game of thrones is ruining everything


He was Petyr, her protector, warm and funny and gentle … but he was also Littlefinger, the lord she’d known at King’s Landing, smiling slyly and stroking his beard as he whispered in Queen Cersei’s ear.

Niccolò Machiavelli, Lorenzo Bartolini + Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones

Save Yourself

Summary: Jaime Lannister had been a good friend of you since you were just a child only did you start crushing on him a while ago. Now you made it your mission to save him from Cersei. But that would only work if he wants to save himself, too.

Words: 1562

Pairing: Jaime Lannister x Reader

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Warnings: mentions of Lannister incest, small spoilers of 07x04, I kind of altered the timelines a little (which you probably won’t notice in this one yet)

A/N: So this is my first ever Game of Thrones fanfiction and I still have to warm up to the trope so don’t expect the best of me yet. I feel like this could have the potential for a second part, would that be something you want? Please leave some feedback! Also if you want to be tagged in eventual future GoT stuff, let me know!
AO3  Part Two  Part Three

Living in King’s Landing had never been easy for you or anyone here. At least not with the Kings and Queens you had. And with Cersei on the throne? You believed you were all doomed. Especially Jaime because he was just too blind to realize.

It was no secret that you had been close to the Lannister brothers, Jaime and Tyrion since you were a child. You used to play a lot because their father was good friends with your father. Cersei though, she was a whole different thing. She always envied you whenever you would just spend the slightest time with Jaime. You were surprised she didn’t find a reason to behead you or make you leave King’s Landing.

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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> This is not Game of Thrones, this is Game of Powerful Women: Cersei's the Queen, Daenerys just reached Dragonstone, the North has Sansa, Yara is the rightful ruler of the Iron Islands, Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand are as lit as ever...<p/><b>Euron:</b> Hello, it's me<p/><b>Me:</b> Fuck you, you had to ruin everything, didn't you?...<p/></p>

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19 , 21 , 55 , 75 , 97 , 98 Jon Snow plz

Jon Snow - “If only hating you was as easy as loving you.”

“Jon?” Your voice echoed through the empty halls of Dragonstone. Even though you had been spending the last few weeks of your life here, you had still not gotten used to the darkness, the emptiness and the coldness of this place.

“What do you want?” Jon licked his lips while he looked up at you. Something had changed in him during the last meeting with the Queen. His eyes seemed darker and the slight smile he had allowed to brighten his face had disappeared completely.

“I was just…” You didn’t know what you wanted. You most of all didn’t know if you could tell him what you really wanted. “I just wanted to…” You closed your mouth again and let out a deep breath. Anyone else would have noticed by now what was going on, but it seemed that you had somehow managed to meet the wrong guy at the wrong moment.

“I asked Daenerys to loan me a ship that can bring you home.” Jon locked his glance with yours. “I don’t want you to stay here while I’m not there and can’t make sure you’ll be safe. I want you to leave this place when I do.”

“You…” You cocked your head and frowned your eyebrows. “But you are not coming with me to Winterfell?” You swallowed when Jon bent his head and stared at the floor beneath his feet. “Then…” You paused for a moment. “Then where are you going?”

“I’m going to convince Cersei that we shouldn’t be fighting each other. We should be fighting the army of the death in the north. Together.” He straightened his back and he folded his hands behind his back. “I’m going to catch a white walker.”

“You’re gonna do what?” You widened your eyes and shook your head, not believing what you had just heard with your own ears. “Do you have a death-wish?” You dropped your jaw and all of a sudden your heart was racing in your chest.

Jon kept silent for a moment. “No one believes that the enemy I’m trying to fight is real. I need to convince them. I can’t send someone else there without me.”

“You’re the king in the north! The people in the north need you! They were already angry that you were going to Dragonstone yourself and now you want to go beyond the wall to catch a white walker yourself. Do you have any idea how angry they will be?” Did he have any idea how angry you were? You had done everything you could to help him, to stay with him.

And now he was sending you home and himself on a suicide mission. “You have to calm down. Please.” Jon shook his head and he placed two firm hands on your shoulders. “There is no reason to panic like this.”

You rolled your eyes. “You really don’t know how to read body language, do you? You really have absolutely NO idea when a woman has lost her heart to you, do you?” You took a deep breath and the veins in your neck were visibly beating. “You want me to just say it?” You raised your eyebrows and shrugged your shoulders. “You want me to say that I love you? Out loud? So you can hear it? So you don’t have to read between the lines?”

For a moment Jon didn’t say anything. He just stared at you, his knees trembling slightly, his fingers completely restless. “You can’t love me.” He stuttered, almost trembling over his own words. “You can’t just love me.”

You rolled your eyes and bit your lip. “I wish I didn’t love you, Jon Snow.” You closed your eyes and let out a sigh. “If only hating you was as easy as loving you I wouldn’t have stood here. I wouldn’t have begged you to come with me to Winterfell. I wouldn’t be this scared that I will never see you again.” You waited for him to say something, but he didn’t. “If you die there. If you die in the cold and the snow I hope that you’ll realize that you ruined me.” You felt the tears rolling down your cheeks and you realized that your were shaking.

