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Imagine being the last mermaid left in the Seven Kingdoms. Some people want to see you dead, some want to marry you because of your beauty and some try to use you for your magic. But in the end your legend still goes on…


Imagine being Ramsay’s true love but Reek has a strange obsession with you, resulting in stares that make you feel uneasy. When Ramsay finds out, he makes sure Reek knows who you belong too.

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Gif imagines are open for requests as well as normal ones!



“No one can survive in this world without help.”

FAKE MOVIE MEME: Game of Thrones AU 

Emilia Clarke as the naive daughter of a UK crime boss who finds herself in witness protection after her whole family is killed because of her father’s crimes.

Jason Momoa as the ex MMA fighter who finds himself drawn to the young girl.

Iain Glen as the cop assigned to look after the girl and who clashes with her new interest. 


Thomas Brodie-Sangster

+ AU MEME You are an actress in The Scorch Trials Pt. 1 +

+ AU MEME You are an actress in The Scorch Trials Pt. 2 *ComingSoon* 

+ AU MEME Your dying confession to Jojen Reed (GOT) +

+ AU MEME After being abused by his girlfriend, he comes to you +

+ AU MEME He tells you all the things he likes about you +

+ AU MEME You’re Kaya’s cousin, Thomas has a crush on you +

+AU MEME He’s the nerd, you become friends +

+ AU MEME He walks in on you self-harming +

+ TXT POST Thomas Brodie-Sangster Filmography +

One Direction - Harry Styles

+ AU MEME Telling Harry how precious he is to you +

+ AU MEME Harry and you at the hotel, morning after +

+ AU MEME You are an actress;The media won’t leave you guys alone +

+ FAN FIC Fallen, In love | Prologue (Fallen Angel AU) +

+ FAN FIC Joke’s On You | Pt 1 (Superhero AU) +

One Direction - Louis Tomlinson

+ AU MEME Telling Louis how proud you are of him +

5 Seconds Of Summer - Ashton Irwin

+ AU MEME You and Ashton are close friends, but like each other

5 Seconds Of Summer - Michael Clifford

+ AU MEME What he’s thinking about doing to you +

5 Seconds Of Summer - Calum & Luke

+ AU MEME You’re dating Calum but Luke has a crush on you +


Imagine being an orphane and running into Cersei. She likes the way you are and offers you a home in the Lannister family. You are born to bue a true lion.


Imagine you are apart of Tywin’s Army and go to the North undercover only to fall in love with Robb but he cant forgive your lie.

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You can request GIF imagines as well as normal ones.


Imagine Tyrion marries you instead of Sansa.

Ramsay x Female Reader

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Imagine being Ramsay’s new toy and he discovers your biting fetish when being sexual.

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\ Request from @lj-laufeypevensieweasley /

Hey! Love your stuff. If ur taking requests/are comfortable with writing Ramsay smut, could u do one based around the readers’ biting fetish? If not its fine! Love u! Xx

♡ ♡  Warning: SMUT & KINKS  ♡ ♡

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I’ll Just Have To Show You (Part One - GameOfThrones!Calum)

Hello lovelies. Saw that gif of Calum while watching Game Of Thrones and I thought of this. Yeah. I know. You’re welcome. 

I don’t really know if I’m going to do anything with this or do the other boys or not, but I might. Let’s be real. You never know with me… There’s certainly enough shirtless pics of Calum for a series…. 

Anyway, while watching the series or reading the books is preferred it is not required for this story. This is mainly just shirtless Calum sexual tension. ENJOY!

You took a deep breath trying to compose yourself as the shout came down from the city walls announcing their approach. You didn’t think you were ready for this, not that anyone cared to ask you what you were ready for. Your own father didn’t even care; he was just trying to save his own skin. Though, he would likely voice to everyone that this was necessary to save the whole city.

Your father was the High Magister of the Free City of Norvos, not that the city was very free today. You had gone to bed last night excited at the prospect of going down to the river with a few of your sisters and your maids, only to wake up to the unfortunately familiar warning calls from guards outside. A Dothraki hoard had been spotted on the horizon.

