game of pythons


I think I might have a thing for Python (and Lukas but who wouldn’t)
Also anyone who has a 3ds and likes RPGs should get this game because if it doesn’t sell well Intelligent Systems is probably just going to continue making “Waifu Emblem” games. We don’t want that. Not my art. 

All credit goes to original artists

mommmmmmm viserion has gotten weird since he lost his wings and legs we cant take it anymore 

hes all over my face mom tell him to stop

viserion your brothers dont enjoy being used as couches or headrests it is impolite and unbecoming for the a son of the unburnt queen of the andals, the rhoynar and the first men, queen of meereen, lady of dragonstone, khaleesi of–

*pppffffft* mother yes we know please stop

mom hes doing it again tell him to stop

no im cute i can do as i please behold my glorious face u mortals 

boys ur being dramatic 

mom ur not even looking mom hes literally lying on our heads mom tell him to stop