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darkeater midir design conference
  • dark souls 3 game developer 1: what were our customer's favorite boss fights throughout the series
  • dark souls 3 game developer 2: the intense one-on-one fights like artorias and lady maria?
  • dark souls 3 game developer 1: no...
  • dark souls 3 game developer 2: the stressful but rewarding multi-bosses like ornstein/smough and throne watcher/defender?
  • dark souls 3 game developer 1: no, no.
  • dark souls 3 game developer 2: the bosses that were more like puzzles, like adjuticator and yhorm?
  • dark souls 3 game developer 1: hm...well, no!
  • dark souls 3 game developer 2: how about those dumb fucking giant dragon fights where you swing at badly textured legs for 10 minutes while fighting the camera
  • dark souls 3 game developer 1: here's my keys go fuck my wife
The Gift - Amymel86 - game of thrones [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/?
Fandom: game of thrones
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Jon Snow/Sansa Stark
Characters: Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Joffrey Baratheon
Additional Tags: Wildling Jon, dragon - Freeform, North of the Wall, Bedsharing, Eventual Smut, The dragon ships JonSa HARD

When Sansa is snatched by a dragon and delivered to a strange man she needs to hatch a plan to return home.

Another fic that I’m separating from my ficlet collection - intending to make it a few chapters long.


Daenerys Targaryen’s Fashion 

“I always put trousers underneath because in her psyche anything might go wrong and [she’s always thinking], ‘I might need to run away,’ Even with the longest, most beautiful gowns, she always wears a pair of boots and trousers. I like that sense of, 'I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run.’“ - Michele Clapton on Dany’s Costumes (insp.)

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“House Tyrell continues through my brothers,” Ser Loras said. “It is not necessary for a third son to wed, or breed.”

“Not necessary, but some find it pleasant. What of love?”

When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

TV Shows

Week Ending March 20th, 2017

  1. Voltron: Legendary Defender +2
  2. Steven Universe −1
  3. Samurai Jack +7
  4. Skam +7
  5. Riverdale −3
  6. Supergirl 
  7. Supernatural +1
  8. Star vs. the Forces of Evil +1
  9. The 100 +10
  10. Big Brother Canada 
  11. The Walking Dead +1
  12. Shadowhunters −7
  13. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir −6
  14. Sherlock −1
  15. The Vampire Diaries −11
  16. Once Upon a Time −1
  17. The Flash −1
  18. Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
  19. Doctor Who 
  20. Game of Thrones −3

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Make Her A Stark~Part 3 - Robb Stark x Reader

As part of a request from a friend I am making this a longer series - I do hope you guys are still enjoying this :) 

Part 1     Part 2

“Never, my darling. Never.”

He remained by your side that whole night and then every night after that, holding you against him to keep you warm and safe and there was nowhere else in the world he would rather be. You had been in and out of consciousness for the next few days and yet Robb would still talk to you and stay with you no matter how often he was told to leave you by his parents and Jon. Robb still wasn’t quite sure whether you had heard what he said all them nights ago when he made his biggest confession and he couldn’t decide whether he had wanted you to or not.

If you had you may not feel the same, you would run back to your home leaving him alone again heading slowly towards an arranged marriage with no love and a heart longing for you.

You had been sat alone longing to go outside and stop proving to be an inconvenience or the Stark family for a long while when your door opened at lat with Robb on the other side, “Lady (y/n), I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were up.” He blushed a little but still smiled at you, closing your door while carrying a large fur,

“Why, would you prefer to see me asleep, Lord Stark?” you joked making him blush more,

“I, I just did not want to disturb you.” His little stutter was cute and made you smile, “I had these made for you, the furs are thicker and warmer than any other. I thought you should need them as the nurses say you may leave soon.” You bushed as he played the furs on your bed’s edge allowing you to run your hand through it,

“You had these made?” you looked up at him in awe yet he was already looking at you almost adoringly,

“Of course, I cannot have you getting so sick again, I could not risk that.” The two of you had never discussed the way Robb had woken up next to you so many times recently, or how often he would sit with you when he thought you were sleeping, “I shall leave you to get some rest, my lady.” Robb seemed to panic for a moment on the first address of the way he had looked after you so intently. Robb turned to leave, almost stepping through the door when you interrupted his movements,

“I heard you, Robb.” He looked at you quickly, stoping completely but didn’t say anything, “I heard your confession. You asked me not to let go, to stay for you and I did but only for you.” Robb closed he door again and finally turned to look at you fully, “I felt your hand running through my hair and that one tear.” As you spoke Robb came back to your bed sitting on the far side and looking away, “Why did you cry, my lord?”

