game of thrones scenery


Game of Scenery | Statues in the House of Black and White

Statues of them stood along the walls, massive and threatening. Around their feet red candles flickered, as dim as distant stars. The nearest was a marble woman twelve feet tall. Real tears were trickling from her eyes, to fill the bowl she cradled in her arms. Beyond her was a man with a lion’s head seated on a throne, carved of ebony. On the other side of the doors, a huge horse of bronze and iron reared up on two great legs. Farther on she could make out a great stone face, a pale infant with a sword, a shaggy black goat the size of an aurochs, a hooded man leaning on a staff.


Dorne is the hottest region of Westeros. The region is rocky, mountainous, arid and dry, and features the only desert on the continent. Its capital is Sunspear from which House Martell rules. The castle was built one thousand years ago, at the time of Nymeria’s war; clinging to its walls, the shadow city spreads westwards, with miles of narrow alleys and noisy bazaars. Three leagues to the west of Sunspear lie the Water Gardens, the Martells’ private residence, a palace with gardens and waterworks, shaded by blood orange trees.


And beyond, where the Honeywine widened into Whispering Sound, rose the Hightower, its beacon fires bright against the dawn. From where it stood atop the bluffs of Battle Island, its shadow cut the city like a sword. Those born and raised in Oldtown could tell the time of day by where that shadow fell. Some claimed a man could see all the way to the Wall from the top.