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That was the best part, the dreaming. She dreamed of wolves most every night. A great pack of wolves, with her at the head. She was bigger than any of them, stronger, swifter, faster. She could outrun horses and outfight lions. When she bared her teeth even men would run from her, her belly was never empty long, and her fur kept her warm even when the wind was blowing cold.

Arya Stark & Historical asoiaf Characters

Part 1: Arya & Good Queen Alysanne
Part 2: Arya & Rhaeyns Targaryen

Similarities between Arya and Aegon the Unlikely :

1. Both are least likely to inherit among their siblings. (Egg’s siblings die or abdicate until the crown is given to him)

2. Both regularly shave their heads during certain periods of their lives.

3. Both are being repeatedly mistaken for stable boys.

4. Both live for some time among smallfolk

5. Both are made to chase small animals to make them quicker (Arya cats by Syrio, Aegon chickens by Dunk)

6. Both serve as cupbearers

7. Both are disinterested in any romance at least until the age of eleven.

8. Both are implicated in an incident of “assaulting” a member of the royal family, though Arya does the deed herself while Egg calls for Dunk’s intervention.

9. Both secretly holding objects that are connected to their identity. (Aegon’s Ring & Arya’s Needle)

The Ghost of High Heart tells Arya Stark that she gorged on grief at Summerhall and cannot handle Arya’s grief as well. Summerhall is where Egg died trying to hatch dragon eggs. Arya spends time with dragon bones, escapes the Redkeep using passages only “the blood of the dragons” would know about, she dreams of seeing a dragon, growing wings and using a flaming sword.
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Finally, after a year of languishing in a google doc, I finished this in time for it to exist for a glorious 3 weeks before GRRM and his henchmen joss it entirely.

This is a true example of writing the fic you want in the world–in other words, just give me some Sansa POV and slow healing and springtime metaphors and acknowledgment of Jon’s own PTSD and recovery, and of course massive doses of UST and bed-sharing and marriage of convenience. Plus some porn, because what’s fic without it.

Jon/Sansa, Explicit, 13000 words

In the dark and honest part of her that Sansa is no longer afraid of, she had thought that Jon would die, and she was no sadder than she was relieved. In the months that she ruled Winterfell while the great war of men and wights waged around them, she felt herself growing into her power, sinking her roots back deep into the Northern soil. She enjoyed it, ruling. She was good at it. And at night, she had a wide bed and a door that locked and she was never cold. If Jon died in the war, she would miss him like she missed Robb and Rickon and Bran. She wouldn’t miss her husband.

Seeing him now, she notes the absence of the relief and joy that marked her first glimpse of him at Castle Black. Instead, she feels a too-familiar grief: my brother is gone.


                        WE ARE THE WOLVES AT THE GATES

                                   ind. & sel. rickon stark from game of thrones/asoiaf
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