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LGBT content guide (TV shows , Movies , Music , Books, Youtube , celebrities)

Hey guys , I realised that a lot of people on here(including me) are always looking for new shows, moviee , music or youtuve channels with lgbt content to watch (as they can relate more to such content) so i decided to make a list of all those which I know.

Ps. This list is of what all I know and can remember. Pls reblog and add whatever i missed!

TV shows with WLW/bisexual female characters
1. Supergirl
2. Humans
3. Pretty little liars
4. Famous in Love
5. Sense 8
6. Orphan Black
7. Orange is the new black
8. Carmilla (web series)
9. Game of Thrones
10. Veep
11. How to get away with murder
12. Empire
13. Arrow
14. DC legends of tomorrow
15. Black Sails
16. Jane The Virgin
17. Faking It
18. Wynnona Earp
19. Lost Girl
20. Doctor Who s10
21. Glee

22. Person of interest 23. Greys anatomy 24. The fosters

Tv shows witg MLM/bisexual Male tv characters
1. Shadowhunters
2. Riverdale
3. Orphan Black
4. How To Get Away With Murder
5. Empire
6. Game Of Thrones
7. Brookly 99 8. Sense8 9. Glee

Trans characters 1. Transparent 2. Sense8

Youtube channels with LGBT content-
1.RoseEllenDix (Rose)
2.Roxetrawr (Rosie)
3.Tyler Oakley
4. ShaneDawsonTV
5. JoeyGraceffa
6. CammieScott
7. Nowthisisliving (Shannon)
8. Stevie Boebi
9. Ally Hills
10. Alexis G Zall
11. Melanie Murphy
12. Troye Sivan
13. Hannah Hart
14. Ingrid Nilsen
15. Miles Chronicles
16. ElloSteph
17. AmyOrdman

Musicians who generally make LGBT music
1. Troye Sivan
2. Hayley kiyoko
3. Mary Lambert
4. Tegan and Sara

Movies with LGBT content-
1. Carol(2015)
2. But i am a cheerleader
3. I cant think straight
5. Loving Annabelle
6. Bound

1. Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden
2. The price of salt (carol) by Patricia Highsmith
3. Ash by Malindo Lo
4. Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
5. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
6. Madam President by Blayne Cooper
7. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 8. Ask the passeners by A S King

Out and proud celebs - 1.Lauren Jauregui (singer) 2.Kristen Stewart (actress) 3.Ricky Martin (singer) 4.Halsey (singer) 5.Miley Cyrus ( singer and actress) 6.demi lovato (singer and actress) 7. Cara delevingne (voctoria’s secret angel and actress) 8. Stella maxwell(victoria’s secret angel) 9. Angelina Jolie (actress) 10. Sir Elton John(singer) 11. Lady gaga (singer) 12. Sarah Paulson (actress) 13. Kate McKinnon (comedian actress) 14. Ellen DeGeneres(tv show host , comedian) 15. Portia DeRossi (actress)

These were all I was aware of and could think of. Pls reblog and add those you know

Get to know me - nerdy & artsy edition

1. What is your favourite book?
2. Who is your favourite author?
3. What is your favourite library?
4. If you could travel back in time, to what year / period would you travel?
5. If you could travel back in time, who would you like to meet?
6. Greek or Roman culture?
7. What is your favourite Harry Potter novel?
8. Science-fiction or Fantasy?
9. Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?
10. What is your favourite painting?
11. Do you have a favourite sculpture?
12. What is your favourite museum?
13. Paperback or hard-cover?
14. What is your favourite bookstore?
15. Who is your favourite composer?
16. Have you ever been to a classical concert?
17. Rembrandt van Rijn or Vincent van Gogh?
18. Dinosaurs or Mammoths?
19. What is your favourite Jane Austen novel?
20. What is your favourite Brontë novel?
21. What is your favourite Shakespeare play?
22. Are you more interested in WW1 or WW2?
23. What is your favourite historical era?
24. Do you read fanfiction?
25. Canon or modern Sherlock?
26. What is your favourite Disney-movie?
27. What is your favourite Friends episode?
28. Ross Geller or Ted Mosby?
29. Rome or Athens?
30. Greek or Latin?
31. Zeus or Jupiter?
32. Trojans or Greeks?
33. Do you like complete silence when reading or can you stand some background noise?
34. If you could study at any university in the world, what university would you choose?
35. What is your dream major?
36. Do you respect your teachers?
37. Do you like taking notes?
38. Italian or French?
39. Europe or the USA?
40. Moor or forest?
41. Fall or spring?
42. Are you a creative person?
43. Who is your favourite scientist?
44. Do you have a favourite philosopher?
45. What religion fascinates you most?
46. Old Testament or New Testament?
47. Are you into Yoga?
48. Do you like scented candles?
49. Would you survive in the Middle Ages?
50. Do you smell books?
51. The Iliad or the Odyssee?
52. Do you have a favourite Greek myth?
53. Do you have a favourite Greek play?
54. Chemistry or Physics?
55. Are you good at maths?
56. Could you be a teacher?
57. Were / are you a nice student?
58. Do  / did you get straight A’s?
59. What personality trait do you find most attractive?
60. Do you wear glasses?
61. Do you like to visit famous churches?
62. Do you correct people’s grammar?
63. Have you ever fallen asleep whilst reading?
64. What do you think about Romeo and Juliet?
65. Do you think the USA are uncultured?
66. What is your favourite architectural masterpiece?
67. Eiffel Tour or the Colosseum?
68. Are you into contemporary art?
69. What museum is high on your bucket list?
70. Sunset or sunrise?
71. What is your favourite quote?
72. What or who inspires you the most?
73. Is there a book or movie that changed your outlook on life?
74. Do you think YouTubers are dum?
75. Can you draw?
76. Pencil or pen?
77. Do you want to work in a museum?
78. What is your dream job?
79. If you could give 1 million dollar / euros / pounds to a charity, which charity would you choose?
80. What is your dream country to live in?
81. Big moments or small moments?
82. Did / do you enjoy being in school?
83. Do you enjoy learning new things?
84. Do you like Rory Gilmore?
85. What is your favourite palace / castle?
86. What do you think of the Pope?
87. What book is high on your to-read list?
88. Kiera Cass or Rick Riordan?
89. Have you read the Infernal Devices series?
90. Have you ever cried reading a book?
91. What fictional character is your favourite?
92. What fictional character do you identify most with?
93. What fictional character do you hate?
94. What is your favourite Hunger Games part?
95. Do you have a favourite poem?
96. Do you like Mr Darcy?
97. Can you speak French?
98. Are you a messy or a clean student?
99. Describe your dream study.
100. If you could change 1 thing in this world, what would you change?


asoiaf meme: 2/11 relationships → Jaime Lannister & Pia

…and a girl named Pia, who was not near as pretty as she had been when Jaime saw her last. Someone had broken her nose and knocked out half her teeth. The girl fell at Jaime’s feet when she saw him, sobbing and clinging to his leg with hysterical strength till Strongboar pulled her off. “No one will hurt you now,” he told her, but that only made her sob the louder.

Loyalty (Jon Snow)

word count: 11, 527 (yeah, i went a lil crazy with this one…)

prompt: Y/N grew up as Eddard Stark’s Ward after the death of her father. Ned fed her stories of the great Ser Arthur Dayne and it became her mission to prove herself worthy of wielding Dawn. However, Y/N’s childish view of honorable and honest knights was diminished after the death of everyone she grew to love. After surviving the Red Wedding, she joins Stannis Baratheon, the rightful king of Westeros and rides North.

warning: there is a small smut scene, not very descriptive

a/n: I was writing a fifty chapter fanfic bc I’ve been obsessed with the idea of Arthur Dayne having a daughter and her wanting to be like her dad, but bc we all know this bitch (me) ain’t gonna finish it, I decided to cramp all of it into this. Hopefully, you enjoy and i might write a second part? 

