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Update!! :D (Sorry, long read)

Heya! this is late but Melbnova was super fun and was an awesome first time stalling thanks to @hadalydesigns and @vigilantebunny​ for being awesome tablemates :D Also thanks @boggiebog​ for answering my countless questions about stalling and everything when it comes to making merc etc!! I can’t thank you enough XD (not to mention the awesome merc u make!)

Ok! now the Update!

All the stuff at my stall like the overwatch pachimari buttons and charms will be all up on my online store! however it’s not open atm as I need to sort some stuff out before reopening in about a week or 2! Please look forward to it!

This time it both my Tictail store AND Etsy store will be updated! (since my etsy has been since my earlier preorders :’D) I will make another post once I reopen!!

P.S the shimada bros print wont be in store cuz I don’t have the stuff to ship it safely :’( But do let me know fi anyone wants it so I can try find a way!

Lastly my Button Commissions will be open the same time my store reopens! Here are some commissions I did at Melbnova and other examples! (2 are missing from melbnova cuz my phone decided to corrupt the file :’S)

Welp that’s end of update! Thanks for pulling through!! Reason why I was so quite lately! :’D Hopefully after all the uni stuff, I’ll start working on new stuff for animaga!! (You bet I will be making another ton of buttons :’D *coughaceattorneycough* or *coughpersoa5cough*)


Excellent re-imagined versions of Game of Thrones Characters by artist Mike Wrobel. I seriously can’t express how fantastic and clever I think these are. Take a peek at his online store where you can find these images and many others printed on some pretty affordable merchandise.


Ygritte, Cersei and Daenerys by Oneforni.

I wanted to make a huge series and call it Game of Thrones Ladies, but when finishing the third piece I realized I don’t feel like carrying on with these. So yeah, it’s more like The Three Awesome Ladies of Game of Thrones , haha!

P.S. These are also available as prints at Society6!

“The Woman Within.” Sophie Turner in Dolce & Gabbana photographed by Dima Hohlov for The Edit magazine, April 2016.

“He didn’t love me, he didn’t want me. He danced with me because he didn’t want to see me hurt. He saved me from being a joke.”


Season 6 Game of Thrones nails for tomorrow’s premier. I do really love that show and am hoping beyond hope that a certain, special, ‘crow’ is not really gone. I hope I’m not giving anything away, but fans of the show will know what I’m talking about. This design was inspired by the art of Adrienne Rozzi of the @poisonappleprintshop. This is her photo and design, I love all of her stuff. Go check her out.

asoiaf/mcu au: team america. (fancast courtesy of janiedean)

robb stark as captain america
theon greyjoy as the winter soldier
jon snow as the widowmaker
dacey mormont as the falcon
jeyne poole as agent 13

“captain america needs my help. of course i’ll get back in.”

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I will be at New York Comic Con this weekend! 

I will have two releases, including this piece, and will be doing signings at the Hero Complex Gallery booth on Thursday and Saturday from 10 until 1 pm. There will also be Seven Samurai, Game of Thrones and Avengers prints for sale.

I can’t wait to meet everyone! Please feel free to come by and say hello. :)

An Ice color variant of my Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) screen print that my printer mocked up! I can’t wait for this to be out~ 😁❄