game of thrones is ruining everything

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I loved the Kevin Durant part so much 😂😂 but yeah I agree with everything


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.
sooo have part one of my mcl GoT project thingy. There might be a part 2, but I’m so done rn and I’m not sure when I’ll start this up again. aaanyway, welcome to Westeros. 

(Don’t read if you haven’t read the leak stuff on Game of Thrones Season 7)

You have been warned.

I hope the leak turns out to be a fake but it looks more and more like it’s going to be true. Most of it is fine tbh but the Dany/Jon thing… the sex on the boat… please no. God no. Anything but that. It’d honestly ruin everything to me like really. This is the ONLY cliché thing I didn’t want the only one I really can’t stand and I got it. It’s cool if you ship it and sorry if you’re a shipper and you see this but I had to post about it. It’s bothering me so much. I don’t want them together. And like what will happen when Jon learns Dany’s in fact her aunt? Unecessary drama that’s what UGH. If it turns out to be true there’s one thing I can’t wait to see though… Bran’s reaction. Bc he knows or he will I mean… so… is he going to tell Jon or? Maybe they have sex after they (Jon and Dany) know idk. They’re Targaryens, incest is not taboo in their family though Jon grew up with the Starks and it’s… different. OMG that’s why he had a crush on Arya! He’s a Targaryen ofc he’s gonna have a crush on his sister (just kidding… though he seems to really have some sort of ‘feelings’ for her…) Anyway I didn’t get enough sleep I’m tired and pissed and needed to speak my mind. I hope Jon/Dany turns out to be bullshit.
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Jon has had a crush on Sansa for almost as long as he’s known her, after helping her after a car accident he accidentally admits his feelings to her while they’re cuddling in bed and fears he’s ruined everything.

D&D Checklist:

  • Destroy Stannis’ character and everything he stands for?  ✓
  • Butcher Sansa’s storyline?  ✓

  • Ruin Dorne and all of its characters?  ✓

  • Alter Jaime’s entire story toward a plot that makes zero sense?  ✓

  • Kill characters who are still alive in canon?  ✓

  • Write out characters who will be important later?  ✓

  • Unnecessary sexual violence?  ✓ ✓ ✓
Game of Thrones inspired recs

Whether you’re aching to get your hands on the new book or starting to feel the post-show hiatus, the following are a good dose of what is missing in your life:

  • The Lion in Winter: A heartwarming Christmas family movie that puts the fun in dysfunctional. This inspired me to create this list tbh, which seems fitting since it was inspired by and includes actual royalty from a time in history that inspired GRRM to write ASoIaF. It’s equal parts funny and gut-wrenching and nobody -including the audience- comes out unscathed. And the acting is beyond phenomenal. 
  • Fiasco: This is actually a tabletop RPG and a great dip into the pool for those scared of long gaming sessions and intricate rules. It needs no GM and has so many twists and turns that you will be amazed at how manipulative and backstabbing you and your friends can actually be. You need little more than knowledge of the few rules, 6 story-building sheets, and a dice app. It only lasts a few hours, but the trust issues it will give you could last a lifetime. I’ve played on a table, at the beach and in a car and enjoyed it even when utterly thrashed. It’s also highly and easily customizable and you can make your own GoT-related version.
  • Arrested Development: It’s a must-see if you like laughing. The parallels between it and GoT are just a bonus. I mean beyond the corruption, hunger for power, and plot twists that were foreshadowed seasons ago, there’s incest, dismemberment and really shitty magic. Also you’ll be able to get a buttload of references that you thought were inside jokes. Skip the 4th season.
  • Empire: Lannisters the Musical. They’re called the Lyons for crying out loud. It’s seriously fun to experience and its popularity is no surprise. I might have groaned a fair bit watching, but it never bored me and it throws some pretty heavy emotional punches. You do not want to miss Taraji P. Henson as Cookie.
  • Dragon Age 2: I’ve talked about how DA2 is the ASoIaF to Origins’ LotR, and surviving Kirkwall truly feels like surviving King’s Landing. There’s no triumph in it, just a sense of defeated relief that it’s over. There are warring factions that force you to pick a side and just because they seem to be in the right, doesn’t mean they won’t constantly ruin everything. It’s easy to pick up even if you’re a first time gamer and there are dragons in it! (though much like Game of Thrones, not as many as you’d expect) Warning: I am not responsible for any and all feelings of betrayal you may or may not experience.

Everything that was wrong with the Game of Thrones episode:

•The writers pretending that Sansa wouldn’t know her vows
•The writers pretending that the Bolton bastard would actually care about his hooker being dead
•The writers pretending that Davos would have completely forgotten about Shireen’s death and not want to jump Melisandre’s throat
•The writers pretending that we wouldn’t notice that the ep was actually, like, 45 minutes instead of 58
•The writers completely ruining the whole Dorne storyline
•A lot of other things actually that I’m too frustrated to write

Watching or reading a show/book
  • Character: I shall now attempt to do something that will ruin everything for myself and everyone around me
  • Character: Whoopsies
  • Me: SON OF A-
11x03 CODA

“Christ Almighty, it’s like i got hit with…” Dean trailed off as he just groaned, trying to keep the ice pressed to his face, but even that was starting to hurt. The fact that he could feel Cas’ sad blue eyes on him, didn’t really help either. 