If it had been years ago, you might have felt excited about exploring beyond the Wall. You might have relished in the fact that you were doing what you and Jon talked about when you were kids. But no, the only excitement you feel at the moment is due to the fact that you are riding into battle.

Riding into battles seems to be the only time you truly feel alive.

The day you left for King’s Landing with Lord Stark, nothing would be the same.

And your choices have led to you witnessing the death of the King in the North, his mother, his wife, and unborn son. Your choices led you to serve the rightful king of Westeros.

Your choices led to your fantasy of honorable knights and honest men to be broken. Your choices led you to ride beyond the Wall, beside the Baratheon army while Grey Wind is running beside your horse as you and the Baratheon army surround the Wildling camp.

A smirk was plastered on your lips as you use your sword to cut down the Wildlings. Grey Wind howls as he attacks a Wildling and you laugh. You continue to cut through the Wildlings with ease and Grey Wind does his best to protect you from attacks that you could not see.

Your heart is pumping as fast as a humming bird’s wings. It was only on the battlefield that you felt like you belonged. It was only when you were killing your King’s enemies that you feel alive.

You and Grey Wind soon join Stannis as he and Ser Davos close in on the King Beyond the Wall. Blood is dripping from your sword and dripping from Grey Wind’s mouth. Ser Davos is holding out his sword for Stannis’ protection and you did the same. As you ride past the smoke, you saw a face you didn’t think you’d ever see again: Jon Snow.

And even after seeing the face of a man you once loved with all your heart, you feel nothing. You just unmount your horse as your king and his men did and begin to march towards the Wildling King, towards Jon. Suddenly, a man, a Wildling, runs towards Stannis with an ax.

Easily, you use the sword Stannis had given you to cut the Wildling man in half. Jon is in shock, and you are still expressionless. You wait for you king and his men to walk towards you before you join them once again. The Wildling King takes out two blades and you are ready to protect Stannis, but the Wildling King throws the blades to the ground.

Still, you do not put your sword away. You stare at the Wildlings and avoid looking at Jon, though, you can see from the corner of your eye that he is staring directly at you.

“You’re the King Beyond the Wall?” Stannis questions. The Wildling nods.

“Do you know who I am?” Stannis asks. “Never had the pleasure.” The Wildling says.

“This is Stannis Baratheon. The one true King of the Seven Kingdoms.” Ser Davos informs the Wilding. “You are not in the Seven Kingdoms. And you are not dressed for this weather.” The Wildling states.

“It is customary to kneel when surrendering to a King,” Stannis informs the Wildling.

“We do not kneel.” The Wildling states. “I’ll have thousands of your men in chains by nightfall. Nowhere to put them, nothing to feed them.” Stannis tells him.

“We are not here to slaughter beat dogs.” You finally speak. “Their fate depends on their King,” Stannis adds. “All the same. We do not kneel.” The Wildling repeats.

“Take these men away.” Stannis orders and you are ready to do so, but he places his hand on your shoulder, signaling he wants you to stay exactly where you are. You straighten your back and stare at the Wildling King. “What are the men of the Night’s Watch doing in a Wildling camp?” Ser Davos asks Jon.

“I…” Jon clears his throat. “I was sent to discuss terms with the King Beyond the Wall,” Jon informs Ser Davos. “You are speaking to the one true King, boy. You will address him as your grace.” Davos tells Jon.

“I know he’s the King. My father died for him.” Jon states. “My name is Jon Snow, your grace. I’m Ned Stark’s son.” Jon informs Stannis. Stannis turns to you and you look at him. With a simple nod, you confirm Jon’s statement. “Your father was an honorable man,” Stannis tells Jon. “He was, your grace.” Jon agrees.

“He raised a warrior.” Stannis refers to you. “What do you think he would have done with him?” Stannis asks Jon as he looks at the Wildling King. “I was this man’s prisoner once. He could have tortured me. He could have killed me, but he spared my life. I think my father would have taken him prisoner; listened to what he had to say.” Jon speaks, never taking his eyes off you.

“And what about you, Y/N? What do you think Ned Stark would have done with him?” Stannis asks. “I agree with Snow, your grace.” You give him a simple response. “Very well then,” Stannis says and Davos takes the Wildling King. “Your grace. If my father had seen the things that I’ve seen he’d also tell you to burn the dead before nightfall. All of them.” Jon diverts his attention from you to speak with Stannis.

Stannis gives a simple nod. “Y/N, stay with Jon Snow and ride with him to Castle Black. We will be setting camp.” Stannis orders you. “Of course, your grace.” You nod and he walks towards his horse before he rides off. “Y/N…” Jon calls your name and you finally set eyes on him.

He looks older than he did when you left. He looks different. You both did. You can only imagine the things he’s survived.

You can see he’s trying to smile. “You…got what you wanted.” He says.

He remembers those nights you and he would spend in the woods, sharing secrets and dreams. He remembers you asking his Lord father to fight and train beside him and Robb because you wanted to be like your father. He remembers endless nights you would train together.

“At what cost?” You ask and mount your horse. His small smile disappears. “Everything has changed, Jon. Now, get on.” You order him to mount your horse. He puts up no fight and does as you asked. He, hesitantly, places his hands on your hips and your horse begins to run.

Grey Wind follows beside you. Both you and Jon are silent as you ride back to Castle Black.

While the royal family and the men of the Night’s Watch say their farewells to their dead brothers, you sit alone in Jon’s bedroom.

You sit in front of a fire with Grey Wind beside you. You’re resting your arm on his head as he rests his head on your lap. In the fire, you find peace. More So than you ever did in the snow, less so than when in battle. With Grey Wind beside you, it feels as if Robb was still with you.

Then, you hear someone open the door. It was Jon. Who else would be entering his bedchambers?

“I stood in front of him as his men shouted ‘King in the North’.” You finally speak as you stare mindlessly into the fire. “He didn’t want the title, he was declared it by his men but he wasn’t going to let them down.” You sigh and finally look down at Grey Wind.

“Robb was strong, up until his late breathe. He…he was a good king. I watched as Roose gutted him…” Grey Wind stares up at you and you suddenly feel like you were back to that dreadful night.

“How did you survive?” Jon asks as he walks into his bedchambers and shuts the door behind him.

“I always wear my armor. I managed to escape the dining hall and escaped the chaos in the camp. I found Grey Wind killing Frey men and we ran into the woods. Then…”

“Then what?” Jon asks with furrowed eyebrows. He’s staring down at you, saddened by the events you had lived through.

“And I met with Robb’s wife. She…she colluded with Tywin Lannister. She betrayed us. And I…I did what I had to do.” You had tried to justify what you did to her by saying it was for Robb, but that’s a lie.

“And what was that?”

“I killed her. I drove my sword through her heart and watched her die.” You reply in an emotionless tone.

It wasn’t for the greater good. It wasn’t in the name of House Stark. It wasn’t to avenge Robb’s death. It was because you were filled with anger and hatred.

“You did -– ”

“She was pregnant with Robb’s child.” You interrupted Jon. “And that still didn’t stop me killing her.” You close your eyes and revisit the moment you killed Jeyne. Silence filled the room. You don’t regret what you did. Seven hells, you would do it again, if you were given the choice. Though, you know Robb would hate you for killing his unborn child, but, he’s dead.

You saw what honor did to Eddard. You witnessed what trust did to Robb. So, you forgot everything the honorable Lord Eddard Stark taught you. You didn’t fight for honor and you lost trust in everyone. It was only you and Grey Wind, that was until you joined Stannis Baratheon. Before him, you had lost all will to live.

He gave you a purpose, well, in truth, the Red Woman did. She spoke of your future and what she saw in the flames. Her visions given to her by the Lord of Light, showing you fighting at the gates of Winterfell. She spoke of you wielding Dawn beside the Prince that was Promised, and Stannis was ready to march into Starfall and retrieve your God-given birthright of the sword.

