game of thrones is ruining everything


That asshole who walks into the middle of the fandom’s OTP and ruins everything.

D&D Checklist:

  • Destroy Stannis’ character and everything he stands for?  ✓
  • Butcher Sansa’s storyline?  ✓

  • Ruin Dorne and all of its characters?  ✓

  • Alter Jaime’s entire story toward a plot that makes zero sense?  ✓

  • Kill characters who are still alive in canon?  ✓

  • Write out characters who will be important later?  ✓

  • Unnecessary sexual violence?  ✓ ✓ ✓

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
sooo have part one of my mcl GoT project thingy. There might be a part 2, but I’m so done rn and I’m not sure when I’ll start this up again. aaanyway, welcome to Westeros. 

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Wait…why is there Bran Stark hate?

I don’t get it

A kid makes a mistake with powers that he and barely anyone else even truly understands and he’s now the bad guy?

Does anyone not understand the concept of an accident anymore?

You make it sound like Bran had some evil malicious intent to ruin everything when this kid has been a victim all this time and burdened with a destiny that he’s not even ready for with powers he still don’t even fully control at all times

Does anyone not understand everthing that happened last night happened under extreme duress? We don’t even have any idea how Bran’s going to take all this information download that the Three Eyed Raven had to dump on him

He made a mistake, a childish mistake born out of curiosity and impatience, yes, but it wasn’t some evil mustache twirling plan to get everyone killed

I’m continuously amazed at some members of the fandom’s ability to crucify one character’s genuine honest mistake but having no problem white washing and making another character now heroic fave despite willing and planned evil acts

A kid who made a mistake and had to use his powers while under extreme duress from all directions is not someone deserving of hate

🏎 dan’s younow march 15, 2016 🏎

read on google drive with links

-he bought a wifi extender
-hopefully younow won’t break
-he’s never seen the bee movie
-things just got Orange
-he’s not getting snapchat
-excited for f1
-has anything in music happened since last week
-there’s a glass on his bed
-why is it there
-they put haikyuu on hold to watch magi because magi is ruining their lives
-still watching x files nearly everyday STILL GOING STRONG
-was his tumblr post deep? suppose so
-he feels there’s a lot of positivity on tumblr it’s nice
-there wasn’t anything like that 5-10 years ago
-there’s always a community for everything
-Sweaty :^)
-what’s isg again
-last week was disgustingly social
-did you see the face swap video
-was a goodun
-why was there no pokemon z
-all the time put into perfect IV pokemon
-he’s excited for game of thrones next month
-he’s listened to electroswing before
-Time Is A Concept Invented By Humans
-undertale is coming
-“sing”.        "No"
-rock is nice
-they were gonna start an app series on dapg but then felix did it so he didn’t wanna anymore
-he bought new straighteners but then they broke in sri lanka
-phil told him not to get black bc then he’d lose them on the tour bus
-so he got Lagoon Colored
-“paint your nails” “i don’t have any nail polish. How do u even get it off do u just chew it off or does that kill u”
-you should watch the walking dead
-it’s horrifically violent and quite scary
-if ur not about that. Toughen Up (jk)
-this season is amazing
-carol is his favorite character
-his heart is with captain america for civil war
-he’s really excited for civil war
-the 2nd captain america movie is a really good movie
-“this is the correct opinion cause it’s my opinion”
-you should listen to lana wachowski’s speech
-can u get missingno in the 3ds reboots of pokemon red and blue
-jelly isn’t that great
-levi is his favorite snk character
-he’s currently 89th in the world for that star wars app
-don’t drink too much kids
-he drank a litre of jack daniel’s once and threw up
-you should watch that vid he made with pj. The pushover
-yesterday was productive. Did some tour things. Lost 3 hours contemplating existence. One of those mondays
-passionate rant about lewis hamilton. He wears hats that say yeezy on them
-when he was on holiday he read ready player one
-he recommends the Heck out of it
-go read it he doesn’t care how much you read
-it’s being made into a movie too
-it’s going to be an Incredible movie probably
-you should watch ariana grande’s opening monologue to snl
-“my parents won’t let me go to tour advice?” “run away from home”
-he cries easily but also not that often
-he’s wearing a jumper with palm trees in pajamas
-he’s an adult he can wear pajamas
-nobody can tell him what to do
-see ya next tuesday
-look forward to dinof vid and undertale vid
-ty for spending this tuesday with him
-he’s hungry
-ty for spending time with him at all.
-have a splendid week
-seeya next time

I’ve been wanting to resurrect a couple of my old Inquisitors for another Trespasser playthrough so that I can experience all the differences. They have different divines on the sunburst throne, took very different approaches to all the decisions in the game, and my Trevelyan romanced Cullen while my Cadash romanced Sera. I haven’t watched any videos of those romances in Trespasser yet just so I can play through them myself but…. I’m finding it hard to care. Solas’ romance ruined everything else for me, dammit! There’s no life after Solas, apparently.

I hate the sight of everything from Game of Thrones, but I have a special loathing for that ridiculous carton villainess dress that has unfortunately become almost iconic. To me, there is no visual that so starkly illustrates just how much the pieces of shit behind GoT have intentionally ruined Sansa Stark’s characterization and story. 

Sansa as Alayne chose to dress herself in a Tully gown in ASoIaF. It’s pretty damn significant, even if Littlefinger made her change before anyone important could see her wearing it.