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Game of Thrones cast describes Season 7 using emojis.

Nik and Gwen are having so much fun.


Game of Thrones cast describes season 7…with emojis!


And what do you want from me?”
“A cure.”  I must sound so silly. Like the stupid little girl he left in Winterfell.  “I followed you one night. I remember your screams, and then the white wolf with the red—”
“You don’t know what you saw.” 
“I do now. Listen. I never asked for this. You’ve had the curse for years, you must know something. I will be queen some day, this is not… If anyone knows what I am, I…“
"You think I did? Ask for it?” He chuckled. “Deserve it, maybe?”  
“Just… just make it go away, please, and I promise you’ll never see me again!”
I can’t” he said sharply. “It’s the wolf blood. It doesn’t go away.”
She wiped her tears and turned to go. Then I will bleed out until it does.
“Wait.” His voice was softer, now.  “I can help. I can run with you. Hunt with you. Teach you all I know. Teach you the ways to tame the beast… to keep it in control. But you need to trust me, Sansa.”

JON & SANSA: WEREWOLVES AU   |   The night Sansa Stark turns seventeen, her bones break and her world is shattered. Ashamed, terrified, unable to control the wolf that has awoken inside her —the curse of Winterfell, the servants whispered when she was little, she remembers now—she sets out to find the only person who can help her: her estranged half brother, Jon Snow.


Viserys Targaryen because wow if you only see pictures of him with a flower he doesn’t seem like a huge bagel