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The Evolution of Adrien’s Game

I binged a few eps of Miraculous Ladybug while I was sick today and ended up making a long-ass observation post about Gabriel as Hawkmoth (or maybe Mr. Kubdel, wtfk) instead of resting.  Because priorities.

Anyway, here’s something else I noticed that wedged itself into my brain and won’t leave.  Prepare for another long post. 

In “Origins”:

  • Falls in love with a person he just met (proof he’s a Disney princess)
  • Which one?  Ladybug or Marinette?  Who knows.  He gives them both the same “oh shit, I think I’m in love” look.

In “Copycat (L'Imposteur):

  • Nino invites the girls to the movies and Marinette squeals.
  • Adrien’s reaction (half startled, half “that was cute wtf?”)

In “Timebreaker (Chronogirl)”:

  • He freaking winks at Marinette after complimenting her.
  • Oh yeah, you’re smooth -_-
  • Also, you’re a pirate.  ARGH MATEY!

See how this plays out below the cut:

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Art Trade with @papayapart

I am so so sorry this took me so long to make, wow. If I’m being 100% honest, I started off pretty good, then procrastinated a bit and forgot about it for a while, but I remembered to upload it today and here we are! Anyways, I hope you like it! And again, I’m sorry I took 800 years. 

Please Do Not Edit/Repost, Thanks!

The A-mew-sing Sequel To Adrien’s Game

This time, there are only four episodes covered but a lot of pictures so I’m adding a “read more”…eventually.  Also, Ladybug is on Netflix!  Go watch.  Here we go with the next four eps!

The last time we left our boy Adrien, he was developing his flirting technique with the lovely Marinette.  Or not.  It’s fun to speculate though, right?  Right?!

…ANYway, let’s see how he tops the almost kiss.

 In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Marinette decides to run against Chloe for class something-or-other
  • To the utter delight of 95% of the class
  • That’s right man, just play it cool…

In “The Mime” (Le Mime):

  • Hey, I didn’t know y’all were gonna be here too lol!
  • Smooth move, dude.  Just play it off like you had NO IDEA.

Our cat son heats things up below the cut!

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Miraculous Hunger Games!

Okay, so I decided to go on that Hunger Games simulator website and these are some highlights from that so enjoy :3

(Gabriel: You are… beyond fired right now.)

marichat amirite


fuckin’ savages

(Nathanael: this is what you get for stealing my girl.)

(Adrien: dad wtf.)


(Adrien: bitch she’s mine-)

*the petty battle continues*

this is getting ridiculous 


(don’t mess with the sunshine child)


justice has been served.

(Never mess with an Adrienette shipper)


Paris is lost…


because obviously..


I got requests for the Pocky game, so here’s my take on what would happen.  ;) 

For those who haven’t heard of it, Pocky are these stick-shaped chocolate covered cookie things, and the Pocky game is where two people start eating a Pocky stick from each end. The person whose mouth comes off the Pocky first, or whoever gets to the middle first loses. If the participants end up kissing, it’s a tie.  ^_~



Ladynoir on the eiffel tower, hands drifting closer together? Or ladynoir playing tag on the rooftops of Paris? (I am such  sucker for these kids)

i drew the end of the game @lochnessie

Killua and Gon at the start of their relationship, enjoying a lazy summer evening in Gon’s room smooching as compared to finishing their video game.

The pictures on the wall are from their childhood together. The one with in the oval frame is Gon and Killua at around 6-7 years old and the picture was taken by Mito. She took them down to a creek to play and they ended up catching a frog, which they named Kon (just their names smashed together, how cute.) The second picture in the rectangular frame is at the same creek, but the boys are around 12 or so. At this point, Mito trusts them to go alone to the creek. So they usually grab some swim trunks and a picnic basket loaded with Mito’s baked goods and spend the day catching frogs, newts, and anything else they can discover. In this picture, Killua snatched Gon’s camera for a rather messy selfie.

Picture close-ups under the cut:

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