“You went to Stannis.” Jon finally spoke. “I had nowhere else to go. I wanted to die, I was hungry for a fight and Stannis welcomed me to his army. I swore my sword to him. He is my king, as Robb was the North’s.” You state.

“I missed you,” Jon admits and you give him a simple nod. You would be lying if you said you didn’t at first. The first night you spent without him was hell, but you had to get used to it. You would never see him again, or so you thought.

“I still love you.” He confesses as he takes another step closer to you. “Jon…” You say his name and stand up. He now closes the gap between both of you. “Do you still love me?” He asks. “Of course I do. I will love you until my dying breath.” You state and give him reassurance. He smiles and attempts to kiss you, but you back away, causing him to furrow his brows.

“We shouldn’t.” You tell him and Grey Wind is soon upon his paws. “Right.” Jon clears his throat.

You have spent weeks in Castle Black, aiding Stannis in his plans for battle. Yet, you grow tired of planning. You grow tired of waiting and have a lot of time alone with your thoughts, which is never a good thing. Before Stannis, all you had was time alone with your thoughts, and that nearly got you killed.

But, while you think, you find yourself to be unhappy. Afflicted with your duties and your feelings. In the past weeks, you have rekindled your relationship with Jon, which makes everything much more difficult. You were once as close as two people could be. He was by your side, day and night. You comforted him nights when Catelyn’s words were too much.

He was your everything and you were his. It all changed when you left for King’s Landing and he joined the Night’s Watch. But now, he was back in your life. The last person from your life that you love with all your being and would die for. And suddenly serving Stannis wasn’t fulfilling your desire for battle. Being with Jon was now your desire, but you have to keep your word of serving your king.

“Aemon Targaryen.” You say the Maester’s name. You see Jon’s friend, Sam, is sitting beside the maester and you give him a friendly smile. “Who is it, Samwell?” The Maester asks. “Y/N. Jon’s…friend.” Sam informs the Maester. “Oh, well, come in dear.” The Maester says. “I actually wanted to speak about my father.” You walk closer to the Maester. “His name was Arthur Dayne. He served – ”

“The Sword of the Morning.” Aemon interrupts you with a smile. “Yes, my great-great nephew spoke highly of your father,” Aemon informs you and you smile. “Is…is there anything you can remember of what the crowned prince wrote about my father?” You ask. “I’m sorry dear, but my memory isn’t as well as it once was.” He apologizes. Your smile fades and you lower your head.

“Why do you ask, dear?” Aemon asks. Sam sees the disappointment in your eyes. “I just wanted to know more about him, feel a connection. I wanted…I wanted to find a reason to keep living.” You admit.

You have never been vocal about your thoughts of death. You thought that fighting beside Stannis would give you a reason to keep living, but that was only short lived. Now, you just want to find a bond with your father.

“My dear,” Aemon speaks and you look into his near milk-white eyes.

“If you can’t find something to live for, find something to die for.” He advises. And that wasn’t Stannis.

“Your father died for his prince.” He states. “Thank you, maester.” You nod. “Sam, I hope you can keep this between us.” You tell him and he nods. Jon then enters the room, “Keep what between us?” He questions. “Nothing, Lord Commander.” You state. “ May I speak with the maester alone?” He asks. You look at Sam and he stands.

Once you both exit the room, you follow Sam into the kitchens. “Are you the one that killed a White Walker?” You ask him and he nods. “With what, exactly?” You question. “A blade made from dragonglass.” He informs you and you hum. “What?” Sam asks.

“My sword, the one King Stannis had made for me, is made from dragonglass.” You tell him and take the black bladed sword from its scabbard. Sam admires the sword and you put it back into its scabbard. “Jon talks about you all the time,” Sam comments as you continue to follow him into the kitchen. “All good, I hope.” You tell him.

“He loves you, you know.” He states. “I do.” You nod. “So, if you’ve killed a White Walker, why the hell are you working in the kitchens?” You ask him. “I’m a stewardess.” He informs you. “But you killed a White Walker.” You repeat. He nods. “That must earn you some respect.” You note. “Not really.” He shrugs. “Well, it might not mean much, but you have mine.” You smile at Sam. “Thank you.” He says kindly.

Later that day, Jon calls for a meeting and all the men of the night’s watch gather in their hall, along with Stannis and Ser Davos. You sit beside Stannis and listen to Jon speak of  rescuing Wildlings in Hardhome, which angers nearly everyone in the dining hall. “You’d bring wildlings here, through our gates?” A man asks. “Men, women, and children will die by the thousands if we do nothing.” Jon states.

“Let them die. We got our own to worry about. Less enemies for us.” The same man states and some of the men in the crowd cheer. “Fewer,” Stannis mutters and you hide a small smile. “What?” Davos asks. “Nothing,” Stannis replies as he continues to watch. Sam then stands, “There is good farmland in the Gift.” He speaks and laughter ensues. You furrow your brows, “Land that no one uses now. A dozen abandoned villages.” Sam continues. 

“And why do you think the farmers abandoned those villages? Because the wildlings raided them for years. Cut them down! Just like they did this boy’s people.” A man argues and points to Olly, a young boy that Jon had been training. Alliser then speaks up and you roll your eyes. In the short weeks, you have stayed in Castle Black, you grew to hate Alliser. “We’ve been fighting them all for thousands of years. They’ve slaughtered villages. They’ve slaughtered our brothers.” Alliser argues.

“And we’ve slaughtered theirs.” Jon states. Edd, one of Jon’s close friends, stands. “I will follow you anywhere, you know that. But they killed Grenn. And they killed Pyp.” Men mumble in agreement. ”They killed 50 of our brothers. I can’t forget that. I can’t forgive it.” Edd states.

“You were at the Fist of the First Men. If we abandon them, you know what they become. We can learn to live with the wildlings or we can add them to the army of the dead. Whatever they are now, they’re better than that.” Jon finishes and the men in the room continue to bicker. You simply roll your eyes, which Stannis takes notice to. “What would you have them do?” He asks. “Rescue the Wildlings.” You answer. “Care to explain why?” He questions. “It will show them that we aren’t the enemy. Earn a bit of trust and have them fight for the side of the living.” You state. “Help us put you on the Iron Throne.” You add and he nods.

“May I be excused, your grace? I wish to speak to the Lord Commander.” You ask. Stannis nods and you head towards the Lord Commander’s room, where the young boy was walking out of. You close the door behind you and Jon looks at you with confusion. “I want to join you for the ride to Hardhome.” You inform him. “But your duties to Stannis.” Jon states. You take a few steps forward, “I spoke to maester Aemon about my…uncertainties.”

“What uncertainties?” Jon asks. “I wanted to die before I found Stannis. Fighting for him made me feel alive. But now, being with you…Aemon said that if I can’t find something to live for, I have to find something to die for and that’s you. Being with you makes me feel something I thought I would never feel again, happy. You make me feel alive and I would die for you.” You finally admit out loud and leave Jon speechless.

His silence causes your heart to race like it does when you ride into battle, only now, you’re waiting for Jon to say something, anything. He clears his throat, “I don’t doubt your abilities with a sword, Y/N, but I would feel much better if you were to stay here.” Your eyebrows furrow and you look at Jon with shock. “No.” You tell him. “What?” Jon questions. “No, I will be joining you in your venture to Hardhome.” You declare.

“Y/N – ”

“You’re Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, you have no say in what I can and can’t do.” You remind him and stand your ground. Jon knows there is no way of stopping you from joining him to retrieve the Wildlings in Hardhome. “And what will your King say?” Jon asks. “Stannis is a good man, he will understand. Once we return with the Wildlings, I will…ride with Stannis to take back Winterfell.” You state. “I will die if I have to, to save your home from those monsters.” You add. “And what if I don’t want you to leave with Stannis? What if I want you to stay here, with me?” He questions.