You had been dreading those sounds more than anyone else in Norvos. The last Dothraki hoard to attack the city had come nearly a year and a half ago, and Norvos was still trying to recover. Your father had only just become High Magister at the time, and he was very dismal in his handling of the Dothraki. His gift to their Khal had been meager at best, and the insulted Khal had pillaged much of the city for payment. The pillaging and gift had left Norvos short on cattle, short on food, short on guards, and short on slaves. You knew your father would have little left to give to the Dothraki approaching now… little left except for you.

By most men’s standards you were incredibly beautiful, some would even say the most beautiful they had ever laid eyes upon. You were also very smart, not that most men cared about that in a woman. As an advisor, you had taken over much of your father’s diplomatic negotiations in the past year. You understood the languages and cultures of the other cities of Essos, and they greatly appreciated your consideration. As a result trade had increased, speeding up the rebuilding process. The people, both in Norvos and the rest of Essos, loved you.

You knew now, standing beside your father as the city gates swung open, that those very things that earned you love were about to become your downfall. Messengers had already confirmed that it was indeed the same Khal who had last attacked, and everyone knew that he would have to be presented with something truly grand to avoid attacking again. Something as grand as, say, a wife.

“If I could have this any other way, (Y/n),” Your father whispered under his breath as a small group broke off from the Dothraki hoard and approached the gate.

“You wouldn’t,” You cut off your father, unamused by his flattery. Whether you cared to admit it or not, you knew your father did not care for you. The only emotion the man had ever regarded you with was envy as the people praised your efforts and berated him for the last attack.

“High Magister, might I present the Great Khal Calum.” One of the messengers called up to where you and your father stood as the approaching Dothraki raced through the gates and dismounted their horses.

“My greetings to the Great Khal Calum,” Your father’s eyes were directed at the Khal, while spoke to the translator. “We look forward to his presence in our city. If there is…”

The young Khal cuts your father off with a venomous glare and a loud growling noise before he opens his mouth to speak, “Tell the old man if he wishes to speak to me he can do it himself or not at all.” He spoke to the translator in Dothraki, a language your father had no knowledge of, nor did he care to learn. You, however, were all too familiar with what the khal was saying, having picked up the language from countless trade partners.

“The old man does not speak the Dothraki tongue, only the tongue common to his people.” You spoke up before the translator could.

The Khal diverted his gaze to you and for the first time since his arrival you observed the man. He was young, but he was certainly a man. His chest and arms were bare to show of the lean muscles rippling under the skin. The skin itself was a gorgeous tan from years of riding in the sun, littered with dark tattoos all along his arms and shoulders. His hair was quite long as well down to his mid-back, a Dothraki tradition you knew meant he was a warrior. No doubt he had never lost with his hair so long so young.

“Well then,” The Khal murmured, eyeing you with a wary but intrigued expression, “Tell him I will not make a deal if I do not understand who I’m dealing with.”

Your eyes never left the dark orbs boring into yours as you spoke to your father, “He says he won’t make a deal through a translator. He doesn’t deal with people he can’t speak to directly.”

Your father spluttered away, but before he could coherently form words the Khal was speaking again, “Who are you?”

“I am (Y/n) of Norvos, daughter of the High Magister,” You gestured to your father as you spoke.

“You? His daughter?” The Khal’s eyes roved over your body, “That is simply not possible.”

You bit back a laugh at his words, “I find it as impossible as you, yet here we are… If you will not make deals with my father, perhaps the two of us could make a deal.”

“What is she saying?” Your father hissed under his breath to the translator, whose mouth started moving a mile a minute to catch him up.

The Khal chuckled at your suggestion, “Oh, I am certain the two of us can make a deal.”

“Our people are short of slaves. There is food to be had, but not plenty of it. Much of the city is still in tatters after the last raid. We do not have much to offer you by way of goods.”

“That doesn’t exactly sound like a fair deal to me.” The Khal pursed his lips, waiting for your offer.

My father’s intention was to offer me to you as a wife, or whore or slave if you so choose, he doesn’t care which, along with a few of his… personal favorites from the local brothel,” You tried to put it as delicately as possible, knowing your father was being translated every word. “The brothels are about the only thing that are fully repaired in the city.”

