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LGBT content guide (TV shows , Movies , Music , Books, Youtube , celebrities)

Hey guys , I realised that a lot of people on here(including me) are always looking for new shows, moviee , music or youtuve channels with lgbt content to watch (as they can relate more to such content) so i decided to make a list of all those which I know.

Ps. This list is of what all I know and can remember. Pls reblog and add whatever i missed!

TV shows with WLW/bisexual female characters
1. Supergirl
2. Humans
3. Pretty little liars
4. Famous in Love
5. Sense 8
6. Orphan Black
7. Orange is the new black
8. Carmilla (web series)
9. Game of Thrones
10. Veep
11. How to get away with murder
12. Empire
13. Arrow
14. DC legends of tomorrow
15. Black Sails
16. Jane The Virgin
17. Faking It
18. Wynnona Earp
19. Lost Girl
20. Doctor Who s10
21. Glee

22. Person of interest 23. Greys anatomy 24. The fosters

Tv shows witg MLM/bisexual Male tv characters
1. Shadowhunters
2. Riverdale
3. Orphan Black
4. How To Get Away With Murder
5. Empire
6. Game Of Thrones
7. Brookly 99 8. Sense8 9. Glee

Trans characters 1. Transparent 2. Sense8

Youtube channels with LGBT content-
1.RoseEllenDix (Rose)
2.Roxetrawr (Rosie)
3.Tyler Oakley
4. ShaneDawsonTV
5. JoeyGraceffa
6. CammieScott
7. Nowthisisliving (Shannon)
8. Stevie Boebi
9. Ally Hills
10. Alexis G Zall
11. Melanie Murphy
12. Troye Sivan
13. Hannah Hart
14. Ingrid Nilsen
15. Miles Chronicles
16. ElloSteph
17. AmyOrdman

Musicians who generally make LGBT music
1. Troye Sivan
2. Hayley kiyoko
3. Mary Lambert
4. Tegan and Sara

Movies with LGBT content-
1. Carol(2015)
2. But i am a cheerleader
3. I cant think straight
5. Loving Annabelle
6. Bound

1. Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden
2. The price of salt (carol) by Patricia Highsmith
3. Ash by Malindo Lo
4. Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
5. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
6. Madam President by Blayne Cooper
7. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 8. Ask the passeners by A S King

Out and proud celebs - 1.Lauren Jauregui (singer) 2.Kristen Stewart (actress) 3.Ricky Martin (singer) 4.Halsey (singer) 5.Miley Cyrus ( singer and actress) 6.demi lovato (singer and actress) 7. Cara delevingne (voctoria’s secret angel and actress) 8. Stella maxwell(victoria’s secret angel) 9. Angelina Jolie (actress) 10. Sir Elton John(singer) 11. Lady gaga (singer) 12. Sarah Paulson (actress) 13. Kate McKinnon (comedian actress) 14. Ellen DeGeneres(tv show host , comedian) 15. Portia DeRossi (actress)

These were all I was aware of and could think of. Pls reblog and add those you know