“Then I would stay.” You tell him and a small grin appears on his lips. “I would do anything for you, Jon.” You continue and walk closer to him. And within a blink of an eye, your lips are on his and you are running your fingers through his black curly locks while he places his hands on your hips and pulls you closer to him, and you feel at home in his arms. “I love you,” Jon mutters against your lips and you smile. His soft and loving kisses soon turn into a hungry and rough touch, which causes you to pull away. You clear your throat and fix your posture, “I must speak with the King.” You tell him. “Of course.” Jon nods and you turn to walk away.

It doesn’t take long for you to find Stannis and Davos. “It’s time.” Stannis declares as you enter the room. You furrow your brows, “Uh, Your Grace. Wouldn’t it be better to wait? When Jon Snow returns with the wildlings, we could have thousands more men.” Davos speaks.

“If Jon Snow returns with the wildlings. We can’t wait that long. We have the advantage, more men, more horses, all fed and rested. But every day we wait, the odds shift in Bolton’s favor. This could turn to winter at any moment. We have to act now. Give the order. We march at sunrise.” Stannis orders. “Your grace, I was hoping to join Lord Commander Snow in his venture to Hardhome.” You speak.

He turns to face you, “And why would you join him?” He questions. “He is my friend. The last person that I love and I could not live with myself if he were to fall in Hardhome.” You state. “The Red Woman said she saw you fighting at the gates of Winterfell, beside me.” He tells you and you worry that he will deny you the ability to fight beside Jon, all because the Lord of Light showed Melisandre. 

“But, I did swear to you that I would not ask anything of you that might bring you dishonor,” Stannis speaks. “Go, join Jon Snow in his venture to save the Wildlings.” He nods and you hide a smile. “Thank you, your grace.” You bow.

“I’ll choose a dozen men to stay and guard the queen and the princess.” Davos states. “No need, they’re coming with us,” Stannis tells him. “It’s a tough road ahead, Your Grace. Won’t they be safer – ”

“Here? Half these watchmen are killers and rapists. No, they march with us.” Stannis orders. “As you wish, your grace.” Davos agrees as you and the two men walk outside. You see Jon walk through the courtyard and meet with him as he walks up the stairs. “I hope you know what you’re doing with these wildlings. I need those ships and Y/N is my best soldier.” Stannis tells Jon. Jon looks at you and you give him a quick smile, telling him that Stannis has agreed to let you join him.

“You’ll get them back, I swear it. Have a safe journey, Your Grace. And thank you.” Jon tells Stannis. Stannis looks at you once more, “A good act does not wash out the bad.” You lower your head and remember the night you killed Jeyne Westerling and Robb’s unborn child. Nothing you ever do will ever make people forgive you for what you did. “Nor, a bad the good.” He states and you raise your head. “You’re a good soldier. You’ve served me well.”

“It was an honor to have served by your side, your grace.” You tell him. “I do hope to see you on the Iron Throne, your grace.” Stannis gives you one last nod and walks away to mount his horse. “Your grace!” You call for his attention. “Should the time come that you may need me, send a raven and I will be at your side.” You tell him and he nods. You and Jon watch as Stannis and his army begin leaving. 

“They won’t like having a woman here.” Jon comments. “Any man that tries to lay a hand on me, will lose their hands.” You tell him with ease. Many men have tried to hurt you on your journey to find Stannis, every single one of those men ended up Grey Wind’s food.

Even while you served Robb you faced hatred and fought off disgusting men. Bannermen belittled, spoke ill of you for fighting on the battlefield.

“I’ll protect you,” Jon tells you. “Well, if you are their best fighter, I’m sure I can take care of myself.” You tease and Jon grins. “And what is that supposed to mean?” He questions. “It means I can kick your arse with one arm.” You tell him.

You prepare your pure white horse, Demitri, as the other men prepare to venture beyond the Wall. Demitri has been your noble steed since you were old enough to ride. He was a present from Ned. You wanted to bring Grey Wind, but Jon advised against that. 

He was leaving Ghost in Castle Black and you chose to do the same, trusting Sam to take care of the direwolf and vice-versa. You have grown rather fond of Jon’s friend in the past few weeks. Sam was a kind man, taking care of a Wildling woman who was abused by her father.

Still, you feel terrible about leaving Grey Wind. He has been by your side since the infamous Red Wedding. “Are you sure about this?” Jon asks you as you grab your scabbard. “No.” You answer with honesty. “But I will stand by your side.” You assure him. It was then that the ginger Wildling, Tormund, was being brought before Jon. 

You eye the Wildling, and he looks down at you before Jon removes his chains. “There are no lady crows,” Tormund comments as Jon walks over to Alliser. “I’m not a crow.” You tell him. “Then what are you?” He questions. “Y/N.” You reply and mount your horse. You see Jon saying his farewells to Sam and Demitri trots towards the two brothers. “Take care of Grey Wind.” You tell Sam.

“I will.” Sam nods and you smile. “Take care, Samwell.” You state. He smiles kindly and Jon mounts his horse. Both you and he trot beside Tormund and the doors open. Grey Wind’s howl can be heard and you sigh. “I hate leaving him here.” You remind Jon as you begin to venture beyond the wall once more. “He’s safer in Castle Black.” Jon states. “Still doesn’t make leaving him any harder.” You state. “He and Ghost seem to have become friends.” Jon comments. “They’re brother, remember?” You tell him. “It seems like a lifetime ago now.” You continue.

The entire ride to the Eastwatch, you keep close to Jon and even befriend one of his brother, Edd. It seems that his close brothers, the loyal ones, were the only ones that decided to join Jon in rescuing the Wildlings. You and Jon retell stories from the past and remember the days before you left for King’s Landing.

Soon, you reach the Eastwatch and use Stannis’ ships to sail towards Hardhome.

Before long, the ships full of Night’s Watch brothers and Wildlings, along with yourself, dock at Hardhome. You are beside Jon and look at the Hardhome Wildlings with awe. “You trust me, Jon Snow?” Tormund asks. “Does that make me a fool?” Jon questions. 

“We are fools together now,” Tormund claims. You then begin to walk to meet the men and women of Hardhome, which was led by the Lord of Bones, as Tormund informed you. “Lord of Bones. Been a long time.” Tormund tells the man. “Last time I saw you the little crow was your prisoner. The other way around now. What happened?” The Lord of Bones asks.

“War.” Tormund responds. You turn to Jon before you glance at the many Wildlings: women and children, old and young, and they seem no different than any other person. There was no doubt now that Jon was doing the right thing. “Why aren’t you in chains?” The Lord of Bones asks Tormund. “He’s not my prisoner.” Jon responds. “What is he?” The Lord of Bones asks. “We’re allies.” Jon states and the Hardhome Wildlings complain loudly. You grit your teeth in annoyance. “You fucking traitor! You fight for the crows now.” The Lord of Bones exclaims and you roll your eyes.

“I don’t fight for the crows.” Tormund states. “We’re not here to fight. We’re here to talk.” Jon tells the Lord of Bones. Still, if a fight was to ensue, you have no issue with taking out your sword and cutting through the Wildlings. “Is that right? You and the pretty crow do a lot of talking, Tormund.” The Lord of Bones uses his staff to hit Tormund’s chest continuously. “And when you’re done talking, do you get down on your knees and suck his cock – ” Tormund then grabs the Lord of Bones’ staff from him and beats him to death with it. You can’t help but smile. “Gather the elders and let’s talk.” Tormund now orders.

The smile on your lips never fades as you and the rest of the Night’s Watch brothers follow Tormund into a cabin. “Why are you smiling?” Jon whispers. “I think Tormund is my new best friend.” You reply.

The elders, as Tormund refers to them, all join him and the other brothers inside the cabin. You are soon surrounded by Wildlings, from different cultures it would seem. “My name’s Jon Snow. I’m Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.” Jon introduces himself. “We’re not friends. We’ve never been friends. We won’t become friends today. This isn’t about friendship. This is about survival. This is about putting a 700 foot wall between you and what’s out there.” Jon states.

