game of thrones season 4 poster

Seems like we have 2 days left

I absolutely adore this poster made by HBO Nordic

Season 5, poster 4) WIGHTS

Advertising Agency: SELIGEMIG, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Simon Engstrøm
Creatives: Olivia Muus, Daniel Norit-Bodilsen
Illustrator: Theis Jakobsen
Published: April 2015.

So the official Season 4 poster came out today. No surprise, I was underwhelmed by the design. Actually, I love the main image. The crow/raven is awesome. Much improved over the slightly anemic dragon shadow, which worked well in just about every other medium other than the poster for which it was created. However, I was very underwhelmed by the design elements around the crow. The tagline type is a little big and clunky and I can see that they just put a bevel effect on it. The “GOT” type is big and clunky in the corner and I much prefer the actual full logo to the abbreviated version which just looks like the word “got” especially to non internet fans. I also am not a fan of the “4.6” for the date, because I have seen a lot of people not know what that means. The background is also a little sad. I mean it’s literally just a blue to white gradient with a noise filter. Seriously. I shouldn’t be able to tell everything that you’re doing. Also, the way the crow is placed cuts the grad so it mostly looks white on top and blue on the bottom.

Just a little frustration. I feel like conceptually they are always okay, but their execution usually leaves a lot to be desired. Last year, I was so underwhelmed that I went and made several completely new posters. This year, I decided to just take what they had and try and improve it. I tried to make the background echo the ice of the wall a little more, which is what I assume they were trying to go for.