Get to know me - nerdy & artsy edition

1. What is your favourite book?
2. Who is your favourite author?
3. What is your favourite library?
4. If you could travel back in time, to what year / period would you travel?
5. If you could travel back in time, who would you like to meet?
6. Greek or Roman culture?
7. What is your favourite Harry Potter novel?
8. Science-fiction or Fantasy?
9. Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?
10. What is your favourite painting?
11. Do you have a favourite sculpture?
12. What is your favourite museum?
13. Paperback or hard-cover?
14. What is your favourite bookstore?
15. Who is your favourite composer?
16. Have you ever been to a classical concert?
17. Rembrandt van Rijn or Vincent van Gogh?
18. Dinosaurs or Mammoths?
19. What is your favourite Jane Austen novel?
20. What is your favourite Brontë novel?
21. What is your favourite Shakespeare play?
22. Are you more interested in WW1 or WW2?
23. What is your favourite historical era?
24. Do you read fanfiction?
25. Canon or modern Sherlock?
26. What is your favourite Disney-movie?
27. What is your favourite Friends episode?
28. Ross Geller or Ted Mosby?
29. Rome or Athens?
30. Greek or Latin?
31. Zeus or Jupiter?
32. Trojans or Greeks?
33. Do you like complete silence when reading or can you stand some background noise?
34. If you could study at any university in the world, what university would you choose?
35. What is your dream major?
36. Do you respect your teachers?
37. Do you like taking notes?
38. Italian or French?
39. Europe or the USA?
40. Moor or forest?
41. Fall or spring?
42. Are you a creative person?
43. Who is your favourite scientist?
44. Do you have a favourite philosopher?
45. What religion fascinates you most?
46. Old Testament or New Testament?
47. Are you into Yoga?
48. Do you like scented candles?
49. Would you survive in the Middle Ages?
50. Do you smell books?
51. The Iliad or the Odyssee?
52. Do you have a favourite Greek myth?
53. Do you have a favourite Greek play?
54. Chemistry or Physics?
55. Are you good at maths?
56. Could you be a teacher?
57. Were / are you a nice student?
58. Do  / did you get straight A’s?
59. What personality trait do you find most attractive?
60. Do you wear glasses?
61. Do you like to visit famous churches?
62. Do you correct people’s grammar?
63. Have you ever fallen asleep whilst reading?
64. What do you think about Romeo and Juliet?
65. Do you think the USA are uncultured?
66. What is your favourite architectural masterpiece?
67. Eiffel Tour or the Colosseum?
68. Are you into contemporary art?
69. What museum is high on your bucket list?
70. Sunset or sunrise?
71. What is your favourite quote?
72. What or who inspires you the most?
73. Is there a book or movie that changed your outlook on life?
74. Do you think YouTubers are dum?
75. Can you draw?
76. Pencil or pen?
77. Do you want to work in a museum?
78. What is your dream job?
79. If you could give 1 million dollar / euros / pounds to a charity, which charity would you choose?
80. What is your dream country to live in?
81. Big moments or small moments?
82. Did / do you enjoy being in school?
83. Do you enjoy learning new things?
84. Do you like Rory Gilmore?
85. What is your favourite palace / castle?
86. What do you think of the Pope?
87. What book is high on your to-read list?
88. Kiera Cass or Rick Riordan?
89. Have you read the Infernal Devices series?
90. Have you ever cried reading a book?
91. What fictional character is your favourite?
92. What fictional character do you identify most with?
93. What fictional character do you hate?
94. What is your favourite Hunger Games part?
95. Do you have a favourite poem?
96. Do you like Mr Darcy?
97. Can you speak French?
98. Are you a messy or a clean student?
99. Describe your dream study.
100. If you could change 1 thing in this world, what would you change?

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My personal JAIMExBRIENNE fan fiction list

All credits go to these amazing authors. Enjoy!


*searching for a heart of gold by janie_tangerine. Involves Jaime defending Brienne’s honour and knighthood. Amongst other things. Words: 8745.

*Home is Wherever I’m with You by BrienneofThrace. Jaime and Brienne’s first kiss takes place at the top of the Wall. Words: 5815.

*The Warrior by researchsociety. Honestly the best smut fic I’ve found for this ship. There is intense feels too. Words: 4298.

Valkyrie by pearypie. Intense sweetness! Jaime’s thoughts before he meets Brienne at siege of Riverrun. Words: 999.

*For Honour’s Sake by coaldustcanary. A simple story about how Jaime and Brienne try to keep each other warm in a blizzard. Smutty-smut-smut! Words: 6970

i carry it in my heart by bergamot. Season 7 spoilers! A much need filler taking place between the second last and final episode of the season. Words: 3390.

Blossoming Roots by gnsiophobic. Desperate tale of survival in winter with a more established version of JaimexBrienne. Words: 5110.

He Chose Honor by 13letters. “She was always so stern. Stalwart. Strong. Stoic.” Words: 2618.


The Higher Education of Brienne of Tarth by BrienneofThrace. I usually hate modern AU’s, but this one is an exception. An easy read and deliciously fluffy. Words: 8377.

*Of Ignorance and Honor by twistedkaleidoscope. This fic is funny and sentimental - especially the end of the last chapter. The story is unfinished, but that last chapter is really packed with feels and worth a read. Words: 7585.

The Covering Sky by Rellie. The most-praised and popular fan fiction in the JaimexBrienne fandom - and with good reason! A definite for this list. Words: 136 469.

**Sworn by the Noose by gnsiophobic. Book-universe fic where Brienne takes Jaime to the Quiet Isle after making an oath with Lady Stoneheart. I was hooked from the first sentence. This author writes just like George RR Martin except he/she does not leave out the tenderness I feel Martin sometimes lacks regarding romance. Words: 24 908.

**Remember: Spring Swaps Snow for Leaves Unknown author (full story explained in the A/N’s). I am a sucker for angsty stories but this story caught me off-gaurd. I was still upset three hours after reading it. This story is ridiculously beautifully written (and an absolute must-read!) but be warned: “the tissue warning needs to be taken seriously.” Words: 28 769.

Obstructed View by AlynnaStrong. Very strong start but the story drifts a bit later on. It is still incomplete, so my opinions might still change. Still worth a read. Words: 28 898.

Nights Without Armour by bratanimus. An unlikely dream team - Jaime, Bri-Bri, Pod and Sansa - go on a quest to make someone Queen of the North. Background Podrick/Sansa; which is very interesting indeed. Words: 32 285.

A Septa’s Advice by Currawong. Jaime comes to Tarth after the war is over. “A gentle romance between two people who have travelled a long way together.” This one is fluffier than a newborn unicorn. Words: 11 481. 

*one of the better ones