You stay silent while he and two Wildlings argue about the past. You always hated sitting through Stannis’ meetings with other Lords, though you did enjoy planning attacks with Robb. It wasn’t until the Wildlings in the cabin began to riot that you snap back into reality and place your hand on the hilt of your sword. “I say we send the Lord Commander back into Castle Black with no eyes.” A man threatens as he brandishes his axe. 

You remove your sword of its scabbard, ready to fight, but Tormund steps forward. “None of you saw Mance die! I did. The Southern King who broke our army, Stannis, wanted to burn him alive to send him a message. Jon Snow defied that cunt’s orders. His arrow was mercy. What he did took courage, and that’s what we need today: the courage to make peace with men we’ve been fighting for generations.” Tormund speaks and you place your sword back into its scabbard.

“I lost my father, my uncle, and two brothers fighting the damn crows.” A woman scoffs. “I’m not asking you to forget your dead.  I’ll never forget mine. I lost 50 brothers the night that Mance attacked the wall. But I’m asking you to think about your children now.

“They’ll never have children of their own if we don’t band together. The Long Night is coming and the dead come with it. No clan can stop them. The free folk can’t stop them. The Night’s Watch can’t stop them. And all the southern kings can’t stop them. Only together, all of us, and even then it might not be enough, but at least then we’ll give the fuckers a fight.” You smile once more. His words solidify your choice of staying in Castle Black beside him. His words make you want to join him in his fight against the dead, and the room is full of small nods of approval.

“You vouch for this man, Tormund?” The Wildling woman asks. “He’s prettier than both my daughters, but he knows how to fight. He’s young, but he knows how to lead. He didn’t have to come to Hardhome. He came because he needs us. And we need him.” Tormund states, and suddenly, you question if Melisandre was right about Stannis being Azor Ahai. “My ancestors would spit on me if I broke bread with a crow.” A Thenn comments. “So would mine, but fuck ‘em, they’re dead.” The woman speaks and you smirk at her attitude. She then walks towards Jon and you place your hand on the hilt of your sword. “I’ll never trust a man in black.” She states and walks over to Tormund, “But I trust you, Tormund. If you say this is the way, we’re with you.”

“This is the way.” Tormund states. A Wildling elder speaks, “I’m with Tormund. We stay here we’re dead men. At least with King Crow, there’s a chance.” You turn to Jon and give him a grin, yet he doesn’t seem happy. “Tormund,” A giant speaks and you stare at him with awe.

“Keep that new life you want to give us. Keep your glass, King Crow. Soon as you get on his ships they’re gonna slit your throats and dump your bodies to the bottom of the Shivering Sea. That’s our enemy. That has always been our enemy.” A Thenn warns the Wildlings and you roll your eyes, but the Wildlings don’t seem to care what he has to say, as they start leaving the cabin and head towards the boats. “I fucking hate Thenns.” The woman comments.

“You did good, Jon. It won’t kill you to smile.” You comment as he, Tormund, the Wildling woman, and yourself begin leading Wildlings to the boats. “Look at all the people you’re saving.” You tell him, and he still doesn’t seem satisfied. “They’ll be safe when we reach Castle Black.” Jon comments. “How many are with us? 5000?” Jon asks Tormund. “I’m not good at counting.” Tormund states.

“We’re leaving too many behind.” You tell Tormund. “The free folk are stubborn. You know how long it took Mance to band them together. 20 fucking years.” He informs you. “And he knew them better than I ever will.” Jon sighs. “They’re running out of food and there’s nothing to hunt. They’ll come around.” Tormund states and walks off to help more Wildlings onto the boats. “You’re a good man, Jon. Always have been, but there are some battles you can’t win.” You tell him and begin to help load young girls into a boat. 

Jon soon joins you. The wind then starts whipping from a neighboring cliff and the dogs start whimpering. You slowly turn to the source of the noise. “Jon…” You call for him. He stands beside you, along with Tormund. “What the fuck is going on?” You ask him. A mad rush towards the boats begins and many people start jumping into the water to catch one. Your heart suddenly starts racing.

“Get in line!” Jon shouts. You try your best to stay by Jon’s side as Wildlings are rushing towards the boats. Fear and panic is in the air, but nothing but wonder fills your veins. Wonder and curiosity. “Hold the line! Hold the line!” Jon orders, yet the Wildlings don’t listen. “Lord Commander!” A brother calls for him. “Get them to the ship and come back for me!” Jon orders. “Y/N!” He shouts for you. “Go with them.” He orders and you scoff. “I came to fight and I will.” You tell him. “I’m not leaving your side.” You declare. “You’ll never make – ” The brother tries to get Jon to the ship.

“Now!” Jon orders. “You should be on one of those boats,” Jon tells the Wildling woman. “So should you! My little girls has gone on. They’re gonna let them pass the Wall even if you’re not there?” She asks Jon. “You have my word. I’ve given orders.” Jon states. “Don’t think you’re gonna be there to enforce those orders!” She tells him. 

“He will. I swear it.” You tell her and she nods then heads back to help others onto the boats. “If they get through, everyone dies!” Tormund shouts through the chaos. You take out your sword, Jon and Tormund do the same. “Night’s Watch with me! Move! Move! Move!” Jon orders and you follow him to the gate.

You fight through the horde of Wildlings and reach the gate beside Jon. A dead man manages to break a hole through the gate and runs towards you. You cut him in half with your sword and his halves fall to the ground. You lose Jon through the chaos and now, fear runs through your veins. 

Fear for Jon’s life, but he has survived this long. He will come back to you. You continue fighting through the dead, searching for Jon the process. You turn to look at a cliff and through the mist, you can see four beings on horseback. “Jon!” You shout his name. “The Dragonglass!” You can hear him shout.

You soon find Tormund and watch as Jon runs towards the cabin with the Thenn. You try to run towards him, but Tormund stops you. “He’ll be fine. We need you here!” Tormund exclaims. You sigh, but do what he says. You fight beside the Wildling, tearing down the, what he calls, wights. For a second, you turn your back to him and try to find Jon through the mist, and when you turn to look at Tormund, a wight is running towards him. “Fall!” You shout out him and he does as you order. With one swing of a sword, you cut down the wight and Tormund stands to continue fighting.

The Wildling woman comes back and the three of you tear through the wights. It wasn’t long before she was being chewed and clawed on by dead children. You have no time to mourn her, as you have to continue holding the gate with Tormund and any other standing, living soul. You are out of breath and your arm grows tired of holding and swinging the sword, but you keep fighting. 

The gate then starts creaking and begins to fall down. “Fuck.” You mutter under your breath. “Come on!” Tormund shouts and you follow him towards the boat. “Wun Wun! To the sea!” Tormund tells the giant and the giant roars. “Jon. I have to find Jon!” You tell Tormund and try to run back, but Tormund grabs your arm and pulls you with him.

“I can’t leave him!” You cry out, but he wasn’t loosening his grip on you. Wun Wun swings a fiery long, taking down wights. Soon, Edd joins yours and Tormund’s race to the boats. “Where is Jon?!” You ask him. “I don’t know!” He replies. “Tormund! Please!” You beg him. “I have to find him!” You cry. “If you go back there, you’re dead!” Tormund tells you. “I don’t care!” You tell him. You look ahead and see him, his black cloak and hair, on the ground. It takes all your strength to pull away from Tormund’s grasp, and you run towards Jon. He’s coughing blood and you help him out. “Come on, we have to go.” You tell him and he clutches his chest.

As you help him jog towards Tormund and Edd, you can see and icy figure through the mist. The figure is walking towards you and Jon. “What is that?” You ask Jon. “W…white walker.” He mutters. Then the figure charges and you drop Jon on the ground. He groan in pain as you try to fight off the White Walker. His ice staff was deflecting all your attacks and it manages to hit your side. He then tries to charge at you, but you dodge his attack by leaning to the left and run so his back was to you. With one movement, you lunge your sword into the White Walker’s back, causing it to let out a shattering scream before the ice he was made of shatters.

