game of thrones interview


“Have you had any awkward fan interactions?”

“I’m hugely lucky because people always tend to be very, very nice, particularly playing a character like Brienne of Tarth, people can be very enthusiastic…To one extent…”


I think he believes that somehow they must recognize that the other one cares. I’m sure she knows he cares about her. The fact that she tries to give him back the sword Oathkeeper and he kind of says, “It’s yours. It’s always been yours,”…the subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

  • Kit Harington: If you’re getting your bum out in front of 60 million people, you do your homework. With lots of squats.
  • Jonathan Ross: Is it weird that we’ve all enjoyed your buttocks?
  • Kit Harington: Not really, no. I’ll get them out for anyone. I have a naturally hairless bum.

I record things on my phone basically every day, melody ideas or lyric ideas…but I don’t tend to write when I’m on set, and that’s because it’s fun. When I write lyrics, I’ll leave the room, I’ll go off on my own and write somewhere for however long I need to. But with acting, it’s all these fun people I get to play with for the day; it’s like going to play school, so I wouldn’t want to isolate myself. I enjoy everybody’s company, just messing about. You’d be surprised how much we mess about on Game of Thrones. —Raleigh Ritchie Photographed by Jason Hetherington for Interview Magazine


Very very informative breakdown 😌


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