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Study/Reading Music Playlist

BooksbandspizzaFeb2016 - Day 19

For some people, listening to music while studying (or reading) is a good way to focus. Personally, listening to slow, calming music is what makes me feel more focused and productive, and not fast-paced stuff.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of Study/Reading music split into two parts. The first is the instrumentals and the second is slow songs with lyrics. I don’t mind both, but when I study I prefer the instrumentals, lyrics can sometimes be a distraction. Especially when you want to sing along. But for reading it’s fine.

I also use music to time my studying. Each part of this playlist is roughly am hour long, the whole thing is two hours. It’s supposed to be better to study in short, designated amounts of time rather than cramming it all in one night. (We are all guilty of this) This playlist can serve as a time.

Example: Listen to the first half of the playlist while studying. No breaks whatsoever. Once it’s finished you can take a break then go back to studying while listening to the second half of the playlist.

Honestly, this playlist doesn’t necessarily have to be for studying or reading purposes only. It’s good for if you want to relieve stress or fall asleep as well.

- Tris :)


1. As Daylight Dies - Audiomachine
2. Rise Above - Position Music
3. Arrival of the Birds - The Cinematic Orchestra
4. Phantom of the Opera Medley (Violin and piano cover) - Taylor Davis
5. Intro - The xx
6 Game of Thrones theme song (Orchestra cover) - New York Philharmonic
7. Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
8. The Four Seasons - Vivaldi
10. Experience - Ludovicio Einaudi
11. Life - Ludovicio Einaudi
12. Waterways - Ludovicio Einaudi
13. Time Lapse - Ludovicio Einaudi
14. River Flows in You (piano and cello) cover - David Solís
15. Lord of the Rings Medley (violin cover) - Lindsey Stirling
16. It’s Hard to Say Goodbye - Michale Ortega
17.Dream of Flying - Brian Crain
18. Soda - The Cinematic Orchestra
19. Let Her Go (harp cover) - Viviane Nüscheler
20. A Thousand Years (piano and cello cover) - The Piano Guys

(Slow, calming songs with lyrics)

1. The Last Goodbye - Peter Hollens acapella cover
2. To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
3. Into the West - Peter Hollens acapella cover
4. May It Be - Enya
5. Medicine - Daughter
6. Wait - M83
7. I Need You - M83
8. Intro - M83
9. Oblivion - Indians
10. Skinny Love cover - Birdy
11. Long Way Down - Tom Odell
12. Not About Angels - Birdy
13. Crimson Skies - The Cinematic Orchestra (feat Lou Rhodes)
14. Angels - The xx
15. Paint - The Paper Kites
16. Never Heard A Sound - The Paper Kites
17. The Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk
18. Skin - Zola Jesus
19. Big Bad World - Kodaline
20. All I Want - Kodaline


80’s version of GoT intro is pure awesome