You run back to Jon and help him up, having no time to digest what you had just done. Tormund and Edd, along with Wun Wun soon join you and Jon. Tormund helps you with Jon and you all run towards the shore, where there was one last boat. You make sure Jon gets on first and Tormund helps you onto the boat.

“Let’s go now! Now!” You shout as you, and the others, look back to the shore and see the wights, with the White Walkers, killing the last surviving Wildlings. “You can’t save everyone.” You tell Jon as you watch a figure walk to the end of the dock, a White Walker, and stares back with piercing blue eyes. He slowly starts raising his arms and before long, all the dead Wildlings start standing up. Their eyes were blue and cold as ice.

That was when reality truly hit. You gasp and feel your lungs being crushed. Breathing becomes hard and you sit down, attempting to calm yourself. Shock takes over your body and mind and you feel as if you were being closed in. “What the fuck is happening to her?” Tormund asks in worry. You feel as if something were stopping you from breathing and you’re fighting for air. Your eyes search for Jon, and he is right by your side, holding you. 

Everything they say now is muffled. Your blood runs cold and you feel as if you were going to die. It seems to last forever like it would never stop, but somehow, your lungs fill with air and you gasp and clutch Jon’s arm. Water fills your eyes and you look around to Tormund, Edd, Jon and even Wun Wun.

“Are you alright?” Jon asks you. “I…yes.” You answer. “What the fuck happened to you?” Tormund asks. “I don’t know. That…that’s never happened before.” You tell him.

Before long, the boat reaches a ship and everyone boards it. Jon never leaves your side, in fear that you would have another attack of the sort. He sits beside you and you rest your head on his shoulder. “I’ve never seen anything like that. That figure…the one that brought the Wildlings back to life…who is he?” You ask Jon. 

“They call him the Night King.” Jon informs you. “He brings the cold.” He adds. “How will we ever win against that?” You question. “I don’t think we will.” Jon replies. “Melisandre, the Red Woman…she speaks of Azor Ahai reborn, the Prince that was Prince, Warrior of Light. A being that is prophesied to be the savior and combat the darkness with the morning star.” You inform Jon.

“She sees visions through the flames given to her by the Lord of Light. She told me that she saw me in the flames, fighting beside the Prince that was Promised. She saw me wielding Dawn, and having the title of the Sword of the Morning.” You continue. “And she believes Stannis is the Prince that was Promised, but…I think she’s wrong.” You state. 

“Why?” Jon asks. “The darkness…that has to be the White Walkers. You said it yourself, they bring the night. Stannis is a good man, the rightful King, but the visions seem to blind him.” You admit. “Then who do you think the Prince is?” He asks. “I don’t know. It is said that he will be born from the Targaryen line.” You yawn. “Sleep. I’ll look over you.” Jon whispers. “I love you, Jon.” You mutter as your eyes close. “I love you, too.” He replies.

Jon leads the Hardhome survivors to the Wall. You stand beside him, clutching your side, and wait for the gates to open. Jon steps forward and you are now beside Tormund. The lower gate is lifted and you sigh in relief. Jon continues to lead and everyone follows him into Castle Black. Tormund looks down at you and sees you’re tired. “I can help you.” He offers. 

“I’ll be fine.” You tell him as you cross the gate. You find Sam and Grey Wind was overjoyed to see you back. He runs towards you and nearly causes you to fall back. You groan from the ever growing pain on your side, which Sam takes notice to. “Are you alright?” He asks as Grey Wind stands beside you. “Not really.” You tell him. “A White Walker…hit me with a staff.” You reply.

“Well, let me see.” He says. “I’ll be fine. We should go out and help escort the Wildlings.” You state and Grey Wind follows you out to the courtyard. “It was a failure,” Jon tells Sam as you reach him and Edd. “It wasn’t,” Sam tells him. “I went to save them. I failed.” Jon states. 

“You didn’t fail him, or him, or her. Every one of them is alive because of you, and no one else.” Sam states. “I don’t think that fact’s lost on them.” Jon looks at the many men of the Night’s Watch glaring at Jon. Wun Wun walks through and everyone looks at him with fear. Alliser walks down the steps and meets with Jon. You eye him and Grey Wind gives out a low growl.

“You have a good heart, Jon Snow. It will get us all killed.” Alliser states and he was about to walk away, but you speak up. “You weren’t there. You didn’t see the dead. Would you rather have the Wildlings join the army of the dead, or fight beside us against the darkness?” You ask him. He says nothing and continues to walk away. You take a step forward, but let out a groan. Jon holds you, “You need to have yourself checked.” He tells you and assists you into the library. Sam and Grey Wind follow.

Jon sits you down and you remove your armor. Grey Wind sits beside Jon as Sam gets supplies. You lift your tunic for Sam to examine your bruise. “She also had some sort of attack,” Jon informs Sam as he looks at your darkened bruise. “How did it feel?” Sam asks. “Like I couldn’t breath.” You answer. “The so-called Night King raised his hands. And they all stood up at once. Tens of thousands of them, the biggest army in the world.” You then hiss when Sam places a liquid on your bruise.

“So what are you gonna do?” Sam asks. “I’m gonna hope they don’t learn how to climb the wall,” Jon replies. “But… the Dragonglass?” Sam questions and Jon shakes his head. “No one’s ever getting that back, now. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Unless we had a mountain of it.” Jon sighs. You bit your tongue to prevent yourself from letting out another groan. “But… you killed a White Walker.” Sam says with confusion. “With Longclaw. I saw them shatter steel axes like they were glass. But Longclaw…” Jon trails.

“He’s made of Valyrian steel. How many Valyrian steel swords are left in the Seven Kingdoms?” Sam asks. “Not enough.” You speak and there is a pause while Sam assures you’ll be fine. “The first Lord Commander in history to sacrifice the lives of sworn Brothers to save the lives of Wildlings. How’s it feel to be friends with the most hated man in Castle Black?” Jon asks Sam.

“You were friends with me when I first got here. And I wasn’t winning any elections back then.” Sam states. “Here’s to us then. Long may they sneer.” Jon and Sam clink glasses and drink. “You don’t have any broken bones,” Sam tells you. “But I wouldn’t advise you fighting for a while.” He states. “I’ll keep that in mind.” You tell him and lower your tunic. Sam looks at Jon as you put your armor back on. “What?” Jon asks. “…I wanted to ask you something. To ask something of you.” Sam says.

“Send me, Gilly, and the baby to Oldtown so I can become a Maester. That’s what I’m meant to be, not this.” Sam tells Jon. “I need you here, Sam. You and Y/N are the only ones left I trust to give me advice and…she’ll be leaving when Stannis orders her to.” Jon looks at you. “There’s Edd.” Sam comments.

“I’ll be more use to you as a Maester. More use to everyone now that Maester Aemon’s gone. The Citadel has the world’s greatest library. I’ll learn about history, strategy, healing. And other things…things that will help when they come.” Sam tries to convince Jon. 

Jon stares at Sam, saying nothing. “If Gilly stays here then she’ll die…and the baby that she named after me will die. And I’ll end up dying, too, trying to protect them. Which means that the last thing that I’ll see in this world will be the look in her eyes when I fail them…I’d rather see a thousand White Walkers than see that.” Sam admits.

“But Y/N is here and – ”

“And she’s a fighter. Edd is telling everyone that she saved your arse and if any man tries to attack her, like they tried to do to Gilly, Y/N will have their head. She can protect herself from the men here.” Sam continues. Jon sighs and nods somberly. Sam smiles. “Thank you.” Sam tells his friend. You stand from your seat and sit on the floor, beside Grey Wind and begin to run your fingers through his thick fur. “You know that The Citadel will make you swear off women, too.” Jon states. “They’ll bloody try.” Sam replies.

