger, the sadness and the grief of the loss of her dragon. because we know dany will turn her rage into revenge and that is something i believe will play a part in the inevitable demise of the night king.

People Be Like, "Why does Sansa trust Littlefinger?" And I'm like
  • Bitch, where?
  • [S6E5] Sansa, to Littlefinger: Did you know about Ramsey? If you didn't know you're an idiot, if you did you're my enemy.
  • [S605] Sansa, also to LF: You said you would protect me...I don't believe you anymore, I don't need you anymore! You can't protect me! You won't even be able to protect yourself if I tell Brienne to cut you down.
  • [S6E10] Sansa, after he brought the Knights of the Vale to save the Stark forces: Only a fool would trust Littlefinger.
  • [Also S6E10] Sansa on LF's dream of sitting on the Iron Throne with her by his side: It's a pretty picture. *stops him from kissing her and walks away*
  • [S0701] Sansa on why LF is even in Winterfell to begin with: We need his men, without the Vale Ramsay Bolton would still hold this castle...[Brienne: He wants something] I know exactly what he wants.
  • [S7E01 -S7E05] Sansa: *snarks at and generally rejects LF every time they share a scene*
  • [S07E04] Sansa: *is immediately suspicious upon hearing that LF gave Bran the dagger*
  • [S07E06] Sansa: *immediately demands to know where Arya got her old letter from*
  • [S07E06] Sansa: *speaks to LF cordially and of her own volition for the first time in two seasons. He suggests using Brienne against Arya. Sansa sends Brienne away at the earliest possible convenience*
  • (*unless D&D have lost whatever storytelling ability they ever had)