game of thrones au meme


Imagine being the last mermaid left in the Seven Kingdoms. Some people want to see you dead, some want to marry you because of your beauty and some try to use you for your magic. But in the end your legend still goes on…


Warning: Incestuous Relations.

Imagine being Jons ‘sister’ and returning from years of travel, to which Jon finds you far too attractive. 

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However as you all know, his ‘sister’ is actually his cousin due to the whole Rhaegar and Lyanna thing.

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AU MEME: Marrying Robb Stark and becoming Queen in the North. A month later, Robb and Catelyn travel to attend a wedding in the Riverlands. You stay behind due to falling ill, but come to find out a week later you get news of the death of your husband and your mother-in-law. At first you were devastated and felt like you couldn’t move on, but you knew Robb wouldn’t want you to sit sulk everyday. So, you being to take action finishing the war that had been started. 


“Today I am not your Queen. Today I am King.”

A/N: Sorry to remind us all of the horrific death of Robb :((

modern au // game of thrones: arya stark

“Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.”


“No one can survive in this world without help.”

FAKE MOVIE MEME: Game of Thrones AU 

Emilia Clarke as the naive daughter of a UK crime boss who finds herself in witness protection after her whole family is killed because of her father’s crimes.

Jason Momoa as the ex MMA fighter who finds himself drawn to the young girl.

Iain Glen as the cop assigned to look after the girl and who clashes with her new interest. 


Imagine being an orphane and running into Cersei. She likes the way you are and offers you a home in the Lannister family. You are born to bue a true lion.


Imagine being Ramsay’s true love but Reek has a strange obsession with you, resulting in stares that make you feel uneasy. When Ramsay finds out, he makes sure Reek knows who you belong too.

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AU MEME: Coming across Jon Snow in the woods. He’s intrigued by your armor, you begin to talk about your house. Your house is small on the outter part of Westeros, on the islands outside of House Tyrell. He questions your travels being so far, you mention the need for more land. Your house is much like the Starks (not as big, but growing) in the matter of being Just and trying to do the right thing. Jon invites you back to Winterfell for shelter and food. As you talk, he realizes that you to have something in common, both of you are bastards and made it a thing not to be ashamed of- And the two of you are insanely talented swordsmen. 

“You’re a girl, how did you get into armor?”

“I’m a women. A bastard women, I had to learn
to hold my own. How about you, Snow?”

“Same as you, had to hold my own.” 

A/N: I made the House up and idk, enjoy

modern au // game of thrones: sansa stark

“My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.”


Thomas Brodie-Sangster

+ AU MEME You are an actress in The Scorch Trials Pt. 1 +

+ AU MEME You are an actress in The Scorch Trials Pt. 2 *ComingSoon* 

+ AU MEME Your dying confession to Jojen Reed (GOT) +

+ AU MEME After being abused by his girlfriend, he comes to you +

+ AU MEME He tells you all the things he likes about you +

+ AU MEME You’re Kaya’s cousin, Thomas has a crush on you +

+AU MEME He’s the nerd, you become friends +

+ AU MEME He walks in on you self-harming +

+ TXT POST Thomas Brodie-Sangster Filmography +

One Direction - Harry Styles

+ AU MEME Telling Harry how precious he is to you +

+ AU MEME Harry and you at the hotel, morning after +

+ AU MEME You are an actress;The media won’t leave you guys alone +

+ FAN FIC Fallen, In love | Prologue (Fallen Angel AU) +

+ FAN FIC Joke’s On You | Pt 1 (Superhero AU) +

One Direction - Louis Tomlinson

+ AU MEME Telling Louis how proud you are of him +

5 Seconds Of Summer - Ashton Irwin

+ AU MEME You and Ashton are close friends, but like each other

5 Seconds Of Summer - Michael Clifford

+ AU MEME What he’s thinking about doing to you +

5 Seconds Of Summer - Calum & Luke

+ AU MEME You’re dating Calum but Luke has a crush on you +

Ramsay x Female Reader

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Imagine being Ramsay’s new toy and he discovers your biting fetish when being sexual.

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\ Request from @lj-laufeypevensieweasley /

Hey! Love your stuff. If ur taking requests/are comfortable with writing Ramsay smut, could u do one based around the readers’ biting fetish? If not its fine! Love u! Xx

♡ ♡  Warning: SMUT & KINKS  ♡ ♡

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FAKE MOVIE MEME: Requested by: anonymous

In 16th century London, a young couple’s quiet farm life is interrupted, when the man, Aidan (Hiddleston), who happens to be the youngest son of the king, suddenly becomes the only living heir to the monarchy. He is asked by his mother to rule in his father’s place, which he agrees to, if only to please her. Aidan is forced to move back home and abandon his life with his fiancée, Rebecca (Dormer) - because for a king, marrying someone from a lower class is frowned upon. Soon, Aidan begins adjusting to his new role as king - but eventually he realizes, he is missing something no king should ever be without.


Imagine Tyrion marries you instead of Sansa.


Imagine you are apart of Tywin’s Army and go to the North undercover only to fall in love with Robb but he cant forgive your lie.

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