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A Lion’s Return 

The smell of incense hung heavy in the air, and a hundred candles burned, sending up a hundred prayers. Joff’s like to need every one of them, too.

 His sister looked over her shoulder. “Jaime?” She rose, her eyes brimming with tears. “Is it truly you?” She did not come to him, however. She has never come to me, he thought. She has always waited, letting me come to her. She gives, but I must ask. “You should have come sooner”

"I came as fast I could.” He broke from the embrace, and stepped back a pace. “It’s war out there, Sister.”

 "He killed him, Jaime. Just as he’d warned me. One day when I thought myself safe and happy he would turn my joy to ashes in my mouth, he said.“

 "Tyrion said that?” Jaime had not wanted to believe it. “Why would he kill Joff?”

 "You’ll kill him for me, won’t you? You’ll avenge our son.“

 Jaime pulled away. "He is still my brother.”

 She kissed him. A light kiss, the merest brush of her lips on his, but he could feel her tremble as he slid his arms around her. “I am not whole without you.”

 "Hurry,“ she was whispering now. "My brother, sweet brother” 

But no sooner were they done than the queen said, "Let me up. If we are discovered like this … ”

 "I am sick of being careful. The Targaryens wed brother to sister, why shouldn’t we do the same? Marry me, Cersei. Stand up before the realm and say it’s me you want. We’ll have our own wedding feast, and make another son in place of Joffrey.“

She drew back. "That’s not funny.”

From George R.R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords Chapter 62 (Jaime VII) shortened

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anonymous asked:

P1/3: I've been thinking... my guts say D is gonna have a [demon] baby and she will die and Sansa will accept Damien and *happily* (I hate this) raise the kid with Jon... cuz of Cat parallels and blah blah blah BS << that stupidity. But my brain says, 1) there will be a consequence for Jon's boresexcest, who cares if it was accidental, cuz that's GRRM, so a consequence that is; 2) But if it's baby Damien and it'll be raised as legitimate then IT will be the heir, consequently a Targ restoration.

[cont… P2/3: 3) So I think what’s the point of Jonsa and their possible children if the inbreed will be the first born and therefore inherit the Starks kingdom? This doesn’t make any sense. 4) Acc to GRRM inbreed was the Targs downfall, a Stark restoration should happen, so it only makes sense if the consequence isn’t a baby. 5) Logically this is the right thing, but do D&D care about logic? They don’t, but re THAT they should. 6) The point is, I can’t think of any consequence except this f* baby…

P3/3: 7) The bad thing is my gut feeling is speaking louder than my logical brain, and this rarely fails… Could you please help me out? What’s your opinion on this magical pregnancy thing? Do you have an idea of another consequence other than the little monster?]

Hey Anonny!!

I just want to first address that regardless of how D&D have routed the road to the end, they are confined to GRRM’s conclusion. That means that if GRRM’s conclusion isn’t a Targ restoration then it won’t be on the show either. They’ve said from Season 2 that their conclusion will be the same as GRRM’s and so I at least have faith in the fact that there won’t be a Targ restoration. D&D may be dumb enough but GRRM isn’t. 

And now we get to the crux of your questions. 

I actually wrote a meta on why I don’t believe in the Targcest baby, which can be found here. What it essentially says is that Jon coming home with D’s baby would not have the same impact on Sansa that it had on Catelyn because Jon and Sansa are neither married nor even lovers. Would it hurt her? Sure. But publically, it’s not the same. The humiliation and betrayal that Catelyn felt would however be paralleled in the humiliation and betrayal Sansa would feel when Jon comes back after having bent the knee to D and the subsequent outrage from the Northern houses over it. After all Sansa did for him while he was gone, he goes and betrays her trust. It has a similar impact. 

The fact of the matter is a Targ baby serves no purpose in the narrative as it stands. If D has one and dies during childbirth, that would be the dumbest, most ridiculous conclusion for her. After all she’s gone through, she dies during childbirth? She becomes a prop for a male character to further his man-pain? Honestly, any D stan who actually wants this clearly doesn’t really give a shit about her.  

And the consequence for Jon’s boresex with D is a Northern revolt when it comes to light he’s pledged his allegiance to a Targ/foreigner. 

There have been plenty of foreshadowing on this part. The Northern houses’ clear distaste for foreign rulers and of course their distrust of Targs in general. 

“Your Grace, with respect, I must agree with Lady Sansa. I remember the Mad King all too well. A Targaryen cannot be trusted.”

“Aye. We called your brother king. And then he rode south and lost his kingdom.” 

“Winter is here, Your Grace. We need the King in the North in the North.”

This outcry was simply in response to Jon riding to the South to ask for dragonstone and a possible alliance. Now imagine how angry the North will be when they find out Jon bent the knee. There’s already been dissension and Sansa has been the only person really calming them down. 

Then you have Robb x Talisa as the ultimate foreboders. Robb was king, bound by his duty to his people and yet he shirked his duty to marry Talisa. What happened to them after that? Robb died, Talisa died, his child died, his mother died, his men all died. And the North remembers. 

Yes, my family served House Stark for centuries. We wept when we heard of your father’s death. When my brother was lord of this castle, he answered Robb’s call and hailed him “King in the North”. And where was “King” Robb when the Ironborn attacked this castle? When they threw my wife and children in prison and brutalized and killed our subjects? Taking up with a foreign whore, getting himself, and those who followed him, killed. I served House Stark once… but House Stark is dead.“ - Lord Robett Glover

House Glover may have moved past that fear and pledged his fealty to Jon as King in the North, but there are two key factors in this. Many of the houses did so via election as Jon is not a trueborn son (nor is he even a son at all of Ned’s) and has no real claim as their king or even Lord of Winterfell. He is there by the will of his people. 

And secondly, the North is notoriously distrusting of foreigners, especially Targs. They have been conquered one too many times by a foreign ruler for them to forget what happens when they are ruled by one. And they have all lost family and friends because of Robb’s decision to wed Talisa instead of upholding his duty to House Frey. Jon ‘taking up with a foreign whore’ will not go down well, especially because she’s not only a Targ but one that is determined to rule the Seven Kingdoms, including the North. 

A Northern revolt is on the cards here and one Jon won’t be able to squash down so easily. Or at all when it comes to light he is not Ned’s son at all and in fact he’s a Targaryen. 

That is the consequence for boresex.

And those reasons don’t even account for the fact that Jon is Rhaegar’s son because that’s another consequence on its own. He will have to face the complete obliteration of his identity while trying to come to terms with the fact he unknowingly had sex with his aunt. Many Jon3rys stans may think Jon won’t care, but he will. He absolutely will care. And that will be a personal crucible Jon will have to overcome (while simultaneously trying to navigate the external factors I mentioned above).

As you can see, there are plenty of consequences for Jon sleeping with D without having to bring a magical Targ baby into the mix. Here is also another meta on why it just doesn’t make sense narratively. 

Hope that helps, Anonny!!
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He meets her gaze for the shortest moment before turning to look out over the woods, gesturing at it with a gloved hand. “Is this why you brought me here? To talk about memories?”
“No. I wanted to talk about marriage.”
When Sansa suggests it’s time for her and Jon to marry, she means they should make marriage alliances with the other Northern houses. Jon, though, assumes she means they should marry each other.
Post s7.


I thought you’d be heading for Winterfell. Why would I go there? The Boltons have it. No, the Boltons are dead. What? Jon Snow came down from Castle Black with a wildling army and won the Battle of the Bastards. He’s King of the North now. You’re lying. Why would I lie about that? He’s your brother, right?


7 years of Daenerys & Drogon

Drogo would be so proud