The Khal thought this over for a moment and took a step towards you. Your eyes fell to the floor in anxious anticipation. Everyone watching tensed. The Dothraki guards behind the Khal rested their hands on their blades; the guards around the city walls stood at attention, and your father put a few more inches between the pair of you while the Khal began to circle you in a very predatory manner, like a hawk ready to swoop down and catch its prey.

“Now why would I have need of his whores,” The Khal put a finger under your chin and tilted your gaze back up to his, “if I had a woman as beautiful as you in my bed?” His thumb gently stroked over your cheek, and the only sound in the place was of quiet whispering as the translator spoke in hushed tones to your father of what Khal was saying.

“Men tire easily of having the same things every day,” You pointed out quietly under your breath.

The Khal chuckled, clearly amused by your observation, Boys tire of the same thing every day.” Slowly, the Khal trailed a hand down your arm to your waist. With a sharp jerk of his wrist, you fell forward into him, palms splayed out on his chest and his arm tight around your waist, holding you to him. Men know how to keep things interesting.”

“Well then,” you said breathlessly, “It would seem I don’t know many men.”

The Khal smirked, “I’ll just have to show you, then.” His eyes diverted away from you for the first time since you spoke, turning on the translator with a harsh glare. “Tell your master he can keep his ruined cities and his used whores for now. She will do just fine.”

The Khal released your waist and walked back to his horse without as much as another glance in your direction. The translator was a flurry of words the second the Khals back was turned, but you didn’t hear any of them. Your eyes still focused on the retreating back of the man you would soon call your husband.

Viserys x Female Reader

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Imagine being Viserys’s wife and queen of the Seven Kingdoms where you are known for your feisty yet caring nature.

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\ Request from anonymous /

You have no idea how much I’ve missed your imagines!! I was wondering if you could do an AU plot where Viserys is Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and the reader is ruling with him as his Queen? ♥ Hope you’re having a wonderful week and thanks in advance, darling~!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Help From A Brother (GameOfThrones!Luke)

Happy I got to use this picture finally cause Jack is in this one… only as a character, nothing weird goin on. I don’t think this one turned out quite as grand as Calum’s did, because the plot for this is a little more complicated so i had to cut it down to keep it from being ridiculously long, but i like to think it’s still kinda cute. 

You yelped as you felt to strong arms grip you round your waist and jerk you back, but the second your back connected with the sturdy chest of the person behind you you immediately recognized it and let out a sigh of relief, “Luke!”

Luke chuckled and loosened his arms just enough for you to spin around to face him. “Hello beautiful,” he murmured, lifting a hand to rest against your cheek. “I missed you last night. Where were you?”

“Cleaning the kitchens. I thought I told you I wouldn’t be able to come to you for the next few nights,” You spoke softly and looked around to ensure the two of you were alone in the corridor.

Luke chuckled at your words and leaned down, pressing his lips into your neck. “You should know by now that I do not usually pay attention to news that does not agree with me.”

“Yes, a habit I’ve noticed runs in your family.”

“It’s a key trait of any Lannister,” Luke agreed with a nod. “Like my father always says, if you do not accept things that do not go your way things will tend to go your way more often.” He tapped you lightly on the nose.

You rolled your eyes and waved his hands away, “Getting your way is a luxury of being a Lannister, a trait we do not share. That in mind, I should get back to the kitchens before someone comes looking for either of us.”

Luke groaned and tightened his grip on her, “Let them come. I could not care less.”

“Well I could,” you swatted his chest, “You wouldn’t get punished, but I certainly would. I doubt the other maids would be happy to know one of their own is fooling around with the Lannisters, and I know your father wouldn’t appreciate such news.”

Luke growled in response to the comment and hid his face in your neck, “They’re never going to touch you again, (Y/n). I promise you.”

“Luke, you can’t protect me from everything, especially your own family.”

“I can damn well try,” He disagreed, tightening his grip on her.

You sighed and pushed away from him with a shake of your head, “Luke, you’re going to be Lord of Casterly Rock one day. You’re not going to get in trouble over me. I won’t allow that.” With that you hurried off down the hall towards the kitchens.