He finally looked you in the eyes, “because I was scared”

“You? Lord Stark, the young wolf was scared?” you mocked but in a joking tone and your voice was sweet and quiet,

“I was terrified.”

“Of what, Robb” your first use of his first name so tenderly made him scoot closer to you taking your hand in his larger one,

“Of losing the only woman I adore with all my heart.” With them words and him looking into your (e/c) eyes with so much love you leant forward to him and closed the too big of a gap. His lips were soft and gentle yet contrasted the tickle caused by his beard and moustache - not that you cared. Ever since that night, all you could think about was his words and his promise to make you a Stark.

“Did you mean it?” you asked timidly, “about me joining your family?”

“Of course I did, my love. You have never been treated well by your family and it is wrong.” His hand left yours and rested on your cheek, his thumb brushing over your slightly red lips, “As much as I dislike your father I would be willing to walk across Westeros to him just to ask him for your hand and take you as my own. To take you away from his and your brother’s overbearing arrogance.” You smiled again at his words, this time a tear falling from your eye with the sheer joy of feeling truly loved for the first time since your mother died.

“Thank you. Thank you so, so much.” You buried your head into his shoulder as he pulled you close, wrapping his arms around your waist properly for the first time since your illness and burying his face in your hair before moving you to wipe the few tears away from your cheeks.

“There is no need to thank me, (y/n). I love you and that is simple, any man as madly intoxicated by love as I am would do that for a woman as beautiful as yourself.” Once again you connected your lips to his this time running your hand through his curls and leaving your fingers entwined in them as you  pulled away only slightly,

“The moment I met you my life became extraordinary. You’re the last person I want to see when I close my eyes at night and to be the first thing I see when I wake up every day. The past days where that became a reality were the happiest days I have ever had and I do believe that I love you” Your bold statement left Robb grinning from ear to ear,

“I must tell my father at once, how would you feel about one day ruling the North?”

“I think I may just get used to it,” you smirked pressing your forehead to Robb’s and resting your hand on his cheek sharing his breaths before he finally pulled away giving you one final look before leaving to find his father.

“Father, I would,”

“You would like to ask for Lady (y/n)’s hand in marriage.” Ned smirked up from his paperwork at his son’s confusion, “servants talk, son” he laughed moving around to Robb and patting his shoulder firmly, “So our eldest is in love.”

“Indeed father, I couldn’t imagine anyone else but her. I do not believe mother approves, however.”

“Aye, but that’s just her worry for you. She will come around to the idea.” The pair walked across the courtyard and Robb could not resist looking up to your window, that had now been opened a little, just to see you glancing out over the views of the North, “You must be careful for now, Robb.”

“What do you mean?”

“People talk. I am sure your intentions were good and honest but seeking into an unconscious girls room and staying by her side makes people talk, and the rumours are that lady (y/n)’s father has heard news of this.” Robb looked at his father questioningly, “He plans to ride here, soon.”

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Little Lion and the Rose - The Wedding of King Tommen and Queen Margaery

Cersei hated the wedding and she hated to give her son to that little bitch from Highgarden. 
“I know what a burden you bear. You should let me share the load. There must be some things I could do to help you, mother”, the Tyrell girl said at the feast and Cersei had to stop herself from scratching that pretty face. Take the idiots you call family and leave, she thought.

Her anger only grew, when that Lady from Myr spoke to her in private: “You’re maid is a spy for the Tyrells”, she told. Could Cersei trust her?

When night gathered, Cersei led the wedding guests outside, where the Pyromancers burned down the Tower of the Hand with Wildfire.

“The flames are so pretty. I want to watch them for a while”, she said to her brother.

Stark Contrast

{{ ooc: Sansa Stark played by the lovely @son-0f-a-snitch​ }}

A young Arya runs into the room, clearly much later than intended. Only her sister has noticed as the girl takes her seat.

Arya: Shhh!

The both glance at their Septa, who hasn’t noticed Arya’s late and disheveled arrival yet.

Their Septa turns, having noticed their squabbling, and casts them both a frown.

Septa: Girls! Enough of your bickering- Arya… what have you been up to?

Sansa: Liar…

Septa: Lying is unbecoming of a young lady, why can’t you be more like Sansa?

Arya: because I don’t think anyone can be quite as dull as she is, there’s no point in trying.

The sisters, as always, fall into their usual bickering ways.