“Cas, I gotta atone for this,” Dean snarled as he stared up at the bunker’s ceiling. They’d been watching Game of Thrones, since he was behind, and Cas had never seen it. He was sure Charlie would have wanted Cas to see it. 

“I already forgave you,” Castiel muttered. 

That was like the second wind of bricks to his face. Dean dropped hte ice pack and looked to his right in complete disbelief. “What do you mean, you forgave me already? Jesus, Cas. I beat the shit out of you and you’re just gonna let me walk?!” 

“I have done the same to you in the past,” Castiel replied. 

“Yeah, but that was different.” He shook his head and dropped his eyes back to the show. He’d lost track of what was happening - something-something Tyrion, something-something death. The usual. 

“No, it wasn’t. You were under the influence of the Mark and I was under the influence of Naomi and Rowena. This is no different.” Castiel’s hand reached over and gripping his arm. 

Dean dropped his eyes down to where they were skin to skin. It was so light a touch, but it also burned hot. He wanted Cas’ hands on him more - everywhere. “Cas-.” 

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In case you get cold feet

When the maid of honor suddenly excuses herself from the wedding of her two best friends, the groom knows there’s more to it and goes to find her.

Chapters: 1/1
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Relationships: Emilia Clarke/Kit Harington
Characters: Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Rose Leslie, Alfie Allen
Additional Tags: I’m sorry this is overdramatic and cheesy, but fuck the system, Wedding Day, Cold Feet, Wedding, Maid of Honour, Unresolved Romantic Feelings, Kemilia

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D&D Stands for Dungeons and Dragons

The sheer number of people posting about Game of Thrones in the D&D tag (WHICH STANDS FOR FUCKING DUNGEONS & DRAGONS BTW) is insane. I cannot begin to understand how there are so many dumb fuckers that can’t understand such a simple concept.

D&D = Dungeons & Dragons

GoT = Game of Thrones

Half the content in the D&D tag is now Game of Thrones shit and I’m sick of it. If I wanted to read about people bitching about how the show’s producers are ruining everything I’d check the comments on a YouTube video.

You know what. Everyone that posts anything that is actual D&D content start tagging it with GoT. If these people want to flood our tag with unrelated content, then they deserve to have the same shit happen to them. We stop when they stop. And if you reblog this post, reblog it with the GoT tag. Make sure these people see it.

Sansa and Theon

So… people are really surprised by Sansa’s attitude towards Theon in this episode? Really? After she trusted him because he understands what is like to be Ramsay’s toy and he told her plans to Ramsay? And the only ally she had in WF died because of it? Is it really that surprising that she is pissed at him?

Sansa doesn’t really know everything Ramsay did to Theon, and from her perspective, Theon is the man who betrayed her brother, invaded her home, killed two of her brothers, and ruined her chance to escape from Ramsay. This is the same Sansa who would have pushed Joffrey to his death if the Hound hadn’t stopped her. Is it really surprising she didn’t show any sympathy for Theon during this episode?

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Hiya, love the blog! I've seen you say that AFFC is named after Euron's kingsmoot speech but I was under the impression that crows feasting on the dead was an overall theme throughout the book - Jaime I has a section about how a crown isn't worth much if a crow can feast upon a king, and Rodrik the Reader mentions it as well. Is there a reason you ascribe the title to Euron specifically? It seems less clearcut than ADWD, which is clearly named after Barristan mourning for Quentyn.

“Crow’s Eye, you call me. Well, who has a keener eye than the crow? After every battle the crows come in their hundreds and their thousands to feast upon the fallen. A crow can espy death from afar. And I say that all of Westeros is dying. Those who follow me will feast until the end of their days.”

You’re absolutely right that Euron’s kingsmoot speech is hardly the only example of AFFC’s central theme (as encapsulated by its title), but it is the central and defining example. AFFC is all about the fact that the WO5K has made a character like Euron possible. He is the crow; Rorge and Littlefinger and the Sand Snakes frankly pale before him, as “The Forsaken” makes so horribly clear. His feast is the feast, because those other villains aren’t going to bring down the Wall and let the Others in, and the Crow’s Eye is. Euron’s scope is simply wider than all the rest, his ambitions more grandiose and all-encompassing, his vision nothing less then, well, “all of Westeros is dying.” 

This is what those who say Euron should’ve been introduced earlier if he’s so important are missing: a character like Euron only makes sense if he comes in after the slaughter of ASOS to take advantage of the blood-soaked vacuum. He’s Westeros’ punishment for tearing itself apart. Euron Greyjoy is AFFC, same way Quentyn Martell is ADWD. They are the defining characters of those respective books, and that’s why I say AFFC is named in Euron’s honor.

AFFC is hardly unique in this regard. The title of ADWD touches on Dany and Aegon’s themes as well as Quent’s. “A clash of kings” refers to everything from Balon’s secession ruining Robb’s to the showdown between Team Stannis and Team Joffrey at the Blackwater, but the Brothers Baratheon standoff in Catelyn III is so clearly the centerpiece. Similarly, “a storm of swords” describes the whole book in question but we all know it’s really about the Red Wedding first and foremost, and while “a game of thrones” encapsulates an entire approach to narrative, it all orbits around Ned staring down Cersei as she drops the title phrase. 

In short: while each book’s central theme resonates throughout, each also has a defining scene which ties it all together, and in AFFC, that is the kingsmoot.