“Sam?” Jon says.


“Sam…you’ve just been beaten half to death. How did you – ”

“Very carefully.” Sam states and you smile. Jon lets out a small laugh, “I’m glad the end of the world’s working out for someone.”

“You as well. Your first love is here with you.” Sam reminds Jon and Jon looks at you as you play with his brother’s direwolf. “I’ll come back.” Sam tells Jon. “To your return,” Jon raises a glass. “To my return.” Sam smiles. “Thank you for looking after Grey Wind.” You tell Sam. “He saved my life.” Sam tells you and you smile. “He must like you then.” You comment. “I may not have known you long, Sam, but I know you’re a good man. I wish the best in your journey.” You look up at him and he smiles. “Thank you.” You nod and turn your attention back to Grey Wind.

The next morning, Sam, Gilly, and her son mount a horse to take their leave. You look at them while Grey Wind stands beside you. You share a wave and a small smile before Sam begins riding out of Castle Black. Once the gates close, you walk down the stairs and Grey Wind follows close behind. Brothers of the Night’s Watch look at you as you walk through the courtyard, many wanting to do horrendous things to you, others even scared of you from the stories being spread around.

That entire day, you spend it with Jon in the Lord Commander room, reading messages sent to by Northern houses. All hating him for allowing Wildlings past the Wall. You could tell that their words were getting to him and you try to comfort him, telling him what he was doing was the right thing, and if they were in Hardhome that day, they would understand. And when that didn’t work, you chose to distract him from his duties.

You plant kisses on his lips and neck and remove his tunic while his hands roam your body. You wore no armor that day, seeing as you didn’t need it, and Jon found it easy to undress you. You allow him to take control over the situation, allowing him to blow some steam. It’s been years since you were with him in such an intimate situation, and you relish every second of it. The way his lips feel on your skin, the way his hands roam your body.

Even after what he’s endured, he’s still a kind lover, unlike his brother. You look at him as he enters your cunt and you bite your bottom lip to prevent you from letting out a moan. Jon looks down at you and touches your cheek as he thrusts into your begging cunt. Jon places his other hand on your bruised side and the pain you feel suddenly doesn’t feel so bad. In fact, it seems to add to your arousal in that moment.

Jon’s thrusts become rougher and you can’t help but let out a moan, causing Jon’s breath to hitch. “J – Jon.” You moan his name and he nearly cums inside you. Hearing you cry his name out of pleasure adds to Jon’s own arousal, but he doesn’t want this moment to end. He wants to hold you in his arms forever, but he can feel himself reaching his release. 

“Oh, f – fuck, Jon.” You moan once more and Jon looks at your nearly closed eyes and parted lips. Your hair was a mess across his desk and you have never looked more at peace. It wasn’t before long that he felt your walls clench and your juices spilled around his cock. He pulled out before he laid his seed inside you and cum was spread on your stomach.

You take deep breaths and stand from his desk. “I, uh, thank you,” Jon says as you dress. “I love you, Jon and I hate seeing you so upset.” You tell him and give him a passionate kiss. “I love you so much,” Jon mutters. You smile and fix your hair. “I am going to take a bath.” You tell him and he nods. “I’m…going to clean up.” He states and you leave the room.

Jon’s bedchambers became yours too. He was still afraid that brother’s of the Night’s Watch was going to harm you in your sleep and felt better if you slept near him. Grey Wind and Ghost stayed in his bedchambers as well. Jon took every precaution for your safety, and you thank him for that. You have sung the song of Brave Danny Flint, and don’t wish to suffer her fate.

After you clean yourself, you put your armor on and grab your scabbard before you and Grey Wind exit Jon’s bedchambers. As you walk down the stairs, you see Jon speaking to Davos. The gates to Castle Black are then opened and Melisandre comes through, alone and on horseback. You rush towards you, Grey Wind follows and you meet with Jon and Davos. “Where is Stannis?” You ask her. She stays silent as she comes down from her horse.

“Shireen? The princess?” Davos asks. The two share a long look but there was nothing that came from Melisandre’s mouth. She walks away, but you follow her. “What happened to Stannis?” You ask her. “He was not the Prince that was Promised.” You state. She seems to have lost all her warm but gives you a simple nod.

“I should have been by his side. I could have protected him.” You blame yourself for his death and Melisandre says nothing. “Was anything you said true?” You ask her and she stays silent. You take her to an empty room, near Jon’s, and help her become comfortable with it.

“I did see you in the flames.” She tells you. “Fighting beside the Lord’s chosen.” She mutters. “But that wasn’t Stannis.” You state. “Someone has to be. Someone has to be the one that fights and saves us from the White Walkers.” You tell her. “What is your Lord showing you now?” You ask her. “Snow.” She responds.

You spend the rest of the daylight beside Melisandre in silence and when the sun sets, you return to Jon’s bedchambers, where Ghost was sound asleep. Grey Wind also seemed tired and laid on the wooden floor. You still don’t feel tired and wait for Jon to return from his study.

As you wait, you sit on the floor beside Grey Wind and he rests his head on your lap. You begin remembering your time fighting for Robb, the incompleteness you felt when he declared you a knight as his first act as King in the North. The adrenaline you felt when you rode into battle. The depression you faced when Robb was butchered by the Freys and Roose Bolton.

You were so lost in remembrance that it took both Ghost and Grey Wind’s howling to waken you from it. “It’s the Lord Commander!” You hear a brother shout and your heart runs cold. You quickly stand from the floor and you open the door that Ghost was clawing at. Ghost immediately runs towards a crowd of people and you follow. “Move.” You ordered, but the men did not listen. “Y/N…I don’t think – ” Davos tries to stop you, but you push aside the men and when you see Jon, surrounded by his blood with his dead eyes staring back to you, tears fill your eyes.

A piece of wood with the word Traitor written is nailed to a post and you are suddenly filled with anger. “I will kill who – ” Davos places a hand on your shoulder. You look at him and he gives you a pity look. “I’m sorry.” He says and you push him off of you. “Help me get him inside,” Davos tells the Night’s Watch brothers. You watch as the brother pick up Jon’s body and carry it away. You follow Edd into the room as he cleans a table.

The other brother’s place Jon’s body on the table and you allow tears to fall from your eyes. Both Ghost and Grey Wind stand beside you, and you didn’t care if you look weak to the Night’ Watch. Your first love, your soulmate, the man you would give you life for, was murdered. And you couldn’t protect him, just like you couldn’t protect Robb or Stannis.

Edd closes Jon’s eyes, “Thorne did this.” He claims. You growl, “I’ll kill him.” Davos attempts to calm you down, but you push him away once again. “I will have his head and any other fucking traitor.” You declare. “There are more of them, you won’t survive.” Davos tells you. “They killed him! They’re own brother! All for some stupid ideal that the Wildlings are our enemy.” You exclaim. “If you go out that door, you won’t be avenging Jon’s death, you’ll be faced with yours. Think this through.” Davos pleads. You look at Jon’s corpse and back at Davos then give him a solemn nod.

“Good, now, how many of your brothers do you think you can trust?” Davos asks Edd. “Trust?” Edd says and looks around the room, “The men in this room.” Ghost is nudging Jon’s hand and whimpers. Grey Wind even seems saddened by the death of Jon. You walk closer to the corpse of your lover and touch his cheek, nearly cold as ice.

There is a knock at the door and everyone, including yourself, draws their blades. “Ser Davos.” Melisandre can be heard. “Open the door.” You order and sheathe your sword. Edd walks to the door and opens it, Melisandre walks in and Edd closes the door behind her. She is in distress at the sight of Jon’s body. “I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell.” She says.

