game of lynching

Raven Cycle Asks:
  • Blue: What cause would you defend to your last breath?
  • Gansey: If you could learn all there is to know about one topic, what would it be?
  • Ronan: Based on your self-perceived best and worst qualities, what would your superpower be, and what’s the catch?
  • Adam: Do you have a dark secret, and if so, what would it take for you to tell someone?
  • Noah: Whether or not you believe in the afterlife, what would your ideal life-after-death look like?
  • Persephone: Which tarot card do you feel best represents you? If you’re unfamiliar with tarot, pick a major fictional archetype (the witch, the knight in shining armor, etc.)
  • Maura: What is love? (Baby, don’t hurt me.)
  • Calla: What subject is most likely to make you raise your voice?
  • Jimi: Do you consider your house your home? If not, where is home?
  • Orla: Do you have a “power outfit” that you can do anything in? Describe it.
  • Gwenllian: If you could go to sleep now and wake up someWHEN else, what era would you like to open your eyes to?
  • Glendower: Have you ever helped someone’s dream or wish come true? What happened?
  • Mallory: How do you take your tea? What is the best tea you've ever had? Would you die for tea?

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different types of flirting
  • hit them with something the first time you meet them
  • bribe someone to lower their rent so they have enough money to go to your school with you
  • tell them that whatever is going on with the two of you is nothing
  • call them nothing and explain in full details how much you hate them
  • kidnap their little brother and set fire to things
  • give them weapons that matches yours
  • tell them that their name doesn’t match them so you call them in a totally different name
  • pick up their cigarette, put it in your moth, and then give him a two finger salute

Okay but like wesper, pynch and andreil are the holy trinity of gay ships in ya books and if you hardcore ship one of those, you almost definitely hardcore ship the other two as well, just saying!

if noah saved gansey when he was ten and then didn’t reappear until they were teenagers, what did he do all those years? was he just floating around henrietta, peeking in on the kids who would soon become his best friends? did he get to see blue punch a boy for calling her a name in seventh grade? was he there to be a silent comfort to adam who would spend nights crying and shaking in his room? did he play games with the lynch boys secretly and silently making a smaller ronan giggle and smile? was he there to help gansey find some hidden answers in a that textbook he’s been looking through for hours? did noah know about his friends even before they knew about him?

i was bored at work so i was listening to my tierney playlist and wanted to draw these losers (acantha aurora and tierney lynch, my fallen london and fave sunless sea player characters respectively)  

they are kind-of-maybe dating but i’m still not 100% sure that tierney would not just eat acantha eventually 

acantha is not known for doing things that are good for her health tho so she’s not. as off-put by this as she probably ought to be

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the boys (without Noah though)

currently i’m reading The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater and i can’t help myself, i love it so much!

this is my first attempt to draw book characters actually and i like how it turned out