game of lolz

  • DMMd Anime fandom: I don't get why they call it Dramatical Murder.. I mean, nobody gets murdered
  • DMMd Game fandom: Bitch please
When I realized I was honestly too lazy to even fake the “manic pixie dream girl” shit in the first place.

*Me* “I like Star Wars. I like Marvel.” (I was being genuine.)   

*dude* “Call of Duty?”

*Me* “That’s just basically minimum-wage paid guards getting killed in hallways.”

*dude* “Trump?”

*Me* “They gave a 5 year old nuke codes.”

*dude* “Reddit?”

*Me* “Only useful to figure out if Adnan was guilty or not.”

*dude* “Riding a bike on a sunny day?”

*Me* “I’d just accidentally run over a pedestrian.”