“I can’t speak for the flames, but he’s gone.” Davos states and you hold back a cry. Melisandre touches Jon’s cheek and you can’t stand looking at his corpse. You turn your back to him and look at the brothers. “Castle Black is Throne’s.” Davos states. “I don’t care who’s sitting at the high table. Jon was my friend, and those fuckers butchered him. Now we return the favor.” Edd states and you agree with him.

“We don’t have the numbers,” Davos tells him. “We have two direwolves.” You remind him. “It’s not enough. I didn’t know Lord Commander Snow for long, but I have to believe he wouldn’t have wanted his friends and his lover to die for nothing.” Davos states. You lower your head and look at Grey Wind. 

“If you were planning to see tomorrow, you picked the wrong room. We all die today. I say we do our best to take Thorne with us when we go.” Edd says and you agree with him. At least you’ll be able to see Jon again. “We need to fight, but we don’t need to die. Not if we have help.” Davos tells everyone. “Who’s’ gonna help us?” A brother asks. “You’re not the only ones who owe your lives to Jon Snow.” Davos reminds everyone.

Realizations washes through everyone in the room. Edd turns to a Night’s Watchman at his side, “Bolt the door. Don’t let anyone in. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“I’m going with you.” You tell him. “It would be best if – ”

“I’m going with him, Ser Davos.” You interrupt the Onion Knight. “Grey Wind.” You whistle and the direwolf is at your side. “Well, come on.” You tell Edd and he nods. He opens the door and you follow him out of the room. Grey Wind runs beside both you and Edd as you race slickly to the Wildling camp.

“If I get near Alliser, I’m going to kill him.” You tell Edd as you run. “Fine by me.” He says. Once both you and Edd pass the gates, it wasn’t long before you find Tormund speaking to a crowd of Wildlings.

“Tormund!” You shout his name and he turns to face you. “What is wrong?” He asks as you finally reach him. “Jon…he’s dead.” You say painfully. Tormund furrows his brows, “What?”

“Murdered. Fucking butchered by Throne.” You say with anger. “Why?” Tormund questions. “Why the fuck do you think? Jon saved you and your people. Alliser hates…hated him for that. He died because he’s…he was a good man.” You spit with rage towards Alliser and any other Watchmen that colluded against Jon. “And what do you want from us?” Tormund asks. 

“Help us,” Edd spoke. “Throne has nearly all of Castle Black behind him. It’s just us and a handful of other brothers.” You inform Tormund. Tormund nods and you sigh in relief. “I’ll gather whatever men are able to fight.” Tormund states.

“You must hurry.” You advise him and he runs towards a tent.

You turn to look at Edd, “If we are able to take Castle Black…you’re burning his body. I don’t want him to come back as one of those things.” Edd nods. “And I won’t be there to see it, I’ll be leaving for Dorne.” You state. “The Night’s Watch is no place for a woman, and the North is no place for anyone loyal to the Starks. If Ramsay gets his hands on me…” You trail.

“I’ll be returning to my home, Starfall, and prove myself worthy of Dawn. I’ll do my best to unite the south to aid in the help against the dead.” You tell Edd.

“The Southerners won’t believe you.” Edd tells you. “Then I’ll make them believe. I won’t let Jon’s death be for nothing.” You state. “He talked about you a lot.” Edd comments. “When we first visited Craster’s Keep, all he did was talk to Sam about you. Even when he was quiet, I could tell he was thinking of you.” Edd seems to think what he’s saying is helping you, but it only makes the situation worse. You fight back tears.

“Stop.” You mutter. “Sorry.” He replies and you look ahead to the tent where Tormund went into.

Minutes later, he and a few other Wildlings came out. The other Wildlings walk deeper into their camp and seem to be collecting fighters. Tormund walks towards you and give you a nod. “Wun Wun is coming to.” He states. “Good. We’ll need a giant to break down the gate.” Edd notes. “Jon Snow was a good man.” He comments and you remove your sword from the scabbard. “I don’t want to talk. I just want to kill Throne.” You tell Tormund.

Soon, all the Wildlings that chose to help take back Castle Black gather behind Tormund, Edd, and yourself. “What’s the plan?” Tormund asks you. “I’m just a soldier.” You tell him and look to Edd for orders. “Just…take down any crow that comes towards you. The few brothers who are still loyal to the former Lord Commander will be aiding us.” Edd states. “You heard him!” Tormund shouts and the large group of Wildlings follow him towards the gate of Castle Black.

Wun Wun punches the main gates and before long, he breaks down the gate. You are the first to rush in, sword in hand, and the Wildlings rush into the courtyard behind you. The Night’s Watchmen, which were loyal to Alliser, have their bows and draw them at the Wildlings, but they don’t fire. Instead, they back up slowly.

“Attack!” You hear Throne shout and you search for him. He’s drawing out his sword. A Night’s Watch brother charges at Tormund, but Tormund cuts him down. The other brothers don’t move. “Fight, you cowards!” Alliser demands and a bowman fires an arrow into Wun Wun’s shoulder. Wun Wun turns to face the man, grabs him by the legs, and slams him against a wall, then tosses his body to the ground in front of Alliser. “Yeah, glad we have a giant,” Edd notes.

The brothers begin to drop their weapons, all but Alliser. You then charge at the treacherous bastard Alliser. Your sword clash but once, as you are clearly the most experienced and better fighter. You cut his side and he falls to his knee. Blood is dripping into the snow and he looks up at you with anger. You spit into his face. He tries to stand, but you kick him and he falls to his back. The courtyard stares at you, while you look down at the man the killed your lover.

Olly, the young boy that Jon was training, charges at Tormund with a sword. Tormund grabs Olly and disarms him, then tosses him to another man who restrains the young boy. You turn your attention back to Alliser, who was being held by two Wildlings, and you smile. “Tormund, give me a blade.” You ask of the Wildling. 

He hands you a small blade and you wrap your fingers on the hilt. You give Tormund your sword and turn to face Alliser. “You and your treacherous bastards stabbed Jon six times.” You state and use the blade Tormund gave you to stab him once. “I see it fit you bleed to death.” You say and stab him once more. “And suffer a painful death.” You continue and stab him once more. His cries due to the pain, but his cries are muffled, as you stab him again.

You begin to lose count in the number of times you stabbed Alliser, but his blood stains your hands and his skin loses its color, yet he is still breathing. “Tormund, my sword.” You ask and give him the bloody blade for your sword. “I, Y/N Sand, bastard daughter to Princess Nymeria II Martell and Ser Arthur Dayne, sentence you to die.” You tell Alliser, reminding him that he means nothing, that your bastard status doesn’t matter, that the fact you are a woman doesn’t matter.

The man that passes the sentence should swing the sword.

With one movement, your sword cuts through Alliser’s neck and you behead him. His head falls before his body. “Throw the others into the cells where they belong,” Edd tells the Wildlings and they drag the betrayers away. You look down at Alliser Throne’s corpse and feel nothing. His death, unlike Jeyne’s, was for something. It was because he betrayed Jon, because he led a movement against Jon, it was to avenge Jon’s death.

“Do you want to see him before you leave?” Edd asks. “No,” You reply and sheathe your sword. You can not bear to look at Jon’s corpse any longer; it would only bring you pain. You say nothing as you hurry into the kitchens and pack food for your trip. 

When you reach the courtyard, a brother of the Night’s Watch has readied your horse and Grey Wind is standing beside Demitri. “We’ll need you to fight against the dead,” Tormund tells you as you mount your horse. “I’m more use trying to unite the south.” You tell him. “The Southern King won’t believe you.” He states.

“I’m not going to speak to the Southern King. I’m going home to Starfall. Convince father’s house and other houses.” You inform him. “Good luck.” He says and you nod. With one kick, Demitri takes off and you ride past Castle Black’s main gate with Grey Wind running beside you. 

You try to not think of Jon, of the kind of future you could have had if he wasn’t killed. You would have stayed in Castle Black and fought beside him and the Wildlings. You would have died to protect him, and now…now you’re going to die in his honor.