Luke sighed and slumped back against the stone wall of the corridor, running a hand over his face in frustration. This was not the way his life was supposed to go three years ago. He was supposed to come back from squiring for the House Redwyne and meet the three ladies his father had decided on and choose which among them would be his wife. Then he was going to take over Casterly Rock and provide an heir to take over after him. At least, that was what was supposed to happen.

And yet, despite how chaotic his life had become he couldn’t bring himself to regret it, because you were part of it now. Instead of returning to meet with suitors he had returned and run directly into you on his way into the castle. A young kitchen maid, who was cleaning his chamber for a sick friend who couldn’t work that morning, with frizzy hair from the heat of work, drops of sweat rolling down the side of your face as you rushed about making everything ready for his arrival.

You looked a mess, even he would admit that. But in that moment he’d seen past your stained cheeks, sweaty skin, and messy hair. He’d instantly seen the beauty that lied beneath, and he could not, for the life of him, bring himself to even consider another woman from that moment forward.

He’d spent the last three years stalling his betrothal so he could sneak glances and hurried conversations with you until you’d finally relented to his advances.  He knew his father would never consent to him marrying a maid, but his father was an old man. His will and strength was weakening over time. Perhaps in a few years he would be more lenient, or at the very least out of his wits enough not to object.

“You know,” Luke jumped when he heard the voice from the other end of the hall. “You should really check a bit more thoroughly before you go sneaking around next time.”

Luke hesitantly approached when the voice came out of the shadows and its owner stepped forward, “Jack.” He wasn’t entirely sure where this was going.

Jack smirked in Luke’s direction and leaned against the wall a few feet away. “Pretty girl you got yourself there,” Jack nodded in the direction you’d run off in. “What’s her name?”

“What’s it matter?” Luke countered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Jack raised an eyebrow at Luke’s hesitation. “Luke, I’m not going to steal her away from you. You know I would never do that to you.”

Luke hesitated a second longer before he sighed and slumped back against the wall, “I know I just… Well, I don’t really know who to trust anymore, Jack. If father found out… I can’t bare to think what he’d do to her to punish me.”

“He won’t hear about it from me,” Jack swore, clapping his brother on the shoulder. “I… I heard most of it. Were you, you know, serious about all of that or just saying it to console her?”

Luke looked up to Jack with wary eyes, “I meant it… all of it and more. Jack, I love her. I’m not even sure when it happened, but it did. I can’t imagine my life without her now. I don’t even know if I want my life if it does not contain her.”

“Father would never agree to…”

“I know,” Luke cut him off. “I know he wouldn’t let me have her. I know he’ll never see her as anything more than a maid. I know he’ll never care for my feelings as much as he cares for his family name, but I don’t care. I don’t care if I never see him again. I don’t care if I never have any of his wealth and power. I don’t care if I lose it all.”

Jack took a step back, processing everything his brother just said and looking for any hint of hesitation. He found none. Jack had always been the more loyal of the two to the family name, but he never suspected for a second that Luke would consider… defecting like this, but Luke was being completely serious about this. If that wasn’t enough for Jack to defy his father nothing was.

“Do you have anyone who will take you in?”

“W-What?” Luke stood up a little straighter, face marred with confusion.

“Is there anyone who will take you in if you leave?” Jack persisted, “House Redwyne, you squired for them for a year. Their lord’s son is your age; you still write to him. Their friends of yours; are they not? They would take you in if you defied father.”

Luke hesitantly nodded, “I believe so. Their lord probably would not, but his son is a friend, and he owes me… not that I’ll ever get a chance.”

“Leave that to me,” Jack waved off Luke’s concern, shocking the younger boy silent. “If you truly mean what you said about leaving all of this behind for her then I’ll help you.” Jack glanced back and walked down the hall, ensuring all the doors were closed and no one was listening. “So, Luke,” Jack turned back to face him when he was certain they were alone. “Did you mean it, now?”

Luke thought it over for a second. A life in poverty down at House Redwyne with you or a life of luxury here at Casterly Rock, married to some noble woman and forced to watch you suffer away. “Yes, yes I meant it. What can you do?”

“Father has had me following his master of ships for the last two months, learning the ropes of the harbor. I made friends with a ship captain while I was there. His ship is docked in Lannisport right now, but it will soon be leaving for The Arbor to trade some wine. He’ll let you aboard with my suggestion.” Jack explained.