“I didn’t know that.” Jon closed the gap between the two of you and he wrapped his arms around you to press you as tightly to his chest as possible. “I’m sorry that I’ve never noticed.” He pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. “I promise I will try everything I can to return to you.”

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Can we discuss Jon Snow for a minute? What is his story? I mean really. Kit said that Jon is using everything he's learned over the seasons because he has grown up. Ok, so what did he learn exactly? What is his character arc? What was his inner conflict? What lesson is he suppose to learn? Maybe by dissecting this can we truly figure out what he's doing this season. Because I don't understand him so far. He said he had regrets, like what? How would he fix those regrets now?

Excellent questions anon. 

To answer them, let’s first dissect Jon’s last “play.” He insists they take the boat together so the North could accept her with their King. His ulterior motive is that the boat isolates her from her armies and supporters. He has her alone. It’s a longer voyage than by dragon. Also he notes that this was the last place that he “connected” to her and got her to focus on something other than Cersei and the throne. It’s like he’s trying to rekindle the “magic”…in a premeditated way. And sex in his mind is necessary because he’s taking dragons up to his family. Best be able to whisper in her ear if she’s about to flambe anyone. All of this represents his growth and achievement as a player.

But here is where his story is going: it’s all for nothing. When Jon played the game in the books by using Mel and Mance to save fArya, his actions were in vain because he thought “Arya” was someone she wasn’t. Similarly, he’s playing the game thinking he himself is someone he isn’t. Will she ruin the alliance and see him as an usurper? I can see her pink lettering him: I WANT MY BRIDE THRONE BACK. Again…he’s back at square one.

So we need to be careful about making Jon into this genius player where things turn out well for him. Everything he does, even if competent, won’t matter in the end. Yes, he’s playing her, not loving her, because love would imply no actions on his part to avoid exactly what he’s been trying to prevent. But he may even end up without a dragon on his side of the war. Is the audience supposed to conclude “Welp, at least he loved her.” No! We’re supposed to be like “Wow Jon, you gained nothing from all of this.” His arc (unlike Sansa’s, which is a Growth arc) is a Fall. It’s supposed to be UNSATISFYING. He’ll realize that he only fucked himself. These are the narrative requirements for The Tragedy. Characters try to overcome their fates and end up worse off than when they started. Audiences watching tragedies only feel appeased when characters bear their souls (which he’ll likely do with either Sam or Sansa), and we feel for them because now they see the truth (catharsis). Jon could give us basically the same soliloquy as Macbeth:

“…a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more.  It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing”

Now, shipper goggles on. Where the Shakespeare parallel stops is with Sansa. For the Jonsa fandom, his actions won’t signify “nothing.” Ned is the key here. He was a poor player, he fucked himself, but he played the game (well enough) to keep two people he loved alive: Jon and Sansa.

Can we just talk about...

How Dany looks so hopeful in this scene. 

Like you can see she’s thinking “Yes, everything will be fine and I get to save his life and be his hero and then we’ll have boatsex and marry and make beautiful, beautiful babies” because even though she knows this is the least of her problems she really wants Jon to like her and it’s really cute. Like she’s still basically a 22 year old woman besides being Mother of Dragons, Queen of Meereen, Protector of the 7 Kingdoms etc. etc. 

 Of course, then they had to go ruin it by killing off Viserion.

I’ve been watching Reign and after the first couple of episodes, I realised why I kept thinking something was off and that’s because Game of Thrones has officially ruined me for all court drama/politics and warfare because everything just feels way too tame now. The entire time I’m just thinking ‘yeah but where’s the complete and utter brutalisation of human lives and the sadistic backstabbing and gratuitous sexual acts’? Sigh.

Just curious!

Why are people so obsessed with ruining the show with their spoilers and whatnot? I mean I get being curious and intrigued when the show is on hiatus. I was! But to be trying so hard to know what’s going to happen and spoil entire episodes or fake spoil them, when the show is on and we’re going to know everything anyway in a matter of weeks?
I like speculating and reading metas and stuff, as well as discussing actual episodes! But nowadays it’s the spoilers said this and that, and you’re wrong and delusional and it’s never going to happen! Like chill, people! Why do you feel the need to ruin other people’s fun? And now they’re already trying to fake spoil season 8? Season 7 is not even done yet!
I’m a Jonsa shipper and from what I’ve seen from the show, I definitely think it’s a possibility! But if it doesn’t go that way and I’ve misinterpreted everything then fine! I’ll accept it, when the episodes air. I don’t need people ruining it for me weeks or months in advance!
The leaks have made everything sound so terrible and tragic, but the episodes so far have actually been very enjoyable for me! I just want to watch the show and speculate! I don’t need you to force your spoilers and your opinions on me!
Sorry for the rant! Lol!

So it's all varys fault that the war happened basically and his dipshit ass did kill ned brother and farther....

