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I need blogs to follow!

My dash is a bit dead, so I need to follow more people! Please reblog or like if you post or reblog any of these things, and I’ll check out your blog:

- Dexter
- Arrow
- The Flash
- In the flesh
- Grimm
- Hannibal
- How to get away with murder
- Teen wolf
- The 100
- Shameless us
- Brooklyn nine-nine
- Agents of SHIELD
- The listener
- Game of thrones
- Doctor who
- Some youtubers
- Other text posts

I need new blogs to follow!

So I need new blogs to follow again, my dashboard is empty. So if you post any of these please like/reblog/follow and I will check your blog

- Captain America/stucky
- Other marvel stuff
- Hannibal
- Game of thrones
- Dragon Age
- Skyrim
- Fallout
- Bioshock
- Pretty landscapes/other pretty stuff
- Nature
- Cats
- Funny stuff

I don’t like these but honestly my dash needs interesting stuff! Reblog or like if your blog is based on:

•Pale/pink/pastel aesthetic
•Lana Del Rey
•Melanie Martinez
•Marina and the Diamonds
•Dan and Phil
•Game of Thrones/ASoIaF
•Funny things like text posts and memes and stuff??
•Life is Strange
•anything tbh I’ll check you out aha

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Who wants a follow?

My dash is too slow for my liking so if you reblog any of the following:
Doctor Who
In The Flesh
Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Game of Thrones
The Maze Runner
Orphan Black
Stuff that is funny and amusing

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Following Spree !

I need some more blogs to follow so if you post any of the following :

-Harry Potter
-Just funny stuff/text posts
-Game of Thrones
-Lord Of The Rings
-The Hobbit
-The Walking Dead
-Teen Wolf
-Doctor Who
-Star Wars
-Hunger Games

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Hey I’m looking for more blogs to follow so if you reblog/post the following please reblog and I’ll follow you! (a follow back would be nice -cough-)

-marvel anything, particularly captain america 
-game of thrones
-doctor who
-funny stuff
-parks and rec
-the mindy project
-new girl
-orange is the new black
-harry potter

-last airbender/legend of korra
-tokyo ghoul
-zankyou no terror
-akame ga kill
-ao no exorcist/blue exorcist
-hitsugi no chaika/chaika the coffin princess 
-guilty crown
-no game no life
-beyond the boundary/kyoukai no kanata
-sword art online
-spice and wolf
-soul eater
-attack on titan/shingeki no kyojin
-general studio ghibli