“All the way in Lannisport? Father will notice I’m missing by then.” Luke shook his head at Jack’s plan.

Jack dismissed his brother’s concern, “No he won’t. Some sellswords have been pillaging some towns near Ashemark. Father’s leaving in the morning with Ben to assist in their disposal. I’ll ride down with you to Lannisport in the morning and talk to the captain. If we hurry I should make it back before nightfall, and we can talk to Ben. He’ll stall father’s return long enough for your ship to leave port. You and your maid will be halfway to Arbor by the time he notices.”

“Really?” A twinge of hope leaked its’ way into Luke’s voice. “You’d do all this for me.”

Jack’s smile widened on his face, and he pulled Luke into a hug. “Father is Lord of Casterly Rock; he’s always been more ruler than family to me, but that’s never changed the fact that you are my brother. First and foremost.”

Luke returned Jack’s hug momentarily. “I need to go talk to (Y/n)!”

“Yes,” Jack released him, “Talk to her; see that the two of you are ready to leave by sunrise. I need to speak to Ben.”

“Stay behind me.” Luke whispered over his shoulder to you as you crept passed the guards atop the walls.

You clutched tightly to Luke’s free arm, his other resting on the hilt of his sword just in case. Getting into the castle was as easy as finding the secret door Luke knew about, but actually finding the room you were looking for was difficult.

The Redwyne family lived in the center of the castle and had their own personal guards patrolling the halls and stationed at each bedroom door. You had to frequently duck behind statues or down the wrong hall to avoid the patrols Until finally Luke found the one he was looking for.

“That’s the door.” He pointed to one with a guard on either side. “He’ll be happy to help, but first we need to get past the guards. Wait here.” Luke left you standing around the corner and jogged back down the hall, ducking down one of the wrong halls you’d hidden in earlier and going out of site.

A few moments later a loud clanging sound reverberated through the castle, and the guards jerked to attention, looking around and deciding the sound had come from the opposite direction before tearing off to find the intruder.

“Come on, hurry!” Luke grabbed your arm as he came dashing back up the hall and pulled you to the door. “Won’t be long before they come back or the halls flooded with them.” His fist pounded the door furiously, and he pulled you to stand back behind him, blocking you from view of the door.

It was a few moment before the door swung open to reveal the bedchamber inside. Before either of you could react a sword was pointed directly at Luke’s throat through the open door. Luke tensed but made no move to grab his own.

“Well, well, well,” A deep, masculine voice called from inside the room. “I heard you’d gone missing, but I must say I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“We need your help.” Luke ignored the jab.


Luke moved to the side, revealing you standing behind him to the man in the doorway. He was tall, not quite as tall as Luke, but he towered over you. His skin was just as tan as expected of someone living this far south, and his hair was a dirty blonde, messy and tousled likely from sleep. Underneath his skin you could see the hardened muscles sculpted from years of training with a sword. His eyes were trained on you and felt like they were piercing your very soul.

“Well,” he raised an eyebrow in curiosity and lowered his sword, “can’t say I expected that either… You certainly have been busy, Luke.” With a flurry of movement, the young man threw the door wide and stepped aside for the two of you to enter, sheathing his sword once more on his hip.

With the sword away and door open, Luke relaxed a great deal and waved you in ahead of him, “Thank you for this.”

“Who said I was helping you,” the man shot back, jutting his hand out to catch yours. Bringing it up to his lips, he pressed a kiss to the back of your hand. “Hello there.”

Luke put his arm around your shoulder and pulled you back against his side with a . “We need somewhere to stay, if you can spare the space.”

“Well you did save my life…” He mused in mock hesitation, “I suppose I owe you one.” He smirked and held out an arm to Luke.

Luke chuckled and pulled away from you, grabbing his old friend into a hug, “It’s good to see you again, Ashton.”

AU Meme - Robbaery in a modern setting where Margy is married to Renly and Robb is his rival asked by roseswillcutyou

Politician Renly Baratheon’s wife, Margaery Tyrell, has been having an affair with his long time rival, Robb Stark. 

After months of having his wife followed by a private detective, proofs are finally there and the lovers will have to face the consequences.