Cause if u think about it rheagar was gonna have a meeting with all the lords to otherthrow his farther so he could have Jon, prepare for the long night and everything would be smooth as water….but noooo varys ruined his plan, told the King about it now everyone is dead…like him a little less

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I was disappointed by over half of this episode, but nothing angers me more than Gilly (sweet Gilly, at least I can still love her) innocently reading about Prince Rhaegar's annulment and remarriage. Because NO, that's not how annulments work. NO, Jon should NOT be legitimate. And abso-fucking-lutely NO, Elia and all of the shit Rhaegar did to her should not be erased to paint R+L as Romeo and Juliet. Pardon all of my language; I am so incredibly PISSED OFF right now.

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That’s all I have to say because THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS

The disrespect they have for Elia is just…. UGGHHHHHH! *screams into the void* 

But yeah… yeah. At least we still love and adore Gilly. Sweet darling Gilly, please never change. Please never let D&D ruin you. 

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Hi!:) i was wondering, what are ur thoughts on the whole "joenerYs is a fanbase balabla bullsht"? I just dont get it how can that be a thing. I mean when we saw them meet they already filmed episode 5 or maybe they were already filming the finale. And considering the fact that they havent met till this season there werent any of these hate comments about them until they met. And by that time they were already done with the sripts..i just dont get it. I kniw its long srry

Hi to you too! Jonerys can’t be a fanbase thing if it was already foreshadowed in A Game of Thrones. It was written throughout the novels and the way they shot Jon and Dany shows us that they are destined to meet. Dany is the embodiment of fire and Jon is of ice, they have numerous paralles and they fit together amazingly. In the books, they sort of dream/see seach other? Like Dany seeing a blue rose or Jon thinking about dragons. In TV show, they mimicked this by Daario giving Dany a blue rose, which is really ironic considering his departure meant that Dany was free to fall in love again. Jon is the only one left that makes sense for her, he’s her true match and peer and the only man in Westeros who shares her rank. It’s not fanservice if it was planed from the beginning, the fact that the fans like it is an added benefit.

You see, the thing about Game of Thrones is that they film everything before airing, I know Emilia’s recent ig posts but you have to know she’s only allowed to post stuff after the episode airs. Boatsex was filmed months ago probably in Balfast where they usually film interior scenes so they can’t change anything now. It was set in stone because fantasy shows like this take a year to make and produce, because CGI, millions of extras, actors working on different projects…

Hate is a weird thing you see. People usually hate things they don’t understand or that ruins their image of perfection.I disagree on the hate comments, we were the mother of all crackships for years. They just got more intense when people who were in denial saw that it’s happening. Like that scene *SPOILER ALERT* is episode 6 is the final nail in the it will never happen coffin. She saw his scars, he didn’t want to let her go, he called her queen… It’s all coming together now and I know it’s not pleasant to see your ship never become canon.

We have a huge discourse in our fandom, like example, the Supergirl fandom. They were divided so much on Supercorp and Karamel and the hate was like daaamnnnnnnn. It was hate messages, accusations of all sorts of kinds… I haven’t seen anything extreme like that here but it comes close. No offense to the Supergirl fandom, but you dissapointed me this year. 

What I want is not everyone starts shipping Jonerys but I just want everyone to stay in their lanes and let each other live. Just accept the canon and enjoy your fanon but don’t be hateful. We Jonerys fans are really lucky in the sense we got our ship because we saw a promise years ago. I know people think it’s rushed, but Robb and Talisa banged like a few episodes after they met, then Ygritte and Jon were attracted to each other from the beginning, Dany and Drogon were madly in love by episode 3… You see where I’m going with this. Time skips are promiment in got and because we have a shorter season means we probably skipped scenes and little thing that happen.

Jeeezz what a blabbermouth I am that’s enough

Writing and stuff …

Everyone’s talking about how shitty GoT has become, that the writing is garbage the actors are mediocre and have no chemistry, the plotline doesn’t make sense, it’s just fanservice and their beloved characters are turning to be less intriguing and epic than before, basicly everything is ruined….

AND I AM HERE LIKE MAKING HAPPINESS JUMPS AND SMILING LIKE A CREEP 😂 It was a beautiful finale on so many epic, horrifying, hot, steamy and difficult levels. It was an awesome season in general. Game of Thrones is always been about building up beautiful things and crashing them in any possible way that’s why i watch it, that’s why i love it. GoT doesn’t give two shits about normal fantasy rules, it’s gorgeous and ruthless and i love it.

Is my favorite ship gonna fall into pieces in the next season? Yeah probably. Are some very beloved characters going to die in season 8? YEAH most definitetly. Are the characters going to do stuff that might dissappoint me? Of course. But that’s the beauty of GoT. Nothing and no one is save and perfect which makes every gorgeous moment i get to experience in GoT a treasured moment and that is thanks to the writers and the awesome actors and everyone else involved in it.

Frankly i don’t care how it will end, it’s either gonna infuriate me or make me the happiest girl alive, either way it will mesmerize me and i will accept it. 😊💜

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